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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    uh-oh telling the parents!!

    Hi folks, Hubby and I have started the process of moving to Oz (NSW SS) and since we've sent off the docs to ACS and OH has his Ielts in a couple of weeks I figure I'd better get round to telling my parents what we're planning! I've lived in Scotland for the last 8 years and my family are down near Liverpool. As far as my mum is concerned even this is too far away and I know she misses me badly (dad's not the greatest conversationalist to keep her company!) I started broaching the subject before Christmas but she started to cry :cry: and said she didn't know what she'd do if we moved abroad (I hadn't even mentioned Australia or permanent move at this point)!! I'm driving down this weekend to break the news. :eek: Am stressed out thinking about it coz I know she's going to be devastated and I was wondering if any of you clever people had any uplifting tales of the "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" type to give me courage, either that or some ideas on how best to go about it! :biggrin: Cat
  2. Hi Guys So we havent been successful at selling our UK property and with our impending move to Oz (next week) we need to rent, we have a standard UK Mortgage with HSBC does anyone else have a property with these guys and rent it ? and did you inform them you were renting it I hear they will let you rent for 12 months but then want you to convert to a Buy-To-Let Mortgage ? From researching on the net I find a lot of people rent and dont tell the mortgage company I dont think its a great idea as technically they own the house ! I fear my head will explode in the next week... Cheers Jess and Matt
  3. hi, just recieved visa grant confirmation last week. after thinking we would be waiting another year or so before even being allocated a CO we are planning to move early 2012. the problem is......i have not told my parents yet. when the subject was spoken about last year they did not take it well at all. they were actually quite hurtful with thier comments. no iam not sure how to tell them as i know its going to cause major divisions within the family. we should be celebrating but this has made me feel terrible. does anyone have any advice or anyone been in a similar position? thanks.
  4. I won't bore you with flight details other than to say we had a stop-over in Dubai for a few days to get over all the exhausting work beforehand and let the kids enjoy the amazing water parks. We got lucky with the holiday let I pre-arranged, it was clean, spacious and economical, (we're just average bods on a sparkies salary). We knew from our reckie last year we wanted to be on the Mornington Peninsula, approx 1 hr from Melbourne. We stayed a bit down the road in Rosebud, but in less than 3 weeks we have moved into our rental in Mount Martha. The kids were already on waiting lists for the schools we previously earmarked and it was a great relief to learn we had got the oldest in, (he's 13). My daughter was a different story, seems Millennium babies are bursting class sizes here to 28/29 (Back home she was in a class of 35). So 2nd choice it was. Initially we hired a larger motor from the airport for all the luggage and with a minimum hire charge of 3 days we organised to return it to the city. Then we walked round the block to a much cheaper hire firm and hired a smaller car for a week and a half. In that time we managed to put a deposit down on a cut 'n shut (to my husbands later horror!). Got our money back the next day, with my husband trying to teach son the top No 1 lesson of Never Be Afraid To Ask For Your Money Back. Luck shined on us the next day though as we found a nice little convertible for me for the summer. Totally impractical but I'm havin fun! Finally work; we concentrated on a base, transport and sorting the kids first and only yesterday did we look at getting a job. Having said that my husbands signed up for a wiring regs course, we also visited Energy Safe again to find out from the horses mouth if there was anyway round the year long practical required. No is the answer. Yesterday we visited the Union and hopefully have a little iron in the fire. The pay appears to be better here but then stuff is dearer. We've got one Ikea sofa the four of us squeeze on, I've got some nice crystal wine glasses (priorities, get them right) and a whole heap of possibilities for the future. Next time it could be you!!!
  5. We (we, wife and 2 children) all leave England in 49 sleeps to start our new adventure in Perth. Over the last few weeks I have found it hard not to tell a few lads at work (civilc construction site) that we had booked the tickets and set the date. Have made no secret of it to the management about WA adventure. Even stood down as foreman a few months ago so that they could get another in without having any worries if he didn't work out. In fairness the management are fine about it all,(don't think they believe that i am really off). However a few of the boys and the foreman who was given my job are changing their attitude towards me. The foreman has even tried to get me transfered to another site last week that's about 75 miles further away. The management told him NO and so I now have the pleasure of working 'under' a foreman for my last 6 weeks in England who definitely has a problem with me. If only all my problems were so small! Question is, am I just unlucky or has anybody else had this experience?
  6. Guest

