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  1. Ally

    RRV if PR is expired

    If I am not wrong u can't get pension if you have never worked in Australia. Moreover I am sure that living in retirement in Australia is too expensive for a lot of people so it's not the best country to choose it for that purpose) Anyway it's off the topic. I will contact suggested agent to clarify. P.S. the strange thing for me is that AU says "If you get PR it is "forever"" and then u realize there are too many details and rules under that point))
  2. Ally

    RRV if PR is expired

    Yes, I understand your point. I just don't think that Australia can say "no" to it's citizen (who has a right to get education for example or work) only cos his parents PR is expired. It means the kid immediately lose his right to live and study in AU even being a citizen.
  3. Ally

    RRV if PR is expired

    May I ask where can I get more info about my issue? Thanks
  4. Ally

    RRV if PR is expired

    Thanks for your comment. But if one of my son is a citizen (not just PR) and he is just 9 y.o. and obviously can't go to Australia to live and get education (for example) alone is there a chance that his mother who has expired PR (me:) won't get RRV to come to AU? Really? Isn't my son too small to go to live in AU by himself and taking into consideration that he is a citizen of course?
  5. Ally

    RRV if PR is expired

    Hello! I am currently out of AU and planning to go back in a year or 2, but my PR will be expired by that time (and I didn't stay in AU for 2 years within last 5 years). Will I be granted RRV visa in this case? I read that a person has to have sufficient ties to apply for RRV. I have 2 sons , one of them has AU citiztnship and he is under 18y.o. and the second has PR that will be expired in 2024. Appreciate all your comments.
  6. Ally

    Child visa 101, IED waiver

    Dear all, May I ask if anyone asked of IED waiver for Child visa 101? We need to arrive before April, 2020, but due to some family circumstances we can't travel another year for sure. Is it possible to obtain IED waiver anyhow? Since it's a Child visa (i have my PR opened already) what strong reason could be good enough to get IED postponed? Thanks a lot
  7. Ally

    Good suburbs?

    Hello all, Need your advice regarding Melbourne. We're moving from Adelaide and looking for a place to stay. Our budget is 500-650 per week, interested in already established suburbs, safe, good public primary schools, parks around, preferably Aussie or English neighbors) Husband works in CBD so train stop close by is essential. Buses are too slow. Any advice? Thanks a lot Ally