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  1. Specific surburb recommendations would probably need more specifics as to what you are after, however from a commuting point of view, Vline goes from Flinders Street and southern Cross to Bacchus Marsh in about an hour, so you could live anywhere centrally and it would be doable from a commuting point of view. This assumes your work would be within walking distance of the station. Or you could consider driving, as you would be going in the opposite way to the bulk of traffic so the commute should be not too bad either
  2. Cheap Flights to South America

    Hi My brother is getting married in Chile next Jan/Feb. trying to work out a way of making it affordable for a family of 4 (or just me, looking at it). Any advice on cheap routes/airlines that can cut the cost. Currently Melb - Santiago is $2.5k pp with qantas via Sydney, anyway to make it cheaper?
  3. generally ok - it can be a bit of a free for all at peak rush hour, and largely depends if the doors open right in front of you!! but by the time you get to cheltenham, seats are freed up We love where we live, its close to the beach / mornington pennisula, although we would have loved to have bought within walking distance of the beach, but couldn't make the money work. Having said that, with the amount of crap the kids take to the beach, we take the car anyway and its only a 10 minute drive anyway!
  4. Also worth checking out the moonlit sanctuary at Pearcedale - a bit smaller than heaslville but you can get up a lot closer with the animals. - our kids favourite is the Wallaby/Roo forest walk where you can feed the roos and wallabies!
  5. We live in Langwarrin, which is just behind Seaford/Frankston. Its 10 minute drive to the station, i park at Seaford, loads of spaces before 7:30am and then get the express (usually the 7:03) which gets me into Flinders street just before 8. I wouldnt bother getting the slow and then switching as the express runs from frankston every 10 minutes, the slow train takes about 1:10 and goes via the loop, so if you want to get off at Parliament or melbourne central its easier. Its $8.60 return each day regardless, or you can get a month pass which works our at about $5 a day depending on what you buy. Driving can be 45mins to an hour on a good day, 2 hours on a bad. Its largely down to luck generally.
  6. and on a 40 °C like today, i make the choice to drive rather than take the risk that there are delays, or the air con is broke in the carriage etc
  7. Yep - express fills up by the time you get to Chelsea/aspendale, but if you get on before then you'll def get a seat. Coming back, depending on time and blind luck it can be like the circle line on a bad day, standing pretty much to Cheltenham. If its hot/rammed, i get the slow train, either all the way through to frankston or to mordialloc or Carrum and jump back on an express when it gets there, adds 10-15 mins to the travel time, but is a more pleasant experience.
  8. Hi Depends on your budget and requirements. Frankston / Mount Eliza/ Mornington are great for kids and good for the beach etc. Frankston is significantly cheaper than other places above, is about 55 mins on the express train into flinders street (which run every 10 minutes or so ) Mount Eliza / Mornington mean a 20 minute drive to the station, on top of the train commute. I live in Langwarrin with 1 wife, 2 kids and a dog and we love it, v. green and great spaces. - I drive to seaford station (10 mins) then 50 mins into the city. Would have loved to live slightly closer to the beach, but couldnt make the finances stack up, and its only an 11 minute drive to the beach at frankston/seaford anyway. If i drive, i can get into the city in about 45 minutes, but that is largely dependent on traffic etc and then it can be expensive for parking. There are great schools locally including state and private. We send our kids to a church school which goes from Kinder to year 12 which is very popular
  9. Gas/Leccy etc

    heres the spreadsheet i use Energy monitoring.xlsx
  10. Gas/Leccy etc

    no they all sell at different rates. What you will need to do is go to each site and put in the initial details to get their kwh rates and supply charge. When i was looking at changing i plugged this into a spreadsheet and included what i was currently paying so that you can compare like for like and see if your bill changes or not. Its a pain, but worth it to work out in black and white
  11. Working holiday VISA (417) "Highest Qualification"

    higher degree usually refers to a degree after a Bachelor degree, typically a masters or PhD
  12. Geelong - what's it actually like?

    its on the up, and is getting a lot of investment. the state government is relocating some departments there, the TAC is already there and WorkSafe Victoria is currently relocating, to complete by the end of this year. A number of people have chosen not to relocate so there will be vacancies available across their workforce. they are based in new offices on Malop street, right in the centre near westfield shopping centre. Those people that commute via Vline seem to have more trouble/complaints than those using Metro trains (which are the melbourne & suburbs network), but if commuting is not required, it could be an option.
  13. ah, have read your bill again - i assume that the transfer was to a non metro / remote area?!?!?
  14. Wow, really? Very strange - i would go back to them and query that. It was all very clear for us, fixed price on both sides for door to door. - 890 and 325. The only caveat would be any fees for additional cleaning / disposal if customs made a fuss.
  15. Who told you movecube fees were so high? They are a fixed price AU$325 - you can see for yourself if you quote on the website. Whats the total price for the PSS move? plus if you are sharing you may get delayed while its filled with other peoples stuff Our large movecube was £890 plus AU$325 all in door to door from Warwickshire to Melbourne SE suburbs