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  1. horsemad1976

    TSS 482 applicant Documents

    Stream 75 per cent of applications processed 90 per cent of applications processed Short-term stream 43 days 70 days Medium-term stream 38 days 66 days Labour Agreement stream 35 days 52 days Sponsorship 39 days 43 days Nomination 37 days 41 days Last updated 17 October 2018 (for month ending 30 September 2018)
  2. horsemad1976

    482 tss medium term

    Following with interest
  3. horsemad1976

    WA Driving licence

    Following with interest!
  4. horsemad1976

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Interested to know if you are on/off shore. If you are on on-shore how long have you been with the nominated employer before you started the process?
  5. horsemad1976

    What happens to the backlog of applicants?

    You also need to factor in people have multiple EOI's, some expire due to their longevity, individuals points lose/gain over the two years they are in the system so the numbers are fluid. No lottery system these are skilled visas - highest ranked points (but not necessarily highly skilled imo) get plucked from the pool of individuals and invited to apply. Just because someone is highly educated doesn't necessarily make them highly skilled. Likewise you can be highly skilled without being highly academically educated. For skilled visas like this my understanding is the department require both.
  6. horsemad1976


    If we didn't want to move to Australia I'd be taking two of those houses at the price!! LOL We're in the Southwest 1hr from Bristol and on the M4 corridor where a 4/5 bed detached new build (ish) 1 ensuite, bath, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/family/dining, utility, garage and a larger than average plot is circa £450-£480k the price differences depending on location happens everywhere! It certainly does pay to do your homework!
  7. horsemad1976

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    We 'Jet Lag adjust' a few days before take off, slightly altering our bed times/wake up times accordingly seeking/avoiding light as necessary; etc. We alter our watches to landing time zone once on the flight. We also trick our bodies by eating associated food at mealtimes. e.g. 6am UK time we would be eating 'Lunch style' food as opposed to breakfast and so on as if we were on AUS time and so on... Our children are older than yours now but we've covered lots of long haul flights to/from UK over the years adjusting in this alway helps us.
  8. horsemad1976

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    We've had a 50 min layover at Changi. First flight was late hitting the tarmac. Connecting flight was in a different terminal - great service, they shuttled us all on buggies (certainly better than walking!) and we made the connecting flight no problem. A much better connection than running from one plane to another in JFK on your first trip to the US but thats another story...
  9. horsemad1976

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    Just so you have a ‘worse case scenario’ we’ve just been quoted sole use 40ft container with door to door and full packing service. UK to Perth £6k all in. (Pickfords) it would cost us a lot more to set up Home again - our sofa is worth £1200 on its own! ?
  10. horsemad1976

    Negative outcome based on qualification

    I also got a negative skills assessment from Vetassess - down to not having enough learning hours in my qualification apparently (but nowhere in their guidelines do they mention this)... The irony is if I hold the right to live/work in Australia my qualification is actually accepted by the governing body - allowing me to work in my field! Vetassess sadly, doesn't take in to account the different avenues of 'guided learning' life experience, volunteering; etc they are only interested in the classroom time attached to a qualification nor do they accept any form of RPL. If you decide to go for a re-assessment/appeal I wish you luck.
  11. Thought the min points for a 489 to be successful was 80 points?
  12. horsemad1976

    TSS 482 applicant Documents

    Thanks very much for clarifying Sue [emoji1303]
  13. horsemad1976

    TSS 482 applicant Documents

    A positive skills assessment from the ACS could be used as appropriate evidence I assume?
  14. horsemad1976

    TSS 482 applicant Documents

    Ah this is most useful - so we don't need to fork out some $320 per month for healthcare once we are onshore - we'll be covered for usual things that Medicare provides even as temporary residents?
  15. You can apply for schools on the Wiltshire council website now. I believe the deadline is end of Oct for a Sept 2019 start. Results issued in March. Good Luck!