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  1. KangaKit

    Visa medical reassurance

    If you've not got any health issues I wouldn't worry, they are just making sure you don't cost the health system a fortune..also I disagree..according to the majority ,covid DEFINITELY contains kilos!
  2. KangaKit

    Received 491 visa grant!

    Qld, midwife, what about u?
  3. KangaKit

    Received 491 visa grant!

    Thank you xx
  4. KangaKit

    Received 491 visa grant!

    Woohoo! Got our visa grant this morning. I need to thank Westly Russell for his help with a medical matter, you were awesome!!
  5. KangaKit

    491 English Requirement?

    I've just looked at electrician is definitely not on the list unless you are an Australian graduate
  6. KangaKit

    491 English Requirement?

    Hmmm...cant see that they are mara registered?
  7. KangaKit

    491 visa further assessment timeline

    Thought this would be the case
  8. Hi, has anyone recently had their 491 application changed to further assessment after sending in further info? If so how long did it take for a visa decision to be made?
  9. KangaKit

    Gated community living for a family

    Great thank you so much for everyone taking the time to reply.
  10. KangaKit

    Gated community living for a family

    Great, thank you
  11. Has anyone rented a house in one of the gated communities in the Gold Coast? How did u find it? Was there a rush for pool/gym etc..moving as a family. Just wanted opinions. Thank you
  12. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

    Never mind..found out the timescale still remains the same.
  13. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

  14. KangaKit

    APHRA help!

    I have emailed them but does anyone know whether the timescale for presenting documents to the employer rather than an Aphra office which is the usual route is still 3 months or whether this has been scrapped?
  15. KangaKit

    Travel exemption

    Great thanks