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Found 23 results

  1. Hello! I've been reading through so many pomsinoz.com forums since my bf and I decided to start the visa process for Aus. I wanted to start a new thread to chart our process and also to see how other people going through the same process were getting on. So, what's going on so far..... My bf is a secondary school teacher here in the UK with 5 years experience. He is applying for the 189 visa as a Secondary School teacher and I'll tag along as a de-facto - we've been together a few years and own a property together. We are in our early 30's with no kiddies and both university educated. We haven't sent any paperwork off yet as we've been waiting for all his transcripts to come back. The last one arrived today...yay....and we are going to have the completed application for assessment sent off by the end of the week. And that's as far as we have got!!! It's taken nearly 3/4 months to get all the transcripts together. The ones from his A-Levels took forrrrrrever. The university ones were actually surprisingly quick. The plan is to send off the application for assessment this Friday; get back an approval for us to then apply for an EOI; get some health/police checks; then go on to apply for the visa; pack our bags and move to Sydney....sounds simple doesn't it!? What stories does anyone else applying for the 189 got?! Please....tell me all! h
  2. Katie Carter

    The IELTS test and the point system

    My husband is the main applicant for a skilled 189 visa however, he is taking the IELTs test for extra bonus points but he is underconfident about how he will do. I wish to take the exam aswell in the hope that my points will also count towards the visa application. Can anyone clarify for me the following, will my test results gain points (provided they are proficient or superior) for the visa or am I taking an unnecessary exam that won't be counted in the points test. As you can see my quality of grammar is very rushed in this post haha! my apologies!:biglaugh:
  3. Ive already lived in sydney for a year on a working holiday visa (Im English), and Im looking at applying for a skilled visa (Solicitor). Ive been reading through the government immigration website and it seems Im eligible, but id love to be able to talk to someone about possible options and to make sure Im not going about it the wrong way. The visa Im looking at is a skilled independant visa (subclass 189) if anyone can offer any advice. Having looked at http://www.harriswake.com/skillselectpointscalculator I have a points score of 65, which includes superior english (ielts 8), is this test required even if you have degree from an english university?
  4. Hi all, I have never posted before but I am looking for a little help. I have been putting together an application for Immigration for over a year now. I am a fully qualified Secondary Teacher and I have successfully had my skills approved by AITSL. For my IELTS (I had to sit it 3 times) I got L.8, W.8.5, S.8.5 and R.7 - this results in my English being proficient. I am currently sitting at 55 points but after 5 more months I will have 3 years experience as a teacher and will attain 5 more points, increasing my overall points score to 60 - whoo hoo - My questions are: Is my IELTS score high enough for skilled migration? Will 60 be enough for a secondary school teacher 189 visa or do I need to try and attain more points? Does it matter what my secondary teacher subject specialist is, i.e. is there a higher priority for English teachers over PE for example? Are there any other teachers out there that have achieved successful migration as it seems impossible? I am struggling a bit with the red tape and feel like my dream is very hard to reach at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all, I got my Invitation on 27 March based on my 60 points (which had my pte and skill assessment from cpa). My agent lodged the visa on that day, we booked the medicals following tuesday. So the date was around 3rd April. I already have my pcc and afp from my TR visa. Since my pcc and afp was just lodged last year, so its not been a year for both and my tr is still in effect till early next year. Meds were updated already in 5 days. All other relevant documents needs for 189 has been submitted. How long do you think i should wait for the golden email? any chances of Direct grant early or i must wait for some time. Since many of my friends got the visas in 1 month- 50 days period. Please advice. Thanks
  6. Does anybody here understand why the DIBP requires certified copies of documents in 189 Skilled Independent Visa applications? If all documents are going to be digitized and uploaded electronically, why would they prefer us to scan a certified copy instead of the original document? I find this so strange! For me, the best thing for them should be to require the original document to be digitized. That would produce the best possible electronic document, and, therefore, make it difficult to counterfeit anything. Has anybody ever tried to simply scan and submit original documents? If so, did it cause any trouble?
  7. Dear All, I would like to know if anyone here has ever used the My Health Declarations Service to undergo medical examinations before lodging a 189 visa application. If so, I would love to hear some comments on the experience. Thank you.
  8. martyanderson

    189 Visa timeframe

    Hi, My girlfriend and I are in Melbourne on a 417 Working Holiday Visa. We have another 8 months remaining (this is our second year), we would like to stay long term and apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa. Can anyone tell me if receiving the Visa within the 8 months remaining is a reasonable hope? I plan to complete the English Language test and Skills Assessment before the end of this month. I would appreciate any advice or comments! Thanks, Marty
  9. shekhar

