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  1. pipmcrae

    SA 491 Counsellor Nec

    Hi Amy I got my invite dead on 10 weeks with 80 points just be patient
  2. pipmcrae

    491..wow..Queensland are quick!

    Are you onshore?
  3. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Is that all! Where abouts are you? When are you planning to move to Aus?
  4. Hi Raul I have 80 points and have applied for a 491 in 332211 for SA. waiting 8 weeks now. Do you think I will receive an invite?
  5. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    So do you know a rough time it will take to get a grant?
  6. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Congratulations hopefully mine is not far behind
  7. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Have you included the two weeks that were closed for Xmas? 9 weeks could mean 7 weeks.
  8. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Nope not yet, you?
  9. Do Ielts. Pte is regarded difficult in soaking for native speakers
  10. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    What country are you in?
  11. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    I applied 9/12 80 points painter and decorator. Been told wil know out come within 10 weeks
  12. pipmcrae

    employment history

    What nationality are you?
  13. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Good luck with your application
  14. pipmcrae

    491 SA

    Can I ask what you do for your occupation?