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  1. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/alcohol-companies-want-you-to-drink-more-and-theyre-funding-research-to-make-it-happen_us_5ad123bce4b077c89ce8a835
  2. Peach

    Quality of life for kids

    It sounds as though your family and friends are getting on with their own lives across Europe and you're giving up your own independent life (and that of your kids) just to be part of theirs. Shouldn't they be trying harder to be part of your life?
  3. Peach


    Four in five months is hardly a plague. It's Australia, your life will never be 100% cockroach free.
  4. Peach

    Brain games

    You may as well say the answer is “banana cuttlefish”.. Definitely 40 squares.
  5. Peach

    Brain games

    There are 40 squares in the picture. I’ve counted them.
  6. Peach

    Brain games

    You tube says 40:
  7. Peach

    HELP with 40sp form

    My partner/sponsor was a stay at home mum when we moved to Australia. Even though she had no intention of working it didn’t impact her ability to be my sponsor.
  8. Peach

    Renting out house in uk

    You may not be taxed in the UK (if your rental income is under the tax threshold) but you will need to declare it on your Australian tax return (unless you’re on a temporary visa). You will likely have to pay tax on the income in Australia.
  9. Peach

    Posting baby milk from uk

    Maybe start giving him a variety of forumla’s now — so that he is used to change?
  10. Peach

    State of the NHS

    My best friend is a firefighter, he tells me that a fire engine or police car is regularly sent to an ambulance 999 call - if they are they are closest, or if the ambulance may be delayed. More than once he has been sent to a house where the person that the ambulance was called for is obviously stone cold dead, but because they are not able to declare time of death they have to perform CPR until the ambulance arrives - even though it is so obviously pointless.
  11. Peach

    Posting baby milk from uk

    We moved over with an 11 week year old. Although she was primarily breast fed, we topped her up with formula and experienced no issues when moving her onto an Australian brand. Personally I wouldn't go to the expense or hassle of shipping any over.
  12. Peach

    SUBCLASS 100 visa-activation period?

    His visa didn’t expire only his right to use it for entry into Australia. As you are still in a relationship this would show a continuing connection to Australia which would most likely be enough for an RRV, but there is a chance that the visitor visa has stuffed things up. You should probably speak to an agent and get some advice.
  13. Peach

    Telephone numbers in UK.

    Call a MARA registered agent. Aussie immigration aren't there to give advice, they make that clear on the website. If you do get some from the call centre it is often wrong. Save yourself the hassle.
  14. Peach

    I need to come back to Aus on Return Resident Visa 157

    Your cheapest options are: a. Apply for the RRV and see what happens. B. Engage a MARA registered agent.
  15. Peach

    I need to come back to Aus on Return Resident Visa 157

    No, I’m not a MARA registered agent. Even this language suggest you’d don’t meet the criteria: If you have been outside Australia for more than three continuous months immediately before you apply, you must have a compelling and compassionate reason for the absence. You’ve been outside the country for 11 years.. No you can’t sneak in on a tourist visa and pretend you’ve been here the whole time.