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  1. i've just done this - and rang immigration to confirm The guy on the phone said - as much as you can remember but implied that it was just to get an idea of the type of travel, so 3 months in syria may raise a flag but 2 weeks in the canaries wouldnt.
  2. kevsan

    Ankylosing spondylities

    There have been a few threads over the years around AS. This was one i was involved with. From my view - i never had any problems but was only on NSAID's at the time - good advice above, get an informed view from an agent .
  3. kevsan

    Bills Bills Bills

    There are literally hundreds of 3 beds in your budget across the mornington peninsula, so that shouldn't be a problem. the train line (currently) terminates in Frankston, and the express takes 50minutes into flinders street in rush hour. I live in Langwarrin and it takes me an hour to commute into the CBD roughly. If i was living further down the bay, i wouldn't go much further than mount martha if i needed to commute. However as a teacher, i assume that this is less of an issue for you as you (in theory) work anywhere!??! - unless you have a work location already lined up? The only big thing missing from your list appears to be transport costs - Car, bus etc etc, especially as you go further down the bay, transport options become less and therefore more expensive. plus school fees - even state schools have camp fees, levies etc that can add up
  4. kevsan

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    HOLD THE PHONE!! There back... https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-1-june/saturday-detail-wk22/ps/p/smiths-crinkle-cut-chips-150g/ Other 'classics' available too https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-1-june/
  5. kevsan

    Citizenship questions

    didn't you ask this question last week? What answer are you looking for?
  6. kevsan

    UK Driving license in Victoria

    You can keep your UK one on a temp visa, but it might be worth getting a vicroads one as it might work better for ID purposes. its pretty painless to get it sorted. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/renew-replace-or-update/new-to-victoria/overseas-drivers
  7. kevsan

    MoveCube Preparation

    Thats the way to do it! If you have a should we/shouldnt we take this pile, keep it handy for the movecube day, as there's usually a bit of space to add some more bits and pieces in
  8. kevsan

    Home Brew Club

    I currently have 15 bottles of Amber Ale left, and 35 bottles of Pale Ale. I better get some more on the go!
  9. in theory you can, you can register them anywhere in the world online or call them... but the big providers dont tend to send sims out internationally, so you might need to get someone to send you one... or as mentioned above try your luck on ebay
  10. kevsan

    Suburb help!!

    45 minutes gives you a pretty wide search area....you might need to iron out some more specifics - close to beach? shops etc, access to the city?? You can plug figures in here and get an idea (although i take some of the commute times to the closer to the city with a pinch of salt) - i've based it on 30 mins at 7:20am. https://app.traveltimeplatform.com/search/0_lng=145.12202&0_mode=driving&0_time=d1554844881597&0_title=Dixon Street%2C Clayton%2C VI%2C Australia&0_lat=-37.91912 its a pretty wide area - what else is important, budget can be a limiting factor as well. you can search on realestate.com.au and look at the map based on budget to give you pointers as well...
  11. kevsan

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    i dont understand either - it is a top priority for us. 17 more days to go before i can push the button!
  12. Quite an interesting article about the practicalities of listening into your conversations https://www.wired.com/story/facebooks-listening-smartphone-microphone/ but the closing remarks are ones to bear in mind - "But it is tracking you in other—no less insidious—ways you’re not aware of. To quote the soldier's maxim, it's always the shot you don't hear that ultimately gets you." its why facebook and messenger are gone from my phone.
  13. kevsan

    Photos of Queensland

    Palm Cove Palm Cove to Port Douglas Port Douglas Kuranda Sky Rail Kuranda Railway Port Douglas Cheers! Clive the Croc Cairns Lagoon
  14. kevsan

    190 obligations

    You could live in Albury and continue to work in Melbourne! Someone i worked with did this - lives in a house share during the week and back to home thursday/friday for the weekend!
  15. what role/level is he being recruited at? - you could look at glassdoor.com.au for ideas of salary ranges for his 'band' or at least see if you expectations are being met. It seems a little low - but a 2.2 multiplier - so not way off