    Telling The Family

    Hey All, As anyone who read my little intro would know, I have ended up having to go to Aus much sooner than planned due to my partner having a bit of a rough time and needing support. I do currently live with my Mum and her partner. I got my visa today, and told her a few hours ago, and I got a pretty crappy response :frown: She seems to think it isn't happening, it's like she's in complete denial. It shouldn't be a complete suprise, I have been in a de facto relationship for 16months now, and my partner was here and met her for all of last September. I'm not sure why she is in such denial? We did run a business together until January this year, which is what stopped me from moving sooner, but this move was always on the cards. It's only 4months ahead of schedule, but she seems totally unprepared, even to the point where I explained I'm booking flights on friday and she was totally emotionless. Has anyone else had this lacklustre response over their move, or have any ideas why? And how did you tell your family to get a better response? My partner thinks she doesn't want me to leave, I hope that's the reason and nothing deeper... Thanks x
  7. Guest

    Telling parents

    I've just told my dad that we are moving to Australia in 3 months. Wow it was so much harder than I thought it would be and he took it so much harder than I thought he would. It has really knocked me for six. He just sat and cried. I feel so unbelievably guilty and selfish now.
  8. Hi all Just thought Id ask the question, my o/h is currently filling in his Vetasses form & a couple of the questions he has been asked about is work experience in a certain field & to give evidence. His problem is he has never done this type of work or been trained in it!! Should he tell the truth, or pretend he has done it & revise/squatt up on in before he gets a date come through!!! He is an electrician, but only trained as a mature student........ Any info would be fab, we dont like having to lie, as it has a habbit of coming back & biting you on the bum & all that!!! Thanks in advance. :embarrassed:
  9. pez2008

    Telling DIAC you've arrived

    Hi. We have been here since 7th October on a 475 temp sponsored visa, NOW i am being lead to believe we should of reported our arrival to DIAC (or someone). This is the first ive heard of this i thought it was all done when our passport was stamped/scanned at the airport. Any advice on this please.
  10. Guest

    telling family your off!!!

    Hello All I was just after some advice, or peoples past experiences on how they broke the news to family about leaving or considering a move to oz? I'm married with 3 children and are concerned how family will react. We're happy and know the reasons for wanting to give Australia a go, but that doesn't stop my wife feeling guilty about telling her parents, and we're wondering how we raise the subject! Any advice? Thanks
  11. Guest

    telling my friends

    i told my friends we were moving to oz ages ago but last week i told my closest friends that we had booked the flights and one of them cried and one made me feel really guilty for leaving them .i am moving to perth in january and i am regreting that i ever told my mates now ! i am sad:dull: from courtney
  12. Hi folks, Well our visa application went in last week, so we now join the long wait for that visa.....but we still haven't told friends and family were are going......... I have estate agents coming round friday, to value the house....and I have had to arrange all this around when we think our neighbours will be out, so nobody sees the agents coming in the house.....we live in a small market town and most people know all the ea's around here.... Anyway, the reason for my post is that I have just been having a heated discussion with oh, about finally biting the bullet and telling everyone....especially his mother.....Im ready to tell my family, but oh is very scared about telling his mum, because he doesn't want to upset her....I have said that she is going to be even more upset the longer he leaves it. We are argued over the best way to tell her, I said we should go down (we live in the north, all our family live in the south east, so good 4/5 hour drive away) to see her and then oh can go on his own to tell her face to face. He says he wants to tell her on the phone.....now the only plus side to this, is that if he tells her on the phone, she has few weeks to get use to the idea before we do go to tell my family, I refuse to tell them on the phone as I think its unfair to break such news over the phone especially with my mum as she lives on her own (sorry begining to waffle at bit). We are expecting his mum to re-act in a bad way and blame me for the whole thing, as I have been to oz before, so it will all be my doing that Im taking her son and grandchildren away.....for which Im prepared for.....well Im not but Im going to take a yeah, whatever attitude to it. So maybe telling her by phone would be easier for me. Anyway, my point of my post is, has anyone else been in the same boat??? Has anyone else been really scared of upsetting their mum/dad and kept putting it off telling them and if so how did they tell them in the end???? Also, what do you think about telling her on the phone, do think this would be a good idea, given the response we are expecting, or would it be better to tell her face to face??? I know at the end of the day its down to us to do this whatever way, but it would be nice to have some opinions from others, whilst we argue this one out...... Sorry to waffle....but its something that is really bugging me and Im now at the right this has gone on long enough stage, and I want to get it sorted. Thanks for reading and please any advice would be greatly welcomed. :notworthy: Mandisfam
  13. Guest

