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  1. KangaKit

    Migration agent for health issues

    Thank you xx
  2. Hello, are there any agents that specialise in medical issues or will the majority do this? Has anyone any experience of using a particular one?
  3. Is this the same for midwives as well?
  4. KangaKit

    PTE Academic ridiculous speaking score

    I had this problem with Pte..I scored 0 on speaking! I tried to appeal but it would cost the same as redoing it..the person I spoke to said pte is best if you r not a native speaker! I then did ilets with was a much better experience and scored all 9's.
  5. KangaKit

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    Thats horrible for you..what didn't you like about Australia? Or was it that it wasn't home,?
  6. KangaKit


    Did u know the details of whose been invited? ie. State occupation and points?
  7. KangaKit

    491 regional areas study University of Queensland

    Yes it is! Fab
  8. On the new 491 visa, if a visa holder was offered a place at the University of Queensland which has a main address in Brisbane BUT they would be only studying in the Gatton campus which is in a regional postcode, would this be allowed?
  9. KangaKit

    Nurse visa to Australia

    I'm looking at this list but the uni address is within the cities top list..I presume that this means they wouldn't be able to attend there? Apologies if I'm being really stupid!
  10. KangaKit

    Nurse visa to Australia

    Thank u ..yes I think I will..I'm 41 so have a bit of time but hate leaving things to the last minute..points wise only have 65 and with the recent changes it seems to be getting more and more difficult..next year I will have 70 points as further work experience...don't mind where we go initially but concerned about going on any visa which isn't PR or wouldn't lead to it as I have a family.
  11. KangaKit

    491..? Any regional universities?

    Great thank u everyone
  12. KangaKit

    Nurse visa to Australia

    Just to clarify ..Perth isn't classified as regional is it? Looking at the postcode list
  13. KangaKit


    Had the idea initially about 3 years ago but due to family circumstances it hasn't been the right time to move..hoping to move end of 2021..seems like ages away but like to be organised! Just they seem to be making things more and more difficult
  14. KangaKit

    491..? Any regional universities?

    Fees on 491 are same as 190/189 etc I read
  15. KangaKit

    491..? Any regional universities?

    Thank u everyone CSU in wagga wagga has the course didnrt think about the campus addresses ...purely the unis main address..and happy to live anywhere initially