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  1. I found getting supervised practice hard - inner city Sydney pharmacies had too much choice to worry about an extra layer of hassle/delay to employing a pharmacist. Looking outside of Sydney I found a pharmacy willing to take a punt - all supply and demand really. I had the easier time of being in Aus on a 4 yeaer visa (457) as my partner was sponsored. I reckon with enough determination and a rural/regional opportunity reaching out on phone/Skype would increase chances significantly.
  2. Hey Derek, If you're degree qualified in the UK you'd be stream B. I was 2 years post qualified, junior hospital pharmacist when I applied. My supervised period was 180 hours (4 weeks). I completed these in community. Hospitals are state based - depending on rural/regional location supply of Pharmacists may be more favourable for you. I'd definitely recommend you looking up jobs and calling. Pay and conditions relate more to community. As fault as I know hospital roles have a greater award rate (pay rate) if you compare to Metro locations for community. I reckon a regional/rural position in either hospital or community could see you earning circa $100,000 though caveat being this could be 45-50 hours work in community and perhaps 38 hours hospital. This is a very liveable wage. Bear in mind I've been in community now for 6 years in far north Queensland so my hospital knowledge is outdated...but the healthcare professional situation in regional areas is dire (shortages of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health).
  3. I forget how different things are now I've practised longer in Aus than the UK. For anyone starting out or looking to start out in Australia I thought I might note down some things which ought to help orientate the overseas pharmacist. I should preface this by saying some states have slightly different rules. I've practised in NSW and Qld and so will present my experience in that context. Medicine scheduling https://www.tga.gov.au/scheduling-basics Medicines are built around a scheduling system. Schedule 2 (S2) are pharmacy medicines (i.e. cannot be sold outside of a pharmacy), schedule 3 pharmacist only (S3), schedule 4 (S4) prescription only and schedule 8 (S8) controlled drugs. In Qld S2 must be behind a counter and inaccessible to the public for self selection (NSW can be anywhere in the pharmacy), S3 must be behind counter also, supplied by a pharmacist and labelled as such (no label needed in NSW)....S8 locked in a cd safe. Regulation https://www.tga.gov.au/how-therapeutic-goods-are-regulated-australia Medicines are regulated by the TGA - the Therapeutic Goods Administration - akin to the MHRA. The pharmaceutical benefit scheme (The PBS) https://m.pbs.gov.au/home.html Unlike the UK - for a medicine to be subsidised by the government it must be listed on the PBS. If no PBS listing a TGA approved medicine can be purchased via a private prescription - no set price. If PBS listed a TGA approved medicine when prescribed for a PBS listed indication attracts a copayment. For a general patient they will pay up to $38.80 (if the cost of the medication is less than this the pharmacy can charge a dispensing fee...they cannot charge above the copayment). For a concession patient (patients with a pension card, healthcare card etc) they pay $6.30. If a medicine is PBS listed for a certain indication i.e. lamotrigine https://m.pbs.gov.au/medicine/item/2851C.html It's pbs listing will indicate: Authority Required (STREAMLINED) 5138 Epileptic seizures Clinical criteria: The condition must have failed to be controlled satisfactorily by other anti-epileptic drugs. Meaning if prescribed for the above condition it would meet the costs above otherwise if for instance the dr prescribed it for bipolar disorders it is then a private prescription. Some PBS items have no restrictions i.e. simvastatin so the doctor can prescribe for whatever condition he chooses (not that he would) If something is restricted. Like the lamotrigine example above it is deemed an 'authority prescription'. Some authority scripts the doctor can choose from the approved indications and prescribe. The prescription will list an authority number and a streamline approval number. For some authority prescriptions the doctor must call Medicare for approval by a pharmacist - they still have authority numbers generated on the prescription - but have a 'telephone authority code e.g. z1234567. It's worth noting that the pbs formulary lists medicines in set quantities with set repeats, in some instances an authority increases one or the other, or both. For a standard PBS entry like simvastatin it comes as a quantity of 30 and with 6 or 11 repeats depending on the PBS entry chosen. PBS medications tend to be supplied in 4 week/1 month quantities with the exception of s8's which are generally lesser quantities to ensure quality use of medicines. I'll leave this post here and pick up back tomorrow...didn't realise how involved it would get. I'll try organise things better and when I have time add some pictures of scripts for example so please trewlat this as a work in progress. Jamie Sent from my Pixel XL using PomsinOz mobile app
  4. APC need to assess you - if you're degree trained in the UK that's via stream B. Very much a formality. At the time I had qualified just under a year and my previous pharmacy work as a dispenser was counted as relevant. I'm not sure what your question meant by the APC commenting on your work exp...but there's the process. For an AMH you can buy online. Sent from my Pixel XL using PomsinOz mobile app
  5. Bit of a long overdue update...After registration I worked for 6 months in that post. I applied for a position in regional far north Queensland (FNQ) and gained sponsorship...which after a year my employer supported my application for permanent residency. I've now been in FNQ for 2 years - my previous advice still stands... regional/rural positions provide well paid opportunities - where Australian pharmacists would rather not be. City-based retail pharmacy has an oversupply...wages have deflated and I certainly would not choose to migrate here again if I were the sole breadwinner to support my family on a city pharmacist wage. Hospital pharmacy on the other hand has better remuneration. I have hosted some uni pharmacy students at my pharmacy and the feedback I've heard is that competition is fierce. Again rural opportunities would be the place I'd look. Overall I have no regrets for making the move or where my career is now and am very happy here in FNQ. Jamie Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  6. jdad84

