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  1. Employer wants to perform some 'background' checks but no mention of financial and equally haven't asked us to declare that type of information. I have a satisfied CCJ from 4 years ago. Can Australian employers access a UK credit report? Can't find the answer to this question anywhere . . . Thanks.
  2. mallan82450

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    There are some people on here that answer most posts and I have found them quite negative when I read through . . . So much so that I think they enjoy seeing people worry. They aren't qualified so take them with a pinch of salt. That said it is a forum so they are entitled to do so. I also don't think anyone can answer your question , you'll just have to wait. Sounds positive though. Good luck.
  3. mallan82450

    457 (Post June 2018) to PR

    Thank you for your reply Sorry, forgive me as I'm new to all this . . . So if our family come in to Australia on an employer sponsored TSS 482 Visa, under Management Consultant (exact role Operational Conduct & Risk Manager for KPMG (medium to long term list) how else can we get PR other than applying for it after the 3 years???? I find the whole thing so confusing!
  4. mallan82450

    457 (Post June 2018) to PR

    What are the massive risks of going through a sponsored PR route?
  5. mallan82450

    Existing eye problem

    Hi, Our 3 year old is currently under an ophthalmologist to strengthen the muscles behind one of his eyes. He currently wears a patch for up to 4 hours a day and regular check ups. We will be coming pver on a TSS 482 (medium to long term list) - How will it work in OZ in terms of carrying this care on? Will we have to pay privately etc? Happy to do so just want to know where we stand. Thanks very much.
  6. Thank you very much for your detailed replies - I appreciate your honesty. The visa would be on the medium/long term 482 and he would be sponsored by them under 'management consultant'. The intention would be not to return to the UK however I understand there is a risk . . . Just not sure that we could live with ourselves if we didn't make the leap and give it a go? Thanks again.
  7. Thank you for this - We would be temporary visa's for the time being. Could you expand on those temp residents who aren't able to make a permanent move? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for your response. We have been told that the visa we will have will allow me to work - The intention is for me to work after 3 months. Do you think living a bit further out of the CBD would help?
  9. Thanks - Yes I used an Australian salary calculator and ticked the 9.5% super annum box.
  10. Hi, My husband was approached by one of the Big 4 for a role at their Sydney office - He was made an offer this morning of $120K a year plus bonus (unknown currently) and relocation package (which we think is low) and we intend to try and negotiate. We have been looking at living out of the CBD e.g. Kellyville, Baulkham Hills, Liverpool so hoping for lower rents but my question is do you think this salary is doable for a family of four? I don't intend to work for the first 3 months to get the kids settled (5 and 3 year old) and don't want to feel rushed into doing so either. The recruitment agency in Sydney (who have been very good) keep saying that we shouldn't compare to the UK but it's hard as we both have a combined salary of £100K here in the UK (hubby on £55K) so have a comfortable life. We have used salary calculators and budget planners and we do seem to have the a similar surplus to the UK but still unsure as we are not physically there. Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks Marc.