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  1. Rheumatoid arthritis

    Nope. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a cousin of RA and have been managing for 10+ years. It was barely mentioned at my medical and nothing ever came of it. If its costly to manage now or ongoing is where there might be an issue
  2. Creepy Crawlies?

    Its not too bad here in Melbourne. We live in Langwarrin, which is 'outer fringe' and is a bit more open and green. Our house backs onto a reserve and creek and there are snakes in there apparently, we've never seen any. you just need to be a bit careful and we warn the kids about walking through long grass in the summer. When we go to the beach at seaford we cross the foreshore reserve and there are snake signs everywhere, I also run through there with my running group and again nothing. As long as you are aware that you share the space with others you'll be fine. Spiders. Yes we have them, 3 redbacks so far. There were 2 in the shower, (at the same time) when we moved into the house, but i put that down to the previous owners not cleaning anything ever. We got the house sprayed which is a yearly thing, and we are overdue this year, but have not seen a single spider in months, the other redback was dead in the shed. We do get huntsman, but they are easy to catch if you are quicker than them, but stick them in the garden and they'll keep the nasties away. I think there has been 1 in the house in the last 18 months. No kangaroos in the garden, but it is nice to sit out and watch the possums playing on the fence, although they have become rather partial to the grapefruits on the tree.
  3. Mortgages

    HI Rob as with all these things, it will depend on your circumstances. The bank is only looking to make sure that you can meet the repayments. We arrived Aug 2015 and had a mortgage agreement in Feb and settled in May. At the time that was 90% LTV with Bank of Melbourne. When asked he didnt seem to think pushing to 95% would be a problem. Not that you would necessarily need to. We were keen to get on the ladder sooner rather than later. We bought a 'DIY'ers Dream' so had more scope to add value, whether that made a difference or not, who knows, but given our house has gone up $150k in the year since we bought it, we made the right choice at the time
  4. It's large Movecube day!

    Good stuff. I really like your idea of a ' nice to fit in if we can pile ' - that was my biggest regret. despite measuring and planning, i still had space left over and ending up running around trying to find more things to throw in. I shudder to think of all the stuff that i had got rid of/sold/gave away that could have fitted and i've had to buy again here. Hey ho. - good luck, it will all go pretty quick from here!
  5. Large Electrical Appliances

    nope, you are all good. only need to change the plug
  6. Melbourne to become unliveable

    if you can get an early bird offer its about $19 a day. If you dont, over 3 hours is about $90... even at $19 plus fuel, $8 for a metro ticket return is a no brainer
  7. Melbourne to become unliveable

    thats the train, and the stopping all stations slow train through the loop - i could easily take the 45 min express but i'm happy to take the slower one as the office is 2 minutes from parliament station on collins st. Gave up on the car as the cost of parking was prohibitive rather than the journey time.
  8. Melbourne to become unliveable

    Well it took me 75 minutes this morning as usual from Seaford. I did get a free stress ball at parliament station though!
  9. What to bring...such a conundrum!

    We have 5! Five! in the drawer in the kitchen. not counting the however many we got rid of before we left the Uk. FIVE!
  10. Storage

    Check out the thread by @BadgerLady here: 'Booked a storage unit and parking space in Bankstown, which will cost $515 per month:"
  11. Moving to Melbourne Patterson Lakes ?.

    we lived in carrum for a month before settling in Seaford, and then buying in Langwarrin. Never noticed any smell. It used to be fantastic getting up and going for a run along the river as the sun came up and getting to the beach! We still go to the river regularly and love it, just couldnt afford to buy there. - prices continue to go nuts which might restrict you (or not) Oh, Shavans at the Patterson lakes shopping centre does a reasonable effort for a curry if thats your thing.
  12. Moving to Melbourne Patterson Lakes ?.

    Good for what? Whats your definition of good? They are close to the frankston line, approx 45 minutes into the CBD on the express train. Close to the beach and amenities. Good access to roads and down to the mornington peninsula. Good mooring /launching options on the patterson river if you have a boat. State schools seem reasonable, and options for private as well.
  13. the one thing we did was take a trip around a home make centre to cost up furniture / gadgets / household items to see what was worth taking or buying new. i wouldnt spend more than a morning or afternoon doing it though - after 3 hours i had lost the will to live! other than that, just take a look around at the area, depending on your location there is plenty to do and see.
  14. The Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey (CORMS) is conducted triennially in November throughout Australia as part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) household survey program As CORMS is collected as a supplement to the Labour Force Survey (LFS), persons excluded from the LFS were also excluded from this survey (see Explanatory Notes of Labour Force, Australia (cat. no. 6202.0) for standard LFS exclusions). Additional exclusions from this survey were people living in Indigenous communities in Australia and people in non-private dwellings such as hotels, university residences, boarding schools, hospitals, retirements homes, homes for people with disabilities and prisons. TIMELINESS The Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Migrants Survey was first conducted in 1984 and triennially there after up to 1999. It was collected again in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and the latest survey was in 2016. The name of the survey was changed in 2007 to Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey, and again in 2010, to Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey to better reflect the scope of the survey. Data from the survey are released approximately six months after the completion of enumeration. ACCURACY CORMS is designed to provide reliable estimates at the national level and for each state and territory. The number of completed interviews (after taking into account scope and coverage exclusions) was 42,185, of which 2,965 were recent migrants or temporary residents. This sample was achieved by obtaining a response rate of 91% from the Monthly Population Survey.
  15. Snap General Election Called

    well, my postal voting slip arrived last night. 48 hours to return to the UK..... nothing like leaving it to the last minute