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Found 61 results

  1. ****Waiting for Citizenship Approval**** Citizenship application submitted: 10/09/ 2019 citizenship test conducted and passed : 6/01/2020 Application status: received WAITING FOR APPROVAL moved to overseas since mid of January 2020 and still in overseas, is this the reason of not getting the approval? its been 18 months now since i have submitted my application and 15 months since i passed my test and no update from immigration when the timeframe of decision is 13-16 months from the date of application, What would be the purpose behind the delay of approval? anyone in same situation? Any suggestions please
  2. Can anyone recommend an overseas removal company who can deal with out move from Brisbane back to the U.K please?
  3. Quick question please, I am going to apply for 887 after 2 years of 489. I am staying in a regional area as per conditions, last year I 3 weeks in the home country for annual leave, later on, 2 weeks in Brisbane and Goldcoast with kids during school holidays. Have I broken the rule of max 4 weeks away of the designated regional area? If I spent say 2 months overseas, for family reasons or business how it could be tracked? or spent some holidays in a big city in Australia as well? thanks in advance
  4. Hello so I've recently lodged a citizenship application and one of the pages required me to fill out any possible future travel, with exact dates (which I assumed was for emergency/urgent travel that was deemed absolutely necessary). I've heard rumours of how "you're not allowed to leave Australia in the timeframe between your application lodgement and the response date (AKA the date when they organise the test)". I wanted to know if this was true? - The Department of Immigration site isn't too clear and only stipulates that you can't travel before your ceremony, as your PR will be cancelled thus requiring you to return to Aus on a RRV (correct me if I'm wrong). It's been over 4 years since I left England, I'm becoming very homesick and 10-14 months is an awfully long time.
  5. lebowski.junior

    Project builder

    Hi greetings to all! I hereby pursuing Masters in project management in Australia and graduated as an Bachelor of Architect from India. And also got one year of experience from an architectural firm. As per SOL 2017, Architecture is the course listed for skilled occupancy but not project management. So I consulted few migration agents, they said that I can access my current course through VETASSESS. But I'm not sure which occupation should I choose? Architecture Project builder Construction project manager. Please guide me. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I came to Australia a year ago to marry my boyfriend. We got married in June 2016 and filed for the partner visa the month after. We've been together since 2012 and have known each other since 2006. I'm American but came from an overseas location as I was working in Asia when we got engaged (during a holiday together) I spent Uni studying foreign languages and teaching, and an opportunity has come up for me to teach overseas again. Which I would love to do since I don't have the right certifications to teach in Australia (or the money to get the certifications.) I've currently only been able to hold a 6 month job here in Australia as my longest and more temp work, all in customer service which is quite discouraging for an aspiring teacher. I'm currently on my bridging A visa and it states I have to be in Australia when the 820/801 visa is granted, I understand that part. Am I able to work overseas after it is granted? The agent/migration service I spoke to on the phone stated if I needed to leave I could go on a Bridging B visa and just come back after 3 months, apply for another bridging B and go back. As you all may guess, that would add up quickly. They said my Visa decision for the 820/801 can be anytime from now until December. I CAN postpone me leaving for the job but I need to know I can leave on the 820/801 visa (with the possibility of only visiting once a year) As this job position is in a University, I have a possibility of getting tenure and working permanently for this company. At this point, would it be better to go through the visa process or withdraw it and request a refund? (Would the refund even be granted?? 7000 is a lot to lose!) Every time we call we have to be on hold for a few hours and we never get all our questions answered, most answers are left at "I dunno, maybe it's okay" Thanks all
  7. Hi all, I hope I am in the right place for this question. Let me explain my current circumstance first. I am based on South Yarra (Stonnington council) and will sit the Australian citizenship test on 24th of February. I might need to move out to other place where is not possibly a place of Stonnington council or even overseas after the test. In this case, who should I contact to update my address? the council or the DIAC? and is the Stonnington council still my council relating to all Citizenship process such as the ceremony? And the worst case that if I will have to stay overseas for a long time, how can I be notified of the process? Do they provide an email service If I don't have any Australia-based address? (And also... I am not sure I will be able to stay overseas on the way of the Citizenship process even if it doesn't seem to be a problem based on the link: http://www.citizenship.gov.au/ceremonies/attending_ceremony/) But I might stay overseas more than 1 year. Any comments would be appreciated.
  8. We are looking for qualified Welders, Civil Engineers and Project Managers to work in our Company overseas for a project mid March 2014. Only Qualified applicants should apply. Benefits: round trip ticket, Accommodation assistance, insurance cover, health insurance. Overtime pay and end of contract bonus. Working load will be 160 hours monthly. Working period is Monday to Friday, and this project will last 8 months weekends are free. We may not respond to any application without CV/Resume attached. Email CVs to: biajobdesk@gmail.com
  9. Hey all! Hope everyone's well! I'd like to know a couple of things about the work experience requirement for immigration application: 1. I attained my work experience during my studies. Is this acceptable for attaining the points for overseas work experience? Or is it a must that the work experience must be post-qualification? Please provide me with a link to this info if you can 2. Is it a must to submit payslips for the work? I don't have payslips for all 3 years of my work :err: Thanks all! Cheers!
  10. I am getting very confuded about the work experience element of the new points test due to come in July 2011. Will I get any points for work experience if I have three years work experience in the past five years - but 18 months of this was gained in Australia - which was more than 2 years ago so I cant get the Australian work experience, but can I still use this experience to get points. I would assume that I would - otherwise it would imply Australian work experience is less relevant? I would need to get 8 points for my ILETS test if I my work experience doesnt count - which is not impossible, but I would prefer not to have the pressure of getting such a high score.
  11. ASDot provides financial support for Overseas trained professionals. More information here! https://www.aei.gov.au/Services-And-Resources/Grants/ASDOT/Pages/default.aspx
  12. Hi.. Anyone who is in search now for a pre-registration pharmacy internship in South Australia? I am an overseas pharmacist who recently just arrived in Adelaide and finds it hard to find vacancy in any chemists here... Hope to hear from anyone who is experiencing the same dilemma...
  13. The Pom Queen

