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    My TFN hasn't arrived yet !

    Its worth giving them a call. I got mine after 3 weeks and 5 days
  2. dodgydarji

    St Kilda or Fitzroy

    Reading this has put a spring in my step all day Can't wait to get there next month!! Jay
  3. dodgydarji

    St Kilda or Fitzroy

    Thanks for your help all. I was having think last night that I should perhaps wait to see where we both gets jobs and move to a place close to work. I really do like the thought of living near a beach, but I have never done it before and am basing this feeling on what kind of holidays I like. Currently I don't think I would judge st kilda's beach to harshly coming from London
  4. dodgydarji

    St Kilda or Fitzroy

    Hi All, My partner and I are both thinking of moving to one of the two areas in the subject. We are both working young professionals and both places appeal to us for different reasons. One having the beach and the other being so central will suit us a little better for our commutes to our jobs. Both look like our ideal place with a good mix of restaurants and bars. We both are coming from London. I was hoping to hear from some people who live in either place that could tell me a little more about the pros and cons of both. Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  5. dodgydarji

    Packaging for shipping

    Hi we used seven seas worldwide move cube. I have to say the service to date has been excellent and all out stuff is on a boat now on its way. We opted for the large cube and costs and sizes are below The small cube is 1.88m in height x 1.11m in width x 1.96 in length or 70 cubic feet. It costs £420 plus $249 goods exam fee The medium cube is 1.88m in height x 1.55m in width x 1.11m in length or 105 cubic feet. It costs £570 plus $299 goods exam fee The large cube is 1.88m in height x 1.45m in width x 2.27m in length or 218 cubic feet. It costs £990 plus $349 goods exam fee Just to give you and idea we managed to fit in about 10 x Small Boxes 10 x Med Boxes 2 x Bikes 1 x TV 1 x Welsh Dresser 1 x Coffee Table 2 x Plastitc standing drawers 2 x suitcases medium with cloths 1 x bench with drawers 2 back packs (large) with cloths 4 x large boxes 2 x electirc guitars in cases 1 x guitar amplfiier A few other bits like umbrellas, cloth hanger etc We did all the above and still had space left. It really is simple. You just call them, they come round on an agreed day and see where to park etc. When you choose your date to send they come over drop of a trailer with a cube in it. You have about 4 hours till fill up the large. We did a mock pack at home so it was ready to go. We bought our own boxes of ebay and cleaned everything ourselves. I believe you can get boxes directly from seven seas
  6. dodgydarji

    Periods of separation in 12-month de facto relationship

    Really? I did have a look into this and its about $200 in Victoria to register our relationship. Thanks for the tip
  7. dodgydarji

    Periods of separation in 12-month de facto relationship

    Thanks collegegirl... I am using moneycorp to send her any money she needs or money for the car we bought so have proof that she is being supported by me, while she is out there. Perhaps will send a few more emails as our communication has mostly been over skype/telephone. Not sure how I would prove the skype calls.
  8. Hi All, Partner and I are planning to apply for a de facto Visa on-shore. My only concern is there is a period of separation of about 6 or so weeks, where I am here in the UK and she is in Oz. The reason for this was she went back a couple of weeks earlier to go home and see her family in Perth before heading over to Melbourne. And I myself am spending a few extra weeks with family before making the move to Melbourne and also working an extra 6 weeks, which will aid us financially when I get there. Do you think this will be okay? Or does there need to be a better reason. Do I just need to prove we were together during these 6 weeks with proof of emails, bank statements etc? [background: We have been together for 3 years and living together in the UK for 11 months until she left. When we get out there we will be living together etc and have already bought a car with both names on insurance. ] Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi Graham, I am going to contact the HMRC directly after I have left my job. My partner did it too and she had to send a letter explaining how tax will be overpaid along with her p45 Hope that helps http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/incometax/overpaid-thro-job.htm#2
  10. dodgydarji

    Families!!! Ahhh

    I found myself in a situation where I was leaving my brother and his family behind and it was not well received at all. I had comments, but in reverse about how I would never see their kids again to how I shouldn't be leaving family behind etc. I guess the difference was I am very close to them and see them all quite often. I found what changed it for me was being brutally honest with him having endured a long time of dealing with emotional blackmail. I told him that his family was not enough for me to stay and saw a future with my own unit elsewhere in the world. This did not go down well initially, but now feel he has gotten over a stage of trying to make me feel guilty about it and is coming to terms with the idea. If you told your MIL that she didn't visit enough to warrant such a reaction etc maybe it will help her take notice to how you really feel. In all the moving I have felt when I apply the 'brutal' honesty, there is no short term gain, however there seems to be some longer term gain. It was the same with the relationship I am in and my Mum and Dad. Being Indian and having a non-indian partner was not acceptable in our culture, but I was honest from the start and had a really bad reaction from my Dad. Fast forward 4 years later and he supports both my relationship and my move to Australia. Everyone is different though.. so I won't the right answer.. I just want to say there are many who have been through what you are going through so talking about it on here can help a lot to draw similar experiences.
  11. dodgydarji

    Beginning to feel guilty

    I have to say I was made to feel terrible when I broke the news. I had my own sibling and cousins turn on me about what i was doing was wrong. How I don't care about them, being a back stabber and more often then not making me feel incredibly guilty about the decision I have made. Not only that but tryign the hardest explaining why I had made the wrong decision and how I would only know when I have kids (my brother has two). Well I took all this on and in spite of the guilt I came out on the other end determined as ever to make it a success. My decision to go was embedded into me years ago and my only mistake was not sharing it earlier. Well this is what i thought until i read how you have had the thought for many years! Just try not to succumb to the emotional guilt tripping, but what they want to see is you do care about them a lot my showing signs of sorrow at the decision you have made. try to use it as fuel for success and I wish you all the best with coping as in time it can change. i have seen some transform. Bets of all for me has been those who I have told and have been incredibly supportive.
  12. dodgydarji

    De Facto Visa help

    Definitely do it yourself! I was close to doing it myself before leaving the UK, but then having felt we didn't have enough evidence (together for 2 years, but living together only 6 months) I am going to wait until we are both in Australia. I found this forum so much help for getting all the answers you need and there are few posts scattered around with checklists. To be fair I found the documents provided by the government website are helpful too. They include checklists etc. Good luck!
  13. dodgydarji

    Can I buy a house in Australia...

    I suppose I have a lot to learn about buying in Australia! For now when getting there we shall be renting. Thanks for the giving a better insight buzzy-bee can1983 I see your point .. I will be in the category of having 15-20% deposit.
  14. dodgydarji

    Can I buy a house in Australia...

    Ah okay, well thats good to know that there is at least an option as opposed to no options. In previous experiences, I have always felt if you are ready to take the plunge just go for it! However I think you are right in saying the market is overheated, but I tend to look for homes which are positively geared. Meaning if I were to ever rent the home then it would cover the mortgage at the very least. This is what I have done with the two properties I have in the Greater London area. I leave both knowing they will pay themselves off with a little extra left over. Also I don't have any private pension so really I am banking on property being my 25 year savings account.
  15. On a working holiday visa? If not, when I lodge my application for a defacto visa, can I buy a house then? This will be a joint mortgage no doubt and my OH is an Australian Citizen by birth.