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  1. Just enjoy your holiday.. Maybe drive around a few suburbs, but there isn't anything of benefit you need to do on the reccie.
  2. Once your temporary visa is granted you won't here from them again until they're ready to process the permanent part (another two years).
  3. If you're planning to emigrate to Australia, there is very little benefit to planning it around your daughter's GCSEs they aren't used here. Most kids stay at school until they are 17/18 and sit the Higher School Certificate (varies a little from state-to-state but here's NSW: Unfortunately there is always going to be disruption...
  4. Recognise them for what?
  5. IMHO you need to think carefully about what this, for the sake of your daughter's education. If it is forever there is little point in her sitting her GCSEs (they aren't recognised here). If you're only coming for two years, she would finish her GCSEs then spend two years finishing high school to go back to the UK two years behind and needing to get some A levels or higher level qualifications for university.
  6. Partner is an Aussie, we'd made far away plans that we thought our kids should grow up here. Then we had kids and enacted the plan.
  7. Is pointless putting locks on your luggage, anyone wants to gain access they just split the zip with a pen..
  8. Providing the furniture isn't shrink wrapped in its original packaging, alongside the invoice from the furniture shop customs won't have any way of knowing that you've had it for less than 12 months. I can't remember anyone being stung for new goods in the time I've been on the forum.
  9. You can get tailor made from $299. These guys come to our office, but also travel around the cities. They hire a hotel suite, you go get measured and the suit gets made in Bangkok and posted to you.
  10. I don't want to state the obvious, but unless you stop using all your holidays to go back to the UK you're never going to feel settled. Your life and home (for the moment) is in Australia and you need to either commit to it or one back in the UK.
  11. In my case we had been together a while had two kids and a mortgage. We wrote one stat dec between us, that ran to a page and a half of typed A4 wasn't lovey dovey at all.
  12. For Toyota, the answer does seem to be clear cut: However the FT makes the follow statement: It also gives examples of parts being manufactured in UK, get sent to Europe for processing and then get sent back to the UK. So I would say Slean's argument has been upheld.
  13. Lots I imagine. Certainly the ones I met in the UK were traveling extensively to make up for the fact that Europe wasn't a hop skip and a jump away when they were growing up.
  14. As you are keen on reminding people: everyone's experiences are different. Most of my family and friends still live with 15 miles of the town where I was born. My ambitions as a child included moving to somewhere where that didn't close for the weekend at 5pm Friday (and had a cinema). My mother would have never set foot outside Europe had we not moved to Australia.