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Found 10 results

  1. It's a long shot here but wondering if there are any pharmacists lurking on the forums.. I just sat the CAOP exam and will find out in 10 days whether I've passed, should things go well I need to start looking for a job. As I'm coming out on a 457 defacto visa I won't need sponsorship....so basically it's the supervised practise which I need to do before I can start a role. Just wondering whether anyone has been in a similar situation and managed to get supervised practise from a hospital/community pharmacy when we're not on the skills shortage list? Would appreciate any tips on finding work... Thanks, J
  2. Hi, does anyone know how many hours of supervised practice you have to complete following success in the CAOP exam? are overseas pharmacists eligible to apply for internships? Or do we just have to hope someone agree to supervise us? I would ideally like a hospital job!
  3. I am an industrial pharmacist wishing to migrate. My sister is a permanent resident living in sydney as a house wife. New SOL excludes industrial pharmacist. but i found Chemist is included. i think pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is similar to a chemical industry and my job responsibilities is similar to a industrial chemist could i nominate Chemist as my occupation? Should I apply SMP or relative 176 visa? I have 4 years B.pharm and Ms in pharmaceutical sciences According to VETASSESS relevant study must be 25% major related to nominated occupation which might have been completed. Should I submit my syllabus to VETASSESS for positive assessment? Plz help me to take decision as i am planning to proceed as early as possible
  4. Scottie91

    Pharmacist Registration

    Hi. I passed the CAOPs exam last June and now need to apply for, and complete my period of supervised practice. Has anyone got recent experience of the registration process for pharmacists? Fingers crossed.....
  5. Hi I am wondering if anyone has any idea if there is a demand for both pharmacists and counsellors in Australia? My wife and I have talked about relocating for around 10 years, but have finally got to the stage were we feel able to move the family. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Applications for Retail Pharmacist are now closed 6 May 2011 Skilled Migration Western Australia (SMWA) has conducted its monthly review of the Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation List. SMWA will not be accepting any new applications with the following occupation: Retail Pharmacist (ANZSCO – 251513) *Please note that SMWA reviews the availability of occupations on a monthly basis. If an occupation becomes available this will take place on the first working day of each month, at which time you will be able to apply for sponsorship.
  7. Evening all, I am a hospital pharmacist, applying for a 176 with my OH. Hoping to secure some jobs before we go (aren't we all eh?):rolleyes: Was just doing some research on hospitals in SA, the state we're aiming for and wondered if anyone had any opinions on working for any of the hospitals there. Particularly in Adelaide?
  8. Hello all Pharmacists I want to say hello to all the Pharmacists who have run away from 9-7 Rx churning factoriesss back at home in the UK. Any one out there???? regards jay:skeptical:
  9. Oh God i have just decided that i really want to do this! My family (including my mum, stepdad, two of my little brothers and my little sister) are already in Perth and have been there for a year. I wasn't going to move out until my little sister, Maddie got really poorly in Nov and it took me 2 days to get out there to be with her. I realiased i need to be with my family. I am a recently qualified (Aug '09) hospital pharmacist and I have been looking at the stream B process for getting out there but i really dont know where to start or what to do! Sorry for being dumb but where do i start? :eek::confused:
  10. Hi all, My wife and I are making the move to Australia and are in the process of sorting all our details out. first step was to get my wife's skills tested. She is the main applicant and is a pharmacist. She has an exam with the Australian pharmacy council in December and will hopefully then have the skills verified which means applying in early Jan for the visa. We are both UK citizens, and are in our 20s. She's a pharmacist and I am a business ocnsultant for the energy sector. We have already pushed our departure to Australia back 6 months due to the difficulty and red tape with getting the skills assessed from the Australian Pharmacy council but are now scheduled to arrive in Oz in December 2010. This means that there is approximately 11-12 months bewteen applying to the DIAC and arriving in Sydney/Melbourne (undecided). My questions are: 1.) With the recent Spet 23rd news form the immigration minister, is this 2013 date for 175 visa granting realistic. On the current priority list we sit at 4 as we are CSL but do not have family, emplyer or state sponsorship. 2.) I am concerned that the visa will not be granted on time. Given that my wife's work is for a government body - NHS/Australian equivalent, how realistic is it to get an emplyer sponsorship so that we could go in as 457/121? 3.)I've heard that Australia has a lot of surplus junior pharmacists without work but is in need of senior pharmacists which fortunately works out well for us. Not sure how accurate this is though. Any information on difficulty in finding a job as a pharmacist? 4.) As mentioned above, we plan to arrive in Iz in December 2010. We will be travelling for some 3 months in Asia before hand. If necessary, will it be possible to get the 175 finalised at an embassy other than that of lodging, i.e. we will lodge the application with the DIAC in London, but could we present our passports to the DIAC/embassy in Bangkok for example? 5.) I've also heard that sites like seek.com.au etc, although very useful, only contain a low % of positions actually available. Does anyone have any further advice for health system and financial/energy sector roles? Finally let me say a big thank you to all posters past and future of this forum. I have certainly found it to be an exceptional information resource and it has very much become my first port of call for finding out something. My rationale for making thos post is that there seems to be a shortage of information for pharmacists on here hence thought that as it has the word 'pharmacist' in the title, it may be of use as an easy reference to future pharmacists looking to migrate, with the added benefit of being personalised to our situation. Please don't think we've been lazy and are just not willing to search out this info for ourselves. Thank in advance, regards.