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    Moving to WA and back home again = Expensive....But........

    Hi we are moving back to the UK end of jan next year! Did you move back to your old house? If not did you move to the same area? We have rented ours out but are wondering whether to move Tia new area? My children can't both get into their old school.They have said my daughter in year 3 may have a place but my son In reception would not!! Over here they went to different schools as there were very few schools which had kindy places! I'm z bit worried abt going back! No jobs no schools just hope we will be ok
  2. staceyirvine

    2008 Holden Astra for sale! Need to sell asap

    Hi we are in Butler Perth! Car has done 120 km stacey
  3. Good morning we are selling our lovely black Astra 1.8 car, we move back to the UK end of Jan and would ideally like to sell this before we go! Its recently had a service and the Rego is paid till June next year! It has air con and electric windows and is a nice family car! We are selling it for $11,500 but are open to offers many thanks
  4. Hi we have a great black Holden Astra for sale 2008 5 doors, automatic electric windows! Great family car just had service! Rego due in June 2013.... It's now 9,500 but open to offers! We are wanting to head back in the next few weeks? Message me for any more details! We are in North Perth!!
  5. Hi we are moving out of our 4x2 rental mid January 2013 heading back to the UK it is in a new estate brand new house (we've only been in it since June) if anybody is interested in further details send me an email and I can give you more info and real estate info! It has a gorgeous sea view which you can see in the distance when you walk out of the door!! We are also selling our Black 5 door Astra car too this is available Jan great car 1.8 auto! Message for further details! Thanks very much x
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    i phones

    Can I ask if im on an Aussie iPhone contract and move back to the UK will I still be able to Use the phone? Could I get the phone company to take over the contract in the UK? Thanks
  7. staceyirvine

    Shipping back to UK ?

    Hi thanks for the info how long we're you in Oz for before going back to he UK?
  8. staceyirvine

    Shipping back to UK ?

    Hi can I ask how long you have lived in Oz for? And why you are leaving ? Did it cost much for the container?
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    Online Tax return.....Lodging problems

    Hi sorry to jump in here didn't know how to start a new message ! We moved to Perth end of may from UK do we need to do tax return my fiancé did one from April last year to April this year?? Do I need to do one if I don't work?
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    Can your heart belong to 2 Countries?????

    Hi thanks for your response!! I will try and live for now otherwise I knowill make it a negative experience when it shouldn't be! I just feel a bit isolated my fiancé uses the car for work so I feel a little stranded so I don't think that helPs!
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    Can your heart belong to 2 Countries?????

    Hi myself and my family have only been here 8 weeks and I'm struggling with missing family and the silly little things back in the UK. There is no denying that Perth is beautiful with parks and beaches everywhere but I at the moment don't tthink I will be able to settle here! I am already thinking of goin back next year!! I get emotional thinking about my parents and sisters back in the UK and my friends I keep getting upset too which isn't good I front of my two children! They are hard work and I had help back home so am struggling! Where we live is quite isolated as its a a new estaTe. My partners brother lives here do they are a good help but am swaying towards UK! Will my feelings settle?
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    flooring work - perth

    Hi everyone, we arrived in Perth nearly five weeks ago and my fiancé is looking for work as a carpet/vinyl layer...its getting worrying now as he hasn't managed to find anything? If anybody knows of anywhere that requires a layer...he has 15 years experience and can do both commercial and domestic flooring. Its worrying that in a few months we may have to give up on our dream if nothing comes up.. thanks for your help stacey
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    Tax Number

    Hi good luck with your move. We move to Perth on 24th May and i would like to know the answer to this! Stacey
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    flying out 16th june

    Good luck!! We are the same my fiance and i and our two kids 7 and 4 fly out 24th may! Doesnt feel real keep getting emotional and starting to panic a bit will i like it, are we doing the right thing etc v up and down about it all! Excited but scared! X
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    Dilema about renting uk house out

