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Found 16 results

  1. swan

    WHX Questions, please help

    Hi everyone, just got sacked from my job and thinking about working in Australia for a year on a WHV visa. Does anyone know: What are my chances of getting the visa, I am a 19 year old male, physically fit and have no dependencies, how many visas do they give out? Do I need a health check before applying for my visa? How much money should I take for my first month while looking for a job? I'd preferably want to go to the Brisbane/ Gladstone region as I visited when working on a merchant ship and loved it. And as I said previously I've just been let go from my job, so I can't be whimsically throwing £200 at the application for it to have no chance of being accepted. Much appreciated
  2. Can anyone tell me how Queensland will feel weather wise? I am moving their from Sydney this week and im scared about the humidity people talk about! I went to Dubai in July and i absolutely hated it beacuse of the humidity, i couldnt do anyting, i coudnt see, breath, move, nothing lol..is it as bad as this in Queensland...further up past Brisbane? Would having a pool to jump into help?..will i get used to it..or will it be a reason to leave??
  3. Hi, We are moving to Gladstone, Queensland in Feb 2012 and want to know about primary schools for our 6yr old son.....do we organise now or wait till we get to Gladstone??? so much to think about....any help would be greatfully received....any good schools in which areas...? thanks so much
  4. My husband has been offered a job in Gladstone for $60K. Not sure its high enough. We have 2 children under the age of 5. Any other English people living in the area? Would love to hear from you, especially to find out where the best beer in town is !! Little concerned that it is very flat there and "remote." What do you do at weekends?
  5. Hi everyone, I am given the opportunity to work in Gladstone as electrical engineer for managing projects in a plant. I have visited the place few days ago and love the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. My plan would be to move with my wife and our 2 children (7 and 9 years old). I have received a job offer based on a 457 Visa which the company would pay. The company would also pay the relocation cost as follow: - Shipment from Europe - Travel for the whole family in economy flight - One time allowance for the settlement, corresponding to one month salary - 1 month hotel accomodation The salary would be: Base salary before tax: 142'200.- Superannuation : 12'800.- Gladstone booming factor : 6850.- Total: 161'850.- No car allowance Medical insurance for one year only, then at our charge. Is that a good offer for a 40 year old engineer? Will I be able to save some money once the monthly paiment done? Thanks a lot for your support
  6. Guest

    How's Gladstone .

    Hi I am in the early stages of obtaining a job in Gladstone queens land . Can anyone reply to this message regarding the lifestyle there and housing situation . Thanks
  7. Just wondering if anyone has children going to a primary school in this area. We are moving next year, and I want to select the school before we go. I'm interested in Trinity College (although I'm not religous) - anyone know of this school? Or, has anyone done this research already and has some feedback for me? Thanks so much.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a client looking for several drillers - from Manager, SIS Drillers and Offsiders, Supervisor and Drill Fitters. We have excellent packages on offer for all roles including some relocation assistance. Anyone out there? Would love to hear from you - thanks Adam
  9. Hi all, thinking of a possible relocation to Gladstone and I'm wondering what the area is like in general and what the cost of living and availibilty of property will be ? I and my family have done some web searching and read a few good stories but many stories of an expensive, rather unpleasant industrialised town with a short supply of very expensive housing and undesirables roaming around. Needless to say this has given us some concerns. I'm not expecting to come over to Oz to make a fortune. I want a comfortable,decent life for me and my family, so I don't want to spend everything on just existing. My company are offering a salary around $70000. There's 5 of us and my children are 10, 16 and 18.
  10. Guest

    Gladstone vs Darwin/Mount Isa

    Hi I am having a real dilemma. I have two job offers. One based permanently in Gladstone or one based in both Darwin and flying out to Mount Isa on two weekly rotations. The pay for the latter is much better and accommodation is included. I am coming to Oz with my Kiwi partner, is it too much to move to the other side of the world and be separated from my partner for a lot of the time. Darwin seems like a cool city and there is potential to be based there permanently in time. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as well as info on the towns Cheers, Emma :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  11. Hi I am hoping to find some info on bundy, gladstone and rockhampton mostly just what they are like for raising kids, work etc any opionons experiences or advice on the good and bad of the areas plus other qld cities/towns ie mackay, townsville top of sunshine coast etc would be so great! thanks:biggrin:
  12. Guest

    Gladstone, QLD

    Hi guys, My partner and I may move to Gladstone, QLD... I have 2 questions: 1. What is it like? 2. Are there any jobs for .NET programmers / Developers up there? (I am a .NET programmer) Currently in Adelaide... so an even smaller town will be a change... Thanks
  13. Guest

    Anyone in Gladstone??