    Need expert suggestion

    Dear All experts, I am new into this immigration process and I need help regarding my EOI submission for 189. I apply(July/2014) for ACS assessment as Systems Analyst and counted my exp. 7 years 10 months upto July/2014. Still I am working with the same employer and same position with same responsibility. Now, when I apply for EOI what should I mention in the "to date" section of my last company. According to their help link(?), they suggest to keep it blank if I still working with the same employer. If I keep it blank then system count my exp. more than 8 years ad give me total 60 points (including the 5 points for over 8 yrs exp) . However, if I consider the ACS Assessment then it should be 10 points. Please suggest, do I need to apply the ACS before submit the EOI. Or I can submit the EOI and parallels submit the ACS assessment. Thanks, Shekhar Sikdar
  10. Hi I was about to lodge my application for 189 skilled visa (I am currently working in Australia on a WHV) however noticed that you are able to complete health checks prior to lodging your application via 'my health declarations' I am awaiting a few things from the UK anyway such as additional birth certificate with both parents names on (I only have version without these details on) and my UK police check to come through therefore I am debating completing the medical while I await all of these documents and upload everything at time of lodging application. Has anyone any advice about whether it may be better to sort everything first or has anyone any experience of using my health declarations? Cheers
  11. Hi I'm just about ready to start my visa 189 application but have some questions that I hope someone could please give me some help with I haven't started my application as yet but I'm wondering has anyone started their application whilst in Australia rather than at home in UK/Ireland? are there any disadvantages as to doing this in Australia? I do not want to use an agent as I want to keep the costs as minimum as possible I'm an Accountant (ACCA) and need to get my skills assessed as well as complete the IELTS test but I'm confused on whether to complete all this before or after I submit an expression of interest? I think I need to complete first but is this all I need to do before the EOI, then is it just a waiting game until I get invited? How long does the process normally take? I really appreciate any help at all on any of the above
  12. Hi everyone, First of all (this is my first thread and post), I am from Portugal and me and my boyfriend are looking forward to get a skilled permanent visa (subclass 189). My boyfriend is going to be the applicant for the visa and I am going with him, as we are living together for more than 12 months. This is where I need your help. Our situation is kind of unique, because we work in different towns. I work only during a part of the week, and in the rest of the time we live together in the same house. We have been trying to find a job on the same town but it has been impossible, so far. So, this is how we have been living for the past 2 years. The house where we live together (unfortunately only during half of the week) is not ours, and it is not our tax residence. The commodities bills are all in landlord's name. However, most of our mail such as mobile phone bills, credit cards, common bank accounts, etc, is received in this address. Recently we asked our local parish council to certify our de facto relationship, and we have a declaration for that effect. We would love to get married in the future, but we wish to do it when we have our own house and a stable economical situation. In Australia, we hope. It is a dream, an important matter for both of us. Do you think we can prove a de facto relationship with these kind of evidence and will it suffice for the Australian Immigration Services? Would it be better (or easier) to get married now in order to get the visa for both of us? Thank you so much for your help (I mean not only for this thread but for everything you say in this forum that I've been reading obsessively).
  13. Hello All, Im thinking of applying for Skilled Migration Independent (Subclass 189). I'm an analyst Programmer working for a leading Bank in 457 work visa. I did my BS in Mechanical Engineering but i work in the field of computers. I have 4+ years of experience in my field. I was told that i will require 6 yrs of experience in case i'm applying for Skilled Migration 189 as my fields in education and work don't match. Although my fiance is a Computer grad and had around 3.5 yrs of Experience. She works in the united States. Will we need an agent to go forward or we can do it ourselves? If we can do it ourselves, can someone tell me if you have had something similar and were able to get a 189 visa? Thanks,
  14. mwn123