    British Expats Voting in UK Elections

    I just read the article below, to be honest it doesn't bother me about voting in the UK when Australia is now my home, what do others think? A 90-year-old UK national’s campaign to reverse legislation banning long-term British expats from voting in UK elections, is moving forward - and may reach the United Nations. In 2009, Harry Shindler took his campaign to the European Court of Human Rights; a decision is due to arrive within the next few months. However, if the WWII veteran is not successful, he is ready to take his file of evidence to the United Nations for a verdict on human rights implications. It is not “a small matter”, argues Mr Shindler, as it has an impact on one million British nationals. There were “hundreds of thousands” of young people who died in World War II so Britons could vote, he says. He was there, he adds. During the war, people did not know that one day there would be a government which would say they could not vote, said the war veteran. Under British law, expats who have lived overseas for over 15 years are not able to vote in UK elections. Harry Shindler has not had the right to vote in UK elections since 1997. In 1982, he moved to Italy in order to be near his grandson. However, he cannot vote there either.
  14. Guest

    Overseas Emigration Edinburgh

    Me and my husband planning on moving to Perth, he's a bricklayer and we have all the points. We have phoned lots of agencys and my gut feeling was to choose this one-before I do can anyone recommend them? Thanks Vanessa
  15. We are in the process of completing our offshore (UK) application for a 309/100 partner visa and have decided to get a couple of UK-based Australian friends to complete stat dec forms in order to support our application. My concern lies around getting these decs witnessed. According to the DIAC website the following applies when completed overseas: ******************************************************** A statutory declaration can be made overseas provided that it is witnessed by a person who falls within one of the categories in Schedule 2 to the Regulations. Example 1 A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration when he or she is overseas. A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in a foreign country (and not in Australia) cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. Example 2 A member of a police force in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas. A police officer of a foreign police force cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. If you need to make a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas, you should be able to contact a person listed under Schedule 2 as an authorised witness at the nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. ******************************************************** Does anyone have any tips on the easiest way to find a suitable witness over here? I don't know of any Aussies living over here in the professions listed so that's not going to be an easy option and I don't think a UK solicitor etc can do it. I haven't followed the above advice of contacting the embassy/consulate yet - I just wanted to check with a few people here before I did as I'm sure other people will have come across this problem before. Many thanks in advance!
  16. Guest

