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  1. Brianm93

    Vetassess plumbing assessment

    Hi mate, out of curiosity did you go straight through vetasses or through the TRA then vetasses for the skills assessment?
  2. Brianm93

    491 questions

    Where are you staying in QLD? Can you recommend any good affordable areas for a families
  3. Brianm93

    491 questions

    Thanks everyone, I’ve chosen Queensland as it’s the most likely way of my visa being granted, I would happily stay there anyway. It’s just in case I can’t find work there. I have family in Perth and there’s a possibility I could have a job lined up there which is also regional.
  4. Brianm93

    491 questions

    I’m going down the 491 path to Queensland. Everything seems straight forward apart from the fact that we would have to show evidence of assets. My partner and I don’t have any assets but showing that we have cash in the bank isn’t a problem. Has anybody been through this? Is there a way round it at all? Also, has anybody ever received an invitation from a state on the 491 and moved/worked elsewhere from that state after visa is granted? And regarding the job situation, you need to make $53,900 per year, do you have to find employment before you go or do you have a period of time to go over there and find work when the visa is granted?
  5. Brianm93

    Pearson’s English test overall score

    Ah that’s what I thought! Gutted, I’ll need to book it again. I used the e2 language website and YouTube tutorials. Looks like I’ll need to study the speaking and reading parts more.
  6. Hi everyone. I recently sat the Pearson’s English test, hoping to get at least proficient English (10 points) towards my visa application. I scored: listening - 78, reading - 65, speaking - 44, writing - 83 and gained an overall score of 65. Does anyone know if this means I’ve scored enough for proficient English?
  7. I work in Gatehouse of Fleet now and then. I’m from Glasgow, moved to Dumfries a few years ago so my partner could go to Uni down here, there’s not much in this town at all! Most of the English test was ok, the speaking part wasn’t as straight forward as you’d think. It’s a mixture of taking in and analysing information in a short span of time and speaking as clearly and confidently about it as you can. So I stuttered a bit and my strong weegie accent didn’t help when pronouncing words.
  8. I’m looking to move over from Dumfries with my partner and son, finding it quite tricky though to get enough points for the 189/190 visa. Sat the Pearson’s English test a couple of weeks ago and failed miserably on the speaking part.
  9. Brianm93

    Work experience for visa

    Yeah every time I’ve been in Sydney or Perth I’ve seen plenty of gas appliances and gas workers. My brother in law has his own plumbing and gas business in Perth, works plenty with gas.
  10. Brianm93

    Work experience for visa

    I always thought they were two separate entities... Are you a plumber with gas qualifications? I don’t have any plumbing qualifications just purely gas, hence the reason I’m going directly through TRA for my skills assessment, which I’m led to believe is paper based, like payslips, past employers details and evidence of qualifications etc... I’ve booked the Pearson’s test of English so I’m sitting that in November. Heard that it’s easier than the IELTS.
  11. Brianm93

    Work experience for visa

    Hi mate, I’m on 55 points just now, sitting the English test in November so hoping to get up to 70-75 points. How many points will you have when you apply for the visa? And are you going through TRA or VETASSES for your skills test?
  12. Brianm93

    New rules for partner points

    Yeah I understand it’s one big competition, I should’ve mentioned I’ve booked the English test, so I’m hoping to boost my point to 75. Can only hope for a huge slice of luck I suppose.
  13. Brianm93

    New rules for partner points

    I am currently sitting on 55 points, this is including the 5 points for my partners English and age. She doesn’t meet requirement for skills side of things... If these changes come in to play in November, will this give me more than 5 points for my partners part of the point scoring? Also, I read that applying for state sponsorship (190 visa) will increase from 5 to 15 points, is there any truth in this?
  14. Brianm93

    Work experience for visa

    Hi everybody. I’m a gas engineer looking to apply for the 189 or 190 visa. Just wondering if these visas require a certain amount of work experience before you can apply for them? I’ve been qualified and working for 3 and a half years. Also, if any other gas/heating engineers are on here and have moved over recently could you share your experience and thoughts with me please? cheers
  15. Brianm93

    Getting enough points

    Aye I was thinking about putting on a bit of an English accent actually, it can only help cheers, I’ll definitely need it!