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  1. Please move if wrong place. I'm about to submit a citizenship by decent online application for my daughter. My other daughter needs one too and I've put her details (as requested) on the same application. Is this correct? I presume so otherwise they would request all her details as well? I'm just wondering whether to use the same IMMI ref. number with I get my declaration 1195 form signed by a qualified person. Thanks Beth
  2. Thank you again snifter. you're so helpful.
  3. Thank you so much snifter. You're an incredible asset to this community and you've provided me with more info than the high commission would have given in this amount of time. I'm Oxford based so a day trip to London for the passport interview for the girls will be fine. So ultimately, what I need to do is in this order: 1. Get our girls citizenship by descent certificates 2. Apply for and obtain their Australian passports 3. THEN send off the 309/100 application online and submit the $7,000 with it 4. Then it's the waiting game...If visa is still not granted by April 2019 can we still fly there or wait do you think? Appreciate it, again!
  4. MrsWayLay17

    Hervey Bay and surrounds

    We're looking to settle in Hervey Bay. Originally being from Brisbane I can't envisage us living back in a big city. Does anyone have any links with HB and know if it would be well suited for a family of four with their children of Primary school age. What is the employment scenario like there? I've looked online and that's been helpful but I was hoping some of you would be able to give their insight. Are there any areas around HB (Not Maryborough) that you think is worth checking out? Keen to go anywhere from Bribie Island area right up towards Bundy but not quite as far as that! HB preferable.
  5. Oh wow thank you so much for all of this very informative and useful information. I will print off this chat trail and the PDF docs you so helpfully provided and get the ball rolling. You've made a lot of very interesting and insightful points, for which I am grateful. Getting $7,000 is going to be very hard but I'm hoping we can get that arranged and get the ball rolling asap. Snifter - Can I just that it's best for me to wait for our 2 daughter's Aust citizenship and Aust passports to come through before my husband submits his application? I've pre-filled the form in online to already state that our daughters were Australian citizens and did plan on waiting for that proof to come through so I could attach it to the application. Would their (near future) Australian passport details be helpful as well? Very good points made above were the fact that he'll need to be a PR before applying for a mortgage (something we were hoping to do as near to the start as possible after arriving), and also the point that the price is likely to increase again (a friend of mine went three years ago and it was only around $3,500 back then). Thanks again, I'm starting to get my head around it more now. I'll be happy for any more advice anyone wants to give. Edited to add: Another question...a few of you have said we can skip the temp resident one and go straight to PR....how do we do this? Sorry if I sound dim, it's just a lot to get my head around! Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am new here but have been a lurker for a few weeks. I am an Australian citizen who has been living in the UK with my now-husband for 15 years (i am a dual citizen). We got married last month in Queensland and have now come back to the UK. We've decided to move to Australia permanently with our two children in 2019 and I wanted to get the ball rolling with his visa. Am i right in thinking that he applies NOW for his temp visa ... which then eventually will turn into the permanent one? I can apply for this visa now even though we won't be there for another 19 months? Our children will have citizenship via me so i won't need to do anything with them besides get their Aust passports sorted out. If anyone else has done this, i'd love to hear from you. I understand the visas can take up to 3 years to obtain so now is a good time to start right?? Do some people wait until they're IN Australia? $7,000 is a lot of money! Thank you for reading!