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  1. KangaKit

    Gated community living for a family

    Great thank you so much for everyone taking the time to reply.
  2. KangaKit

    Gated community living for a family

    Great, thank you
  3. Has anyone rented a house in one of the gated communities in the Gold Coast? How did u find it? Was there a rush for pool/gym etc..moving as a family. Just wanted opinions. Thank you
  4. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

    Never mind..found out the timescale still remains the same.
  5. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

  6. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

    I have emailed them but does anyone know whether the timescale for presenting documents to the employer rather than an Aphra office which is the usual route is still 3 months or whether this has been scrapped?
  7. KangaKit

    Travel exemption

    Great thanks
  8. KangaKit

    Travel exemption

    Just wondering if you apply and are granted a travel exemption but then are unable to travel by that date are you able to apply for another? Just thinking of the massive reduction in flights available.
  9. KangaKit

    Info on points system and selection

    But someone please correct me if wrong!
  10. KangaKit

    Info on points system and selection

    The 191 I believe doesn't have the age limit..just the preceding 491.
  11. On our immi account under health assessments it says this. Medicals were completed last week, does this mean we've passed?
  12. KangaKit

    Has 491 visa closed for offshore?

    Have you received your visa grant yet?
  13. KangaKit

    Exceptionally concerned

    I think if you're worried speak to your gp.
  14. KangaKit

    Exceptionally concerned

    Hi, could be sign of uti..though you would have other markers flagged up, could also be thrush? Or if you are female can simply be a hot day and vaginal discharge..sorry if tmi..there are of course other reasons but these are probably the most common.