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Found 87 results

  1. Hi! It's me again, back with another subjective question! We are looking at Adelaide in terms of a place to live when we move back to Australia, and I wanted to get your opinions on popular suburbs around the city, and good cafes/pubs/food & drink, preferably in Western areas relatively near beaches. I am aware that what counts as a 'good' suburb or place to live is highly subjective based on who you are, in my case; a 17-year old, a 15-year old (me) and a 50-year old, but I just wanted to see what you guys think are some good places to look at. My mum is an Occupational Therapist who is looking for areas in Adelaide that will be good for jobs in Voc Rehab and similar jobs. The suburb/area doesn't necessarily have to be ideal for teenagers, as we aren't particularly interested in shopping, clubbing etc just yet. Personally, I would like a place that is accessible to local cafe's and takeaways, somewhere I could hangout with my friends. I've seen that there are trains/tram lines within the city and surrounding areas, so I could always use those to go to museums, pubs, libraries and other public buildings. Of course, who doesn't love the beach? In an ideal world, we'd want to live somewhere relatively close to beaches (walking or biking distance ideally, but having to drive/use public transport is fine too of course!), whilst also being able to hop in the car or on a bus/train and drive to more urban public places. Seeing as I am 15, I will be needing to go to a highschool in Adelaide, so a suburb relatively near to a good highschool or with school buses would be great haha I know this is all really subjective and vague, and entirely dependant to what you look for in life, but basically I'm looking for your personal top picks in places to live in Adelaide that were/are good for you, as well as places that seem to decently cater for a person's needs in most aspects of life (nature, entertainment, jobs, education, food & drink, public transport, recreation). Any recommendations at all are appreciated! And again, sorry for the subjectivity of the question.
  2. MrsWayLay17

    Hervey Bay and surrounds

    We're looking to settle in Hervey Bay. Originally being from Brisbane I can't envisage us living back in a big city. Does anyone have any links with HB and know if it would be well suited for a family of four with their children of Primary school age. What is the employment scenario like there? I've looked online and that's been helpful but I was hoping some of you would be able to give their insight. Are there any areas around HB (Not Maryborough) that you think is worth checking out? Keen to go anywhere from Bribie Island area right up towards Bundy but not quite as far as that! HB preferable.
  3. Hey guys, I'm moving over to Sydney in August this year, really good do with someone showing me around. The good bars, beaches and parks. I'm 25 so looking for people around the same age. I'm a fairy outgoing guy who likes to keep fit. thanks
  4. PityTheFool