    Research experience in EOI

    Hello, I have just got invitation for 189 visa. At the same time I am little bit confused about my point claims. As per SkillSelect my EOI point breakdown is as follows Age: 30, English: 10, Education: 15, Experience: 10 (TOTAL: 65) I claimed points for research assistantship (RA) during my masters study which added 5 points. Apart from this I have 3 years experience which is assessed by EA. My confusion is 1. If I lodge visa and provide all documents of RA, will it be considered as an experience? (I heard somewhere that RA is not considered as experience) 2. If they don't consider it, I still have 60 points. Will they issue visa based on that? I am now thinking if I made any mistake including RA as an experience. I am confused if I should lodge visa or not, as I will lose the visa fees if it is refused I am eagerly waiting for your cooperation. Please provide your expert opinions. Thanks mwn
  15. Hey I am looking into the skilled visa. But running into a few initial problems and need some advice.. I am a skilled painter, with no qualifications, just "life experience" so to speak. I am aware I will have to undergo a course or get my skills recognised. However PROBLEM.. My previous employer does not have "official letter headed paper" nor is he still in business nor did he pay me with payslips, was all cash in hand although I was through the books (paid tax etc) So I am wondering if a letter without "official letter headed paper" is acceptable signed from him and if a copy of my national insurance contributions from the time worked with him would be acceptable forms of evidence... HELP?
  16. Just an update and something that we have noticed for over 5 Nurse Visa applications over the last 3 months 189 Independent have been arriving in 4-5 weeks where as 190 ( Sponsored have taken over 10-12 weeks) Must add these are for onshore applications C :cool::cool:
  17. Hi. I have to send all my grades and work documents to ACS for skill assessment but I have some gaps during my time. So from 2007 to 2010 I study and I had my own business. And I have a letter from one company that I worked for them as ICT Project Manager and developer for 2 years. And my biggest issue is if ACS will accept this or not. My second issue is following. I have worked for a company as Developer and ICT Project Manager for 4 years now and my former manager that resigned for 6 months ago has wrote a letter of recommendation for me but she has not wrote it in the same way as ACS wants it. So my question is here if ACS will accept it or do I have to ask her to write me a new one. If I can find her. So in total I will have more then 5 years of work experience and 3 years of education within ICT. Will this be enough or not? I will apply for 189 once I get the results back. And I hope they will be positive. Please help me or give me some advice.
  18. Hello all! I want to start the application process for a 189 PR Visa as Secondary School Teacher - 241411 I have 65 points like this: Age: 25-32 - 30 points Superior English: 20 points Bachelor Degree: 15 points Total 65 points I think I've worked out what order I should do everything but I want to check. I think I should do it like this: Get my qualifications assessed by AITSL Take IELTS test and get all 8’s Submit expression of interest Get letter of invitiation Get Medical Checks Get Police Checks Apply for visa So my questions are: Is this correct? Am I missing anything? Does my wife have to get Medical checks and police checks too? How do we get Medical checks and police checks? I am from the UK and she is from Sweden but we are living in Egypt. What country do we need to get the checks in? Thanks in advance to all the wonderful people in this amazing forum. :biggrin:
  19. Hi. I just got my Australian Registration as a nurse and am planning to apply for 189 visa. As part of the requirements, I already have requested for a professional reference from my previous manager, to be able to apply for ANMAC skills assessment. I sent her the example on the ANMAC website but she did not seem to know what to do. Could someone be so kind to send me some examples of their professional references, I would greatly appreciate it. I just need additional basis for her to be able to pick up and start on. Thank you!:hug:
  20. Hi All, Just wanted to say hi - we are due to move to Melbourne in Dec this year and are going for a visit in March. We have just been through the gruelling 189 visa application and received confirmation yesterday that it has been granted. Any help or advice you could offer us in terms of banks (what proof do we need), cars (include paperwork and licence) and which is the better mobile phone provider (we will initially go on a pay as you go), sea . Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated and I am more then happy to help regarding any question on the 189 skilled visa application.
  21. Hi All, I have total experience is 3.6 years as Database developer (who create the database design) and Business Intelligence(Data warehousing) developer and i want to apply for 189/190 visa and want to know that i will fall in which category means either software engineer( 261313) or developer programmer(261312) or either database administrator(262111) or some other job code. I checked it but couldn't be able to identify. It would be really appreciate if anyone can guide me for the same.Thanks in advance.
  22. gurpreetaus

    Reg 189 skilled independent visa

    Hi, I want to apply for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) visa.I have total 3.5 years of Experience in IT industry and i just want to know that will i get 5 points for my work experience or not. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm really desperate for some answers for my problem from the more experienced members of the forum so I'd really appreciate your help. My husband updated his EOI with the Australian Computer Society skills assessment results on Oct 18 and we got an invite on Oct 20 since the points calculated were 75. We put in our application on Oct 21 and paid the fees as well. The next day while going through the ACS assessment for some reason, we realised that the assessment was a bit ambiguous and they had actually not given him the points for ALL of his work experience which would reduce our points score to 65 now. As of now, although it was inadvertent, it looks like we have overestimated our points on both the EOI and the application. I was trying to find out what to do and some of the forum posts say that they can cancel our application and ban us from applying for the next few years. We do not have a case officer yet but it was an honest mistake. Who do we contact regarding this? Do we: 1) Fill out a change in circumstances form and attach it with the application 2) withdraw the application (will we get a refund?) and reapply after correcting the details on the EOI? We are both at our wits end since my current visa expires in Jan 2014 and I need to have the bridging visa to continue working here! Can someone please help? Many thanks!