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  1. Do 189 medical test detect pregnsncy?

    Please be aware that you would need to have a chest xray, which they would not do if you are pregnant as well as a urine test. I would also not try to hide anything from the medical as that will be more likely to cause issues. I would suggest that you speak to a medical professional to help you in your decision, do you have a date for your medical? It sounds like this has all come as a bit of a shock, good luck in whatever decision you come to.
  2. aphra..do u need a job first now?

    No problem, I've worked since qualifying 😊
  3. AHPRA and applying for jobs from UK

    Does the address have to be in Australia?
  4. aussie bank account for trip?

    Just for a holiday this time..eoi submitted so hoping to get an invitation at some point. Thanks for the ideas guys.
  5. aussie bank account for trip?

    Has anyone got any ideas on opening a bank account in Australia for holiday purposes as I don't fancy paying loads of charges when I use my cards on a holiday?
  6. visa 189

    I'm not sure. ....think most IT jobs are pro-ratered although someone will correct me if I'm wrong! Can u increase your points by doing an English test?
  7. visa 189

    What occupation do you have?
  8. visa 189

    Hi...I have the same amount of points. ..unfortunately the predictions are for after June 2018..good luck with your application though
  9. That's strange. .I've not long got my skills assessment completed and still not done aphra yet. I remember that you have the option to ask them to send your details to a few organisations. ..maybe that's what they mean?
  10. Does anyone know whether you now need to have a job offer in order to register with aphra? I know you didn't used to but can't find any information regarding it on their website. I wanted to get my registration sorted as going out there next year for holiday.
  11. AHPRA and applying for jobs from UK

    Hi did you find this information by any chance? I have been searching the website but can't find any info on it
  12. Expression of Interest for 189 visa - Nurse

    Oh bum...I'd better try to get nsw nomination then as it looks unlikely that I will get an invite in time
  13. Expression of Interest for 189 visa - Nurse

    So..when do the pro-raters start again? Is it June or July? Would this potentially mean that 60 pointers like myself not get an invitation at all as the pro-ratered occupations will then be reinvited? I only have til next Oct as then I will lose age points.
  14. 190 NSW EOI - Current wait time

    So thinking about applying for nsw 190 ..just have a couple of questions. ...I can't see any number of years of experience for midwives needed....and have any other midwives been invited recently?
  15. ANMAC assessment for enrolled nurses and invitation

    So by enrolled nurse I presume you mean that you are a student nurse? Are you studying in Australia then? I have not long received my positive skills assessment for midwife..only took a few weeks, current processing time is 7 weeks. As for invitation, depends on how many points you have..and the date that you submitted your EOI....I only have 60 points so still waiting