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Found 19 results

  1. So submitted an EOI 2 days ago and qld have offered us an invitation to apply for state sponsorship...was not expecting that! Now I know there is still a huge amount of hurdles to go over but wanted to ask ...my English test runs out mid march..if I get an invitation from skillselect before then but I lodge application a week after let's say will it be valid or would I need to repeat?
  2. KangaKit

    Ilets expiry date

    So I'm on my immi account and it asks for the English test results within the 36 months immediately before the date of the invitation letter...now my test runs out in a couple of weeks but have until beginning of may for invitation submission...will it still be valid if I lodge in April for example? Or will visa be refused as test has run out??!
  3. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Hi all I am new to this so please be gentle My husband and I are applying for ACt 190 visa, my occupation and Marketing and Communications Officer is limited. I have read all the information regarding the visa and was hoping for a bit of clarification on a few things: Firstly I have to get my VETASSESS and seek verification for my occupation, pretty straight forward. No more than 30 days after I have to apply for ACT Nomination at the cost of 300AUSD, do I then have to apply for a visa? The guidelines seem to end here and talk about settlement so I am confused as agents I have spoken to have all quoted a visa cost of 3060AUSD?? One more question regarding ilets, if you have a British passport you don't have to complete the test but it then doesn't say how many points you are awarded with. Any help would be useful as we are trying to save money going it alone. Thanks, Jo
  4. Guest

    ILETS test

    Hi has anyone recently done the ILETS english test not to sure what i have to do for it can anyone here give me any help.:goofy:
  5. Guest

    Ilets General or Academic

    Hello everyone Am in big confusion. For Vocational education teacher (non trade) we need Ilets general or Academic result? Please help..
  6. Guest

    How difficult is ILETS

    Hi All, Just a quick question for anyone who has taken the ILETS Test - How difficult is it??? My OH is British so automatically gets classed as competent (6.0), however, to get more points towards our visa application he could take the ILETS Test. The problem is my OH is not very good at English! I think he will be fine with speaking and probably listening but he finds reading difficult and isn't very good with spellings etc. He is always asking me how to spell words - which I think are pretty easy! He was always a 'poorly' child or (as he got older) decided he didn't like school and used to bunk off! I don't even think he got an English GCSE. HELP! Any advice would be appreciated. Sue
  7. laurajanette


    Hi Everyone I have just recieved my skills assessment back, which is great news. But now my agent is telling me that i have to resit my ilets exam, beause as from July they are looking for a 7 in each of the components, and i only got 6 in my reading. I am totally gutted, and was just looking for some advice. I was hoping that because i sat my ilets exam last year, in August, before the rules had changed, that my results would still stand. Think i am probably clutching at straws, but really don't want to have to resit the exam. Is anyone else in this situation??
  8. Guest

    ilets exam

    hi has any body had to take the ILETS Exam and if so was it difficult. It is now a standard procedure to take this test to gain a visa. Also does anybody know the cost of the exam. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, we are just starting the process and going to give it a go ourselves. My OH is a Carpenter and we need to have the ILETS test to get the required points, he is booked on for this on the 8th October but want to get the TRADESET form done and all the other forms to send off, can we do this before he has positive ILETS test just so we can apply and get him on a date ready for the next practicals..... anyone any idea when the next practicals are and any carpenter advise would be apprecaited many thanks :biggrin:sharon
  10. Hi can anyone tell me if an overall score of 7.5 is good enough for ANMC' The problem is, I got 9 Listening 6 Reading 6.5 writing 9 speaking. Do you think i could still apply with this score,? I've heard you need at least 7 in each topic. Thank you.
  11. Hi, im a nurse and applying for stacks of jobs in perth and surrounding arreas (really love bunbury).............. anyhow ive done my ilets test because visa would be in my name. ive been told that only i had to do it ......... am i right ? thank you :jiggy:
  12. I have been stressing about the new points test however, I do have age on my side, (30 points, I thankyou :wink:) and as long as I get 8 on the ILETS test then I am better off waiting till the new points test comes in to affect as I wont have to rely on a state sponsorship, though I believe a SS would speed up the whole process. and I have no Idea how hard the ILETS test is, if anyone could give me any pointers on how hard it is to achieve level 8 on the ILETS test I would much appriciate it! also I welcome comments :radar: from other on the new points test and how it could affect you for the good, bad or down right ugly!!! July the 1st is rapidly approaching and even Will Smith cannot stop this worldwide change from happening!!!!!
  13. Man admits to falsifying exam results - The West Australian This is an interesting read ! I wonder how many people would be in CAT 4 if everyone was honest ? Shane:policeman:
  14. Guest

    Ilets results yipeeeeeeeee

    I sat the general test in Liverpool on the 4th Dec, very nervous but thought ah well if I fail I can always re-take it. Just picked them up and I feel like I have won an Ice skating competition Reading 8.5, Writing 8.5, Listening, 8.5 and Speaking 9.0 So one hassle down lots more to go but can't believe it. Broke up from school then got these results what will happen now, lottery win maybe...... :laugh:
  15. TheAustralian Hi PIO not sure if this is or any use to you but I came across this article: Language rules lift bar for sector From: TheAustralian November 17, 2010 UNIVERSITIES now have a "potent incentive" to redesign their course offer so international students graduate with a professional level of English. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: Language rules lift bar for sector | The Australian Sent from my iPhone
  16. twinkletoes35

    Nursing visas and the ilets test

    Hello all I hope I am not going to sound stupid here, but there have been so many thread about yes and no, I just want to make sure I have it right in my head I have been offered a nursing job and am able to pick which visa I want, if I go with the 457 I do not need to take the test? If I go with any of the PR visas I have to take the test and complete a skills assessment Am I right? any help always appreciated TT xx
  17. Guest


    Hi can anyone help please, ive passed my TRA and my visa application has been sent in, and i got an email from my migrant agent and said i needed to sit an ILETS test so iam very confussed as to why can anybody shed any light on this before i pay for it, i am english and a fully qualfied cook and aged 38:confused:
  18. Hiya, Still waiting for my ACS assessment results.. but I am taking my IELTS on Oct 11. I was wondering .. if anyone could tell me, how many questions out of the 40 should I get it right to score 7 in Reading & Listening module.. Based on simple Maths, I would say 32 or 33 correct answers should get me 7. Is this correct? :unsure:
  19. Hi I am currently working for the NHS as a Higher Specialist BMS in Microbiology and I have been looking into the Oz equivalent and how I go about getting my job assessed. I have found out that I have got to sit the ILETS and get a score above 7 before I can even apply to get my job assessed by the AIMS. I will then have to sit a Professional exam, which is going to be pretty difficult as it is a multi disciplinary exam and I am single discipline, so I am going to have a lot of revison to do. So the things I am wondering are: 1) How long are the ILETS results valid, for both my job assessment and VISA application? 2) How long would my job assessment be valid? I ask the above questions because I can't start my VISA application before 2009 as my OH and I haven't been living in sin long enough for him to go on my application. Thanks in advance Bex