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  1. mt9754


    I scored too poorly in the written section even though I got a C in English at GCSE. You need to demonstrate you can use complex structures for your sentences, I rarely use them as my line of work is very technical. Another challenge with IELTS is that it's paper based. For me it meant it took me a long time to write my answers and I couldn't restructure them at the end. Personally I would recommend Cambridge or PTE. PTE is easiest by far and Cambridge is the same as IELTS except you can use a computer if you book the right one.
  2. mt9754

    Medicare Enrolment Processing Time

    Pretty quickly - we completed ours at a Centrelink so didn't need to mail it through. It took about 2 weeks max plus Auspost took about another 2 weeks to send it out.
  3. mt9754


    Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision if the time is not right. You might find it becomes easier to make a decision later when there are less plates spinning (eg more years of retirement under your belt, more certainty with your siblings - you might find they both decide to stay in the UK afterall for example).
  4. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    Lol, oh sorry - yeh me reading your message totally wrong haha
  5. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I guess they must be getting down to the dregs from each age group, plus the final chunk of younger people who do seem more reluctant. Out of 66 million people: 34 million invited (40+, vulnerable and health care) 16 million being worked through (from 18 to 40 years old) 16 million ineligible (from 0 to 18 years old) 34 million people jabbed so far. So it's looking pretty high take up thankfully despite some numpties
  6. mt9754

    Rental income from UK

    Yeh I found it weird too. Out of politeness I went for 1 year (there is 20% discount code). Having used it for a bit now, as long as you’re subscribed then items in your connected bank accounts will be automatically categorised and added to a draft return for next year. Useful to ease the pain especially with buy-to-let income and expenses. But I agree, potentially not a big enough reason to stay subscribed for most.
  7. mt9754

    Rental income from UK

    An old thread but just thought i'd mention there are some apps out there these days for Self Assessment including SA109. Untied is one example.
  8. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I'm depressed about how long this will drag on for, unfortunately a lot of the Australian population are not bothered about opening the borders at all and so the government attitude is currently reflecting that. I just hope the daily grilling from all those travel eager journalists and influential economists/big businesses will really pile on the pressure haha. For once big business is actually on my side lol.
  9. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/leaving-australia#toc-6 Check out Ordinary Resident section. So the 12 out of 24 months is not actually a thing and the real legislation disagrees: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid-19/Documents/outward-travel-restrictions-operation-directive.pdf So it boils down to common sense, I think for most of us we would be considered ordinary residents in Australia.
  10. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I hear that today the UK has secured 60 million additional Pfizer jabs for a booster programme in Q3. Yet Australia can’t even secure a decent number for a first jab until Q4. The mind boggles.
  11. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    It makes sense to stay in Oz, i’m just so frustrated at the glacial pace of the vaccine rollout and opening up :(. Especially now deaths are approaching zero in UK and they are opening back up for good, the US not far behind too. Thanks everyone for your replies, wish there were other options but I will just need to suck it up like everyone else haha.
  12. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    You have to meet the criteria, as i’ve not been in Australia long and most of my ties are still with the UK and I currently meet the criteria. For me, leaving is fine but wouldn’t feel right to return (morally) until they open up international travel a bit more and the caps are gone. Otherwise I’d feel i’d be travelling against the spirit of the rules (but not the letter).
  13. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    Fingers crossed we can hold it at bay. In the meantime I think i will move my flights back to december on the off chance they start vaccinating under 40s by November.
  14. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I think this is where we disagree, I know so many close friends who have had Covid deaths in the family from the UK, I worry about what would happen if the UK variant got some traction out here.
  15. mt9754

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    That’s fair, I think my point is i’m not sure we have the luxury of waiting until Q4, I worry the gvt. might regret that decision. For me it’s weighing up a 20% (?) chance of a widespread outbreak killing 20,000 people vs 25 deaths from bloodclots.