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  1. Mandy28

    Anyone shipped a pug?

    Hi we ended up just flying our Boxer to Australia using PetAir. They were brilliant. Unfortunately our Boston Terrier Died before we emigrated due to kidney failure. the Boxer didn’t fair to well although being fit and healthy and 5 years old. He ended up getting a urine infection in the quarantine kennels as he wouldn’t wee in his kennel run as he’s a super clean dog. He also thought we had abandoned him (according to the great vet that was dealing with him) Our Boxer had basically given up and was refusing to eat. The vets were going in everyday and trying to hand feed him roast chicken. They even called me and put the phone to my dogs ear so I could speak to him. Anyway it was the longest 10 days of my life. On the day when he could fly from Sydney to perth the vet wasn’t too keen on sending him. But I begged saying that once he’s with me he will be fine. Reluctantly the vet agreed and they sent my dog onwards to Perth. Once I collected him at Perth airport he looked like the saddest dog in the world sitting in the crate. Then he heard my voice and it was all tail wags and licks. He spent a few days recovering from the trauma of it all. But I must say he was a different dog. Very needy afterwards and always needed to be closer to me than normal. Unfortunately a year later we had to put him to sleep as he had a huge ‘mass’ in his chest. Give Pet air a call and see what they recommend. Quite a few airlines have a ban on flying snub nosed dogs. Pet Air helped us.
  2. Tink you have a good heart. What a lovely thing to do and such a pleasure for me to wake up to read. thank you for that. Xxx
  3. So sorry to hear You are fed up. Never give up on your dreams Stacey. YOU CAN DO IT xxx
  4. He's gone and ordered a retro style one! It looks nice. They have a matching pop corn machine. That will be next on the list xxx
  5. The OH is looking on there now! No doubt he will get a fair ground sized one!!!
  6. I know no one will care but I really want a candy floss machine.
  7. I know one will care, My local Co-op has my favourite Aussie wine on offer from £6.99 to £4.99 a bottle, so I treated myself to 6 bottles. Now as it's in the house I feel a constant need to drink it!!!
  8. Oh why oh why are they NOT a size 4!!!!
  9. To me blood isn't thicker than water. I have more love and respect for some of my friends than I do my sister. My annoyance is aimed at the people who think that I have to maintain a relationship with my sister because we are related. My father constantly tells me, "You know what she's like" but in my book you can't go around being abusive and hurtful to people just because they are related to you. I don't act like that and I'm sure if I did I would be pulled up pretty quickly but since my sister has always been like that it has somehow become accepted. BUT not to me NO longer. I refuse to be her verbal punching bag and accept her behavior. I agree with you Jin77, we are all going to that Happy Place and what makes me even happier is that my sister is now writhing in jealously that I am going! Mwahahahahaha (evil laugh)
  10. What a relief it's not just me... Loads of us in the same boat! We may need a bigger boat! I refuse to have anything to do with my sister, basically tried for several years to get along but fed up with the drama that comes with her. After ten years we tried again to maintain a relationship that only lasted 10 months! Now we are back to not speaking and no contact what so ever. She has also now chosen to cut all ties with my Mum. My OH has 3 siblings and only has contact with one of them. He's washed his hands of the rest. He and I both have a close relationship with both sets of parents. What annoys me the most is when people are "shocked'" that I have no contact with my sister. I get all the "you are related, blood is thicker than water, blah blah blah" Life is too short to surround your self with negative, jealous, spiteful people etc. Concentrate on those you love and who love you. It works for us.
  11. The only thing we can rely on in the UK is the crapola weather! Such a shame for all the festivities.
  12. I know one will care but I am looking out the window and it's tipping it down, On a brighter note the car is getting a wash!
  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xxx
  14. We sold the house in 3 weeks Stacey, but our buyers are borrowing Money off of her parents so she can buy our house. All was going smoothly until our buyers parents buyer pulled out. So we have inadvertently been pushed into a chain! So we now are debating whether to put the house back on or wait it out until her parents get a buyer (they need to sell to give her the money) It's very frustrating but at least it's summer here!!! (cough cough, it's tipping it down at the moment). Dad is better now (on medication for life now) Nige just had a scare! I think he needs to slow down. Once we complete on the house I think he may take a couple of months off. That's good about the job offer in NZ, Good luck with the negotiating. We thought about about moving to NZ at one point, but the wages put us off compared to what Australia offers for Nigel's job. Good luck with your driving lessons. At least you are still keeping your dream alive Stacey. xxx