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  1. belter

    New destiny/destination

    We are going to Hervey Bay as that’s where the inlaws live and can get to see their son and the grandkids again. i am a nurse so I should get a job ok. He is a mechanic but has been working in oil and gas for the past 8 years. its a bit risky.. but we live in a really small town here only about 20,000 and we have jobs, so fingers crossed.
  2. belter

    New destiny/destination

    We are on isolation just now and thought I could do nothing until I started some enquires,some companies will still quote you, some won’t. we have changed our moving timeline from 2.5 years to 1 year. We have gotten quotes to move our furniture so we can plan. We are getting quotes to transport our dog. This is where it gets exciting. We have been looking at houses online....with pools. I never had a pool before I would like a pool for my children. I kind of thought I might enjoy isolating better with a pool, if you were allowed to use your pool. we have changed our destination from Brisbane to.....Hervey Bay. Anyone got any thoughts on that?
  3. belter


    That's all pretty helpful thanks folks
  4. belter


    Just clarifying, having done a bit of googling. Do you pay $41 for each prescription medication? Is it the same for kids? Thanks in advance
  5. belter

    Are you hoarding? 'hamsterkauf'

    Definitely haven't been panic buying but unfortunately I can't even get the basics because other people are. I saw a guy buy what must have added up to well over 100 toilet rolls and the hand sanitiser that's a joke. I'm the most disorganised person in the world so if it happens I'll just have to deal with it.
  6. belter

    Any vegetarians?

    So it's not my first vegetarian meal ever but my first deliberate vegetarian meal in a long time. Apart from the odd tomato soup, beans on toast etc, I had't gone out and bought something frozen that was vegan. I definitely will do the vegies in curries I used to do that before when I was losing weight. I like baked potatoes and salad and stuff but I will have to keep in mind the great lentil and the great bean. Falafels for lunch today, don't know if I am looking forward to it.
  7. belter

    Terrified my anxious dogs will die if flying to uk

    I suppose I never thought about it. Maybe some homeopathic or natural stuff for dogs? You could try it for a while before see how the dog reacts, not to sedate just anti anxiety.
  8. belter

    Terrified my anxious dogs will die if flying to uk

    Surely you can get some medication from the vet if they are that anxious?
  9. belter

    Terrified my anxious dogs will die if flying to uk

    hi Lee we went with All Creatures Air Road I can'y remember the route but it only took him a day. I think the company were ok but the crate he arrived in was a bit tatty so I sent them an email and never heard back. Don't know if that's an issue or not
  10. belter

    Any vegetarians?

    Had my first vegetarian meal today. It actually turned out to be vegan so that's even better. It was butternut squash and thai curry in a potato rosti. It was delicious. At first I was a bit unsure but as I got used to it I really enjoyed it. I feel better too. But I am still hungry that's the only thing. Any vegetarians out there give a newbie some advice?
  11. belter

    Terrified my anxious dogs will die if flying to uk

    I was worried about my dog but he made it back fine. I would think it would be better to have a crate that fits the dog rather than bigger.
  12. belter

    Flood areas

    thank you
  13. belter

    Flood areas

    Hello all, I've been searching the net looking for a website to tell me how to find out flood zones in QLD. I did find this https://floodcheck.information.qld.gov.au/ but everywhere I look at seems to have bright blue on it. I don't know what that means. Anyone know how to find out what the flood zones are before finding out for real. Thanks B x
  14. belter

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Hi, we would like to go hervey Bay but my husband believes it's a no go for work so we're heading closer to Brisbane. His parents live in HB so that would be more handy. Can I ask what you do there?
  15. belter

    Pros and Cons

    Its been about 8 years. I must admit I do all my shopping at aldi and I freak out if I have to go to tesco so the groceries might surprise me. I forgot about rates, I'll think about that too.