    Melbourne - One year in

    Started this as a reply to another thread but it became a vent so though it best to start a new thread! Anyway, we moved to Melbourne a year ago from England (East Midlands) and are not sure we chose the right place, here's why; The weather is pretty bad, summer was nice but not for long, the was a week of 40+ which was a shock to the system but other than that it's been pretty poor. I'd say in the last year there has been prob 2 months that had the weather we expected, the rest of the time it's been very similar to England just not as cold. Saying that it's colder at night coz the houses just aren't insulated like in the uk, if it's cold outside it's cold inside!! Based on my experience the work situation is very bad! (I'm an electrical engineer). Very, very small industry and almost impossible to crack - I was refused one interview because I was from England!! Everyone wants local experience but no one wants to get you the chance to get any. Melbourne may be big but everybody knows everybody, not what I expected and very different to the UK, very much who you know not what you know!! Work life balance, what's that all about, Aussies are very happy to work all week and in some cases the weekend, 12 hour days are normal and in most cases necessary to cope with the workload they expect you to handle. Beaches - nice but nothing special. Our favourite is Mt Martha which is very nice, although I'm sure there are far better around Oz, well, I know there are coz we've been to some of them. People - not as friendly as we'd have hoped. We are 33 and 30 with two boys 8 and 7, being young with children of our age is pretty much unheard of in Melbourne, people in the city are either single or couples without children, however they are the same age as me and my wife. The vast majority if the parents at our boys' school are mid to late 40's, with children the same age as ours. Not saying this is a bad thing, just very different for the UK, generally speaking Aussies don't have children in their early to mid twenties like people do in the Uk. I commute an hour each way to work on the trains - which are shocking!! I thought public transport in the UK was unreliable, this takes the biscuit!! Melbourne is great for sport. Our boys love the AFL, which is far more accessible to the average family than English football, a family ticket to a big game at the MCG is $50, about £25-30!! The boys play way more sport here than they ever did in England, especially basketball which they love. In terms of money; cost of living is higher but then so are salaries (although they make you work for it!) we are far better off now than we were in England. We don't have to be careful with money like we did in England and still have some left over for savings. The outdoors is amazing, national parks, wildlife, etc. I'll never get bored of seeing kangaroos and koalas!! The prob with Melbourne is it's always to cold or raining to enjoy it!! our experience hasn't been all negative, just not as expected. Would we go back to England - no definitely not (despite the above Australia is much better), would we conserved anywhere else in Oz - definitely! We've started to discuss other cities, possibly Brisbane but the boys and their experience, i.e. changing schools too often is a big concern, we feel we can prob get away with one more move so who knows!! Anyway commute over....comments / experiences would be appreciated....
  5. Hi, We're moving over next yr and are considering where to live. My husband is going to look for work at an international airline so we need to live within 45 mins of an airport. We thought Brisbane was going to be most suitable as we have a good work contact there but finding somewhere to live within walking distance of a nice beach is proving unlikely from the research I've been doing (I've just put a post in the Queensland section in case anybody has any bright ideas that we've missed). We are unmovable on living near to the beach - at the moment we live a 10 min drive away in the UK but never get around to going and I'd like to be able to take the kids after school regularly. We loved Sydney but don't think we can afford to live close to the beach there as house prices are too high (unless there are suburbs further out that are accessible to the airport where house prices are more reasonable?) Although we liked Cairns when we visited, we don't like the fact you can't swim in the water. Perth is an option as we loved it there too, but feel he would have a long commute to the airport in order for us to be able to find an affordable beach suburb. Can anyone suggest where might be a good fit for us? We haven't visited Melbourne, Adelaide and lots of other potential cities. We have three kids so need good schools and are looking for a place that has a community feel. Any suggestions of places we could research would be appreciated! x
  6. Hi I am planning to return to the UK for 6 weeks between mid November and the end of December. Given that I will be retaining my rental property in this time I am planning to rent it out while it is empty. Has anyone got any advice/gotchas for doing this? The property is in Port Melbourne so being near the beach and the CBD I would think it is pretty desirable. I am planning to advertise on gum tree - if anyone has any other sites they recommend please let me know. Thanks in advance. J
  7. Hi, don't know if anyone can help? My husband and I are moving to Oz in september - he has a job in Hornsby nsw - we are looking at living in the northrn beaches area or somewhere nice not too far away from the sea and hornsby? Any ideas? We have seen some really nice places in newport, bilgola, avalon, narrabeen and collaroy?! I have to get a job somewhere around using public transport too and wondered whet the bus services were like in the northern beaches area? Thanks:unsure:
  8. Hi there, My name is Natasha and I'm 26yrs old... I have been in Australia for 6yrs (2yrs traveling), I was in a 7yr relationship that is no longer and feel I am starting all over again... So I have just moved into Manly and keen to meet some like minded people, I enjoy all kinds of activities and adventures! I'm very easy going and bubbly.... Really keen to make some female friends... If interested in meeting for a drink/coffee ect, let me know
  9. Hi, my husband and I arrived in Sydney 7 weeks ago and are loving it but are looking to meet some new families and friends. We have two boys, one almost 4 and another aged 1. Would love to meet up with some mums midweek for playdates and socialising as I'm at home with the boys. We are living in Frenchs Forest in the Northern Beaches but am happy to drive to different suburbs to get out and about. As much as we would love a night out in the pub but we are bit lacking in baby sitters but we have just bought the new BBQ which we are dying to test properly :-) Get in touch if you fancy catching up. Lorna
  10. Guest

    Life in Northern Beaches

    HI All I have just received confirmation of a job offer and sponsorship for a company in Cromer / Manly We are now planning to do a full recce late July / early august to get a good feel of the place and the suburbs Is there anybody out there who could give us some feedback on good areas to live in - and to visit while we are out there We are aware of the expense and do not mind the travel upto 30 mins to get to work if needed Anybody who may want to meet up and swap stories would be great as well , we have 4 kids (2 boys / 2 girls) 13 / 12 / 9 and 8 Many thanks for any information KamlaK
  11. Hi everyone We have been here a few months now and are beginning to feel settled but I'm really missing all of my friends from home, as are my two boys (5 and 3). We are in Forestville and I just wondered if there was any other expats with young children locally who fancy meeting up sometime? Cheers Emma
  12. Live the Aussie dream close to Bne & Surf beaches- House for sale Beautiful house for sale, can be bought fully furnished as in attached pictures. Stunning views. Just over 1 hour to Gold Coast and 1 hour to Brisbane. Perfect location in resort village overlooking lagoon. Wallabies and parrots around - one acre block with paddock for horse. We will be heading back to the UK for family reasons after 20 years here, beautiful Queensland. :yes:See photos attached http://www.realestate.com.au/propert...lbyn-107581094
  13. Beautiful house for sale, can be fully furnished as in attached pictures. Stunning views . Just over 1 hour to Gold Coast and 1 hour to Brisbane. Perfect location in resort village overlooking lagoon. Wallabies and parrots around - one acre block with paddock for horse. See photos attached http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-kooralbyn-107581094
  14. To all those girls who want more female friends! I'm 34 and recently moved to Sydney (from UK), with my boyfriend, 36. Though we're loving it (living on Northern Beaches), I'm really want to make some girl friends and we're both also interested in meeting up with other couples. Give me a shout if you're keen for a coffee or cocktail!
  15. Hi, I've been looking at Pittwater House and St Luke's in Northern Beaches as possible options for our potential move to NSW next summer and just wondered if anyone had any knowledge or information beyond the usual website stuff. My boys will be in Year 7 and Year 11. Thanks x
  16. Hi, my husband and I are planning to move to Sydney from UK in November with our 4 kids: 7, 5, 3 and 1. We're hoping to rent somewhere in Avalon but I don't know anything about schools there. Can anyone help? Thank you D
  17. Hi there! We have four kids - 2 teenage boys - living on the Northern Beaches. We moved here from Ireland this time last year, and would be very interested in meeting up someone who has also immigrated with teenagers!
  18. Hi all.. Me and my fiancee have just moved to the Northern Beaches (Dee Why). We have been in Sydney for almost four years now, looking to meet a few people out this way. We have plenty of friends in and around the CBD, but are always looking to meet new people. We both are 30, enjoy going out and having a laugh. Cheers D & E
  19. 25 year old woman, have been in Sydney 2 and a half years on the northern beaches looking to meet more friends, if anyone is interested and wants to meet up please get in touch. Emma
  20. sleepywombat