    Is Medicare sufficient enough?

    Whilst on a 457 the missus went to the local gp. They didn't bulk bill so she paid $70 and got something like $33 back - she had a follow up appt that was covered by the first appointment though which meant her $37 out of pocket covered 2 doctors visits - value for money! I recently had a root canal treatment at the dentist which all in cost $1600 - this wasn't covered by the 457 visa insurance but happy with the result. If you need dental I'd say to shop around to get something that covers it....we simply went with the health insurance that met the visa requirements so got something cheap and not very useful heh. I think to address your question - as a medicare holder (reciprocal - basically the same) that's enough for you needs, the health system is comparable to the UK so you can rely on it. Jamie
  7. jdad84

    Are we kidding ourselves ?

    Why do you find yourself preoccupied with this? The answer to your question also answers the question of 'how long is a piece of string?' At some point we stopped converting to pounds, started seeing the worth of materials in dollars and as a worth compared to take home wage. It's 'cheaper' here than if we lived in London and I worked as a community pharmacist... It's more expensive compared to me living and working as a pharmacist in newcastle upon time... It's cheaper than Sydney... We're in far north QLD - maybe it's cheaper.....but it's blood expensive going to the cinema (2 hr road trip +$18 each heh)
  8. jdad84

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    Whilst I agree with your first comment I disagree with the second sentence - 'something from the heart' as I find this more often reveals a lot about the person and very little about how things really are at ground level. Things I've seen written and have assimilated into some generic examples.. 'The city is so expensive, it costs a bomb to do anything and there's traffic everywhere' - I didn't do research, otherwise I'd have expected the city, like many other cities to be expensive and decide to move there knowing this or choose elsewhere to live' 'I've found australians to be generally unfriendly' - I'm unhappy - help me validate my unhappiness and share this feeling by grouping a country of people together and label them all as if they were one person I really love reading the posts where people are subjective, heart on the sleeve stuff, good or bad...whilst also being honest (objective)....these posts I find the most insightful.
  9. jdad84

    I have no idea where to start

    Did you know of his history before you talked to him? Why are you pursuing things with him given he is a sex offender and also a drug addict? You say you know this is co-dependent, is that what you want in a relationship? Do you trust him? Do you see a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship happening with him? Why aren't you working? Jamie
  10. jdad84

    If someone posts a thread asking...

