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  1. I hoping to hear some feedback or reviews for shipping items back to the UK. I currently have narrowed things down to two companies... Chess and Seven Seas. Both are similar price Chess Pro's - they pack everything for us. Cons - partial container Seven Seas - Movecube means our items are separated. Con - if we've miscalculated the size of the cube we are stuck! As we only really have clothes, kitchen items and personal items, no furniture, I'd like to know if anyone has experiences with these two companies. Does have a partial container mean our items are more likely to get lost or damaged? I've only done shipping when we moved here but it was dealt with by my work so we didn't over think it!
  2. dagefo

    457 Visa - Medicare Levy Exemption?

  3. I hope someone can help me... I am on a 457 visa, British, have not applied for PR. Do I need to pay the Medicare levy (not surcharge, I am under the threshold anyway)? I was under the assumption I do not and have completed my tax return each year to say so. But then I get a letter from ATO saying my tax return is incorrect. I am very confused and worried all my tax return refunds will be taken back. This website indicates I may be able to apply for an exemption under the temporary visa / reciprocal health agreement - https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/medicare-entitlement-statement Can any one help me with this?
  4. dagefo


    Is that a company just called VPN? Do you have a link to their site?
  5. dagefo


    Could anyone recommend a good, reliable, VPN for watching British TV from Australia? I'd prefer to pay in AUS $ so an Australian based company would be great!
  6. dagefo

    457 Visa - Medicare and Extras

    Hi There I know this will have been asked before but I'm getting easily confused by the different answers who may or may not have a different visa. So here goes My wife and I are on my 457 Visa. We have applied for and received a yellow (visitors) medicare card. What we now want to do is get extras + ambo cover so we can drop the expensive full medical insurance through iMAN. I attempted to sign up online via HBF but they didn't seem to like my Medicare number... is it because it is a visitors card? Any help would be most welcomed, this is the final piece of the move puzzle!! p.s. if it helps I'm in Perth
  7. dagefo

    lifetime health cover loading

    That's great to know. Thanks for being so helpful so quickly!! :-)
  8. dagefo

    lifetime health cover loading

    Thanks! But the loading only kicks in WHEN you get private hospital cover right? It is just a deterrent against never getting it correct?
  9. dagefo

    lifetime health cover loading

    Hi all Right so now in Perth on 457 visa. Gotten our Medicare Card, going to also get extras and Ambo cover to replace expensive overseas private medical insurance. The next question... as someone who has reciprocal health care on medicare from the UK are my wife and I subject to lifetime health cover loading? I am 30 in Nov this year, wife was 30 in July. I know it doesn't kick in until you are 31 but I don't want a nasty surprise if/when we decide to get private medical insurance if we get PR later on Thanks!
  10. dagefo

    One way travel insurance to Oz

    Hi there my wife and I are moving to Perth on Saturday (!!!). It's slipped our minds but we need one way travel insurance for the journey over. Can anyone recommend a company to use? if it helps we have a connection in Dubai. Thanks in advance!
  11. dagefo


    Thanks everyone for super quick replies! Think I'll probably do it anyway seeing as we might miss the old cheque in the post in a years time! Even if I do put it to my office address in case we bounce about addresses
  12. dagefo


    How do you get the refund if you no longer have an address in the UK (assuming you didn't)?
  13. dagefo


    We'll be moving to Perth at the start of August and I'm starting to panic a bit that I've maybe missed something to cancel / inform them we are leaving. My question is - how do I let HMRC know I am leaving? It appears I need to fill in a P85 form. Has anyone else done this? Can it be done once we arrive, seeing as they need an Aus address on the form? I think the form just allows us to claim back any tax we shouldn't have had to pay seeing as we are leaving part way through the tax year in the UK Thanks David
  14. dagefo

    Morley, Perth

    No pool unfortunately but I'm sure we'll make do without
  15. dagefo

    Morley, Perth

    thank you, this is very useful!