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  1. mt9754

    Online Banks

    I meant after you have set aside money for an emergency then any additional money is probably best spent paying down debts. Even in a locked-in risky 4% investment, you’re unlikely to beat paying down debts after you’ve deducted tax (assuming 33% to 37% income tax).
  2. mt9754

    Online Banks

    Xinja, Up, 86400 and Revolut are the main ones. Unfortunately you need to be onshore with a permanent address in order to sign up to any of them. Some require TFN if you want to open savings pots. We have tried Xinja and Up, with Up being better. Revolut offering didn’t look great and 86400 we had trouble registering but we thought that one looked best. Worth mentioning all savings interest accrues income tax out here . Means once you have a little emergency fund it’s best to pay off debts like Mortgage rather than save.
  3. For example, HSBC were able to setup instant transfer with very high limits for me, which is great but they have hidden fees of 3% (on the total balance) so i leave it for emergencies only
  4. Difficult situation, I would ask yourselves whether you really need all the money immediately, just because there are services like transferwise that are 3% to 5% cheaper for transferring money so if Barclays offer an alternative way to authenticate you will be paying a hefty price for the speed.
  5. That's true, always pay That's true, always pay it off each month. I've never had an Amex rejected (except where they don't accept it) so I like to have it in my wallet as a backup, and it helps me top up the Qantas points for upgrading those trips back and forth too
  6. That’s good to know but i think it’s still important in the early days. For example, my partner wasn’t able to get a phone contract until they had a credit history. We did the Amex Global Transfer CC and a couple of weeks after it arrived it unlocked getting a phone contract.
  7. I wondered what tricks were out there for building a decent credit score fairly quickly once in Oz. Before leaving the UK i have 2 recommendations: - Get an Amex more than 6 months before you leave. Amex Global Transfer basically means they will give you an Australian CC based on your UK credit score. I used this and it’s been amazing to have a great cc with a high credit limit from day 1. - If you have HSBC in the UK, they can setup an Australian bank account for you before you leave, they will also give you an Australian HSBC CC based on your UK credit score Any other hints and tips for shortcutting the long journey of building up a good credit rating?
  8. mt9754

    Hoarding and Panic Buying

    It’s not called Izal is it? More suited as tracing paper than toilet paper
  9. mt9754

    Hoarding and Panic Buying

    Back in the UK there was a panic rush and we tend to buy day-to-day so later in the week we had to make do with a few bits from what was left but it was fine - I forgot how much i love crispy pancakes! With toilet rolls we quickly realised it’s not like we burn through the stuff and they were back in stock well before we needed any. Are people using toilet paper like bunting or have a lot of Andrex puppies who keep rolling it around the house, or maybe they have some very severe digestive issues which they should probably speak to their doctor about. The mind boggles!
  10. I politely declined to enable the voice recognition on the ATO, i’m a bit funny about systems like that (probably because i’m in IT haha). First tax returns coming up next yesr, think i will need some help with the first one, if Australia and UK tax years started on the same date it would be a lot easier!
  11. mt9754

    Excess Luggage

    They’re using all the space for lucrative cargo at the mo and don’t seem very interested with offering a fair price for excess baggage. I was shocked how bad Cathay and Qatar are with extra baggage costs too. British Airways were going to allow me to bring 6 heavy bags until my flight got cancelled so had to rebook with a competitor and ended up having to send half my bags with a bag company.
  12. mt9754


    If you're ever near a TK Maxx, it's worth popping in and looking at the shelves by the tills. They have some Australia adapters ridiculously cheap 2 for £2 a couple of months ago. Additionally, bring a 4-gang UK extension and then you can plug in 4 UK devices in with just 1 adapter ;-).
  13. mt9754


    They did a very short survey with us when we arrived at the hotel and tried to accommodate any serious medical conditions but they had very limited choice of rooms. Our hotel, none of the rooms had openable windows for example. My suggestion would be get a routine going, we oriented ours around the meals, embrace things like laundry day, try to hold back on buying treats for “special occasions” say like friday or the nth day. It’s tough, we brought an Apple TV with us, plugged it into the hotel tv and watched a few good series in the evenings. I had to google how to make it work with the hotel wifi but got there in the end with a little help from my laptop.
  14. mt9754


    As I understand it, if you want a "family doctor" that has time for you and listens to your previous history etc then you might want to pay for your appointments and go private. Whereas if you don't really go to the doctors ever and you'll only go for a very specific problem, then go bulk billing and get a full refund back from medicare. Make sure you login to the My Gov site and hookup: - Medicare - Add your bank account number This will allow you to get automatic refunds for anything you spend at the doctors, otherwise you have to do all the paperwork manually!
  15. mt9754

    Premium Bonds

    Tbh, i’m not looking forward to my first tax return. Premium Bonds are no different to any other savings account / investment in Australia though? I’ve not found any tax-free savings accounts out here yet.