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    Farm Manager......What are the chances?

    Thanks VS, Will let him know.
  2. Hi All, Posting this for a friend who wants to move to Oz with his family. I have looked on the SOL for Farm Manager (hes been one for 10+ years in the UK) and found nothing. Do you guys know if: 1. Farm managers are ever on the SOL 2. Can Farm managers get a 457 sponsorship? 3. If no to any of the above, is there any possible route over here, or is it just a case of not required, therefore no chance of getting over here. Many thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards JTC
  3. jimithechew

    Buying property....

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies, @ Oz, We looked at the FIRB, but for some reason couldn't make heads of tails of it, will look again. @newjez, I think the tax office will ask where a large sum of money has just appeared from... but yes this was a consideration! would surely have to pay tax...
  4. jimithechew

    Buying property....

    Hi all, I understand anyone can purchase a new build if you are not a resident, but my question is: the MIL is over on an aged parent visa (804) with a waiting time till processing of 356 years. Is she able, in some way, shape or form, able to buy an existing (2nd hand) house? I fear the answer is no. Any advice welcome. Cheers JTC
  5. jimithechew

    UK capacity

    In regards to services, I wouldn't say they are creaking I would say they have cracked. It doesn't help that only a few years ago (before I left the UK) I saw a doco on people who were trying to get off the rock n roll and they were actually better off on the sausage roll then doing a minimum wage job. Which lefts face it is really all they will be able to get until they work there way up. I believe parents have a lot to do with it and once a kid gets into their mid to late teens its generally too late to try and put them on the straight and narrow. Thus the circle continues. Why would you bother to work if you don't see your peers, parents and grandparents not working? In regards to why London is heaving: You do know why Dick Whittington came to London... That still applies to this day.
  6. jimithechew

    Mothers leaving 1st to set home in Oz?

    My Mrs was actually going to go ahead with the kids and I was going to follow 3 months later. As the Gluten Free organic free range bread winner, I wanted to stay behind an finish a landmark job that had started for my old company (It would have stood me in good stead in Oz). Then I was going to come out about 10-12 weeks later. However I had no job lined up and while the Mrs wanted me to do whatever would be best for the family we both agreed that I had to come out at the same time as its not fair for her to make that journey herself, let alone start up anew life for us! I had no job lined up when we touched down only interviews (two the next day). It took me two months to snag a job and while it was nice having two months off with the family, it was also rather stressful as it is ultimately and unknown timeframe. Good luck either way and my opinion would be go together if possible. Cheers JTC
  7. jimithechew

    QS/Project Surveyor/Contracts Administrator

    Can anyone tell me realistic Salaries ? As a QS? I couldn't tell you 100% as QS's over here tend to work only for PQS firms, i.e RBB, Slattery etc... if your used to working as a QS for a MC then (as you have no doubt worked out) you would be classed as a CA. Wages of a CA vary, Tier 2 (with exp) you should be getting (All site based wages though) 130k ++. I know Senior CA's can get up to 180 ++ on the bigger jobs (over say 80mill + and mainly Tier 1). But it really can vary, I know CA's with a few years experience on $115k ++ then again I know of some on only 80k++ (both at the same company). Other wages on site vary as well Site Managers 150k - 175k (No ++), CA's 75k-130k ++ and PM's 175k to 220k++ What Systems you are using ?, Cheops, its OK, but the version I'm using is a little outdated I feel. Some real insight into Whats possible - I've found I apply for Senior roles, and up end feeling/being a Junior QS. As is so common over here you really need WA experience before they will even consider you (and that is the same for any state). Its all about getting your foot in the door and going from there, but its getting your foot in the door that is the hurdle, I know, I have been there and it is very stressful. Even if you enter in to a junior role you will quickly progress through the ranks or find employment with another firm who will value you. Good luck!
  8. If you give a tramp a tenner the only winner will be the alcohol shop. Your best bet would be to buy him $10 worth of food. I found $2 the other day and gave it to my boy for his piggy bank. I didn't lose any sleep over it. I wonder what the cost would be in police time if you handed in a small amount of money (a loose note) for them to try and locate the owner.... I bet it would outweigh the value handed in, so ultimately we as the tax payers would pay for you do gooding... Someone who used to work at my firm a few years ago found some poor guys weekly wage packet on the floor of a pub and duly spent it.. I was disapproving of that, but all that was written on it was the amount and I think a name like Steve, nothing else. In that instance I would have handed it in (around 500 pounds from memory), If that was my money I would be fuming. If I found just some loose money, as we all have from time to time I would keep it. I've never found a tenner and had a tramp near by to give it to, I doubt many of us have been in that exact scenario. It's no big shakes, I've lost a tenner here and there before and the thought didn't cross my mind to go an report it to the Five 0. Swings and roundabouts.
  9. jimithechew

    Internet Explorer to be retired.

    Can they get rid of Bing as well, utter crap.
  10. jimithechew

    Offered a job in Aus

    I think you have just answered this yourself. The money is better for less hours. Not sure why you would look at the sick pay as anything other than a bonus? are you off sick much? 20 working days for annual leave is standard 36 hr working week sounds less than civil servants! 3 on 4 off..... I'm not sure what's there left to discuss, if you have gone through all this rigmarole and now you have the job offer you should take it. Stick it out for a couple of years then seek new employment if there is the opportunity. Though you state you field is specialist so options may not be in abundance...
  11. jimithechew

    QS/Project Surveyor/Contracts Administrator

    I would say the market is defo picking up and there seems to be more talk of some bigger projects kicking off in the middle and towards the latter part of this year. I work in Tier 2 so I don't doubt for a minute that you will be able to pick something up with your experience. What have you been doing since you left? same roles? Cheers JTC
  12. jimithechew

    QS/Project Surveyor/Contracts Administrator

    Hiya, Yeah its a strange old market, and it depends on who you work for as to how stressful or easy your job is... and of course money talks. I do think things are progressing though over here and it will, in time be less "Wait A while" and more "Way Ahead".....
  13. jimithechew

    Trouble finding "Aged Parent 804 form" on "Immi account"...

    Russell, But once its lodged, it in the system...then you can then get a bridging visa if you leave to go on holiday....
  14. jimithechew

    Trouble finding "Aged Parent 804 form" on "Immi account"...

    Thanks Alan, Its evident the Gov are trying to make this a difficult visa to do. Cheers JTC
  15. jimithechew

    Trouble finding "Aged Parent 804 form" on "Immi account"...

    Hi Wrussell, I believe its currently 36 years! but the MIL will be applying "onshore".... Cheers