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  1. Hi, it will depend on the cost of the drugs... are you on a biologic or something cheaper like methotrexate?
  2. Thank you, thats really helpful
  3. Don't be aggressive, the education will still be paid for, unfortunately we are not millionaires unlike you perhaps..must be nice...also its not like we've not paid into the UK system for years!
  4. Yep..the permanent residency after 3 years of 491, just wanting to know whether he would be able to receive pr if he only comes back during the uni holidays?
  5. Thats exactly what he did, so has his alevels counting this as a gap year
  6. Hey, so my child wants to study in the UK as they are unable to get domestic fees on the 491 visa as yet. We have been in oz for 9 months. If he was to do this and come back during term holidays, would it have any effect when we apply for the 191 visa? I'm aware citizenship would take a bit longer. Thank you in advance
  7. KangaKit

    We are mad Lol

    I can vouch for Qatar too, they got us to Oz this month with no cancellations..bloomin expensive though! But that's the case with any airline at the moment.
  8. KangaKit

    491 to 191

    I know we are are a away for it being available but do any agents know the requirements yet? ie will be a case of 3 years tax receipts, new police check or will it be like applying for another visa again with medicals etc? (Found them so stressful last time)
  9. KangaKit

    Medicare card in quarantine

    Ooh.. good idea thanks
  10. KangaKit

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Wow that it so much cheaper than the ones I've booked!
  11. KangaKit

    Personal Reference

    I have this issue to..rental agencies stipulate it has to be an Australian referee that's not a family member!
  12. Same here..when r u flying?
  13. KangaKit

    Travel Exemption Experience

    I've received an exemption but already had a job contract to send them..good luck..once you get the job should be straightforward..it can be agency too?
  14. KangaKit

    Medicare card in quarantine

    Hi, has anyone been able to apply for their medicare card whilst in quarantine? If so..did u put the hotel address or holiday temporary accommodation down as your address?
  15. KangaKit

    Exemption for Queensland?

    I've looked and cant find anything but I am aware some states like western Australia ask for other info