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  1. Short term stay Melbourne

    we used stayz.com.au when we first arrived - and still use them for holiday rentals

    I thought that job offers were only required for 489 visas not 190. See this list - https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/migrate/visa-nomination-occupation-lists/visa-nomination-occupation-list-for-victoria no special requirements by the look of it for dietician I obtained a 190 in Victoria. I didnt have a job offer at the time.
  3. Broadband-WIFI

    you'll need to work out what connection is served at the address (NBN, Cable, Adsl) and that might dictate options. We were with Optus unlimited NBN and their fetch TV package which served our needs at the time. Ive now swapped to Mungi Internet (also unlimited) who have been brilliant, are locally owned. Still small but growing and a decent customer service experience. I doubled my NBN speed switching to them for the same price ($65pm) I've also just swapped to foxtel as they had an offer - sports pack included for $35 a month - decent enough with a range of channels and pvr. They are more pushy than the optus setup in terms of trying to get you to rent / buy additional services and they dont have netflix apps etc which is a pain but i can put up with it.
  4. Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    A lot will depend on your budget, and potentially school preferences. I live in Langwarrin (options of suburbia or larger plots of land if that's your preference), which we like - its mainly green and leafy, and with enough space to get your fix. Its also 10-15 minutes drive to the beach at Seaford, and the same for the train. the express is then a 50 minute journey to flinders street.
  5. Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    yep - if you want proper greenery, you'll need the outer burbs, but that will at least double the commute time.
  6. its a bit of the skew of the statistics and the baying media wanting headlines again. While those two months may have been the first times in recent history that London had a higher homicide rate than New York, the year-on-year statistics are still firmly suggestive of the UK capital being the less murderous city. There were 116 murders in London in 2017, fewer than half New York’s annual total of 290.
  7. Obtaining a PR visa with ankylosing spondylitis

    No - i was upfront with the Doctor who did the medical - listed the NSAIDs that i was on at the time - he made notes and that was the end of any conversation or details about any specifics, and its never come up since. We've been here nearly 3 years and haven't had a problem - but then i was a pretty mild case. Its only recently i've had a flair up and have had to go back onto a course of drugs and also got referred to physio. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis - its not the end of the road. Anti-TNF's are expensive, but are covered by the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) to reduce the costs. I havent heard of anyone being refused, but it MIGHT be taken into account. Not sure what risks your consultant think it poses... but Australia want migrants that are a net contributor rather than a burden. If you are not so incapacitated that you can work, i dont see a problem. Its all anecdotal, but being here has been positively beneficial to me, and only recently had a minor flare up after being 'clear' for more than 2 years. Whether thats lifestyle, climate, outlook or a combination or completely unrelated, who knows.
  8. Where did you stay when you first arrived?

    Holiday let is the way to go - plan for 3-4 weeks that gives you time to get your bearings, and get to long term rental viewings. I'd suggest a holiday let close to the suburb(s) you have your eye on as it will give you more of a feel for the place and you are geographically closer to potential rentals when you have to drive from viewing to viewing on a saturday. We started in Carrum, and then had a rental in seaford before buying in Langwarrin which is the suburb behind frankston. No regrets other than it would be nice to be closer to the beach, but its only a 10minute car ride anyway. Its pretty easy to get to the CBD about an hour in the car (depending on the time you leave) and about the same on the train. Bear in mind that they have started the level crossing removals at frankston and seaford plus the redevelopment of frankston station. So you might have to get the bus to carrum etc etc, which you'll need to take into account in the short term potentially depending on your arrival dates.
  9. British-style pubs in Melbourne

    The imperial hotel at the top of bourke street shows also shows Soccer; less craft beer though its a 5 minute stumble up from the Elephant and Wheelbarrow
  10. British-style pubs in Melbourne

    Its a bit of a trip out, but if you have the time - check out the mornington peninsula brewery bar - craft beers on tap and pizza is pretty good too. https://mpbrew.com.au/
  11. ICT Security Specialist - Skills Assessment

    From a post in 2016.. CISSP will be recognized by ACS as comparable to AFQ Diploma so you will get only 10 points, unless you have bachelor degree which gives you 15. There is no special treatment for CISSP now. (Few years back there was a special category for CISSP, which was discontinued since 2011)
  12. Cost of living in Melbourne

    Hi, I've included the spreadsheet and added some basic salary figures in based on pay calculators for take home pay. The green cells are for adding stuff in, feel free to use it or not, but it might give you an idea of where money goes as a % compared to the UK, and if you can break even! Most of the UK stuff is from 2014 but might give you an idea of what to swap in and out. I've updated slightly the AUS stuff, based on what i think we pay for shopping/elec etc (my wife runs the budget!!), but if you want more specifics please feel free to ask on the forum and everyone will help where they can. Most pricing can be worked out online (like a typical grocery shop etc (coles.com.au / woolworths.com.au) but its a bit laborious and quicker to ask someone what they pay. living costs_pio.xls
  13. Shipping to Melbourne

    If its only 1-2 pallets check out the sevenseas movecube. We used them and they were brilliant. I've got a thread on it somewhere
  14. Bills

    although if you have a smart meter, its once a month billing - thats what we have.
  15. Leave our town

    its amazing what some people will do.. $5,415 of $5,000 goal https://www.gofundme.com/fund-the-streaker-ben-jenkins