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  1. kevsan

    Pay before or after filling up with petrol?

    E10 is 10% ethanol - some car engines can use it. My holden can - it would say on the inside of the filler cap usually. If it doesnt say, probably wise not to use it
  2. there is an old blog post here: https://platinumfreight.com.au/blog/importing-caravans-australia-uk/ but the guys still operate - so you could give them a call. I think the conversion costs can stack up too - but you still might come out ahead
  3. kevsan

    Overseas Post

    thats your first mistake! For me it seems to go in cycles, and trying to work out why drives me to distraction. Stuff i get from china can take 2 weeks. Recently one item came a month after i had lodged a no delivery dispute and got a refund, so about 3 months from transaction. UK has been around 2 weeks but again is hit and miss. Even interstate can be ridiculous. Last month i ordered a part for my bike from sydney. My parents posted a couple of letters on the same day. I had the letters before the parcel from sydney
  4. kevsan

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Just seen on my timeline that 5 years ago today, i packed our movecube and waved it off. Lots of drama and angst and stress since then, but not a single regret in coming here. Good luck @Lavers Lifes an adventure. embrace it.
  5. kevsan

    Lockdown living

    plus TOLL has suffered a couple of ransomware attacks this year, so all their distribution has had a load of problems that they are still working through
  6. kevsan

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    It's nice. We are there right now on holiday. Going back to lockdown on Saturday. Portland is OK, a couple of supermarket's and shops plus a few places to go and see. Fishing charters are still going, so live is carrying on. Port Fairy is really nice, but there is nothing there to keep you going for a few days. Of the two, we would go with Portland. Plenty of touristy stuff around and at cape bridgewater etc.
  7. kevsan

    Aircraft fleets

    I liked the sense of space - particularly if you could get the economy seats upstairs on the Singapore airlines ones. We always found there was always 5 or 6 planes all landing within minutes of each other so queues were just part of it all
  8. kevsan

    Aircraft fleets

    just did a check on flight radar (you can filter on aircraft type. it looks like there are only 2 a380s in the sky as at 09:41 AEST. which is really sad. As Eera states both china southern, 1 heading to amsterdam, 1 leaving vancover
  9. kevsan

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Great to hear that things are going as smoothly as they can. Hopefully you have plenty to keep you occupied.. you've probably got this covered but there may be of some use if you really get bored. - some of them we have used at home with the kids as its school holidays again! Melbourne Symphony Orchestra MSO is livestreaming some their performances on YouTube. Head to their YouTube channel to enjoy the music. National Gallery of Victoria The NGV has a number of virtual tours available online so that you can view the artworks they currently have on display. Check it out on the NGV website. Zoos Victoria Zoos Victoria have set up a few live stream cameras from Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo, so that you can enjoy the zoo from anywhere. View the Animal House stream's on the Zoos Victoria website. Museum at Home Take a virtual tour of Melbourne Museum, become a little scientist from the comfort of your own home, or delve deeper into Victoria's immigration history with Museum Victoria's Museum at Home. Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne Recital Centre are taking a range of live musical performances online for you to enjoy in your own home. Tune into Live from Melbourne Recital Centre. ACMI Join ACMI every Wednesday for a weekly movie night with their virtual Cinematheque. You can enjoy a selection of classic and contemporary films selected by ACMI's Film Department and the Melbourne Cinematheque Committee. SEA LIFE Melbourne Learn all about marine life and some of the beautiful underwater creatures at SEA LIFE Melbourne with their live streams. 2020 Sydney Biennale Experience the 2020 Sydney Biennale online! You can enjoy online activations and experiences that draw on the seven themes that inspire the exhibition. Sydney Opera House Enjoy the Sydney Opera House from home with weekly live recordings, never-before-seen footage, podcasts, articles, videos and more on their new digital program. There are a number of museums and art galleries across the globe that are providing online and virtual experiences. This comprehensive list has plenty of options to keep you busy - some of the highlights include: The Smithsonian Take a self-guided tour of the National Museum of Natural History with their guided tours. The Louvre With a range of online tours, you can visit the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries without leaving the comfort of your own couch. Yosemite National Park Go on a virtual tour of California's Yosemite National Park, one of America's most popular natural environments. The Guggenheim Search through an online database of selected artworks from the Guggenheim's permanent collection. The Tate Each of the Tate's four galleries (the Britain and Modern in London, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives) have a series of kids resources, videos, podcasts and online classes available. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) You can enjoy exhibition tours and learn about artworks via videos, Q&A's with curators, playlist and articles in MoMA's Virtual Views series.
  10. kevsan


    Our certificates arrived this morning, so pretty quick from last thursdays ceremony.
  11. kevsan


    and we are done. Had our online ceremony this morning with our Federal MP which was nice. Still very surreal but glad that its the final step complete.
  12. kevsan

    Movecube and cordless tools

    i put in 3 of varying sizes.. all good. Drowned them in Jeyes fluid though
  13. kevsan

    Pie Makers

    upped our game this weekend... nutella doughnuts and then molten chocolate lava cakes. didnt get a photo of them - they didnt last long enough
  14. kevsan

    Pie Makers

    we got the kmart one last week on flybuys points - but they are about $29 had moroccan lamb pies and apple and black berry pies. quite possibly the best food we have had in ages. Used home made pastry for the apple and the frozen sheets for the lamb. simply brilliant
  15. kevsan

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    It needs bluetooth to ping other devices, so only needs to be on when out and about.