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Found 90 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know the email address for second stage partner visa 801 in Melbourne please (for permanent residency)? I have seen a previous thread that has the following email address but I think it is just for the ACT: act.ssp.processing@immi.gov.au I'm in Melbourne so the Melbourne office would be processing it. I haven't been assigned a CO as yet so thought I would see if I could get an update on if I was anywhere near to being assigned one. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  2. Hello, Probably a very stupid question but what address should we put on statements/affidavits for immigration if I'm applying on shore? I assume it's: Department of Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616 That's the address on the acknowledgement of application. Thank you, Greg
  3. BearnBob

    PO Box Address

    Dear All, A strange one this which may be something or nothing. We move to Victoria in a few weeks and will live in the school where I have a job, effectively in accommodation provided by the school to look after the pupils who live in the school! I have just had the address through and at it is a PO Box so in effect our mail will come through the school, most probably through a pigeon hole type system. Its what I've had for the past seven years here so no major change but in the UK I don't have a PO Box address. Am I right in thinking this might be a problem for some utilities, banks, soothing else or is that simply an experience of a minority? Bear
  4. Hi all, I hope I am in the right place for this question. Let me explain my current circumstance first. I am based on South Yarra (Stonnington council) and will sit the Australian citizenship test on 24th of February. I might need to move out to other place where is not possibly a place of Stonnington council or even overseas after the test. In this case, who should I contact to update my address? the council or the DIAC? and is the Stonnington council still my council relating to all Citizenship process such as the ceremony? And the worst case that if I will have to stay overseas for a long time, how can I be notified of the process? Do they provide an email service If I don't have any Australia-based address? (And also... I am not sure I will be able to stay overseas on the way of the Citizenship process even if it doesn't seem to be a problem based on the link: http://www.citizenship.gov.au/ceremonies/attending_ceremony/) But I might stay overseas more than 1 year. Any comments would be appreciated.
  5. Hi chaps You may think I am being a complete fool! But What is the address to send your TRA skills assessment? Do you just send it to the TRA office in Canberra? TRA dept of industry GPO Box3022 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Just want to make sure it's right before I spent £50 posting it!! Thanks So excited this day has finally arrived!!
  6. I'm about to lodge my partner visa application. One final question - hopefully... immi.gov.au lists the following two addresses (here) Postal Address Migration Branch Australia House Strand London WC2B 4LA United Kingdom Courier Address Australian High Commission Attention – Department of Immigration and Citizenship Suite 100 43 Bedford Street WC2E 9HA United Kingdom The web page states: If I'm submitting my visa application by Special Delivery do I send it to the postal address rather than the courier address? Sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question but I want to send it to the right place! Thanks, Greg
  7. Hi all i have had to get a new email address as my old one stopped me loggin on a week ago and the help line really werent very helpful so have also had to redo everything else lol, i normally am on here as Nadjez, am currently here in oz on temp spouse visa after being on a prospective marriage visa would like to know the best way to inform immi is it the form to do with notice of change or something and also where do i send to? i loddged that one from perth in 2010 . i also have to inform that that i have had a baby 6 months ago although she is ozzie born in ozzie and her dad is Australian : ) any ideas be great thanks : )
  8. Hi All My old Sony laptop is getting a bit "creaky" so am about buying a new one here in the UK before we fly out late November. Is there anything I need to know regarding compatibility etc before going ahead? Secondly, what is the best way to get a temporary email address in Aus before we settle down. We shall be moving around WA quite a lot. Thanks
  9. I'd like to email an enquiry to the DIAC before I start my application for a 176 - Does anyone have a general enquiries address for them?
  10. cartertucker

    Giving change of address.....