    Can you help without scrutiny/a critical eye? If we go blindly by what someone asks and ignore what they need who are we helping? The girl mentioned in the original post clearly needs to question her assertion that she should be with this bloke...the signs point towards this bloke at the very least as someone with a troubled past, a troubled present and whose connection to the girl is based online (from what I see she has not met him). Can anyone honestly not see any issues with that? Why is she engaging in a relationship with someone with a criminal past? whom engages in taking drugs? whom is half way around the world? These are valid questions to be asked. ..Those who offer practical advice on the likelihood of immigration allowing it to happen and give her an objective response and those whom get hung up on the whole non-judgement things are ignoring those alarm bells...that's not helping her, at all... We should not shy from hurting someones feelings in our effort to stop them running head first into a wall.
  11. jdad84

    186 Direct Entry Scheme

    Hey Guys, So, my husband and I came over in January on a 457 in my name.... we have recently moved to Far North Queensland as my husband was offered a great job and as a result we received a new 457 in his name. His employer are happy to sponsor us for the 186 Direct entry and have already lodged the nomination which is in progress. we've completed the 186 application (though have no yet submitted), we have both had our medical examinations and we've both had skills assessments and English tests completed.... we're just waiting for the police checks to come through from the UK. The question I have is when is the best time to lodge the 186 application..... we're ready to do it now and have the funds, but just looking back over the immigration site I seem to have talked myself into some doubts about whether now is the best time, whether we should wait until the nomination has been approved and just generally having a mad last minute panic about whether we meet the visa requirements.... we do from what I've read from the immigration website for the 186 Direct Entry but it's $5k so I guess i'm looking to double/triple check with you guys to see if anyone else has lodged the 186 shortly after receiving the 457.... Any thoughts/advice welcomed.
  12. jdad84

    Visa 457: References from previous employees

    It would very much depend on your personal history.... birth certificate isn't mandatory I didn't use one but I was a British citizen from birth and all of my other documentation supported this. I would always say (and personal experience) that the more evidence and documentation you can provide the better..... have you followed this list: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/checklists/457-applicant.aspx
  13. jdad84

    Visa 457: References from previous employees

    I take it you already have a sponsor in Oz for your 457? It's definitely best to wait until your visa is approved until you make any life changing decisions, but i'm not sure why you think your current employer would fire you if you are looking for other opportunities.... infact i'd say it's probably not something they could do. hiding it and losing something from your cv isn't in your best interest, if you get to the stage in the future where you are looking at permanent residency they will ask for your full employment history with an explanation for any gaps, so hiding something now isn't worth it. Is there anyone in your current workplace you could approach to write you a reference, it doesn't have to be a direct manager, we used references from a few people we'd worked with. If you are asked to submit an employer reference you have to submit one, you don't want to mess around with immigration, so a contract letter etc wouldn't be sufficient. As long as you give your notice period after a visa is granted i wouldn't see what the issue would be to your current employer.
  14. jdad84

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey....... you can do a direct entry on a 186, which still involves your employer doing the nomination (like they did for 457) but you also need to do a skills assessment. For the transition scheme you don't need to do a skills assessment as it's just a rollover for a job you've been in for 2 years. The direct entry option can be done at any time.... my husbands new employer are lodging the 457 and 186 at the same time on direct entry.
  15. jdad84

    457 to permanent residency......advice required.

    Hey, if you're happy with your employer and you think they'd support you the 186 direct entry is a great option, you said skills assessment wouldn't be a problem and the employer sponsored visas are prioritised. We're just moving off my 457 and my husbands new employer is lodging the 457 and the 186 at the same time, basically they are happy to do PR for him, but want him there sooner and the 457 takes weeks as opposed to months with the 186. Have a word with your employer as it seems like it's the security that's important, exactly the same for us. We want to start a family so want to get PR in order to settle down Beauty of the process is that everything you've done for the 457 can be applied for the 186, so my husband has already done skills assessment and if we do it all now then we don't need to pay twice for checks etc down the line Good luck, i'm sure you can work it out