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  1. mallan82450

    Importing IMMI application

    Hi, Is there a migration agent here that can confirm what happens when you import your application into your own IMMI account? Does the MA still have full access to the application etc.? TIA.
  2. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    You can't point me to it because it's not there. Eligibility for that visa ONLY according to the Home Affairs website states: You must currently be the primary visa holder of a subclass 482 (TSS) visa granted for an occupation on the Medium to Long-term Strategic Skills list So I suggest you research that.
  3. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    Can you show me exactly on the home affairs website where it specifically states that to be eligible for PR via the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Temporary Transition Scheme ONLY that the occupation needs to be on a list at the point of application?
  4. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    One of the Big 4 (consultancy not banks), Management Consultant for Operational Risk Strategy & Technology - Basically Australia are going through what the UK did a long time ago in relation to mis-selling financial products among many other things and as a result of the recent Royal Commission they need people like me to help advise on how to make it better. I worked for one of the top banks in the UK in Operational Risk through all of the issues and it's still on-going now. I will PM you the name of the people that head hunted me.
  5. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    Cheer up, eh.
  6. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    We were headhunted via LinkedIn and then we researched the team and reached out to the top guy directly to show willing.
  7. mallan82450

    Moving to Sydney with 2 Young children

    Tons of properties beachside for that budget!
  8. mallan82450

    Sponsorship advice

    Hi James. Try not listen to the negativity, they enjoy making people worry. We were sponsored from the UK and our visa was approved in 4 days and we were brought over within 4 months. We are on a 4 year TSS Visa with a pathway to PR after 3 years which we will be applying for. We don't see this as a temporary move. If you come over with a reputable company who offer a good package you shouldnt have to worry about school fees or medical care as we got all that included. Good luck and follow your dreams!
  9. mallan82450

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    That's not correct information.
  10. mallan82450

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I'd be interested to know more about this too @Hex - Would be great if it did speed things up (although we aren't quite there yet in terms of timings)
  11. mallan82450

    Help with emigrating

    Hi there, Congrats on making your first enquiries! Have you tried LinkedIn or approaching recruiters directly? My other half went premium on LinkedIn (not for Australia though, we had never considered Australia) and was approached within a few days. That said it is a totally different occupation to yours. Definitely do your research and if you can get PR straight away go for it, otherwise have a look at being sponsored but the ideal scenario is to be on the medium list as this is the only sponsorship that has a pathway to PR. There are also some fees to consider in relation to schools if you have children but dependant on salary nothing unmanageable and they don't need to be paid up front. Take your time and do lots if research and be wary of those on here that channel the negative energy, you learn to ignore them (mostly). Take care and enjoy the journey!
  12. I swore to myself after making comments last time that I wouldn't be drawn in by some of these forum members! I find it utterly astonishing that some people on here are so against people that discuss temporary visa's. Do you really think that people are so naïve that they don't research the pro's and cons of visa's? There is borderline bullying going on across this forum and those people should be ashamed of themselves. We have never considered Australia as a place to live and the company that is sponsoring us (one of the big 4 consulting firms not banks) approached us and they only offer temporary visa's initially BUT they have provided confirmation depending on performance (rightly so) that after 3 years they will nominate us through the ENS 186 transition scheme for PR. They DO NOT bring people over to Australia on short term list visa's before anyone starts. What on earth is wrong with that? I asked a million questions before we accepted the job and the main one was around the route to PR so it's not something we considered lightly. We also explained that we would not be coming over unless they paid for certain things which were agreed. I know we are lucky in this regard. Perhaps that's the only way some people get to come over to Australia? Yes, I suppose it might be nice to have PR straight away but WE might not like Australia and why would I want PR if I didn't like it because I won't be coming back; let some one else have it if we don't want it. The OP asked about fairness with regards to illness and PR and I see both sides of the comments (not quite the way they are delivered though). Rule are rules. If one if us gets seriously ill while we are here and it is around the time we are applying for PR then to be honest I would probably want to be at home with my family anyway so PR wouldn't be something at the forefront of my mind. Getting well would be. I do realise that some peoples situations are different with regards to family. Some of you need to talk a long hard look at yourselves and remember what your journey was like and if you can't say something nicely don't say it at all. The people that come on this forum are human and come for advice not to be bullied into thinking that their visa choice is not correct or that PR will never be an option. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy week.
  13. mallan82450

    Help - Certificate of Employment

    I think you would need to obtain a statutory declaration from someone who can confirm your employment history as self employers - if you search 'Statutory Declaration' on here there are a few posts. I've attached something I found on the VETASSESS site but I might not be correct. Stat dec.doc
  14. So I'm intrigued . . . Specialist Manager nec are the occupations listed on the abs.gov.au the ONLY to come under this? 139911 Arts Administrator or Manager 139912 Environmental Manager 139913 Laboratory Manager 139914 Quality Assurance Manager 139915 Sports Administrator 139999 Specialist Managers nec And . . . Are these the only occupations under this heading? 139999 SPECIALIST MANAGERS NEC This occupation group covers Specialist Managers not elsewhere classified. Occupations in this group include: Airport Manager Ambassador Archbishop Bishop Harbour Master Security Manager (Non-ICT) Or can you literally have any occupation under ' 139999 Specialist Manager nec' i.e. a random manager?