    Who do we need to notify of change of address? :unsure: Passport office, DVLA??? :confused: Im not sure?
  11. Hi Has anyone got the email address where you got the confirmation of the additional baggage allowance for one way travel, I have looked on their website but cannot find it. Thanks
  12. cartertucker

    Email address in Australia

    My email address is ....@hotmail.co.uk When will I need to get a new one? :unsure: I mean, is there a rush, or will this one work for as long as I want it to?
  13. Heathfamily

    Address on UK driving licience

    When emigrating, do I need to change the address on my UK driving licience? I know I will have to get an Australian licience when I get there but was wondering about my UK one.
  14. hia

    Vetassess Email Address

    Hi there I just searched the vetassess website very thoroughly but cd'nt find out the email id where I can ask abt the status of my sister's vetassess applicaton. She wil be hopefuly lodging it tomorrow so needs the email id where she can inquire that her application has been recieved ... Please someone tel me the email id..thanks in advance. Hia
  15. ghost

    Uk license address question.

    By law in the uk, you have to update your drivers license address when you move home. Do you do this when u move to oz ? What have you guys done ?
  16. kuching

    Current Address

    Hi All, I'm in a confused state now. Really need your advice here ... Well, first of all, we will be flying in to Canberra on the 27 Sep. We booked the flights early this year and was thinking that we would be able to settle all the business here back home. But we are wrong, looking at the situation now, we might need to fly back after the 4 weeks stay in Canberra. So will be leaving Canberra after 24 Oct for awhile. For the 4 weeks we have had a furnished apartment booked at Reid. We would try to sort out TFN, Medicare, Bank, Driver's Licence, etc.. during the 4 weeks stay in Canberra. Now our questions are: 1) Can we open TFN with the temporary holidays apartment address? 2) How about Driver's Licence, do we need to proof our current residency ? can we use the temporary address? 3) Bank .. we had registered online with NAB, and started transferred fund into it when rate is good. When we reach we will go to activate the account showing our passport, do we need to also provide them with the address? Please advice .. Many thanks!! :hug:
  17. Hello there This may seem like a very stupid question but ive completed my Partner visa and have everything i need. Where do i post it to? Or shall i get it couried? I cant find an address anywhere! Many thanks
  18. We bought our new home December last year but to date, still get mail for previous owners. By mail. I mean everything they would expect in the post, bank statements, credit card statements, car rego and speeding fines, tax forms, school bills and many more. For the last 6 months, we have been returning mail to senders, hand delivering to banks and schools, and ringing persistent companies, whilst informing all concerned that the addressee has moved and we have no forwarding address. We have more mail for them than we do for ourselves. What can we do?
  19. Hi I have changed my residential address twp times and have reported the issue to my CO I am going to change my residential address again. My application has been under security checks over the past 5 months. Does this issue delay processing of my application ? Regards :wubclub:
  20. sunnysun

    police checks address

    Hi, can anyone help with where we apply to for the Police Checks to be done. Is it your local police authority? Many thanks.
  21. Hi, I am sure someone knows the answer to this. The plan is to arrie and rent a car for 2 weeks or so, and then buy a car, and rent a house, as we and many will do. How do we get a rego/insurance for the car, when we might not have an address to use ??:mad:
  22. Dear Freinds I submitted form 80 and all other required docs. on 18 Jan 2011 and since this time my case is on internal\external checking and no updates from CO.Now for some reason i am going to shift to another house on rent which is near to my current residence.Ideally i should inform it to my CO but i am afraid it may further prolong my case and it might start security checks from scratch:huh:.Advise me regards OZguy
  23. Hi all I've just come across this article.... http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm
  24. Hey everyone, I've just got to Melbourne as a backpacker and I'm trying to get things sorted before I find a job. My main concern is a tax file number but the same problem applies to registering with Medicare. I'm moving around a lot so I'm unable to provide a postal address for my TFN to be sent to. Does anyone know a way around this? When I set up my bank account I managed to persuade them to send the bank card to the branch and I'll pick it up but would I be able to do something similar? Thanks in advance
  25. Hi hopefully someone will be able to help-- the medical form asks for the address we lodged our application at - we applied on line. does anyone know which address we use. we are applying for a 175 visa. I have tried looking on DIAC but i cannot find the info, thanks in advance Rx