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Found 180 results

  1. Hi, Would be grateful for any advice, getting really worried now. I thought that I would just about meet the 65 points on the new points system. I've had my skills assesed by CPA Australia before July 1st and that has come back completed. I only became a qualifed accountant at the end of May this year (last exam passed May 2010). I needed to claim 5 points for my 3 years work experience, since my role as a Finance Manager is in line with that of a qualified accountant. However, I now read that DIAC are expecting the work experience to be verified as part of the skills assessment, and looking on the CPA website this says they will only count POST qualifed work experience - which for me is 4 weeks! I've checked out IPA and theirs also says post qualified is all that counts. So, I'm now 5 points short. Any advice? I've thought about state sponsorship but that will probably change now too. Please help, think my dreams may be over right now:no:
  2. Can anyone recommend a good accountant in the Mornington area? This is our first year to do the tax thing and I have 2 kids and lots of receipts!!:biggrin: Cheers x
  3. Hi People, Just had a email from Tra saying I haven't provided enough info so they will contact me to conduct a phone interview. Does anyone have any info on what sort of questions they are going to ask (as I said was being assesed as a 1st class welder) and how long it will last for? Thanks for you help
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been looking into things and feel that we are going round and round in circles so thought perhaps some advice/experiences and a discussion may help me and hopefully some others in a similar position in making decisions. I realise that there are many others on here that have been waiting aggeeesss for their visa's and we have only started the ball rolling a few months ago. I have so much symathy for all you guys and really hope that you all get your visa's asap. :hug: However, I feel the decisions we make now will directly impact on how long we wait in the future. I have every expectation and am happy to accept that whatever happens the whole Oz process is likely to take about 18months however, if it takes much longer I think that's when things get difficult with regards to getting on with your life and making decisions etc. eg we haven't had children yet We sent off our skills assessment last week and are now trying to decide what to do next. We can apply for state sponsorship or we can just apply for the 175 visa. Now I know that the 175 is supposed to take a fair bit longer, however,we are concerned that as we won't be able to apply for state sponsorship until probably January, if we don't get it back before 1st July 2011 then we will have to resort to applying for the 175 anyway as we do not have enough points after this date (which means we've then lost another 6 months). Also if we go for ss, what happens if the ss places run out - are those cases on the back burner until 2012 or scrapped, could it mean then the 175's overtake the newer applications? The option of the 175 would mean that we could lodge it as soon as the skills assessment comes back (hopefully positive!) and possibly get a 6 month head start on applying for the 176 which could close the gap somewhat. My main concerns with the 175 are as we do not have enouh points after July will they still process it after that as we did have enough points before? Also as the whole process takes longer is there more chance that something could go wrong ie they make more changes? So in summary, weighing up timescales and the most likely chance of getting a visa - which would be the best option for someone in our position? Both seem to have pro's and con's and neither seem that secure! Thank you so much for listening and I always really appreciate and value the time taken to give me advice. :notworthy: Cara xx :wubclub: :chatterbox:
  5. caz2048

