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  1. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    @RD there is light Oh gosh I'm not sure as I had an agent put all my stuff together and submit it. I know I completed a form 80 on invitation which was submitted and then I received a request to action police checks and medical pretty much soon after submission. My medicals and police checks were requested pretty much immediately after lodging the full visa application so just something to be prepared for as you have 28 days to show evidence that you have acted on the request I.e booking medical appointment and uploading this into your account. I'm not sure if that was at all helpful! What part of SA are you thinking of going to?
  2. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    You're very welcome Yes and same to you, keep me updated! It's nice to know someone who is going through the same process for SA x
  3. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    it's very undignifying standing there starkers trying to touch your toes So you get seen together but the doc only does one person at a time so your partner will be seated near the door and then you will be seen to so he won't be anywhere near you or the scales
  4. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    Just letting you know how medicals were I was so stressed going in I've got such a fear of doctors but It really was not as bad as i thought. Whole process was about 45 minutes. We went to the manchester one. We arrived and were given sample pots for urine sample and signed a paper to consent to being examined (we got wrong for not bringing our own pen so bring one!). You go to the loo when you are ready and then got called in and we were seen together at the same time. Went through medical history (any diagnosis, under any specialists, any medication etc.) Had blood pressure taken, did quick eye test just reading some letters, then stripped down to underwear and listened to chest and lungs, checked ears, checked body over for lumps and bumps, checked reflexes then had to stand up and touch your toes () ... then bloods. Got dressed went back in waiting room and was called in for chest xray which took all of 10 seconds. Was really just like a good old fashioned routine doctors check up.
  5. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    I think it all just starts to merge into one after a while!
  6. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    It is frustrating the waiting game. Such a long process anyway made worse by all the madness with Covid. I applied for state nomination end of feb. Got nominated and invite to apply 24th june and lodged visa application on 6th July. The link is for state nomination applications being deleted if not submitted and paid for rather than the full visa applications
  7. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    I will do yes I'm dreading it as well but booked it for as soon as I could to get it out the way. Will let you know what to expect afterwards! We have been watching youtube videos of suburbs in adelaide to get a feel for it Haha we want to be close to adelaide but not live in the city. We like the look of Glenelg and Henley beach. We had hoped to get over there for a research trip before covid set in this year but we might just make the move when we can and do a bit of exploring when over there to see where we want to settle. Part of the adventure I suppose! What about you where are you thinking of going to?
  8. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    Yeah we are the same with just needing to send medicals and police certificates. Have our medical on thursday. I had a feeling offshore processing was on hold that's why I was so surprised to get an invite! At least then everything is done though and it is just a waiting game. Fingers crossed!
  9. AmyL

    What happens during the Medical?

    Thank you
  10. AmyL

    What happens during the Medical?

    Oh wow, I wouldn't have even considered that! Thanks so much for the advice
  11. AmyL

    What happens during the Medical?

    Thank you that's really helpful
  12. Can anyone who has had the medical let me know what is involved? Is it invasive?
  13. AmyL

    491 invite & grant

    On 24th June I received an invite to apply for my state nominated 491 visa for SA and occupation of counsellor nec. I didn't expect an invite as I had assumed they were not processing provisional visas. Just wondering if anyone has had a grant recently or if any agents know of processing times? I don't want to get my hope's up eagerly watching my inbox over the next couple of months if receiving a decision for this visa is unlikely within the near future
  14. I would consult with a Migration Agent for that one
  15. AmyL

    Eoi submitted

    Ahh thank you Lavers!