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  1. rocky123

    Moving to Melbourne - but where?

    Depends on what you are after really, do you want the beach, city or country side? i would choose a suburb that you easily walk to the tram or train. I live by the beach on the Frankston line which takes around 45 mins to an hour to get to finders street and is right on the beach, cafes, supermarkets, massive safe park ect you should easily afford a decent rental home in your budget. Example of what you can get in my suburb for you budget, you could probably afford to move a little closer to the city. https://www.domain.com.au/2-46-argyle-avenue-chelsea-vic-3196-12692410
  2. rocky123

    queensland humidity, whats it like?

    its horrible on my days off i go to the shopping centre to sit in the aircon!
  3. Great little car for sale in Rockhampton road worthy done reliable Rego till mid Dec. more details on the link below http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/norman-gardens/cars-vans-utes/2002-peugeot-206-gti-rallye-hatchback/1030978890
  4. rocky123

    St Kilda or Fitzroy

    im going to be moving to one of these areas begining of next year and cant wait! ive been living in what feels like solitary confnement for nearly 3 years due to visa restranits and can't wait to be some where with some good food, culture and life!
  5. rocky123

    Melbourne melbourne melbourne

    1806, cookie, horse bazaar, section 8, the Carlton, madame brussels in the city Borsch Vodka & Tears, lucky coq on chapel st and most bars in Brunswick theres a start
  6. rocky123

    Sydney v Melbourne.

    i think it depends on what your after i love melbourne because of the culture and food but im not after sitting on a beach or surfing so thats why.But i can understand people liking sydney as its more of the typical ozzie city you think of comming from the UK, beaches surfing ect.
  7. Ive been told by a migration agent that i have to stay till the end. My doctor has also put me on anti depressants! hope these pills work!
  8. Thanks for the help! I have got in contact with a migration agent to enquire on if they can help and im going to go from there. Even though i would love to go into work and hand my notice in tomorrow im going to resist and get some expert advise first. Good to see there could be a way out of this situation even that makes me feel a bit better!
  9. im going to call them anonomously and see what they say. will let you know in a few days what they say. i really need to move!
  10. Hi nicolac34 and blossom79 yeah my letter doesnt mention any restrictions other than you can leave the country and return as often as you like for 5 years after that you have to get an RRV. thats the only thing i can see on the letter. does yours state the 2 year clause? wonder what this means. Im only looking at the visa grant letter from immi nothing else It does state to inform and changes in circumstances VEVO is useful if you start new employment so that the new employer can see you work status
  11. ok so my situation has changed slightly again. ive been working for the company for 2 years now just over 1 year on an 857. i think i have now lost my mind as ive started talking to the walls for company. so i think i have to leave as soon as i can before i end up in a funny farm! ive read my visa grant letter and on MY letter it doesnt say anything about 2 years and also when i log in to VEVO it just says no restrictions. does this mean i can go now with out any issues? Is this what everyone has on there visa letter?
  12. you will be fine as the visa says (on my 857 anyway) PR permitied to stay indefonatly no restrictions. and you not completing the 2 years is not your fault
  13. what i dont understand is that queensland grown fruit and veg is cheaper to buy in melbourne!? even when its grown down the road.
  14. rocky123


    justlook at the size of them the litres confuse me as well. if your going away for a while get one as big as you think you can carry (you dont have to fill it to the top!) also get one that unzips all the way. the ones you can only get to from the top are anoying you always want that thing at the bottom and have to unpack the whole thing to get it!. ones with daybacks attched are cool and you want a rain cover (i use this on flights as well and its trashed - which means my rucksack isnt!) the straps can get caught in the converwbelts at the airports and this stops this.