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  1. kevsan

    Is it still worth it?

    WFH / Hybrid is still a thing and certainly more companies are open to it. There are some sections of the economy more flexible than others - i think that public sector are keen to get people in more and more. I work for a large corporate IT company in Melbourne that has offices all over the world and works with a customers across all sectors. All are still accepting WFH / Hybrid is the current normal... I've worked for the last 6 months with a bank and it was all remote except for a 2 day workshop in Sydney that was face to face. Just about to start with a superannuation company and they are talking about up to 2 days in the office - but this is a project specific thing to get people working together and start things off rather than a mandated everyone at their desks kind of thing. If you can, i would certainly get a WFH/hybrid clause written into any contract going forward so if things change significantly there are some protections - whether that's feasible is on a case by case basis during the negotiation stage, but its definitely a thing. As above our company is very much work where makes sense for you... hopefully that lasts - only time will tell.
  2. I managed to workaround this after some playing - I installed the puffin tv browser on the chromecast (some browsers dont process DRM in a certain way so wont work) and then go to channel4.com - login on that and can then watch full screen like a native app.
  3. kevsan

    Anyone got any good air frier recipes?

    We use ours nearly every day, even if not for main meal cooking, but snacks like homemade scrolls for kids lunches, party pies/ sausage rolls. Cook a lot quicker than getting the oven to heat up. You can even do bacon in it for breakfast sarnie too. It takes up space but we do have a cupboard space for when it's not in use. If all the appliances we have, it's the one used the most.
  4. kevsan

    Anyone got any good air frier recipes?

    Also had great success with crispy skin salmon. salt & pepper both side, skin side up 200 for 7-10 mins mix with home made teriyaki sauce and brocolli and easy dinner.
  5. kevsan

    Anyone got any good air frier recipes?

    This was in the coles magazine the other week - havent tried it yet. Sticky Red Curry wings 1kg chicken wings 1/2 cup sweet&sour OR duck sauce 2tsp Thai red curry paste 1 tsp soy sauce 1 med garlic clove mix together in a bowl - add chicken until evenly coated Lay in single layer - cook for 20-25 mins on 180 Garnish with spring onion.
  6. kevsan

    Anyone got any good air frier recipes?

    Korean Chicken Wings! chicken wings/drumsticks 3 tbsp cornstarch 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder For the Sauce 4 tbsp soy sauce 4 tbsp brown sugar ½ tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar ¾ tsp coarse black pepper 1 tbsp water Mix together the starch, garlic powder, and onion powder before pouring the mixture onto the chicken. Mix until coated. Place the chicken wings in a single layer in the air fryer. Air fry at 180 for 20 minutes, flipping at the halfway point. 3 minutes before the chicken is finished, add the sauce ingredients to a pan over medium-heat. Stir throughout. The sauce will not be super thick but thats ok. When the wings are done, remove the sauce from the heat and toss the wings in the sauce until coated. Option - place back in airfryer for 2-3 mins to finish the sauce.
  7. This is exactly what i've done - except that i cant get the All4 app to work, but can cast from a laptop to the tv using it and the UKTV player app doesnt appear to want to load either.
  8. kevsan

    Pay before or after filling up with petrol?

    E10 is 10% ethanol - some car engines can use it. My holden can - it would say on the inside of the filler cap usually. If it doesnt say, probably wise not to use it
  9. there is an old blog post here: https://platinumfreight.com.au/blog/importing-caravans-australia-uk/ but the guys still operate - so you could give them a call. I think the conversion costs can stack up too - but you still might come out ahead
  10. kevsan

    Overseas Post

    thats your first mistake! For me it seems to go in cycles, and trying to work out why drives me to distraction. Stuff i get from china can take 2 weeks. Recently one item came a month after i had lodged a no delivery dispute and got a refund, so about 3 months from transaction. UK has been around 2 weeks but again is hit and miss. Even interstate can be ridiculous. Last month i ordered a part for my bike from sydney. My parents posted a couple of letters on the same day. I had the letters before the parcel from sydney
  11. kevsan

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Just seen on my timeline that 5 years ago today, i packed our movecube and waved it off. Lots of drama and angst and stress since then, but not a single regret in coming here. Good luck @Lavers Lifes an adventure. embrace it.
  12. kevsan

    Lockdown living

    plus TOLL has suffered a couple of ransomware attacks this year, so all their distribution has had a load of problems that they are still working through
  13. kevsan

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    It's nice. We are there right now on holiday. Going back to lockdown on Saturday. Portland is OK, a couple of supermarket's and shops plus a few places to go and see. Fishing charters are still going, so live is carrying on. Port Fairy is really nice, but there is nothing there to keep you going for a few days. Of the two, we would go with Portland. Plenty of touristy stuff around and at cape bridgewater etc.
  14. kevsan

    Aircraft fleets

    I liked the sense of space - particularly if you could get the economy seats upstairs on the Singapore airlines ones. We always found there was always 5 or 6 planes all landing within minutes of each other so queues were just part of it all
  15. kevsan

    Aircraft fleets

    just did a check on flight radar (you can filter on aircraft type. it looks like there are only 2 a380s in the sky as at 09:41 AEST. which is really sad. As Eera states both china southern, 1 heading to amsterdam, 1 leaving vancover