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  1. Heading to Oz before grant?

    The Department of Immigration and Border Protection state on their website "If you want advice, don't ask us, ask a migration agent" and the experience of many people is that the staff in the DIBP call centres give out notoriously bad and incorrect advice. Said advice, is also non-binding and useless if a border guard decides you are not a genuine visitor.
  2. Brexit

    Please stick to the topic of Brexit, or start another thread lol
  3. Brexit

    Yes is all hunkydory in UK car manufacturing... UK car manufacturing slumps 14% in June and hard Brexit could mean a further hit, industry body warns
  4. Rent to Salary ratio in Sydney

    Never heard that one before.. Glad I don't rent.
  5. Rent to Salary ratio in Sydney

    No matter where I lived I wouldn't want to spend more than 30% of my income on rent. There really is no hard and fast ratio, what you can afford/what you want to spend really depends on your salary and lifestyle.
  6. 2 years back.....

    For 37 years, I lived just up the road from Wales and apart from learning the Welsh word for Service Station (thanks M4) my grasp of the language is poor. Certainly I know more French or German than Welsh.... Here I'd say my kids understand more Mandarin than Aboriginal...
  7. Whale Watching in Australia

    We also have been dolphin watching at Huskisson (with the big tour company that sends boats out several times a day). Happy to report that there were no issues with engine noise and we saw plenty of dolphin pods.
  8. Brexit

    There is none so blind, as them that can't see.
  9. Brexit

    you sir are a hypocrite.
  10. Rent vs Salary

    I don't think there are any hard and fast rules. But personally, I wouldn't want to spend more than a 3rd of my income on rent.
  11. Permission to take the kids?

    Both my partner and I have traveled in/out of Australia separately with the kids. No letters required.
  12. Australian Banks need to Up their game

    I think you're right.. I heard someone say that disintermediation is banker's current fear (that someone will cut them out of the market, but inventing a product that bypasses them e.g. Paypal, Tyro, SquareUp). For the first time today I heard of a Smartphone based banking account - To my untrained eye I'd say it has the potential to shake the banking sector up..
  13. Just enjoy your holiday.. Maybe drive around a few suburbs, but there isn't anything of benefit you need to do on the reccie.
  14. Once your temporary visa is granted you won't here from them again until they're ready to process the permanent part (another two years).
  15. If you're planning to emigrate to Australia, there is very little benefit to planning it around your daughter's GCSEs they aren't used here. Most kids stay at school until they are 17/18 and sit the Higher School Certificate (varies a little from state-to-state but here's NSW: Unfortunately there is always going to be disruption...