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  1. roomummy

    Foreign Investment Board

    Thank you, good idea will do that.
  2. roomummy

    Foreign Investment Board

    Hello, Can someone please clarify a question regarding Foreign Investment Board exemption for me? My husband and I (I'm Aussie he's Brit) are purchasing a Aussie home with our UK equity as the deposit in joint names. We will be purchasing a residential property with our UK income using an Investment Mortgage, as we would like to maintain the option of renting our Aussie home should our relocation be delayed and are currently still employed in the UK at point of purchase. From what I can see on the FIB website we would be except from the FIB Application as my husband is married and purchasing a residential real estate with his spouse. However our mortgage lender has insisted that we need to apply? My husband is still waiting for a 309 visa to be granted and we are still resident in the UK at the point of purchase, but in any case I believe we are exempt. Do we need to apply for exemption or does the FIB application not apply to us? #confused [emoji849]
  3. A little update on the ponies going to Australia...we have a provisional date!!! The ponies have taken president over the relocation and have their flights booked before ours If all goes well they will be through quarantine by the first week of October! I'm so excited I just need to share with you all!!!
  4. Good info, thank you. Think I'm ott with the forms, no leaf unturned! [emoji23]
  5. That's good to know. Thanks
  6. I met some people at Australia House in London being interviewed. I have no idea if this is common or not but we are preparing for it just so we can find all of the documents encase as its a pain in the butt to put it gather so much info together.
  7. This is the information on the 1221 form: 'This is a supplementary form required to support your visa application and is to be completed by all applicants who are 18 years of age or over'. Here is a link to the Pdf. Immi asks for this to be completed so I suggest you would complete EVERY item they ask for. 1221 Form
  8. I would just write a timeline as best you can. Its better than not submitting anything at all in my opinion. Check your UK HMRC record lots of info is in the UK>GOV gateway these days.
  9. Yes I have just kept the original, not made copies as well. If they want copies at the interview I'm guessing they will make their own so they are certified by the interviewer. Just put all the originals in a folder so you can find them ready for interview as you are currently handling each document so it will save you time later gathering them together again.
  10. I believe the 80 and 1221 forms are required. ('This is a supplementary form required to support your visa application and is to be completed by all applicants who are 18 years of age or over') We have completed both of these forms the best we can. As far as employment is concerned I agree with you, its near on impossible to remember your full record when you are 40+ years old and worked all your life!! You can check your UK pensions contribution record on the UK.GOV website as this gives contribution information on a year to year basis, with details that might jog your memory. For any periods my husband could not remember we just wrote: 'Employer not remembered' but we put a date and year and what he did.
  11. Yes we have completed every form and tried to put something in each category selecting the most appropriate item from each drop-down list, even if it meant submitting duplicates. I've scanned all documents to PDF and kept them in an external memory drive then stored the original in a plastic folder encase of interview. Don't leave them guessing, if you submit everything that applies to you and your partner then hopefully further inquiry will be kept to a minimum which surely reduces the processing time.
  12. We are moving to Manning Valley NSW. All my family are in Australia but this is a big move for my husband who is Oxford born and bred. Hoping to relocate in September 2019, but obviously this is dependent on the visa being granted in time. The process for immigration is so hugely complicated now. When I came to the UK 20years ago I don't recall any info except our marriage licence being submitted. Fingers crossed the 14-19months processing time is a redhering!
  13. Hi MPPC, My husbands application was submitted on 31/1/19. Im an aussie who has been in the uk for 20 years. We uploaded all of our documents during the first week of Feb and Police checks uploaded today. Just waiting on my husbands medical which is on 1st March then we are fully submitted and waiting. Check-in with me if you want someone to bounce info off as your application went in just 9 days before us, so hopefully they will run in some sort of order. Best of luck
  14. roomummy

    Horse Trailer

    Hello, I'm so sorry I can't really help with the question as I didn't buy the tack I'm taking home in Australia. It's all British made and purchased new. Going from the Aussie quarantine guides it has to be cleaned with a suitable product (Vircon) and where it has wool stuffing etc it may need a invoice or professional statement from the maker to confirm. I think from Oz to UK will be less fussy, seems the poms don't mind so much, but check with the carrier. I will be sending mine (clearly ladled, cleaned and packed) with my household container. I'm taking the advise of the shipper and dealing directly with Australian authority to be sure. Good luck with the move.
  15. roomummy

    When to book removals?

    Thanks for the reply, we had an enormous clear out last year after we sold our house then moved to a rental. Everything in the rental is going with us. I even updated a few things. I think we will also be using a 40ft container. I just have the daunting task of managing the logistics and doing things in the right order. Good luck with your move!