    Northern Beaches Blokes

    Hi all... I don't get on here as much as I would like but I have recently had a couple of quite scary experiences that have left me needing to offload somewhere that isn't facebook...!!!! I am well aware that boys & beer don't mix too well, but I have been on the receiving end of 2 who feel that it is their right to throw their weight around when I don't appear to be doing what they think I should be doing. One physically abused me back in January and was swiftly evicted from my life. The other, an ex who lasted all of 2 months, saw fit to trash my unit on the weekend. This happened after he had become verbally abusive to me (due in no small part to drinking all day while watching the RWC action). I decided to leave the friends place that we were at and head out to meet some friends where I knew I would be safe. He followed me home and I stupidly let him in as he said he had left his wallet inside... All is now fine, I have cleaned up the mess and life goes on alone. I understand that I could well be the problem, I don't particularly like being told what to do by an arrogant bloke.... I also have a wide circle of both male and female friends of varying ages and consider myself very lucky to have this after only being here a couple of years. The Aussie males I have met who want to be more than friends just don't like this or understand why I need this and seem to feel very threatened by the fact that they are not the only person in my life, even though we started out as friends... I just don't know what to do... How do you know when you can believe a bloke when he says one thing and then acts in a completely different way...? Confused Cx
  21. OK, looking for suggestions on an internet provider for the northern beaches area of Sydney. We are internet heavy in our household so a suggestion on a company with unlimited data useage would be good.
  22. melaniecharlton

    Central Coast Beaches - Where to go?

    Hello Central Coasters, I live in Berowra and fancy heading to the beach tomorrow with my kids. Just looking at a map can you rate the following beaches, dont know which one to go to. Can you advise which are good for kids or if I should avoid any? Pearl beach Ettalong beach Pretty beach MacMasters Beach Copacabana Avoca beach Terrigal beach Forresters beach Bateau bay Shelly beach The Entrance Long jetty Toowoon bay Wamberal Thank you, Mel
  23. Hi all. We're a couple in our 40's looking to meet up with new friends in the general area of Northern Beaches in Sydney. I was born in Sydney and grew up here, but my husband (we're recently married!) :biggrin: hails originally from Manchester, and recently lived for two years in Eire. Am looking especially for Ray (hubby) to meet with some couples, perhaps also reasonably new to Sydney, who also hail from the Mother Country. Our interests: the usual stuff - we love films, a good game of pool and a drink at the local, and just generally hanging out in the sunshine, beach, bbq's etc esp. now that it's warming up... finally! Pretty new to this site - usually read, but not many posts so far, so not sure about the PM'ing on here. Anyway, we'd really love to hear back from people in a similar situation. Feel free to email us at libbych@hotmail.com Libby
  24. Guest

    Melbourne's beaches

    Anyone know if Altona beach is safe to walk on? Had several people (don't think they have been to Altona!) tell me Melbourne's beaches are full of syringes and stuff and not to walk on them without shoes! They have specifically included the West and St kilda, though apparently Brighton beach is ok. As you can imagine this has made me rather nervous of letting the kids within 10 metres of the beach footwear or not! We have found our ideal rental in Altona (next to beach) but now having to rethink :confused:
  25. Hi everyone, Maybe you can help me.. I'm moving to Brisbane in a month. I have a job in the city. I lived in Brisbane all of last year but I now live in Sydney. When I lived there last year it was with my partner, and I have to say I found it quite...boring. It's a lovely city and pretty, clean and close (60mins+) to some amazing places. but after a while it was just really hard to meet people and all I seemed to do is go out an dget drunk or go running. There doesn't seem to be much else to do in Brisbane for young people like myself. But I'm now on my own, 24 years old and I don't drive. I'm very sociable so I don't mind moving somewhere new and meeting new people, that isn't my problem. I've been offered an amazing job but I have to give up my amazing life in Sydney for it, as it is a sponsorship role. So I've been thinking, rather than moving back to the city maybe I could live at the Gold Coast and commute... Have any of you done the commute Brisbane to GC everyday each way? How was it? Where in the GC is best to live? What suburb ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, also I'm open to making some new pommy mates up in QLD.. Kim x