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  1. AmyL

    Eoi submitted

    Ahh thank you Lavers!
  2. AmyL

    Eoi submitted

    As far as I'm aware skilled Visa's are still being processed as usual, albeit a bit more slowly. You are in a good position having had your medicals completed as others are receiving invitations and requests to complete medicals, but are unable to get these done. I know someone who was recently granted a 491 but they have to wait until borders are lifted to travel. If they grant you an initial entry date and you cannot go by that date because of covid, you will have to cross that bridge when you come to it, that is the only thing I would be worried about. I wouldn't worry about not receiving a visa grant because of covid it just might be delayed. can I ask when you submitted your state nomination application? I have also applied for 491 with SA and trying to figure out roughly when I will receive my nomination and invitation to apply
  3. AmyL


    Are you applying offshore? I might be wrong but I think NT state nomination takes around 6-8 months. What visa are you applying for?
  4. Does anyone or any migration agents know whether South Australia are still processing state nomination invites and if visas are still being processed due to the current circumstances?
  5. AmyL

    489 Invitation COVID 19 uncertainty

    Sorry to hear that. It is an uncertain and stressful time. The last I heard immigration were taking Covid-19 into consideration and were allowing extensions over the 60 days to apply. I would submit an online enquiry and ask for an extension. What state have you been nominated by?
  6. AmyL

    491 visa

    To my awareness you have a moral obligation to live and work within the state that is sponsoring you for atleast three years. It depends what you are wanting. Most people on 491 are wanting PR by the end of it so if you don't live and work within your sponsored state, you risk being able to stay.
  7. AmyL

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    Thank you so much for replying Bob! Everyone on here has been so reassuring I am feeling a lot better about the situation and will definitely be booking with you
  8. AmyL

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    Aww thank you I will have a look at pet air properly. That fills me with a bit of reassurance
  9. Hi I am flying my 3 year old chihuahua out to Australia to move with us at the end of the year. I have heard mixed reviews about pet air, and also wondering whether we should even use a pet company! Can anyone give some advice - did you do it yourselves, what company did you use etc. etc. Im very anxious about him flying out and being in quarantine so want the experience to be as less stressful for him as possible. He is so tiny and gets scared easily.
  10. AmyL

    190 visa

    Have you lodged an EOI for the 190?
  11. AmyL

    SA 491 Counsellor Nec

    Ahh thanks for that info Good luck with your Visa!! Exciting times
  12. AmyL

    SA 491 Counsellor Nec

    Hey all Is anyone waiting for state nomination from SA for skilled visa? I checked the processing time yesterday and it is an average of 3 months … don't know how i'm going to keep myself occupied so I don't obsess about it! Also is anyone currently living/known anyone who has moved to SA as a counsellor? Another concern of mine is how hard is it to find work within this occupation in SA. When I am checking to job boards its up and down but have heard stories of 491 via affecting employability