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  1. Hi all, I have a small business and I'm looking for a trusty recommended accountant? Hope you can help... Ideally at Gold Coast, I'm at Paradise Point but within half an hour would be great. Thank you,
  2. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a small business accountant around Brisbane or Gold Coast? Thanks in advance! S
  3. SW1

    Rsms visa issues.. Anyone??

    Also the contract tht was sent through to the department with my visa documents.. States - it is a on going perm position.. It didn't say 2 years ect.. They was happy with that as they know things can change within a company.. So hopefully that's on my side also!
  4. SW1

    Rsms visa issues.. Anyone??

    Thanks again, ok so to cover my own back incase further down the line they contact me. I shall get him to make me redundant and give me a written notice letter. That way their is proof that I was no longer needed.
  5. SW1

    Rsms visa issues.. Anyone??

    I found this - A visa holder is unlikely to be assessed as failing to have made a genuine effort where the failure to commence or complete the two year employment period was because of a situation beyond the visa holder’s control. Examples include: • the position was not filled or did not remain viable due to a serious downturn in business activity or • financial loss, bankruptcy or closure of the business. Delegates are also expected to consider any hardship that the visa holder or members of the family unit may suffer if their visa is cancelled so is the employer under any obligation to contact the department to inform them I've been let go? Thanks blossom.
  6. SW1

    Rsms visa issues.. Anyone??

    Ok thanks for your input. I don't know what to do because work might pick up again, it might just mean I won't be working for the company for a month maybe 2. Who knows, I will obviously have to find other work so I can survive ect.. The big one is, work might pick up and it might not. I don't want to go through all the redundancy process and risk my visa being cancelled.. I can't really find anywhere on the immi website that says we have to inform them if i stop working for the company.. Maybe I just keep it quiet
  7. SW1

    Rsms visa issues.. Anyone??

    Thanks guys, well with what I've been reading online, I should be ok. It's in no control of mine to why I have been let go.. So they won't terminate my visa if ive made a go of it and things went wrong which was nothing to do with me. Also it says - the applicant doesnt have to contact immi. The employer is under no obligation to contact them either. I've been with this company for over 2 years out in rural queensland. So if they did a check on me later on down the line, I'm pretty sure I have a strong case. And it's a legitmant reason to why I had to leave. ?
  8. Hi guys, hoping someone will have a answer for my question. My partner and I have come of are 457 sponsord visa (I'm a chippy) and now on a RSMS PERM VISA. It only got granted last month. Today I got told by the boss that are clients have lost the contract so we might not have work for you in a couple of months ? so where does that leave me If I have to leave the company? Can I find another job? Am I safe to stay in the country? So confusing? THANKS GUYS.
  9. Hello, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/samantha-wignall/36/6a9/329 I am based on the gold coast, already have my visas. Available for roster, FIFO, DIDO, full-time, part-time... Would really appreciate as much help as anyone can give me! Thank you all! x
  10. SW1

    457 Falling Through - Carpenter HELP

    Thanks for the replies... that Leey's story is great! We have been told to look into the 489, I make the points and requirements and then after 2 years go for the PR 887. Bit of a set back since we were hoping for PR this year. After reading that Leey's story I could probably look into the IELTS I little more, School wasn't easy and I just got my basic English to be able to go to college for my trade, so I'm honestly not hopeful for 8's... If I get 7's then the 489 is in reach. (my gf writes these posts for me) Our next hurdle is keeping my job for as long as I can, if I get let go then finding another sponsor will be the most important thing. Does anyone know if I have to be 'living' regionally at the time I submit my EOI for the 489? Or is this the condition once granted? I live on the gold coast and roster inland, we lived in Chinchilla for a year and willing to move up to the sunny and still roster.. Just not sure if our address has to be regional when we apply. If so, I need to get packing! Thanks again.
  11. I am currently based on the Gold Coast, but willing to relocate anywhere in Australia. I gained my NVQ level 3 in Carpentry and Joinery a few years ago and i recently passed the Skills Assessment in Australia. The visa is very simply transferred, once we nominate your business we can commit to you for four years. I'm 24, fit & healthy, have a wide range skills in the building industry. Mainly in house refurbishments, barn conversions, bricklaying, form work... complete all rounder. If anyone knows of any businesses who could be interested, I have my CV on file and amazing references. Thanks a lot.
  12. I am currently on my 457 sponsorship, working regionally in QLD. I've been working since Jan 2013, we have recently been going through our application for the RSMS (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) until my employer let us know that we would have to hold off as the work load isnt great. Unfortunately I dont make the 60 points. I'm 24 (25 in Jan) Qualified level 3 in UK Carpentry and Joinery Passed Skills assessment last month Worked 2 yrs post grad in england, 1.5 in Aus. Hope to gain a 7 on IELTS, won't make an 8 i imagine. At this rate its looking like i might get let go... So I really need some help. Firstly - Are there any PR visa's that anyones knows i can try for? We are thinking state sponsorship, but even that is looking bleak. NSW have on SOL but they have closed apps until oct, were they will give a new SOL. And WA only has carpentry, so looking into that at the mo. Secondly - Does anyone know of any tradesmen who could take over our sponsorship??? Willing to relocate anywhere, currently roster inland from the gold coast. Really hope someone can help me. Thanks
  13. Same here lads, I'm 24 I live just up on the northern side of the goldy with the g.f . Moved here 2 years ago from preston. Been hard to make mates as I work out near Roma for 2 weeks at a time ( **** all here) Spend my time down on the water when I'm home on the ski.. Or surfing.. Hit as many festivals as I can ? Any you lads wana meet up?? Missing the English banter!!! ? Facebook?? Scott hall. Or p.m me.
  14. Hi all, We are looking for a book keeper in Southport, Gold Coast. Can work School hours... Small office, have an outsourced accountant so only required to do general day-to-day quickbook updates and invoice processing. Monthly payroll, no reporting as accountant does that. $20 per hour for probation period, and once passed pay can be negotiable. Thanks Email CV to: admin@hnc-au.com
  15. SW1

    457 drama

    Hi all, i have a problem!! My partner is sponsored on a 457 visa... However it looks like it's going to fall through!! Anyway, that's not the question. Before we went on our 457 we were on a working holiday and did our 3 month farm work, when we were applying for the 457 I panicked that it would take longer to process than I had left on my whv so I applied for my 2nd whv... It was granted, and due to start in the September, however our 457 was granted in July so I never actually used it???? so now that my 457 is going down the pan, I want to know if I still have a year visa I can go on????? please help! Sam