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  1. Having lived in Melbourne for nearly 2 years now, i can confirm it doesnt get old, and sometimes you have to pinch yourselves that its real, other times its just the new normal and you have to be careful not to take it for granted. Having been back to the UK for Christmas, it just reinforced that the decision was the right one and we don't regret it for a second. We have 2 young kids so elected to be closer to the beach, originally in seaford and now in Langwarrin. Oh and Richmond? Really. All brits should support St.Kilda, they are the plucky underdogs that we all love.
  2. Perth to london via singapore (singapore airlines) on the same date, $1800. I know what trip i would prefer
  3. $2640 on an economy saver ticket... Perth to London (Heathrow) Depart Fri 30 Mar 18 Return Fri 13 Apr 18 Passengers 1 Adult Travel Class Economy "QF10 is subject to government and regulatory approval for departures effective 25 March 2018" For an extra $100 you can start and finish in melbourne going via perth on the same dates.
  4. Any recommendations for suits that aren't too expensive? Even fairly mainstream ones seem to be $$$. I've been sticking to Next and M&S online delivery but having to pay for returns is a pain if the sizing is wrong, and my sizing does appear to be different now! I can order a decent suit from Next/M&S for $250 and doesnt appear to be anywhere locally that can come even close to that. Based in Melbourne if that makes a difference.
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/qantas-uk-australia-non-stop-heathrow-perth-boeing-787-dreamliner-a7697921.html
  6. have you checked out sites like: https://www.lovehomeswap.com/location/united-kingdom?sleeps=10 On the first page there is someone looking for a Sydney Swap for Christmas, so there is potential
  7. echo what everyone else has said. We arrived Aug15, and our 7 year old was into school in September. She loved it, and fitted in really well. It made for a nice adjustment and allowed her to see how the school functioned and start making friends,which then led to play dates and more importantly a circle of parents that could help with babysitting! Our youngest started kinder in the Jan and it was a long time for him to wait. My wife enjoyed the time with him, but at the end of it they were both ready for him to start.
  8. I guess not illegal, while its voluntary! I remember seeing an article about it a few years ago and thinking people were nuts. It offers nothing that the current ID card/door pass around my neck gives me without the creepy big brother stuff
  9. I used Movecube and sounds like it would be ideal for your needs. Certainly cheaper than a container. THere have been some stories on here about shared containers and having to wait quite a while for them to fill before shipping occurs, but research and work out exactly how much you need is the first thing to sort out. My thread about my experience is here:
  10. and the current cranbourne train line is singltrack for parts of it so cannot carry enough trains to be a realistic commuting option.
  11. Agree with NicF - particularly tools and garden implements, all the forks, spades, other crap you collect I sold off drills, angle grinders, plastering tools, all sorts. My rationale was that it was too much hassle to clean. I brought my drill, toolbox and my dads stanley socket set. The amount i left/sold/dumped makes me shudder. I can and did buy new stuff, but the cheap stuff that you get to get by with is a false economy and is rubbish. The quality end of the market are so much more expensive to replace than bringing what you have.
  12. thats what happened with me - i transferred with the company, and in reality i transferred from one payroll to another. It was treated internally as a new contract though, and although they recognized my continuous service in terms of time at the company, it didnt translate to any accrued benefits.
  13. or you could post the flight times here and see if someone wants a free flight???
  14. I would recommend reading digital Cocaine by Brad Huddleston - https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Cocaine-eBook-Journey-iBalance-ebook/dp/B01BYKKZQS who examines what tech does to the brain in adults and kids
  15. Hi - yes not problems at all, been here 2 years in August, other than me bringing it up in the medical it has never come up. In fact, i haven't given my AS a 2nd thought since being here. Whether its psychological or something in the water!, havent had a flare up or pain that i can recollect since being here. We are definitely more active, what with my Kayaks, Paddleboards and part of a running group so that obviously has a contribution.