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  1. The Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey (CORMS) is conducted triennially in November throughout Australia as part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) household survey program As CORMS is collected as a supplement to the Labour Force Survey (LFS), persons excluded from the LFS were also excluded from this survey (see Explanatory Notes of Labour Force, Australia (cat. no. 6202.0) for standard LFS exclusions). Additional exclusions from this survey were people living in Indigenous communities in Australia and people in non-private dwellings such as hotels, university residences, boarding schools, hospitals, retirements homes, homes for people with disabilities and prisons. TIMELINESS The Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Migrants Survey was first conducted in 1984 and triennially there after up to 1999. It was collected again in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and the latest survey was in 2016. The name of the survey was changed in 2007 to Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey, and again in 2010, to Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey to better reflect the scope of the survey. Data from the survey are released approximately six months after the completion of enumeration. ACCURACY CORMS is designed to provide reliable estimates at the national level and for each state and territory. The number of completed interviews (after taking into account scope and coverage exclusions) was 42,185, of which 2,965 were recent migrants or temporary residents. This sample was achieved by obtaining a response rate of 91% from the Monthly Population Survey.
  2. well, my postal voting slip arrived last night. 48 hours to return to the UK..... nothing like leaving it to the last minute
  3. Yeah sorry - the pound sign doesnt work on my aussie keyboard anymore. Most likely you will rent to start regardless. Check out for the suburbs you want and the type of house. that will give you an idea of the prices
  4. depends on visa costs, plus a whole bunch of other factors. Assuming you can get a PR visa (186 or 190) your looking at $3900 for main applicant, $1800 for 2nd plus $900 each for the kids. If you use an agent, factor in another $2k plus all the other costs, police checks, medicals etc. That gets you your visa (assuming you are successful). Other visas will have different costs Then you have migration costs - flights, shipping costs, temp accommodation, car hire, food, spending money etc - ~10-15k Then setup costs, house rent, car purchase, school fees, furniture to buy while you are waiting for your stuff to arrive. All the other things you forget about - ~20k for 6 months. how longs a piece of string. $50k should do it, you can do it for less (we spent about 35k all in) but alot depends on your circumstances, you'll need to write it all down and make some educated guesses, and then add 10-20% for unforeseens
  5. As has been covered above, if you are not here, you are going to struggle. I work for a Global IT company, and our team are actively recruiting for Network admins in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. We are struggling to fill roles, so the jobs are there. You may have better luck with speculative applications to companies rather than recruitment agents.
  6. although i didnt think uber accepted phone calls, so you need the app (although you could ring for a cab in emergencies) A battery backup charger is worth its weight in gold.
  7. Frankston.................
  8. Agree with this. It was on the cards for us for a long time, having first visited in 2007 and having friends here that came over for 4 years. When we started getting serious we went to a migration roadshow ran by one of the agents and had speakers from Immigration, removals, NAB etc to give people an idea of what to expect. It was a joint NZ/AUS roadshow and probably close to 150 people there. A rep from tourism NZ asked the room how many people had been to NZ or OZ before? Me and the wife and another couple were the only 4 hands that went up. that was the scary part, that all these people were seemingly desperate to leave the UK for a better life without really knowing anything about it. I asked one guy why he was looking into it, the response - "it must be better than here"....
  9. thats a pretty vague question. - what are you wanting to know? there is a still a market, people are still recruiting, projects are still ongoing etc etc.Its getting to EOFY so some put a freeze on recruitment (perm and contractor) others prefer spend their budget before the year is up, horse for courses. I've personally just finished a project for the state government where i was screaming out for resources across exchange, Skype, Win10, Oracle, networking, IDM, MDM amongst others.
  10. This was pretty much the approach we took - and used what we had. We did have a number of similar sized box from our previous house move, but that was more luck than judgement, the tv went in its own box, my bike went in a bike box i borrowed from a friend etc. The sofa and other items were just bubblewrapped and shoved it. if you plan in advance and have the luxury of a movecube sized space to pre stack you can make it worth your while.
  11. Officeworks and BIGW do online printing and instore as well Havent used either, but reviews seem to indicate they are competitively priced
  12. er, congrats? any indication of timelines for 186? Could you have your cake and eat it?
  13. Seaford Beach
  14. MCG in the morning MCG in the evening
  15. the Great ocean road