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  1. We pretty much always fly Singapore Airlines, there are never really any bargains to be had. Worth checking out here and asking the question: midweek is usually 'cheaper' but that includes both departing and arriving midweek, so leaving on a tuesday is 'better' assuming you are going straight through.
  2. Barclays Bank

    westpac are part of the Global ATM Alliance that Barclays are with, you could try there, but it would be worth calling barclays first
  3. Finding work before you land

    I had a job to go to. I managed to secure an internal transfer with my company that allowed me to relocate without missing a payslip. That came with its own challenges, as i 'left' my Uk job on the tuesday, we flew wednesday, arrived thursday and was in the Aus office on friday. I am well aware that i am in the minority of those making the move, but could this be an option? Also there is nothing stopping you applying. I would avoid agencies who will ignore you until you are in country, but depending on your field, can you approach HR of potential companies. Another method i used was stalking people in my field on linkedin and approached them directly ( i used this in case my transfer fell through) some were more helpful than others, but for the sake of a few hours work, you never know what opportunities may come out of it.
  4. Photos of Melbourne and Victoria

    Diamond Bay
  5. New Snake Bite Advice 2017

    hmm, fairly timely as we had a visit from a red bellied black in our garden in Langwarrin yesterday. More concerned about the dog investigating than anything else, but he was long gone by the time the snake man arrived.
  6. is a car mentioned anywhere else in the contract. When in the UK, some contracts i had were explicit that i needed to have a car, and some insisted that it was less than 4 years old. You might be ok, but that would be extra costs you might need to add in as well.
  7. Cost of Living Melbourne V Manchester 2017

    also the big one in cost of living is the proportion of anything you spend as part of your salary. a quick google suggests that average salary for manchester is £26k whereas average salary for melbourne is $80k (which converts to £47k) so does that also need to be taken into account???
  8. Cost of Living Melbourne V Manchester 2017

    either way, a lot bigger than manchester at 44 square miles!
  9. Cost of Living Melbourne V Manchester 2017

    i take these figures with a pinch of salt. be interested in some context and background figures, or a % of average wage etc. Eg - monthly ticket for public transport, i'd argue that melbourne is the same physical size as greater london. A 30 day PTV pass is $147 whereas a zone 1-9 tfl ticket is over £300...
  10. Australian House Price Growth

    it was about 20k when we looked into it for an average 3 bed.
  11. Furnishing your home, as a new migrant

    You'll also have to check out when your annual hard rubbish collection is. you will be amazed what people will throw away.
  12. School Advice

    you're probably looking at St Kilda or Sandridge beach for the closet to the CIty. About 30 minutes drive from brunswick as its on the opposite side of the cbd. If you want the beach, you're better looking at suburbs down the bay, east or west and then work out what other amenities/travel times/costs are involved. Check out for prices of buying/renting properties. in terms of brunswick affordability are you looking at costs of housing, or everything else? if you want a family home, you'll have to go over $1m i expect.
  13. School Advice

    As mentioned, you're kinda going about this the wrong way. Work out where you want to live first and then work out the other elements from there. Melbourne is similar in physical size to Greater London to give you an idea. Melbourne Uni is rated as a law school in the top 10 in the world, but the main campus is at parkville so thats not really beach territory, but nearby brunswick has a good set of bars / restaurants etc. RMIT campus is mainly in the CBD, but if you want Law, then aim for Melbourne Uni. Its pretty easy to commute by train as long as you live close to a rail line. - The law school is a quick walk up elizabeth st from Melbourne central station which is on the city loop, so you can live pretty much anywhere and get in easily.
  14. Furnishing your home, as a new migrant

    if you are happy with second hand, dont dismiss the likes of cash converters, especially for tools etc. Replaced a lot of the stuff i left behind. Bought a circular saw from there for $30 2 years ago, and still goes strong, drills and even some hand tools The electronics side less so (although just bought my son a drum kit for $70!), but there are still bargains to be had.
  15. How long to get a place of our own (rent)

    factor in a couple of weeks generally We arrived 27th August. Viewed and applied on 29th August, approved on 31st August, paid deposit 03 Sept, picked up the keys on the 5th Sept. The previous tenant had already moved out so that was in our favour. 2-3 weeks should be more than sufficient.