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  1. louwilkins

    Shipping pets

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has information on shipping pets to Oz. We have 1 dog at the moment and wondered if you pay per dog or 1 price for there are more than 1. Thanks
  2. louwilkins


    Hi everyone, After some advice regarding AHPRA registration. I know they have now changed registration process and are sorting people into streams. I would be a stream A candidate. I am just wondering if I still have to complete my registration in person at the Perth office within the 3 months (when it gets to that stage). All advice much appreciated.
  3. louwilkins

    Advice needed

    My parents emigrated around 9 years ago and are now Australian citizens.
  4. louwilkins

    Advice needed

    Yes their father will be coming with us.
  5. louwilkins

    Advice needed

    Hi all, hoping some of you can help. I am a registered nurse in the UK with 3 years experience wanting to move to Perth. I have 3 children that will be moving with me. My parents live in Perth and are willing to financially support me and the children when we get there until we have settled and found our feet. I am wondering what visa would be best? I have no savings or property here. If I were to apply for state sponsorship do I still have to have a certain amount in the bank if my parents are going to support me financially. We would be living with them initially until such time as I have saved enough money to buy my own house. Also what are the chances of finding employee sponsorship? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure out the best way to go. I have a positive skills assessment from ANMAC already. Obviously the 189 would be the best one but only have 65 points so unlikely to be invited. TIA
  6. louwilkins


    Hello, I am thinking of applying for registration with AHPRA and was just after some guidance as to what documentation I need to send along with my application. I am a registered surgical nurse with 3 years post graduate experience in the UK and wishing to move to Perth. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. louwilkins

    Advice please

    I didn't apply for state sponsorship as I would like to go to WA and I only have 2 years nursing experience rather tham the 3 years that WA require. Guess I just have to hope and pray that I get an invite soon..
  8. louwilkins

    Advice please

    Thank you both for replying. I have looked at state sposorship online but am unsure if WA are sponsoring at the moment? I am with a migration agent but am feeling a little dissapointed with them to be honest and wonder if I did the right thing by signing with them.
  9. louwilkins

    Advice please

    Hi, just wondering if any of you can give me advice please. I put in EOI for 189 july last year with 60 points, obviously I am no longer eligible foe the 189 and put in EOI for 489 family sponsorship in January. I have not heard anything and feel our dream may be over before it has begun. Does anyone know of any other options I could try? I am a registered nurse with 2 years surgical experience. I also have 3 children so WHV is not an option. TIA x
  10. louwilkins

    489 family sponsorship

    Hi all, EOI for family sponsored 489 was sent in January 2018 with 70 points. Does anyone have any ideas how long I could be waiting for an invite? I am a registered nurse and my parents live in WA and are willing to sponsor me. I did apply for 189 but due to increase in points required am no longer eligible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Louise
  11. louwilkins

    Invitation rounds

    Thank you
  12. louwilkins

    Invitation rounds

    Hi guys, Juat wondered if anyone knows when the next invitation round is taking place?
  13. louwilkins

    Advice on state sponsorship

    Thanks for replying. I have been looking at jobs for the last 6 months or so. Many have passed me by as I continue to wait for ITA. I understand it is very competitive for nurses in WA which understandably makes me anxious but I believe I am good at what I do and hope that stands me in good stead for any future employer. Its all very daunting but I do not mind what aspect of nursing I do to begin with once we get there.
  14. louwilkins

    Advice on state sponsorship

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before. I would like as much information regarding what is involved in applying for state sponsorship. I already have EOI in for 189 with 60 points since July 2017 and 489 family sponsorship with 75 points since Jan 2018. I am using a migration agent but am wondering if I should put in a state sponsorship EOI also? What is involved in state sponsorship and how long would I be looking at waiting for ITA? I am a registered nurse with 1.5 years experience so am degree trained. Looking to get to Perth ASAP with husband and 3 kids, one of which is due to start senior school in September.
  15. louwilkins

    So confused, advice needed please!!!

    Hi, parents have sat their exams and are awaiting their citizenship ceremony date. They have been in Perth for 5 years i think. Thank you all so much for the information, its becoming clearer now. Lou x