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Found 334 results

  1. My question is to all Pakistani members or anyone who can answer for that matter: I need to get PCC and Meds done. Can anybody who has recently done these checks please guide me of the process please? I am from Lahore BTW. Thanks in advance
  2. spangley

    £900 for Medical Assessment

    I was quoted £900 yesterday to have myself, my wife and my 2 yr old daughter medically assessed for our 189 Visa. Does anyone know how much you'd typically pay in the UK or Germany, and would the Immi office accept an assessment outside your country of residence? We are in Switzerland. With thanks.
  3. I've lodged my visa application and am awaiting a CO. In the meantime I'm trying to frontload my application, however I was advised by the local medical assessment centre that the assessment is only valid for 6 months. Do most people wait for the assigned CO to request a Med first? Anyone had any problems with expired med assessments? Muchly obliged.
  4. Hi All, Not sure if anyone has an idea as to how the medicals are processed once referred... I've already asked the same question on a differnt forum/thread.. but it seems there is no firm answer... I am posting this question as a new thread to get a general idea... 1) Priortisation on medical process Does anybody know if the Meds are processed on a first-in-first-out basis? OR Is there any type of priortisation methods ? (e.g. prirotising the Meds for those who have a higher academic degree, or who have shortage skills in Aus, etc) 2) Global Health processing location Was just wondering if GH handles all applications in one location? OR applications are allocated to different GH offices depending on what types of visa you apply or which city/state you are applying? Thanks in advance
  5. sh3p69

    Question about the medicals...

    Hi there Guys, im a bit confused about the medicals. We were going to front load the meds by trying to book it for the 23 of this month even that we dont have a CO yet... I know that there is 2 different types of meds one been £330 with the hepatitis and the other been £260 with out the hepatitis... My partner is a nurse and read that she needed to do the £330 one and me the cheaper one. But when we rang medmigration and gave them our TRN Number they told us that she only needs to do the £260 one and not the other with the hepatitis,They said that they cant just do the £330 one as there would be no were to upload the hepatitis result. But she is a nurse and will be working as a nurse when we eventually arrive in Australia... Does any one know which is the right one to do as we dont have a CO yet... We are applying for the 176 Visa and she is the main applicant... THanKs GUyS...
  6. jimithechew

    Form 80..........

    All, those who have yet to be granted a CO, and have not filled out 'Form 80' I suggest you do it now and front load it. It is a ball ache! especially 6 months down the line when you have forgotten most of the stuff. while your in the 'zone' it wont take you long to do either. I filled it out on line so it looks neat, NB-you cannot save data in the online version you have to print it off once you have finished. (you may or may not get asked to do it but it saves time if you do it in the first instance) May I also suggest you send off you PCC's as well, most last a year, and DIAC seem to be moving fast. again I would front load. Only thing we had to wait on was our second nipper being born so we can add him to our visa app. once we get passport back off we go to Knightsbridge (London) to get our meds! (thats another £700 odd!!!) Now just gotta fill out Form 1022 'job change' Gulp.... Good luck all!
  7. hi guys i am planning a move from nz to australia on an e457 visa . got job offer in 1st week of oct ,haven't applied for e457 yet as my hubby's pp needed renewal.my employer hasn't applied for sponsorship or nomnation either as i haven't submitted pp copies yet. i will have my pp on 21/11/11 and send a copy to the employer then .my question is can i organise the medicals before actually applying for e457 as i feel things are not going to move any quicker with christmas and NY holidays approaching.my start date at my new job is on 16 th of January.I AM REALLY WORRIED PLS HELP:arghh:
  8. Hi everyone. We have just returned from having our medicals done today. I wanted to let people know what happens as i was very worried beforehand. We are a family of 4. 2 adults and one 14 yr old and one 7 yr old. we are applying for ENS 121 visa and it is decision ready application. So we had to print the form 26 and form 160 from the DIAC website. We did not have a TRN number as we have not submitted the application up to DIAC yet. We arrived late at manchester as traffic was bad. But all was well, they asked for our passports ASAP upon arrival. Once in the building we all went into the doctor who checked our blood pressure, urine sample and ears, eyes, and had a feel around our stomach. We had our height,weight and a picture taken, then both adults and our eldest son went for a chest xray and blood was taken for HIV. That was it. The total cost was £845.25 for 4 people. I think i am in the wrong business. N.B. for the ladies out their. dont worry about timing the appointment right, just drink plenty of water before the appointment and everything will be ok. :laugh:
  9. I have my meds soon but I'm not sure what the outcome of mine will be and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has regular screening for anything & got through the meds ok. Without going into too much detail, I suffer from a rare genetic skin condition which has been passed down from my Father. It has been highlighted recently that there is a link between my condition & renal cancer so I now have to have kidney MRIs every 2 years with annual ultrsound on the year in between. The condition is very rare so the exact risks are uncertain but I've been told its probably a 10-16% chance of me developing cancer & the average onset is 44yrs old. Apart from the screening, I do not take any medication & there are no other associated health costs. I have quite a few urology, genetics & dermatology letters that I plan to take to my meds. I am fully expecting my meds to be referred, but I'd like to know what my chances are of getting through the meds. Thanks in advance. Please feel free to PM me if you dont wish to reply on the forum. Mandy x
  10. Hi, Just lodged medical and Police checks and waiting ..... Is there a forum I can refer to where other 175 Visa pplicants have listed their dates so I can see how long their applications took? JUMI
  11. Oh Well The day is nearly upon us we have our dreaded medicals tomorrow , so this is the day that will define the rest of my life, I will either be fit enough to go or i'm ill with an undiagnosed illness!!!! Lol I feel great having lost 40kg since feb but i'm still a big chap so hopefully the letter from my doctor confirming my as he put it "sensible weight reduction programme" will help. Sorry for rambling but the nerves are starting to build and i'm not normally the nervous type.:skeptical:
  12. Mizzmp

