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  1. Peach

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    I'd also be careful with 'not telling the bank'. I noticed a new 'failure to declare reportable facts' clause, when I renewed the landlord's insurance this time around. A reportable fact being anything the insurance company might be interested to know. My interpretation was should you make a claim and had not already told the insurance company that the bank didn't know you were overseas or the mortgage was still residential, then that would be reason for them to not pay out.
  2. Peach

    RIP Pommypaul

    Wow. That is sad news. Hugs to all x x
  3. Peach

    New Years Eve

    Just flown back into Canberra from Bundaberg. Weird being on a plane with masks, pretending that they offer protection when we're all crammed in. Going to watch an episode or two X-file and head to bed. Merry New Year one and all. x x
  4. Peach

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    So that's no for protection from prosecution once he leaves office?
  5. Peach

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    I'm not.. You threatened civil war when Johndoe said: "the hatemonger hopefully won't be protected by his office and he will get his day in court should he spout off as much as he did when protected."
  6. Peach

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    Are you proposing immunity from all future prosecution, like Mugabe and Putin were able to negotiate?
  7. Peach

    Transitioning to a New Life

    Takeaways still 'seem' expensive here, but I found it really important to not convert the price of everything back into GBPs.
  8. Peach

    Transitioning to a New Life

    Been here nearly 10 years and I am still disarmed by how cheerful teens are working at the checkouts and fast food outlets. If they ask you how your day is going, they generally seem to care and are interested in your answers. It took me a long time to get used to it and have an answer ready.
  9. Peach

    Would you move to the UK now?

    This... there is just no way I'd be heading to the UK any time soon.
  10. Peach

    Free school meals

    Of course not.
  11. Peach

    What are you listening to ?

    I've been enjoying my glow in the dark X Files Record Store Day more than I expected:
  12. Peach

    Free school meals

    Don't forget Wogan 30,000 honorarium each year for presenting Children in Need... Or sending celebrities to orphanages in Africa to discover themselves for Comic Relief. Yeah, I'm bitter.
  13. Peach

    Free school meals

    Is really hard to disagree with this. Reminds me of Beckham bitching that he shouldn't have to spend his own money on charities to get a knighthood.
  14. Peach

    Free school meals

    This 150%. Would have been a great way to spend a relatively small amount to help the country's poorest children. But goes against the Tory ideology.