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  1. pegleg

    Citizenship and moving to the UK

    The sequence is application -> interview and test -> approval -> citizenship ceremony. From what I've read approval is often granted straight after the test, however in my case it was a full month after the test was completed. You shouldn't leave the country during that time or they will wait until you're back to approve you (I went on holiday to NZ for two weeks after the test and they didn't approve until I arrived back in Oz).
  2. pegleg

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Updated my timeline Date applied: 5th Sep 2014. Area: Sydney Online application. Ack email: 6th Sep Date of interview: 29th Sep Date of test: 3rd Oct ( test system was down on interview date, so had to come back) Approval date: 4th Nov Received invitation: 5th Feb Ceremony: 27th Feb So 5 months in total.
  3. You should contact DIBP about any change of address after you pass the citizenship test but they won't automatically update your citizenship ceremony location unless you ask them specifically to do so. Personally I'd not recommend not going overseas for an extended period before your ceremony as they won't email you, only send a letter to your registered address which can be sent just a couple weeks before the ceremony. It can be a big pain not being able to travel, I personally had to forgo some work related business trips because I didn't know which ceremony I'd get allocated to...
  4. pegleg

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    No, still not approved yet, but I just came back from a holiday overseas. They said they cannot approve the police check until you are back onshore. So don't take your foreign holidays until you get approved is my advice.
  5. pegleg

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    yes sorry I completed the test on 3rd October (edited my post).
  6. pegleg

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Yeah I would like to know this as well since most people are approved same day as their test. I'm still waiting on my approval 2 weeks after the test date. Here is my timeline Date applied: 5th Sep 2014. Area: Sydney Online application. Ack email: 6th Sept. Date of interview: 29th Sep Date of test: 3rd Oct ( test system was down on interview date, so had to come back) Approval date: waiting I called immigration to find out if there was any issue with my application because of their system issues on my interview date and they told me it can take several weeks to get approval, so just need to be patient.
  7. Hi Natalie and all, I'm 31f and would love to meet up with some expat ladies in Sydney!
  8. pegleg

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    As I suspected, I stuffed up the writing component of my IELTS by not reading the first question properly. :frown: Ended up with L 9.0 S 9.0 R 8.0 W 7.5, so I only have proficient and not superior English, thus only able to claim 10 points. I'm still at 65 anyway with skilled experience but it would've been nice to have a few 'buffer' points. Anyone think it's worthwhile trying again (and forking out another $300!) to get to 75 points, or it's not really required if I have 65 already?
  9. I called DIAC equiry line today and they told me that my current 457 visa classification is not considered, rather it's the skills assessment and evidence of employment (e.g. job description on letter head, evidence of employment) on which they base their decision. :cute:
  10. I'm looking to apply for a 175 visa under ANZSCO code 261111 ICT Business Analyst. A significant part of my duties fall under the Job description for BA, however my current 457 visa is 262113 Systems Administrator and has been since late 2010 when I came to Australia, i.e. more than 12 months in the last 24 months. I have received a positive skills assessment from ACS from 2009 onwards for ICT Business Analyst with 4 years skilled employment. My question is: will DIAC look at my skills assessment and current job description/employment letter to verify this or will they simply look at my current ANZSCO code for my 457 visa?
  11. pegleg

    Think I stuffed up my IELTS writing...

    Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed for the 8's!
  12. This is just a bit of whinge really... I need all 8's for the 175 visa application I want to make before July 1st 2012. The speaking, listening and reading tests were all fine and I'm pretty confident of scoring 8 or above on all of those. However writing was a bit of a nightmare. I did the essay (Task 2) first and ended up starting on page three of the booklet, turning over and finishing Task 2 on page 2! I then had to get a new booklet for Task 1. As a result of the kerfuffle, I didn't properly read task 1 (complain about an advertised product) and now feel like I'll be marked down for not fully addressing the task. Gahhh! :frown:
  13. pegleg

    IELTS Round 2 on Thursday.....

    I'll be sitting it in 2 weeks. How did you do on the writing section first time around? I'm a native speaker and aiming for 8 or 9 across the board.
  14. Hi lebourvellec, Thanks for the warm welcome and fast reply. That is a relief. I'm from a LR country. So that should mean that as soon as I've got the IELTS results I can apply online. Then as soon as I'm allocated a CO, I should inform them I'm onshore?
  15. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before. I did search but couldn't find a good answer! I'd like to apply online for the 175 visa before the new rules come in on July 1st 2012. I'm already in Australia on a 457 and I hold a valid skills assessment from ACS for ICT Business Analyst. I'll be taking the IELTS in two weeks and would like to apply soon after passing with a superior English assessment. I know 175 is an 'offshore visa but the DIAC website states that if you are applying within Australia, police certificates should be provided up front with your application. Is this true or can they in fact be submitted afterwards, given it's an "offshore" visa? Obtaining the 3 police certificates I need in the next 2-3 weeks would be challenging. Thanks!