    Overseas Police Clearance Certs

    Wanna pick the brains of those out there that have the answers or have had dealings with this issue themselves!!! My wife previously lived overseas for 7 years (CYPRUS) prior to moving back to the UK in 2008. Does anyone know just how difficult it is to get the required Police Clearance Certificate from the Cypriot Authorities???????? (dealing with their admin set up in the past have been very long and drawn out :mad:). We dont want this 1 issue to be the anchor in our 456 application. Many thanks peeps :notworthy:
  17. Hi Everyone This is my first post. I'm a 42 yr old chartered mechanical engineer with 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a project engineer. We're hoping to emigrate to Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney ASAP. I have an approved skills assessment and just need to sit my IELTS in January before submitting a visa 175 or 176 application. Now to my question - in order to claim my 15 points for Overseas Skilled Employment, I need to demonstrate 8 years in my nominated occupation. What evidence is acceptable ? I've had 2 employers in the past 8 years and have their job offer letters plus all my P60's for each year going back 8+ years. Is it sufficient evidence to send certified copies of these documents along with my CV or do I need to obtain references ? Thanks in advance. Richard
  18. Has anyone got an idea of how common it is that customs might refuse you? My second Working holiday Visa is nearly running out, I applied for the 676 onshore but got refused, and now I'm considering to take a trip to NZ for a few days. I know about the fact that you need to have an ongoing flight. I really like to spend christmas here with my friends and I have got enough funds to support myself and fly back home (Holland) after christmas. I'm about to make the decision to get rid of my rental apartment or take the risk of keeping it till I'm back in the country. I would really like to have a place to come home to if customs do let me cross the boarder. Any ideas? And what would you do in my situation? Move out of the apartment or take the risk? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello my dears, I am sponsoring my wife for a partner Visa and want to pay her VAC in Australia preferrably via a Credit Card. Can anyone please tell me how to pay VAC for an overseas applicant by a credit card online? Thank you Regards
  20. Hi all, Does anyone have any tips for getting an IT role in Brisbane lined up before arrival? I am not having any luck emailing the agencies. Visa is not an issue so just a matter of timing. I am in the area of infrastructure / enterprise architecture. Thanks
  21. Hi, I previously posted questions regarding spending time out of Aus when my PR comes through, and got massively helpful info from Amer - thankyou for that! What I had not factored in then was that although I can apply for my PR next month (887 visa after completing 2 years regional), it takes 5 months to process! At which point I will be working overseas for a couple of years. I have contacted immigratiion to clarify if this is ok, but not had a clear answer. In theory my PR visa should be ready by April. I would be able to get back for a 2 wk holiday in Aus in June - would it be acceptable for me to validate my PR visa at this stage? Would it be an issue that I had been out of the country from mid December until June? Very anxious about what to do - don't want to cancel my overseas contract but REALLY don't want to risk not getting PR either! Any advice very much appreciated! Thanks, Lisa
  22. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody knows if apprenticeship experience counts towards getting some extra points for overseas work experience or is it only post qualification. I am looking at a 175/176 Vic SS and it doesn't seem to specify. It just says experience in the chosen Skill or closely related? Does anybody have any info regarding this, those extra points would take some pressure off havin to get full marks on the IELTS!!!! Thanks Guys
  23. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/Holiday.png[/WRAP]The strength of the Australian Dollar over the past few months has enabled a record number of Australians to travel overseas, according to the Expedia NAB Travellers Foreign Currency Rankings. Although the strength of the Aussie dollar has been tempered in the past couple of weeks, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show overseas departures are close to record highs and had increased by 10 per cent in the seven months to July, compared with the same period last year. Marketing manager of Expedia, Amee Evans said Australian travellers were taking advantage of the strong dollar. "It's a very exciting time to be an Aussie travelling overseas because our currency is at near-record highs against, not just the US Dollar, but many of the world's major and minor currencies," she said. The Expedia NAB travellers' Foreign Currency rankings compared the Australian Dollar against the world's currencies over a 12-month period and the results revealed the 10 best value destinations for Australian travellers. BEST VALUE DESTINATIONS At number one for best value was Turkey, where the Australian Dollar has rose 22% against the Turkish Lira. Also high on the list for best value were the Tanzanian Shilling and the Argentine Peso which rose by 18% and 14% respectively. Australians wanting a tropical break have done well with Asia featuring strongly in the results. Vietnam and Thailand ranked third and fifth on the list while the Australian dollar grew by 16% against the Vietnamese Dong, 12% against the Thai Baht and 11% against the Hong Kong Dollar. The lowest gain for South East Asia was in Singapore where the Australian Dollar grew by just 3%. As a result of the strong dollar expedia searches for travel in Thailand were up by 73% and searches for travel in Vietnam have rose by 66%. The Australian Dollar had risen 10 per cent against the US Dollar in the last 12 months and although a continual favourite for Australian travellers it has only just scraped in to the top 10 list for best value. Despite not being the best for value a 44% increase has occurred for bookings to the USA. The most popular destinations were Honolulu, New York and Los Angeles. The report showed the Australian Dollar appreciating by 8% against the British Pound and 4% against the Euro but bookings through Expedia.com.au continued to rise for popular destinations London, Rome and Paris. In the past 12 months the Australian Dollar has lost 5% against the Swiss Franc and 2% against the New Zealand Dollar. Currency Strategist at National Australia Bank Emma Lawson said the resources boom and high commodity prices had benefit for the Australian Dollar. "The Australian Dollar has outperformed in the year as it benefits from the ongoing resource boom and high commodity prices. More recently it has been a little more volatile but we expect it to remain relatively strong across a broad range of currencies due to Australia's AAA status, and continued support from the resources sector," she said.
  24. Hey All Prospective Migrants Check it out...Some useful stuff... http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/immigration-update/nom-july11.pdf Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/ thanks and regards Big Bob
  25. Dear All, This is my post to the forum. I received positive assessment on the basis of CDR from Engineers Australia on 27th June 2011 that on the basis of CDR I am comparable to a Professional Engineer (Skill Level 1).My question is that does my engineering degree is good for claiming 15 points or I have to obtain an opinion from Engineers Australia for claiming these points. Thanks to all