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  1. wheresdbeef

    457 visa to 186 visa

    Hi All, Looking for some info. A family member is currently working on a 457 visa for the last 13 months and has been offered a job with a new employer. The new employer has an migrant agent involved and is offering to sponsor them on a 186 visa and would like them start work in 4 weeks. My concern for the family member is that they don't rush in and cause issues to their visa while trying to transition. Is it possible to make a transition like this? Some migrant agents are better than others so looking to confirm if this is possible? Cheers
  2. Hi All, What is the process that needs to be followed to move 457 visa to another employer? Background: Applied for the 457 visa in Feb/March 2018, application was granted and started with current employer in June 2018. The visa also has the wife and kids attached. Trying to figure out with a potential new employer what needs to be done to transfer the visa? Any help pointing out the right direction would be greatly appreciated
  3. wheresdbeef

    457 visa (granted June 2018) and road to PR

    Many thanks Raul Appreciate being given a starting point to start out from on the road to PR.
  4. Hi All, I am asking an behave of a family member. I am unfamiliar with the 457 visa paths and costs to PR for a carpenter who'll require a Trade Recognition Assessment (TRA). The 457 visa was granted this year June 2018 and the worker entered the country the same month. I am aware that the requires have been updated since changed in March 2018. What are the options to transition to PR for someone who is on a 457 visa which was granted after March 2018? What kind of cost is associated with the different options? Is there any differences in the timeline to each option to PR? I have done a fair amount of googling on the topic but most of the info i have found predates the March 2018 changes. Many Thanks
  5. wheresdbeef

    457 visa a state school fees

    Thank you for the info. Has any applied for a low income exemption? what is the criteria for this (what is considered low income)? Cheers
  6. wheresdbeef

    457 visa a state school fees

    Hi All My brother and his family will be moving to Sydney later this year with the plan to enroll the two kids into Kinder and year 1 for the school year 2019. what are the current fees for enrolling children who's parents are on a 457 visa in state school in NSW? Just starting to look into this so any info or experiences that you think might be useful would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  7. wheresdbeef

    457 visa application Timeline for Years 2017/2018

    Date applied: 27/02/2018 Agent/ Self application: Agent Date received the acknowledgement email: 29/03/2018 Did you receive a Request for further information: None Date visa application was accepted: 28/05/2018
  8. wheresdbeef

    457 visa application Timeline for Years 2017/2018

    Yes I know. My intention, if enough people respond, is to try and give those who are waiting to be processed an idea where the department is up to with their processing of these applications. I found a similar thread helped me a few years ago when I applied for my citizenship. My brother and his family are waiting on their application to be processed and we have found there is little info from their agent or online to say where the department is up to with the back log of applications. I'll fill in his details below to start Date applied: 27/02/2018 Agent/ Self application: Agent Date received the acknowledgement email: 29/03/2018 Did you receive a Request for further information: Date visa application was accepted:
  9. Hello everyone... I thought it is a good idea to have a Thread on the 457 visa timeline for years 2017/2108 and it could help many people who are on their way to apply for the visa and wondering where the processing is up to: People who applied in previous years are also welcome to share their timeline as well. I just thought that the most recent the information is the more accurate it will be. Therefore please share your timeline using below format : Date applied Agent/ Self application Date received the acknowledgement email Did you receive a Request for further information Date visa application was accepted Above is what I thought is good to know. If you think there are other point that could benefit anyone please feel free to add . Thanking everyone in advance
  10. wheresdbeef

    I just remembered you guys are awesome

    Good Morning lovely Tassie people. It's been a while since I've logged into Pomsinoz. I think after I became a citizen three years ago I stopped as there was no need for further visa advice. Two weeks ago my brother told me he was looking at moving his family to Tasmania and so I went back to my trusted source of information Pomsinoz. The funny thing is whilst looking through posts for the visa info i was searching for I began to remember what an awesome forum this is about all aspects of the immigrants experience of moving down under. I just wanted to put a big thank you to you all for all the wonderful posts about everything from where to live, what the Tassie economy is like, dealing with home sickness, where to find jobs, the best schools etc. You name it i think it's been discussed here. Though i may not have been a frequent contributor i was a frequent reader. So thank you all and hopefully I will pay it forward a little with some useful local contributions of my own. Cheers, Ben
  11. wheresdbeef

    Moving to Hobart in February 18

    Congratulations on the upcoming move. I moved to Hobart six years ago and I love the place, there is just a feeling about it that feels like home.
  12. wheresdbeef

    Vetassess process for carpenter with no qualification

    Thank you for the responses. He has decided to pursue a 489 visa and will start the Vetassess process early next month
  13. wheresdbeef

    Visa options for carpenter to move to regional area

    Thank you for the heads up, we will look into it
  14. Hi All Is it possilbe to pass a carpenter vetassess on experience alone? A little background: My brother is 41 and has worked as a carpentry for 20 years, though he has no formal qualification, he did complete a 4 year apprenticeship but struggles with ADHD and was unable to pass the final written exams. Cheers
  15. Hi All I am look for information on current visas options to enter the country. My brother who is a qualified carpenter is looking to make a permanent move to Australia and move to a regional area with his family. He 42 years old and willing to get trade assessed etc. what options are open to him other than the 457 visa? Thank you