    Meds finalised problem OMG!

    Just wonder if anybody else has had this prob. Had meds done 25th July, all clear and all our meds were finalised a week ago. However, they STILL haven't uploaded my OH who is main applicant! Keep phoning clinic to be told, "oh yes we will remind the doctor" its killing me here! We had til 8th Aug to comply and now need our 3rd time extension! Dont understand why something so simple cannot be done having paid out all that money. Just want our visa! xx
  13. Hi all, Can anyone help or am I worrying about nothing? Our CO has asked my OH for more work info (sorted) and our police checks have been requested (coming soon I hope), however i always thought they asked for meds at the same time as PC's? They haven't been requested yet, have emailed but no response. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I worrying for nothing? Cheers Clare :frown:
  14. Yay, I have just booked medicals for the family and me. I got the first appointment which was 18th March and so anyone else looking at booking should expect a three/four week time lag from calling them to actually having the medical done. Anyone know how long it usually takes from having medicals done to receiving visa grant? Thanks:jiggy:
  15. Hi all, Just a quick one but if someone could answer this i'd be extremely grateful. Do i need to wait for instruction from DIAC before applying for meds or is this something i should be organising now? Many thanks in advance Gary & Sue :notworthy:
  16. the_whites

    Front loading ENS Visa with meds

    Has anyone had their meds done before being assigned a CO? We submitted our application today 29/06/11. Police checks have been included for UK and the Oz ones are being processed. We have made appointments for meds on 19/07/11. Processing centre did not say no to us having meds done, just advised that its up to us because the costs paid upfront would be wasted if the application is unsuccessful but did say it would quicken things up by a month if they were already done. Any advice?
  17. Hi All. We all did our meds at the same time, myself, wife and 2 kids. My meds were the last to be finalised and it is showing them finalised since 12th May! When the agent emailed the CO the reply was " teh application will reach the final checking stage shortly" I am going mad, why is this taking so long! Is anyone else experiencing the delay, my Visa is a 176:biggrin:
  18. waynecaz

    Why has oh meds been refered ???

    Hi guys , we had our meds done on the 10th of may in manchester .. the kids and myself have passed everything but my o/h got refered , so we rang dr smith and he said he doesnt know why as eveything was fine !!!!:arghh: So why would they refer him if the dr says he's ok ????? cheers carolyn
  19. hi, I have been reading through some info on the Visa we will be migrating on (ENS 121) and it says that all kids, even non migrating kids, needs meds done. We have an older daughter 22, lives in Germany and a 20 yr. old daughter staying here......do they both need meds done???? Hope not as this is a total waste of £500!!!!!!!!!! sharon.xx
  20. april.will

    pcs and meds question

    hi, just wondered which diac use as your date for validating visa, pcs or meds? can i send off for pcs before meds appointment? does anone know how long it takes for pcs to come through? thanks alot april:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  21. Hello everyone Got co today whoooooooop!!!!... and he asked for meds but i have already submitted them through courier, they arrived yesterday in Sydney- not Adelaide is that right? Should i contact co to tell them or should i just wait expecting them to go from sydney to my co in adelaide? Thanks :-)
  22. Everything is showing as "MET" and our Case Officer says he is just waiting for my non-migrating son's medicals to be finalised. They were received in Sydney on 2/5 and I received a reply from them confirming that they have received them. Anyone know how long now? This is so frustrating!!!:arghh:
  23. :wacko: Hi friends, I have a query, in my online status , health requirements says Finalised today where as HIV and other three medical related status says still Referred. Is it like medicals is finalised? or i still have to wait for others to get Finalised. Thanks in advance.:wideeyed:
  24. I have been asked to get medical results for kids from ex marriage, but ex wife wont allow this what can I do now. Please help there must be way round this. Stephen
  25. brideycollette

    Benign Lumps ...Meds referred

    Hi Guys , I thought i would mention this and also ask if anyones meds have been referred to Australia because they have a benign Lump ? I have provided my consultants letter to say it was benign and was clear of any cancer . I suppose i'm just wondering do they ask for more info ?:biglaugh: or am i being a complete stress head Brides x