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  1. kevsan

    Movecube customs clearence time

    According to the tracker, ours entered and cleared customs on the same day - this was 4 years ago though.
  2. kevsan

    Gin thread

    we are currently hitting Four pillars pretty hard. https://www.fourpillarsgin.com.au/ the bloody shiraz was bloody lovely and need to get some more - the christmas gin isnt to my taste but the wife loves it. The navy strength is pretty good too. they also do tours around the distillery as well.
  3. kevsan

    How to vote in UK Elections - 12th December, 2019

    Because he doesnt keep his promises... remember back to 2016... "Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that Labour will not stand in the way of Brexit amid fresh attacks on his “lukewarm” campaigning before the referendum. The Labour leader ruled out support for a second referendum on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal, adding: “You have to respect the decision people made.”" Guardian Article so, when did he enact the above?
  4. kevsan

    Movecube Questions :)

    HI Vickie Yep - fill up any gaps you can - the price (when we did it) was for the cube rather than by amount/weight. i had some stuff in boxes, other stuff just bubble wrapped or plastic wrapped. Yes to using your own boxes, whatever you have. It helps with stacking if they are all roughly the same size, but thats more for your sanity than anything else, My mountain bike, i stripped down, took the pedals, wheels and handle bars off.. the frame, handlebars and pedals went in a bike box that a mate had from a new purchase and then the wheels were wrapped in plastic wrap and thrown in as is.... I thoroughly cleaned with Jeyes fluid, but it appeared that customs never even looked at them as it was all wrapped up as i had left it. other tips - number the boxes to match the list, that helps you went you unpack rather than having to work out whats in there, and directs customs a bit more easily if needed. try and keep the heavy stuff in the middle of the cube so that its not overloaded at either end... keep the stuff that may be of interest to customs - bikes, Christmas decorations, tools etc near the front, so they dont have to pull the lot out if they want to take a look.
  5. kevsan

    Movecube Bonus Items

    Sort of Large double door fridge freezer, bike, TV, kids toys wrapped up in 2 of those IKEA 2x2 storage (kallax??) units, that was the bulk of the big stuff, plus a toolbox, socket set, drills, boxes of cables, a computer server, plus boxes of crockery, clothes, kitchen appliances - even brought my pizza stones!! edit - just checked the old spreadsheet, also took a small kitchen table and 4x chairs that we still have... our movecube day was 17th July, we left the UK on 25th August and it arrived at our aussie house on 23rd Sept. https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/175186-movecube-ala-tetris/
  6. kevsan

    Movecube Bonus Items

    we had the large, and dont regret it, but then from the sounds of it we took a lot more 'stuff' Certainly throw in anything that you currently have , but think of buying when you get here. Any tools (power or hand) would be worth keeping.... as long as they are thoroughly cleaned.. I am gutted i didn't bring my workbench vice and the dyson.
  7. Airbnb or https://www.stayz.com.au/ which is what we used for 3-4 weeks should give you enough time to get in viewings and applications for rentals As Amber says, agents wont be interested unless you are at rental viewings which typically happen on a wed evening or Saturday.
  8. kevsan

    Australia Prices cheaper now than in 1901

    And i think this is the crux of it. Even my generation - mid 40's can't get out of it - its still keeping up with the neighbours. When i look at what some of my mates and their families spend their money on, i despair. New cars every couple of years, 2odd interstate holidays a year, plus a trip to bali thrown in, multiple TV's, games consoles etc etc etc etc etc etc I could take a good look at myself if i really wanted to and see a lot of poor choices and wasted money on things i didnt need, but i like to think i am reasonably sensible with money I bought my 2007 commodore for $8000 when we arrived, and yes its crap and i would love a brand new one, but i cant afford it.. so i have to wait or make different choices maybe i am just tight.
  9. kevsan

    Australia Prices cheaper now than in 1901

    I guess some of the perception that we are worse off is that we are spending more of our income on non grocery items... more on houses, cars, schools, entertainment, technology, toys etc etc etc so although a bag of tea is 'cheaper' in real terms, we generally have less of a percentage of the household budget available for day to day items
  10. yep UK ones will be fine - you can explain that you are in the process of transferring funds over.
  11. You should be fine. The key is being able to provide proof of income, a work contract and bank statements will be fine, some form of id will also be needed, a driving licence is ideal but otherwise your passport and visa - the agent wants to know that they aren't taking out a 12 month lease with a tourist who can only stay 3 moths and not work to cover the rent. whereabouts in Melbourne are you looking?
  12. kevsan

    UK to Vic Drivers License

    Nope - they dont get recognised or transferred. Just make an appointment and bring all the paperwork along. Takes all of 30 minutes
  13. i've just done this - and rang immigration to confirm The guy on the phone said - as much as you can remember but implied that it was just to get an idea of the type of travel, so 3 months in syria may raise a flag but 2 weeks in the canaries wouldnt.
  14. kevsan

    Ankylosing spondylities

    There have been a few threads over the years around AS. This was one i was involved with. From my view - i never had any problems but was only on NSAID's at the time - good advice above, get an informed view from an agent .
  15. kevsan

    Bills Bills Bills

    There are literally hundreds of 3 beds in your budget across the mornington peninsula, so that shouldn't be a problem. the train line (currently) terminates in Frankston, and the express takes 50minutes into flinders street in rush hour. I live in Langwarrin and it takes me an hour to commute into the CBD roughly. If i was living further down the bay, i wouldn't go much further than mount martha if i needed to commute. However as a teacher, i assume that this is less of an issue for you as you (in theory) work anywhere!??! - unless you have a work location already lined up? The only big thing missing from your list appears to be transport costs - Car, bus etc etc, especially as you go further down the bay, transport options become less and therefore more expensive. plus school fees - even state schools have camp fees, levies etc that can add up