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  1. thanks thats sound great citizenship im still sponsored permanent im not sure if i can apply for citizenship ? cheers stefan
  2. HI i live in now in australia for the last 4 years. 3 years on a 457 visa and since one year on a 857 visa i need another 12 months to be permanent :wacko: i work for a company which maybe get sold or they shut down. What happend with my visa ? Do i need a new sponsor ? We just bought a house here... :realmad: Thanks Cheers Stefan
  3. HaveFun

    857 visa confused..

    Hi, i have a couple questions regarding the RSMS please help me :cry: i have a nomination from my employer. I have 2 kids with my ex wife but they will stay back in europa. And they dont like to come here to australia... I devorced 1998 and I don´t have any kontakt to them at all.:no: that was her decision.. But what i have to fill in the application form ? do they have to go to the panal doc ? The nomination from my boss is only for me and my new wife. Thank you Stefan Perth
  4. Hi, My name is Stefan and im 35 years old :yes: I have been reading through this site and found so many of the threads helpful. POMSINOZ are the only usefule forum in the net.. I stay here with my wife and now we like to change from a 457 visa to a 857.. and i have a couple question about this change any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Cheers Stefan Perth