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  1. Can anyone recommend a professional CV writer? I'm looking for someone to overhaul a cv for a building maintenance manager (extensive management experience with trades and social housing in the UK) to target facilities management jobs in Australia. Not sure if we should use a UK based service or an Aussie one as the industries do have differences. Anyone have any suggestions or advise? Thank you
  2. NEARLY THE WEEKEND AGAIN!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Good luck everyone!! Fingers crossed there is golden ticket delivery today for someone
  3. Best of luck Ben, please keep us posted. I'm sure there are lots of people here rooting for you!! I hope it doesn't spoil your introduction to Australia. We are hard buggas at times but it will be so worth it once you arrive!! Putting good vibes out there for you.
  4. Ah, that's rubbish Ben34uk!! So sorry to hear of the technical issues you have had. I have seen in this thread someone else who had documents disappear off their account. Is there a complaints department? Are you able to submit a formal complaint to get current status on your application/appeal and lodge a grievance? Have you tried contacting your partners local PM in Australia for some support? Just an idea
  5. Hi Ben34uk, Do you mind me asking what the complication is that has resulted in an appeal? You don't have to give personal info of cause, but I'm just wondering if this is something the rest of us can avoid by you sharing?
  6. I called a private migration agent on Friday to check what our options may be if the 309 is not granted by the time we need it in September. I was wondering if there is a bridging visa for spouses who are waiting for 309, but unfortunately, there is no other option. My husband has been delaying looking for work due to the visa process as we did not want him to find work that he could not accept. The agent advised him to start looking for employment and double end our applications if he was lucky enough to find a job that would also give a working sponsorship. However, it was the agent's opinion that the spousal 309 would probably beat a work sponsor visa at this stage. The agent's guestimate was that we should hear this month or next for RFI and confirmed trends were about 6months for London applications. Fingers crossed for some news this week. Like @ga_brysia I'd just be happy to see someone receive a grant so we know the queue is still moving. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  7. Hahaha....I love the champers idea...cheers, let's hope we have some movement this week [emoji1635]
  8. We feel the same, my poor hubby going spare now as I will have to go without him in September as the children start new schools and I am moving my business so we can't keep waiting. He can't afford to give up his job and be unemployed in Oz so it's a difficult time. I think we just keep taking it one day at a time, in pure hope that at any moment it could be our turn [emoji847][emoji120]
  9. Ps: best of luck with your grant. You must be next in the que so make sure you post here when it's received so we can applaud!![emoji847]
  10. Hi kfr, I'm flying my pets over, see above posts. 2 dogs 1 cat and my small horse stud 5x ponies. I have used Golden Arrow Shippers on a silver service. Did the rabies vacs with vet myself and now Golden Arrow are handling flights and quarantine. My pets are flying in September. I suggest you book quarintine asap as they have limited spaces so if you have a prefered date you need to book in advance and before booking flights as these need to tie in together. I'm not worried about the pet transport, they get 5* treatment and you will be paying for a specialist service. I've worked for a horse transporter for years so know how great the staff are. Your bully will be adorded by everyone. Think of it as a holiday for him. [emoji16]. Pm me if you want any more info. Raylene
  11. Hi Nicola, click on the 'quote' link under the post that you want to respond to. If you are using a PC you can simply edit the quote or type your message straight under it. On your phone you need to click 'quote' then 'edit' to edit the quote your responding too. You can then change the quote but careful not to delete the coding out or it won't work. Type your message under the quote and presto! Re: pets I will message you privately so not to clog up this feed but yes it's appt of animals as we have a pony stud and I won't go home without them. I highly recommend using Golden Arrow Shippers :)
  12. Hi Nicola, have you sorted your dog transport yet? I'm moving 2 dogs, and cat and 5 horses! (Don't ask:rolls eyes) A word of warning, the booking process for quarintine needs to be done before flights and after rabies vacs. Timing this is critical to your own flights. Message me privately if you need any info. Our pets are all booked in now so just hubbies visa to go and we are away! [emoji38]
  13. We lodged on 31st Jan and had everything including medicals, police, and supporting docs for applicant and sponsor uploaded by end March. Not heard a dicky bird yet. We have since added a statement to include details of our house purchase in oz which completed end May. Status remains as 'received'.
  14. Hi Mccp, how frustrating for you. Any day now I'm sure!! My husband has been so itchy about it that he has written a statement about our house sale completing and our children starting school in Sept and uploaded it to immi as suppliment info. We will be separated in September if the visa is not granted soon as my husband simply can not leave is job until he can work at the other end. We can't afford for him to resign until he is in a position to be recruited again. Worrying for us as a family right now. I'd feel better if the immi status changed so at least someone has picked up the application. I hope yours comes in soon...wishing for you :)
  15. Agree with you, WAY too quiet. We are waiting on the list above with others who submitted at the same time as us having already been granted or RFI requested. We have jobs and schools to move to in September...clocks ticking. Fingers crossed we see a bumper lot come in soon. As for visa, I would think no probs if you have a return ticket. Just dont over stay. Good luck.