    Telling Friends!

    Hi, I'm Ellie, I am 13. I have told my friends that we are planning to move, however, they don't no the exact date of when we are moving. When is the best time to tell them? ASAP or a couple of weeks before we actually leave the UK? :wideeyed: Love Ellie xXxXx :v_SPIN:
  14. Hi all, I know this is probably a personal preference type thing but was interested to know when people told their family and friends about their intended move to oz. Also how did to go about it????? Did you have a big family gathering or just told parents and let the news filter through the family. Has anyone told a parent who has then given you a really hard time about going??? (we are suspecting this how oh's mum will be) Be good to hear from those who have already told and those who still haven't told. We haven't told anyone yet and certainly don't plan to until oh has passed his ACS. Thanks Mandisfam
  15. Guest

    Telling kids aged 3 & 5

    Hi, Has anyone got any advice as to how to explain to a 3 and 5 year old that they mum and dad are moving them to the other side of world and that they will never seen the majority of there friends and family again or for a very long time. Thanks Mandisfam
  16. Hi, We made the decision on friday that we are definatly going, and now i have to tell my family. My mum already knows we are thinking about it and is very unhappy about it. My sister knows also, but thinks we don't know she knows (big mouthed mother). And last night i sent my other sister who lives in germany an email telling her (long story but we only met each other for first time 4 years ago and have since been building a great relationship...the rest of my family dn't get on with her.) and she hasn't been in contact or replied yet - i don't know her well enough to know how she is going to react... :sad: I have written a really long letter to my family telling them we are going, and am dreading sending it... Basically i feel awful, feel sick when i think about it, and just feel so terrible for putting my family through this... i know none of them will be happy about it, however hard they try to be happy for me. I know i have to follow my dreams, but i can't bear the thought of making other people unhappy when some of them already have things in thier lives that are making them unhappy... Can anyone tell me about thier experiences or give me some words of wisdom? Today i'm wondering if its worth while and finding it hard to be excited about it all... Meg xx
  17. Two weeks ago we were on the point of exchanging on an investment flat that would have allowed us to book our flights resign our jobs and move to the Gold Coast. Our House was two weeks on the market we had a hell of a good responce and an offer. The offer was on the point of tying up when the potential buyer said 'no it really is too small and we have decided not to go ahead' Well at least he did it before tying up a sale! Lat week with the flat not exchanged I had to re mortgage it to pay my yearly tax bill some £18,000. I had to re mortgage as the tax fund had been wiped by the currency fluctuation. I had budgeted my $750,000 bond being £309,000 and not kept an eye on the conversion rates for months. I needed £344,000 so had to beg from the Father in law and use tax fund to meet the extra. Guess whats happened today yes my flat has fallen through! It appears the agent sodl it to the buyer on the basis it could rent for £185pw rather than the £160 as I have been achieving for 10 years. They had been trying to let it for whilst still owned by me! When they could not let it the buyer decided it was a turkey and has walked. We were going to leave on 8th April now who knows:arghh: What do I do now? My solicitor suggested I raise a mortgage on my house leave it empty and go as planned. If I borrowed £70,000 I would have loads to live on for a year, buy cars etc... with a mortgage outgoing of £400 a month. But the currency rates are predicted to come down to 2.10 so would it be better to go now and change my money at 2.20? Feel like giving up we are two years into this and still a million miles away:no: To think this morning I was convinced I would be on the beach in April and resigning my crap job in two weeks:cry:
  18. Guest

