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  1. kevsan

    World Cup Thread

    Just downloaded the version on the play store onto my Samsung S8 - same app version as you - and worked straight away - 5 live worked fine. Tried radio2 as well
  2. kevsan

    World Cup Thread

    my optus app had told me kick off was 3:30 - guess who got up even earlier than that. Currently the life and soul of the party in the office...
  3. kevsan

    Melbourne - Turkish restaurant with a mangal?

    If you're out and about down on the peninsula, check out - http://www.1001nightsrestaurant.com.au/
  4. kevsan

    UK appliances

    yep - my UK TV works fine (its plugged into a foxel box for sat and FTA channels) but FTA also work directly (albeit intermittently), as does my UK Amazon Fire TV box and the Samsung Fridge Freezer that we shipped out
  5. kevsan

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    hmm, better tap up the inlaws for when they next come over. Not sure what they they should put on the passenger card thou
  6. kevsan

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    Makes me hungry for a packet of Skips, or even some scampi fries, do they even make them anymore?!!?
  7. kevsan

    How do people actually get into work in Australia?

    No troubles I've spoken to the Resource manger this morning - and forwarded on the details - i've pm'd you with more specifics. Good Luck!
  8. kevsan

    How do people actually get into work in Australia?

    Hi - whats your timeline and preferred destination? I work as a Senior PM based out of melbourne, but we are always looking for networking techs at all levels, and i work closely with the hiring manager for South Pac. My current project goes until the end of the year and i have 4 network techs on my project so the rest of the group is a bit overrun - PM me with more details, if your timelines Feb 2019 its probably a bit early for us, but i can take a look.
  9. kevsan

    Movecube or container?

    Hi Emma This is my movecube thread - with pics to give you an idea of size. We used a large movecube and we were surprised how much could fit.... but from what your suggesting, you may struggle to get that all in. - unless you used two and stagger departures..
  10. kevsan

    190 Visa Help

    I have 190 sponsorship from Victoria. The only timeline conditions were the following: Conditions of Victorian Government nomination 1. You and your dependants intend to live in Victoria for at least two years. You understand that this two year commitment commences from the time that the nominated visa is granted if you are already living in Victoria; or upon arrival in Australia if you are currently living overseas. Hope that helps - there are requirements to complete a questionnaire every 6 months or so for the first two years, but thats more for them to gauge where people are at. It took me all of 2 minutes to complete each one.
  11. I think i'm worse off - Vic has 11 public holidays by my count this year, and i get 20 days leave. - so 31 all in. In the UK i had 25 days leave a year plus 8(?) this year so that would be 33 days off... 1/01/2018 New Year's Day 26/01/2018 Australia Day 12/03/2018 Labour Day 30/03/2018 Good Friday 2/04/2018 Easter Monday 25/04/2018 Anzac Day 11/06/2018 Queen's Birthday 28/09/2018 AFL Grand Final Friday 6/11/2018 Melbourne Cup Day 25/12/2018 Christmas Day 26/12/2018 Boxing Day
  12. kevsan

    Short term stay Melbourne

    we used stayz.com.au when we first arrived - and still use them for holiday rentals
  13. kevsan


    I thought that job offers were only required for 489 visas not 190. See this list - https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/migrate/visa-nomination-occupation-lists/visa-nomination-occupation-list-for-victoria no special requirements by the look of it for dietician I obtained a 190 in Victoria. I didnt have a job offer at the time.
  14. kevsan


    you'll need to work out what connection is served at the address (NBN, Cable, Adsl) and that might dictate options. We were with Optus unlimited NBN and their fetch TV package which served our needs at the time. Ive now swapped to Mungi Internet (also unlimited) who have been brilliant, are locally owned. Still small but growing and a decent customer service experience. I doubled my NBN speed switching to them for the same price ($65pm) I've also just swapped to foxtel as they had an offer - sports pack included for $35 a month - decent enough with a range of channels and pvr. They are more pushy than the optus setup in terms of trying to get you to rent / buy additional services and they dont have netflix apps etc which is a pain but i can put up with it.
  15. kevsan

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    A lot will depend on your budget, and potentially school preferences. I live in Langwarrin (options of suburbia or larger plots of land if that's your preference), which we like - its mainly green and leafy, and with enough space to get your fix. Its also 10-15 minutes drive to the beach at Seaford, and the same for the train. the express is then a 50 minute journey to flinders street.