    Hi Everyone Moved to Gladstone about three weeks ago wiv husband Tony and looking to meet some new friends up here. Climbing the walls as I know no-one here yet. Drop me a line if you interested in meetin up for a chat!:chatterbox: Angela
  14. LONG POST ALERT!!!! What a very busy two weeks. We have done a lot of the necessary paperwork; driving licences, registration as job seekers, appointments with skill agencies and employment agencies (no jobs yet, but steve does have 3 applications in), and we have bought a car, so were able to return thehire car earlier than planned. We have settled into our little short-term rental. It IS small, but has everything we need. Three bedrooms, a little lounge and larger kitchen/diner. One bathroom with dual access, a laundry a veranda and back yard. There is also a large single garage which we could use as an extra lounge for Ben if we wanted to. So, a tiny bit smaller than our last house, but perfect for us now. The cousins found it for us, we can have it until March but there isno lease so no penalty if we find a more permanant rental before then. They even furnished it by begging, borrowing and buying on our behalf. They even provided food for our first day (and wine!!) This is the main school summer holiday so there is a big event called "Sunfest" in Gladstone just now. Lots of different activities that you can sign a child (12-17) up to. Ben (12) did pottery wheel on Tuesday (the second part is next Tuesday). It cost about £12 and he made three items which he will finish off next week. Friday he did a surf school aimed at beginners. Loads of fun at a very local beach (25 minutes drive). The surf isn't huge, so just right for novices. That was also about £12 for 3 hours tuition. We had to hang around on the beach though which was just awful. Honestly! Then Saturday he is spent the morning fishing. That only cost £3 and he got to keep a brand new rod, reel and bait box. At the end they had a barbie lunch which parents were also invited to. They had sausages and steak! That one has been heavily subsidised but I still can't believe it! We have been able to socialise a lot with our cousins and we have already been saluted by people as we walked down the city centre streets. (It is a small city!!!) Went to one swimming pool. We were virtually the only ones there. No restriction on how long you can stay. Barbeques and covered picnic areas. and only £2 for an adult swim!! We went there on Friday night for a dive-in movie. You go after dark (7pm) and sit in the pool as they show a movie on a large inflatable screen. They showed Bolt first followed by Bedtime Story, but we only stayed for the first one. They also had a sausage sizzle ther, but we could have taken our own food if we liked. The movie and swim is free, but you have to pay for the food. I do love this country so far. I know we aren't working or anything just yet, but I honestly don't think we can go too far wrong here. Even though we will be earning less, the trips to the beach cost almost nothing. Also...the food here is wonderful. meat like it used to taste, and HUGE joints, of it, and not expensive either. All the fresh produce is fantastic. The seafood is wonderful, with so much choice. All in all though, we are eating less (the heat, you know) and although we are doing a bit less in some ways, I am sure we will lose weight as the food we are eating is such good stuff. Chocolate is horribly expensive here (I just saw a Freddo bar for $1.20 which is about 80p.) And although I haven't tasted it yet, I am told it doesn't taste the same at all. Oh, and for some reason mayonnaise is sweet!!! Not bad if you mix it with sweet chilli sauce but just yuck on a potato salad. Oh, and one of the boys Ben met last year when he spent a day in his new school, invited him round to play yesterday. He enjoyed that. When we went to collect him, we got chatting to his mum and it turns out they are very good friends with the irish "TV vet" who is based in Bray, Co Wicklow where we used to live. Ben used to go to school with his daughter!!! Small, small world. Steve has a few applications in, and I have just submitted my resume for a job which sounds very promising. The locals felt that today was a hot day, quite muggy. I was releived to hear that as I was finding it less comfortable to be honest. However, I think I am coping well with the heat really. We don't tend to use the air con much (so expensive) as we want to acclimatise as soon as possible, and our house really catches the breeze as it's quite high and faces east/west. So we just open it right up and put on the ceiling fans. We have some areas of the city which are plagued by flies and mozzies, but not as bad as one of our cousins found them to be in Perth! A few times we have been bothered by flies etc, but not near our home. We have certainly been feasted on. I gather they love the new pommie blood, but that eventually we won't react so badly to them. Anyway, sorry it has taken so long to update you all, and sorry that this is such a LOOOOOONG post! Hope it's helpful anyway.
  15. Hi there, We have just moved into Gladstone and have rented a house on a very short term (3 months or less) The house has been empty for several months and the phone line is disconnected. I need to get Broadband (presumably ADSL) and have seen adverts from several companies offering "naked" broadband, which I presumed was the product I needed, as we don't want to enter into a 12 months phone line contract. However when I try to "buy" these products, they do seem to stipulate that you have to have a current phone line connection in order to take their service. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Do I have to get Telstra to re-connect the phone line first, or can I go to Dodo or Exetel (for example) and ask them to provide ADSL on the phone line as it is? Or worst case, would anyone activate the phoneline on a month by month contract as well as providing broadband. Would value your advice as the current solution (Optus dongle) is driving us nuts! Thanks
  16. Guest

    help in gladstone area

    can anyone help in gladstone or surrounding area