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  1. mt9754

    Offices still processing?? Agents answer please

    Worth waiting for agents but from what I have read you need a travel exemption approved and attached in order for any visa application to be processed (until the borders reopen). Or are you onshore?
  2. mt9754

    Re-doing medical before CO contact

    It’s a personal choice. If you don’t mind the cost then keeping your application good to go so you can get a grant with no CO contact is the fastest route. The preferred route is to only get them done when asked, it will cost less money but will also take a little longer overall as it takes time to get them done and then some more time for the CO to review them. I understand the border is still closed to most temporary visa holders, given this i’d be tempted to hold fire on renewing docs until Oct/Nov earliest when Australia will be contemplating opening the border (unless your occupation is eligible for a critical skills travel exemption).
  3. mt9754

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    It really depends on the Etihad flight. If it’s the same flight number the whole way there and you don’t have to get off the plane at Melbourne (with no domestic travellers boarding in Melbourne) then you may be able to quarantine in Sydney. Singapore Air and a few others have some flight routes like this. If the flight is separate and you have to disembark in Melbourne then you will definitely have to quarantine in Melbourne and will miss your Sydney flight by around 14 days as rules currently stand.
  4. mt9754

    Submitting multiple EOI - How to

    Ah sorry, he didn't have a signature, I stand corrected.
  5. mt9754

    Submitting multiple EOI - How to

    If you submit one EOI and choose all states then you won't get picked by any of them as they all have their own systems in place. However, there is no harm in submitting separate EOIs to different states. There is nothing wrong with expressing interest in 2 visas, 2 states or even 2 countries?
  6. mt9754

    Submitting multiple EOI - How to

    Yes that’s fine, no implications. It is the only way to apply for a subset of states. You will need a new account and get a new EOI number. Make sure you write down your EOIs and passwords, it can be a bit confusing when you get an email to know which account it is referring to.
  7. mt9754

    Are we defacto

    Although there are no stereotypes, it should be a serious long term relationship demonstrable from many angles with solid evidence. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/supporting/Pages/evidence-of-relationship.aspx Having been apart recently doesn’t bode well. Have a read of the criteria on the website, your comments make it sound as if the relationship might be quite casual but wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions based on 1 or 2 sentences. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/supporting/Pages/evidence-of-relationship.aspx
  8. mt9754

    Bring parents over on tourist visa 600

    Full details on health examinations required are here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/health/what-health-examinations-you-need If you're applying for a eVisitor visa, your parents are from a low risk country, and they are under 75 years old then I don't think they'll need to undertake a health examination? Were you looking at the 651 or the 600?
  9. mt9754


    I scored too poorly in the written section even though I got a C in English at GCSE. You need to demonstrate you can use complex structures for your sentences, I rarely use them as my line of work is very technical. Another challenge with IELTS is that it's paper based. For me it meant it took me a long time to write my answers and I couldn't restructure them at the end. Personally I would recommend Cambridge or PTE. PTE is easiest by far and Cambridge is the same as IELTS except you can use a computer if you book the right one.
  10. mt9754

    Medicare Enrolment Processing Time

    Pretty quickly - we completed ours at a Centrelink so didn't need to mail it through. It took about 2 weeks max plus Auspost took about another 2 weeks to send it out.
  11. mt9754


    Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision if the time is not right. You might find it becomes easier to make a decision later when there are less plates spinning (eg more years of retirement under your belt, more certainty with your siblings - you might find they both decide to stay in the UK afterall for example).
  12. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    Lol, oh sorry - yeh me reading your message totally wrong haha
  13. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I guess they must be getting down to the dregs from each age group, plus the final chunk of younger people who do seem more reluctant. Out of 66 million people: 34 million invited (40+, vulnerable and health care) 16 million being worked through (from 18 to 40 years old) 16 million ineligible (from 0 to 18 years old) 34 million people jabbed so far. So it's looking pretty high take up thankfully despite some numpties
  14. mt9754

    Rental income from UK

    Yeh I found it weird too. Out of politeness I went for 1 year (there is 20% discount code). Having used it for a bit now, as long as you’re subscribed then items in your connected bank accounts will be automatically categorised and added to a draft return for next year. Useful to ease the pain especially with buy-to-let income and expenses. But I agree, potentially not a big enough reason to stay subscribed for most.
  15. mt9754

    Rental income from UK

    An old thread but just thought i'd mention there are some apps out there these days for Self Assessment including SA109. Untied is one example.