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  1. Cookster

    Travel concerns

    Wanting to travel to UK in July/August, flights are really good at the moment. But have concerns about Corona virus. Being a type 2 diabetic, a few more concerns than normal about sitting on a plane/ airports for hours. Anyone else have concerns?
  2. Cookster

    Entry into UK

    Ummmmmm different surnames.
  3. Cookster

    Entry into UK

    Morning, Have you actually entered UK without consent letter?
  4. Cookster

    Entry into UK

    Hi there. Thanks for your reply. No chance of him being on the family law watchlist, believe me We asked the father to sign passport application but he refused. So we applied to the courts under special circumstances and it was granted.
  5. Cookster

    Entry into UK

    Hi there. Never heard of the family law list and no court orders in place. Only going to UK for a 3 week holidaybut concerned we may need something. Father wont sign anything.
  6. Cookster

    Entry into UK

    Does anyone have any information on entry into the UK for a single Mum and child. Mum and child have Australian passports and have travelled abroad before. Father is absent. Does UK immigration need a letter of consent from the father. Appreciate any advise/ information..
  7. Cookster

    Hervey Bay and surrounds

    Hi there. We have been in HB now 12 years, happy to help with any questions.
  8. Cookster

    Hervey Bay?

    ..... snap!!!
  9. Cookster

    Hervey Bay?

    Hi there Sharna. Dont come on here very often but just logged on and saw your comments We have been in Hervey Bay for 9 years now and still think we are the luckiest lol We have traveled all over Oz and still prefer this area. True jobs are a bit bit and miss, having said that we have a huge group of friends and i am the only one out of a job and I'm not even looking lol. Let me know if i can help in any way.
  10. Cookster

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Good morning Jany and Jessica, Sorry about the delay in replying, dont come on much. If I can help in any way I will. There is a large community of expats here in the bay. It is actually quite a small place and you will easily and quickly get to know your way around and meet people. What we have done in the past is have a get together at the local pub, kids aswell, and intrduce the newbies around!!! Its a good way of getting to know people and make some contacts...... As far as schools go there are two public high schools. My 2 went to Urangan High. My daughter left there 2 years ago and my son who is 17 is just finishing yr 11. They have both done very well there and my daughter achieved a very good OP score. I find it is no better or worse than UK schools. The kids seem respectful, clean and tidy, well most of them.......Makes me laugh, some of them kick their shoes off when they leave the school.... still cant get used to that!!! We live in Scarness, 8 mins walk to the beach as we have 2 dogs that like to swim most mornings. Hubby works 5 mins away and I work down the marina. Kawungan and Urraween are a little way back from the beach and you will proberly have to drive everywhere from there. We are looking at moving to Urangan or Torquay at the moment to get a smaller place and a bit closer to the beach. If you are looking at rentals in Urangan stay away from Pulgul Street as its mozzie city. Pialba is the oldest part of the town, with some good and worse streets. You will see for yourself really but on the whole there arnt any really bad areas. And to be honest you will get hooning everywhere, but the police are very good here and are clamping down on it. There seem to be plenty of rentals at very good prices, compared to the Goldie!! Shopping...... Hummmmmm Aldi, Target, Woolies, several of them, Coles, Jaybe Hifi, several surf shops.... Big w, but no Kmart, yet!!!! Anymore thoughts please PM me. Angela x
  11. Cookster

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Hello there. Glad your settling into the `Bay`!!! We have been here 6 years and the time has flown past. There is a large expat community here and we all socialize on a regular basis. So drop me a line if you fancy a meet up for coffee/wine, always good to meet a fellow southener!!!! Dont come on here very often so best pm me.....Regards Angela
  12. Cookster

    Private Members Clubs - Drinking

    Hi there, up here in Hervey Bay we have a Private Members Club. It is affiliated with Hoolihans Irish bar and is called the Hervey Bay Appreciation Society lol. We meet every Thursday after work about 5pm and put the world to rights!!!!! Membership is by invitation only and you have to fill certain critira............. a. Be a POM b. Like beer Angela x
  13. Morning, just wanted to say welcome and dont worry too much about rentals. We had no problem getting one. They do expect you to keep your animals outside, but then they do get you to fumigate the carpets and pay extra to have them de flead when you leave!!! Any questions just ask. Angela x
  14. Cookster

    OMG Application being processed further

    Morning, there are loads of garages in the bay area. I get the feeling that it is who you know when it comes to getting a lot of work here. Don`t worry too much, no one I know is unemployed!!!! Anyway its a good excuse for us all to get together and have a welcome to the Bay bbq for you. Angela
  15. Cookster

    OMG Application being processed further

    Dont panic ours said that too !!!! Hervey Bay..... Ace place. Burnt myself stupid on the beach today!!!!! Angela