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  1. KangaKit

    190 nsw nomination

    Still not received visa invite only nomination invite...normally takes about 12 weeks I believe
  2. KangaKit

    190 nsw nomination

    About the 5 weeks..not sure about how occupations affect it..I'm a midwife
  3. KangaKit

    190 nsw nomination

    Cool, thank u
  4. KangaKit

    190 nsw nomination

    So I've recently completed my application for NSW nomination for 190 visa. Now I know the wait for processing is around 12 weeks but just wondered if everyone that provides their proof gets an invite or whether anyone had been declined for NSW nomination after completing application form and providing proof and fee?
  5. KangaKit

    Aphra timescale

    Hi all, has anyone gotten their aphra approval in principle before the three months mark?
  6. KangaKit

    Single parent chances

    Totally agree. ..110 is an amazing amount!!!or maybe I'm just poor??
  7. KangaKit

    Invitation for registered nurse

    Ohhh that's quick....what profession do you have?
  8. ...but wanted down under starts again tomorrow! !let the procrastination begin! ???
  9. KangaKit

    For those that sat the PTE test

    Make sure the microphone is working! ! Mine had an intermittent fault. .total waste of time and money. ..Ilets in my opinion was much more professionally run...no contest. However plenty of people do use pte with no problems. .just be aware. ..and speak loudly as you are likely to have two people either side of you in very close proximity so can be hard to hear! Good luck...I don't mean to be negative towards pte. .this was just my experience!
  10. KangaKit

    Welfare benefits stripped from migrants

    Maybe they don't want a trade job..they still deserve to have options ..and they want to study degrees that give them a profession rather than a not so useful degree
  11. KangaKit

    Welfare benefits stripped from migrants

    I thought they were taking away the family tax credit too for migrants? Tbh I'm more worried about the uni fees as I have 3 teenagers and wouldn't be able to afford international fees upfront ???
  12. KangaKit

    Welfare benefits stripped from migrants

    I think it is fair in some respects as you dont want people moving over with the intention of doing the bare mnimum however on the continent you would be entitled to child benefit which I think is a good idea.
  13. KangaKit

    Do 189 medical test detect pregnsncy?

    Please be aware that you would need to have a chest xray, which they would not do if you are pregnant as well as a urine test. I would also not try to hide anything from the medical as that will be more likely to cause issues. I would suggest that you speak to a medical professional to help you in your decision, do you have a date for your medical? It sounds like this has all come as a bit of a shock, good luck in whatever decision you come to.
  14. KangaKit

    aphra..do u need a job first now?

    No problem, I've worked since qualifying ?
  15. KangaKit

    AHPRA and applying for jobs from UK

    Does the address have to be in Australia?