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  1. DeeTowers

    Transit through Singapore with controlled drugs

    Hi there, Not Singapore but I traveled to Mauritius in May carrying Tramadol and Endone (which is prohibited there) and had to get permission from the Mauritian Health Minister to bring them into the country prior to travel. I was given written authority and then had to declare it in the red channel upon landing, then they let me in with it. I also had to carry a Dr's letter and a copy of the original prescription too. Appreciate its a different country but I would check with the Singapore health authority on what the process is especially if it is prohibited there. Good luck
  2. Does the $120k include or exclude super? if its included that annual salary will be 9.5% less = $108,600 per year.
  3. We are originally for the UK and after over 7 years of living in Sydney we are looking to move up to the Gold Coast and was looking for feedback/recommendations of best places to live. We are a married couple in our 40's, no kids, love being outside and eating and drinking out too. We have a 2 bed townhouse on the harbour in Sydney's Inner West and are looking to cash in, up size to a pad with 3/4 beds, modern, pool etc.... Have been looking at properties online in Broadbeach Waters, Mermaid Waters and just wondered what the areas are like or if there are other we should be looking at. We are spoilt with the Sydney ferries, pubs, bars, restaurants on our doorstep and we love walking out and about in our neighborhood along the foreshore, bur we have been to the gold coast many times and have always said we would like to swap city living for beach living. With the money in our current house and being able to do our jobs from anywhere we though early next year was the time to change. Would love to hear stories/recommendations good or bad! Thanks
  4. DeeTowers

    Opening a Aus Bank Account from the UK?

    We opened accounts with ANZ in the UK, transferred money over and then went into the branch when we arrived to collect cards etc... https://www.anz.com.au/personal/bank-accounts/moving-to-australia/en/
  5. DeeTowers

    Port Douglas / Cairns

    We stayed in a villa with private pool in a place called Niramaya - You can book direct with them or some of the villas are privately owned and advertised on Stayz. Nice Balinese style villas, 5 min drive from the main town. Fully equipped and amazing to chill by your private pool. We got taxi's or Ubers to town if we were going to be eating and drinking out - Very cheap for the short ride in. Oh for the kids (and the big kids) cane toad racing at the Iron Bar in town! Enjoy
  6. DeeTowers


    All done - We are now proud citizens! Applied - 11th Nov 17 Interview/Test - 31st Aug 18 Ceremony - 17th Oct 18
  7. DeeTowers


    Inner west Sydney
  8. DeeTowers


    Can't remember exact date but beginning of Oct for ceremony 17th of Oct. However I got a letter yesterday saying my citizenship was approved and the next step was for a ceremony which could take 6 months - This letter was dated 31st Aug but only got it yesterday, i had already received my invite to ceremony..... all around the wrong way! I knew i was approved though as I logged into my immi account on the day after my test and it changed to approved that day.
  9. DeeTowers


    Applied - 11th Nov 17 Interview/Test - 31st Aug 18 Ceremony - 17th Oct 18 (Next Week..... Ekkkkkkkk!) Sydney NSW
  10. DeeTowers


    Wowzers! All the best!
  11. DeeTowers


    Ahhh that's good to know that they have not singled him out! Thank you - NSW - Sydney Congrats too!
  12. DeeTowers

    Confused about how health insurance works

    That's really interesting to hear - it was my doctor that said it would be quicker and gave me 3 neurosurgeon names to choose from so I did my research and went with the best but all 3 their admin staff said they were private only. I am glad I had it done quickly when I did but it would have been interesting to know if I had done it public how long I would have had to wait. I know I will need more at some point so will keep that in mind - thank you! Glad you are ok and the throat thing was not a growth! How wrong could he have been - yikes! Like i said it took me ages to understand it all, perhaps I never will ha ha! All the best!
  13. DeeTowers


    Did my interview and test on Friday (31Aug), 100% on the test and my immi account changed to Approved straight after. My husband did his yesterday (3 Sept), 100% but he is still showing as received in the immi account. Both the same application, same country, same docs etc.... weird! ?
  14. DeeTowers

    Confused about how health insurance works

    To give you some other context I have had 2 spinal surgeries in the last year and was refereed to a Neurosurgeon who does not work in the public system - most don't but if they do there will be a long wait. Medicare have codes and set fees for each procedure and rebates you 75% or 85% for that procedure depending on your status - Your private health fund is there to cover the remaining 25/15% gap - However a specialist can charge whatever they like so for example my first surgery my surgeon charged over $7500, I got about $2800 back from medicare and my private health fund. Also there was the anaesthetist, assistant surgeon, etc... who all charge their own fees - so after claiming back from medicare and from my private health fund I was still out of pocket just over $9500 for one procedure - not to mention the many CT scans too!! My private health fund did pay fully for a private hospital room, the theatre, intensive care etc... for a one off excess of $450. Due to the severity of my spinal symptoms, waiting was not an option - 2 weeks later and procedure number 1 was done. 8months later I did it all again..... I have spent a lot of money but I have had the best Neurosurgeon and team look after me and have not had to wait in crippling conditions for the procedures. If I was in the UK I would still be waiting for my first procedure on the NHS. It took ages for me to get my head around it all as I had private healthcare in the UK which covered everything with no extra out of pocket expenses - the whole medicare/health fund/Gap thing took some understanding to say the least!
  15. DeeTowers

    Relocation Package

    We had a set fee which didn't include the visa or flights, they paid for them separately. The fee was to set ourselves up here whatever way we wanted to - we just had to spend the money from our own pocket and claim it back which didn't take long at all. We used the money for the first 3 weeks accommodation and then when we got our rental (which we paid for) we furnished it fully with the relocation money. This meant we came with just checked/carry on bags and cases (10 in total). We rented out our UK home and put our belongings and furniture in storage until 5 years later when we sold the UK home and purchased here.