    Advice for telling children

    When and how should I tell my 7 year old that we are (hopefully) going? Anyone any advice?
  19. Guest

    Telling family your leaving

    I told my sister we are trying to go to OZ and she didnt take it well at all . It was very upsetting one of her sons was out so I never got to talk to him but my sister told him and its broken him little heart. Tommy my sisters son is like one of my own he is like a big bro to my little boy and were always having him over to stay . I feel like im doing something very bad but I still wont to leave the UK to hopefully find a better life for my wife and two kids! I knew it would be hard telling people and that were going to miss and be missed but this is hard! Im going to see Tommy after work today to tell him my self but I dont know what to say to him. Any help to ease to pain PLEASE???:cry:
  20. Hello All Well today has been slightly better and my mam (sorry its a northern thing cant say mum lol) she is now not acting as though we have all just died, she has asked a few questions but said did we not fancy just going to Spain cos its only a couple of hours away.......errr NO!! :wacko: OH is back as well, hes been away for few days so didnt really pick the right time to tell her when I was on my own. Yesterday I wavered so much, that I thought I could go through with it (even though as yet we dont even know if we can get in, we're on a wing and a pray). But then I went into town (big mistake on a Saturday) and had an invisable day, you know those days were no-one sees you. 2 people yes 2.....both let go of the heavy shopping centre doors on me, the second time the girl in question didnt even look behind her and jammed my pushchair in the door when she let go of it, the door was so heavy I couldnt get enough force to push it open with the pushchair being in the way, someone did eventually help me out after several people just looked on. That just did it for me, people are quickly loosing any manners at all, isnt it just normal that you would hold the door for someone or even look behind them before letting it go?????........ok feel better for that thanks :biglaugh: Today OH said all that matters is that we are 100% committed to giving our girls a better start to life and I totally agree. I have spent best part of my life doing whats best for my mam and trying to keep her happy so now its my turn to get strong and do whats best for my family. Thanks for the continuing support everyone, I have never been on a forum where everyone genuinely wants the best for each other. You really did get me through the last few days. Cheers:cute: Em x
  21. Guest

    telling best friend

    Hi is their anyone out there who can advise the best way to tell my best 2 buddies. I have known them for years since nursery and primary school I feel it will almost be like breaking off a relationship, I am that close to these 2 girl friends. One of them I have always been there through some really hard and sad times and it is a time like this that I feel like I am deserting them. I do realise I should do whats best for my family especially as this country is going down the pan and I can't see a future for my kids nor myself in the NHS anymore I need something more out of life and need to do something exciting before it is too late. We have just got our case officer so it's getting scary now, still got house to sell or rent out, can't decide, mum will join us at some point that's another issue that needs sorting. Can't wait for a new life but so worried about leaving my 2 close mates behind as I love them dearly. Any tips would be appreciated o how did the news go down with any of your friends and family. From Jacqui
  22. Guest

    telling best mates

    Just realised I posted to news gossip and chat but meant to put it under dilemmas! Any advice on how to tell best buddies of imminent move to Aus. Hadn't mentioned it to anyone but have now got CO so am starting to panic! Any tips on how to approach the subject of fleeing this country because no longer happy working or living here, without upsetting folk, would be very much appreciated. Thanks from Jacqui
  23. Hi - we are at the very begining of applying - have been assessed and ok for sir visa and have just appointed an agent....HOWEVER, because we have been looking into it for a while and sorting out hubbys jobs specification - kids have obviously heard everthing....my 9year old is very sensible and when we asked her not to mention anything to her friends until we know for sure or near enough that we wouldbe emigrating, but our 6 year old has informed everyone in her class including her teachers - that we are moving to australia and going to live in a big house with a swimming pool! One of the mums asked me today and I just said that phoebe had it a bit mixed up and that we are going on holiday there next year and would nt if be nice to live there.........but then phoebe was upset because she thought we are going to live there ( dont really want her lying ...) Any one in same position? whens the best time to tell - us and kids are excited about prospect - but dont wont to count our eggs sort of thing!! sarahx