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  1. roomummy

    Horse Trailer

    Hello, I'm so sorry I can't really help with the question as I didn't buy the tack I'm taking home in Australia. It's all British made and purchased new. Going from the Aussie quarantine guides it has to be cleaned with a suitable product (Vircon) and where it has wool stuffing etc it may need a invoice or professional statement from the maker to confirm. I think from Oz to UK will be less fussy, seems the poms don't mind so much, but check with the carrier. I will be sending mine (clearly ladled, cleaned and packed) with my household container. I'm taking the advise of the shipper and dealing directly with Australian authority to be sure. Good luck with the move.
  2. roomummy

    When to book removals?

    Thanks for the reply, we had an enormous clear out last year after we sold our house then moved to a rental. Everything in the rental is going with us. I even updated a few things. I think we will also be using a 40ft container. I just have the daunting task of managing the logistics and doing things in the right order. Good luck with your move!
  3. I can't believe our relocation back home is now just 8months away! We have been planning this for nearly 2 years [emoji38] We plan on flying in September...When should we book our house removals? Pets vaccination have started, horses being pre-vetted for travel. Now to prepare the humans [emoji16]
  4. roomummy

    Opening a Aus Bank Account from the UK?

    ken, brilliant recommendation. I called the London Westpac branch, opened an account over the phone with a very helpful bank manager and presto...bank account sorted! Result.
  5. roomummy

    Opening a Aus Bank Account from the UK?

    More investigating has lead me to HSBC. They are offering free transfers between the UK account and Global account. Exchange rates are fixed on the day. Anyone have any experience with HSBC. Not many branches in Australia but surely people online van these days mostly anyway.
  6. Hi Scubacam, We have recently sold our home in Oxfordshire after having it on the market for over 18 months! Selling houses in the UK is a complete nightmare and the time frames are never guaranteed even once you have accepted an offer. We have been planning our move for over 2 years and just now things have started to move in the right direction. In the end we have decided to rent for 12 months in order to release our equity so that we can afford to move our pets (2 dogs and a cat, plus 4 rare breed horses). We also have time now to buy a house in Australia avoiding renting at the other end and arrange schooling, jobs and vehicles. We go out in the new year to stay with family and to buy our new house! Whoop whoop Our UK sale completed in September 2018 and the money is now in the bank so we have gained huge freedom in our decision making from selling and renting before we plan our flights and relocation. Our rental house is no more expensive than our mortgage was, both in rent and utilities so I dont feel that we are losing financially. Ive also been able to pay off any debits, tidy up our finances, saving us interest and repayment costs, so overall the rent becomes insignificant to the gains. We are even able to save more cash from monthly salaries now than when we had our mortgage to repay, our monthly cash flow has actually increased which is a bonus whilst we are earning GBP. My advise is to concentrate on selling your house and move into a rental property first, pay off your debits, put your equity into a saving account and decide on a relocation budget. This way you have plenty of time to prepare your animals, look for work and arrange transferring the remainder of your equity at a favourable time, without making expensive mistakes. I think Australia is super pet friendly and know lots of people who rent with pets. If your budget is pushed for house buying checkout the Manning Valley area. Its close to amazing beaches and offers a rural lifestyle. Im originally from Sydney in Sutherland Shire and cant afford to return home so we are now looking to buy somewhere between Taree/Wingham and Forster-Tuncurry. The area has lovely rural towns and coast living but still a 3hr drive to Sydney or 1.5 to Newcastle.
  7. Hello, Just after some advise on opening an Australian bank account whilst still in the UK. We are relocating in 2019 but have now sold our house and are preparing for the move. I am ready to transfer funds to Australia and would like to open my bank accounts in anticipation. I am an Australian citizen and have previously banked with NAB (over 18 years ago). I have a fixed address in Australia but am still a resident of the UK until our move next year. Looking for advise on best way to open an account, what information is need and do I require a tax file number or other information which I have to obtain first? Thank you
  8. roomummy

    Horse Trailer

    I don't think it will be too stressful...I'm paying a very professional company to have the stress for me! [emoji6] if I do find a solution to moving the trailer I will report back.
  9. roomummy

    Horse Trailer

    Sadly not Amber. All of my investigations have concluded that shipping large single items is just too expensive to be worth the hassle. Mostly due to duty and extensive customs paperwork. I'm now selling my trailer in the UK and purchasing the new model in oz at more than twice the price here. I am considered exporting my Land Rover Discovery that I use to tow it, which although isn't a great financial choice seems to be more beneficial. Oh...on another note, we have moved into our rented house so are just 10months from flying the ponies!
  10. As I suspected. A good version with proper maintenance history is worth alot. Mine has not been used off road but does pull a trailer. It's hard to find good examples here in the UK too as people often can't afford the maintenance bills, so inevitably cut corners. Are specialist LR engineers readily available in Oz? That's the next concern to find someone trustworthy to service it. Please can you message me a quote? We are moving Sept19. I can get the vehicle to Southampton docks no problem. Just want to understand the full costs with tax charges etc for budgeting purposes. Thank you.
  11. Hello Iron Chef, Please can you advise on the following? Year: 2005, Model/Make: Land Rover Discover 3 S, 2.9l diesel, Auto, 106,000 mile, Aircon, UK guide: £6200, AUD guide: $10,200 Only other thing to note is Land Rovers are extortionately expensive to maintain. This vehicle is spotlessly clean for its age and mileage, plus its recently had £2,000 GBP spent on maintenance by a trusted specialist. so I KNOW it is up to date and reliable. My concern is finding a better example in Australia and that I could quickly spend the cost of importing it on repairing an unknown used one if I sell and buy again when we arrive. Sometime better the devil you know! Please can you also advise if the prices on your website are current? Thank you
  12. I am also interested in the option to ship a 'vehicle' with our belongings. I have been quoted £9k to ship out my horse float which is absolutely ridiculous! I would like to have it professionally serviced to meet the quarantine rules, than fill it with boxes and load it with my household belongings. But cant seem to find information about combining contents into one container.
  13. roomummy

    Scam link on Facebook

    I keep seeing this advert link pop up on my Facebook feed. As it's covered in Australian flags it keeps grabbing my eye, so I did a little searching. Seems it is a SCAM that directs you to other links. It is targeting Australians living in the UK. Thought our Aussie expats should be aware. I have reported it several times but it reappears under new names. BEWARE there are NO get rich quick deals here in the UK! More info can be found on Scam Spotter.
  14. Hi Peeps, I have a question regarding an older teen child (18) who is a dual citizen (born in Australia) but has lived his childhood in the UK. He has a statement of education and a diagnosis which includes ASD, processing disorder and dyslexia. He has overcome some amazing challenges and is now a mature student in college concentrating on a career in IT, with a focus on gaming technology. He currently holds GCSE in English & History, Btec in Science, Math and functional skills, level 1 IT and studying level 2 this year.. he is a unique, funny character with good communication skills, but VERY literal. My question is...he currently has a statement here which supports a funded education in college until he is 25yrs which will include a supported program into the work force. Will there be equivalent opportunities for college support in Australia? Tafe? Or other organisations that help teens on the autism spectrum? What financial impact may this have? Is it government funded, part funded, private? I'm concerned our move may offer him less opportunity than the UK? We intend on being in the Manning Valley NSW.