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  1. louwilkins

    Advice please

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your reply. I have the opportunity for an employer sponsored visa but am concerned that if I went over before him and then applied for subsequent visa entry for him he may be refused. I'm not even sure these things are on his police record but we had to declare everything. Its a real worry for me now and am unsure if I can pay an agent to do it all for us.
  2. louwilkins

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can shed some light for me. My husband has 3 minor convictions resulting in a caution (2010), and 2 fines for theft/shoplifting (2010) and the most recent being 2017/18 (can't remember the exact date). Is this likely to put an end to our dream of emigrating? TIA
  3. louwilkins


    Hi, I have an EOI submitted for the 491 family but am considering putting in EOI for 189 in mid Sept once I can get more points for experience. I'm a registered nurse in UK. In Sept I will have 65 points for 189 without doing English exam again (have already done it twice but failed to get full marks as find exam situations extremely stressful). Am I likely to be invited for 189 with 65 points? Or am I going to have to do English exam to get points to 75. Hope this makes sense TIA
  4. louwilkins

    491 visa

    Thank you. I have submitted EOI for 491 family already. Am waiting on AHPRA and was looking at potentially applying for state nomination but WA aren't accepting offshore as far as I am aware. Feel quite deflated at the minute about it all at the moment. My eldest child is coming up to her GCSE years from September which is going to make it harder to move should we ever get an ITA.
  5. louwilkins

    Next steps after 491 EOI

    Thank you all
  6. louwilkins

    Next steps after 491 EOI

    Hi yes I have sat English test and had positive skills assessment.
  7. Hi guys, I am a registered nurse and have just submitted my EOI for 491 family sponsored. What are my next steps? What do I need to get ready in order to submit everything should I receive an ITA. Thank you
  8. louwilkins

    491 visa

    Thanks, I'm a nurse.
  9. louwilkins

    491 visa

    Hi all, With the current situation is it worth putting in an EOI for a 491 family sponsored visa at the moment? Am looking at regional WA.
  10. louwilkins


    Thank you x
  11. louwilkins


    Hi, With regards to the passport photo for ANMAC does it need to be certified? Just about to scan and upload everything ready for submitting and forgot to get it certified....
  12. louwilkins

    491 visa

    Thank you.
  13. louwilkins

    491 visa

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can shed some light for me on the 491 visa requirements. I have family who are willing to sponsor and thought I read that I could use AHPRA registration for visa instead of ANMAC. Am I completely wrong? TIA
  14. louwilkins

    Shipping pets

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has information on shipping pets to Oz. We have 1 dog at the moment and wondered if you pay per dog or 1 price for there are more than 1. Thanks
  15. louwilkins


    Hi everyone, After some advice regarding AHPRA registration. I know they have now changed registration process and are sorting people into streams. I would be a stream A candidate. I am just wondering if I still have to complete my registration in person at the Perth office within the 3 months (when it gets to that stage). All advice much appreciated.