    Hellppp can someone give me some advice?? We have decided to rent our house out as we can't sell it been up for 7 months and only 4 viewings!! Now we are thinking of going through a managemdnt company to look after the house whilst we move (hoping to move to perth in may) is it worth paying them? Do they actually do a lot? We dont plan on tellin mortgage comp as they will put our mortgage up another 100 a month, if we pay management fees we are Goin to be adding to the mortgage!! We are just goin to cover mortgage as it is what with landlords insurance boiler cover etc we are adding to this!! Any advice and tips would be useful!! My head is burstin with it all as is my OH's!! Its putting loads of stress on the already stressful time! Got shippers quoting on thurs!! Wish we could sell it!! Meant to add have dropped house abt 19,000 already!! Thanks x
  16. staceyirvine

    Dilema about renting uk house out

    If we tell mortgage comp we will have to put abt 30.00 to cover mortgage payment plus 100.00 of management fee then about 30 boiler etc cover and then landlords insurance, all in all we have to pay 200 to it each month!! Which if we are renting out in oz as well is going to be expensive! Why cant things be simple?? Wish we could just sell it and get rid!! Its all v stressful! Thanks for everyones comments!!
  17. staceyirvine

    Dilema about renting uk house out

    Really?? All the tax business confuses me too! Do we get taxed even if we arent making any profit?
  18. staceyirvine

    Weather in may/june/july in perth

    Morning just wondering what the weather is like in these months we are planning on moving over to Perth mid to end of May what is the weather like? I know its winter but how cold does it go? What sort of clothing would be suitable?Thanking you!! X
  19. staceyirvine

    10 weeks in Perth

    Great interesting post!! Glad you have settled we are hoping to head out in May! One thing i am unsure of is can i buy new plates, cups etc to ship? Do i declare them? Do i pay tax on them? Any info gratefully received!! Also can i send things in container like shampoos soap loo roll etc just to save buyin it there?Staceyx
  20. staceyirvine

    Time frame for moving to Oz once visa is validated

    Hi as far as i knowyou get 5 years once you have validated the visa! QUOTE=jimithechew;1298045]Guys N Gals, I did a search, albeit a quick one, what is the score once you validate your visa? we plan to go next month to a cousins wedding and validate it then, perfect, but once we return when do we have to go back??? do you have a month? 6 months? a year??? we plan to move permanently in Oct but might go after crimbo (Visa has to be validated before Dec 2012) Cheers JTC
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    Hi there it seems a lot of people are struggling to sell theirhomes!! We are in this stressful situation too! Had our house up for sale since July and only had 3 viewings have dropped it 10,000 we have dual estate agents on it and still no news! Wehave tobe in oz by july...dont really want tospend money validating it!! We really want to move in May but its very stressful and scary as we dont know what to do!! We could rent but have a high mortgage so it wouldnt cover the mortgage!! We have recently asked to droptointerest only and they wont let us!!! Dont really want to tell mortgage comp we may rent incase they increasepayments even furthercan anyone advise??? Thanks v much
  22. staceyirvine

    Childs trust fund in UK - what happens to it if we move??

    I would also like to know the answer to the questions about Child Trust Fund Thanks Stacey
  23. Hi All, we are hoping to emigrate May this year to Perth...and as we are now in 2012 thought i'd better start thinking about quotes for sending things over? Do I provide the shipping companies with a list of what we want to take? We are wanting to take over leather suite ( 3 seater and a 2), tv and stand, dining table and chairs, mountain bikes and 2 kids bikes, lots toys, clothes, kids clothes, kitchen items (cutlery, plates etc) not beds (maybe our 4 yr olds toddler bed) and duvets, towels etc? Do I have to specify every item of clothing? Or do i show the shipping company in the wardrobes and say this etc?? How long does it take normally for things to arrive in Perth? Any help would be gratefully received... thanks Stacey x:rolleyes:
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    The Start of "The Big Move".......HELP....!!

    Hi there we are looking at moving over May next year and I am having the same thoughts....we are going to look at getting some different shipping companies round Jan time to get an idea of what costs we are looking at shipping wise. Have you sold your house? We havent yet and really want to sell it before we move...we will look at renting it out if not but would prefer to sell it to ease the stress of renting whilst so far away.. Its scary but exciting, my in laws are in Perth (staying with my fiances brother) at the moment for six weeks and they say its fantastic and very warm at the moment....! Good luck Stacey:biggrin:
  25. staceyirvine

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats on house sale!! We arent having much joy been on market since july!! Only had 3 viewings am hoping things will move after Christmas!! We want to go to perth in May! May have to rent if cant sell