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  1. Lauralee 11

    Recent removal recommendations

    Thank so much for sharing! Did you find their service good? Some reviews have been mixed
  2. Lauralee 11

    Recent removal recommendations

    Thank you! I did look at MoveCube but some of the reviews were mixed and said they don’t offer online tracking which had me slightly worried
  3. Hi all does anyone have any recent removal experiences and can recommend good companies? We’re going from UK to Perth and taking mainly sentimental personal effects plus some small items of furniture. Nothing we’ll take is essential for day 1 so it’s more about good hassle free service and peace of mind that our stuff will turn up!
  4. Lauralee 11

    Solaris Relocation for UK - AUS shipping??

    Thanks for the update - I’m considering using Solaris also for london to Perth move. How long in total did it take from door to arrival port? Also were you using a shared container service? I’m nervous about things getting mixed up with other peoples stuff. I have a relatively small consignment (150 cu feet) but I’ve not read the best things about MoveCube.
  5. Lauralee 11

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Thanks for sharing your story and I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Its great you were able to move in time for your granddaughters arrival. As I'm returning to Perth and plan to live in areas I know well close to my family there isn't too much planning to distract myself with. I'm not sure what my plan B would be - there are some ideas but to be honest none really compare and after ~15 years away I'm just really keen to be close to my folks now that they're getting older. Certainly short trips within UK and Europe do help as a distraction.
  6. Lauralee 11

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Thanks for your comments - glad I'm not the only one! I'm trying to put it out of my mind but still finding it frustrating that I have no definite outcomes or timings to plan around.
  7. Lauralee 11

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Thanks so much for this! Yes I’m def to trying to prepare mentally for a mid case scenario where it takes a year to 18 months. I got excited when my agent said they were looking at our travel histories but then the radio silence since makes me a bit worried. Your tips are great - thank you again, lll def start cracking on with these.
  8. Lauralee 11

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Thank you - some really good points. Certainly when it does come through there will be a lot to do so making time for other stuff now is a good idea!
  9. Lauralee 11

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Thanks for you reply! It helps to just know I’m not the only one impatiently waiting and wondering. I know what about you mean about balancing saving for what could be with what is here/ now. I found a move to Aus checklist which I thought could be good to focus on but in some ways I think could make it worse as I’ll focus on it more - it’s like waiting for an overdue bus, doesn’t help to keep staring down the road!
  10. Hi all, I see lots of really helpful advice on the admin aspects of visa applications but I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for dealing with the agony of the long wait for news on your submission. Now that the stress of pulling together our paperwork is done and all is submitting I’m finding it hard to distract myself from wondering when / what we’ll hear - it feels like we’re living in limbo without knowing if it will be a matter of months or years. As context I’m an Aussie citizen and waiting on a 309 partner visa for UK other half so we can live closer to my family again. We submitted in May 2022 and opted to do the medical soon after which was cleared with no further action required in early June. We were told at the end of June by our agent that the case was open and the officer was looking at our travel history but there hasn’t been any news since. I know it’s early days in our visa journey compared to many but any tips for those who have been waiting several months or longer would be much appreciated.