    1st XMAS in Australia

    Hi I'm 25 and from the uk and this will be my 1st Xmas in oz (brisbane) and I would love any hints or tips on how to make it good/enjoyable as not looking forward to being away from family back home!! Would also love any suggestions on what Xmas presents are good to send family back home, so things that are easy to send (not too big or break) Any info would be great :-)
  6. Hi I've been told that 1st time home buyers do not pay any stamp duty in WA? Can anyone confirm if this is correct or have i been led up the garden path?:skeptical:
  7. Hi, My partner and I are moving to Darwin on the 1st dec from Cambridge UK and will be bring our 2 year old little boy. I was wondering if anyone could advised me about toddler groups/ toddler activities. Many Thanks Kaylee
  8. I thought it was time to give our first update from Australia! Quick recap of our situation: I’m an Aussie and OH is the Brit. I already had a house in Adelaide so we haven’t got much to tell that would be useful in regards to finding accommodation when you first arrive I’m afraid. We flew in last Thursday morning. Soooo glad I used my frequent flyer miles to upgrade the Singapore to Adelaide flight to business class. Being able to use the business class lounge during our 9 hours in Singapore was fantastic (we managed to have a snooze and helped ourselves to the food and drinks) and it certainly was nice to have a seat on the plane that went flat (well, almost flat). We're currently staying with my parents in Port Elliot (coastal town about 1.5 hours drive south of Adelaide) until we're ready to move into my place. So after a couple of days of falling asleep in the middle of the day and waking at strange times we got stuck into the furniture shopping on Sunday. It's a bit of a tough slog as we have to drive into Adelaide each time (not many shops down here and they wouldn't deliver that far away anyhow) to look at places, so we've tried to do a fair bit of research on the internet to narrow things down a bit. Had a very successful day today, having ordered a lounge suite and a bed. Once the bed is available (we've been told 7-10 days) they will both be delivered and we can actually move into the house. Also put a deposit down on a fridge on the weekend and that will hopefully be delivered soon too. I was quite pleased with my bargaining abilities and managed to get the price down on all the items. It's not like the UK where you pay whatever the price tag says. Here it's more of a guideline so if you're prepared to stand your ground (or smile sweetly!) you can often get a better deal. Also stumbled on a home wares sale at the local department store so we grabbed as much as we could carry! OH's also been busy making himself "official", registering for Medicare, tax file number, getting a phone etc. He applied online for a bank account with the NAB before we got here and has a meeting with them on Thursday to pick up his cards. Can’t help much with cost of living information yet as we haven’t had to pay for much of that type of thing while we’re staying with my parents. Will try to provide an update once we’ve moved into our house. Happy to answer any questions though!
  9. well that's the first quote in, the rep was here a total of 20 mins, didn't measure anything just estimated and came up with 850 cubic ft. sole usage of a 20ft container, mentioned that if over 3/4 of a container full then its cheaper to get the whole container and not groupage. I spent a whole afternoon measuring what we wanted to take and got it at 535 cubic ft, thats with taking legs off tables, flat packing bed etc..... and also measuring all settees as if they were cubes so able to fit extra boxes on top of settee, if you know what I mean..... 300 cubic ft difference, seems a lot to me...................next quote on Friday morning...........
  10. Hey, Some of you might know me from previous nights out that I've planned, well I might arrange another one this weekend if anyone fancies it. It's the AFL grand final day; I'm not really interested in it but it's a lively day out on the Melbourne calendar so it should be fun. I spent the day around Fitzroy and Collingwood last year but I'll wait to see what sort of response I get before deciding on a place for this Saturday. Cheers, John
  11. zidden

    1st and 2nd Installment

    Am I correct in assuming that as we were being born in the UK and having lived here since birth (both of us competent in the English language) that we do not have to pay the second installment towards our 176 visa?
  12. How long did you book your holiday rental & did it work out a good amount of time? :wideeyed: I am booking mine now & am not sure that 1 month is long enough to find a furnished rental :confused:
  13. I have just confirmed quarantine for my four for later this month and saw on their website that from the beginning of Feb the fees will have to be paid upfront at the time of applying for the import permits. That will make the process that but harder to manage financially, I've at least been able to pay for my lot in stages with quarantine being the final thank god. Good luck to all that are going, this time two weeks my furries will be there
  14. Want to see where the american General MacArthur ran the pacific war from in WWII? Or what the Masons really get up to? Or tour parliament house? Or view the lovely St John's? Or sneak up a skyscraper? Or see where the connected hang out at the Tattersalls Club? Or how traffic is controlled throughout Brisbane? Or take a peek at the performing arts complex? Or even a back of house museum tour? Brisbane Open House has all this and more for one day only tomorrow Saturday 1st. See: http://www.brisbaneopenhouse.com.au/
  15. I'm timid in the surf so I prefer the harbour beaches, Clovelly, or the ocean pools that many of the surf beaches have. They took the shark nets up at Neilsen Park & Parsley Bay back in May & they've put them back for the spring/summer now. It does not matter what you want from a beach, Sydney has them all - big, brash, crowded - Bondi, Manly, Coogee, Cronulla, just as big or bigger but not so brash & crowded - Maroubra, Narrabeen, Long Reef, smaller but still with good surf - Bronte, Tamarama, Freshwater. Family friendly - Clovelly or any of the harbour beaches, Neilsen Park, Watsons Bay, Redleaf, Camp Cove, Lady Jane, Balmoral, Clontarf. Plus all the other ones - Palm, Bilgola, Whale, Avalon, Mona Vale, Newport, Warriewood, Collaroy at the southern end of Narrabeen, North Narrabeen at the northern end, Curl Curl, Queensliff. I've still not been to Fairy Bower or Shelley @ Manly. Little Bay, La Perouse, Bundeena. Cronulla also inludes Eloura & Wanda? I suppose strictly speaking Manly is South & North Steyne and isn't there a shark proof beach by the ferry? Bottom line is, if you can't find what you want in Sydney you never will anywhere else!
  16. People who have applied for their visas after 1st July 2011 can join here... You can share your timelines from start till the end.... So who is the first one?????????????
  17. Am in a panic. Have heard from a reliable source that after 1st July, because of all the changes, they will make people go through their skills assessment again (including payment of 800 dollars for anmac) can any one shed any light on it? I have 12 hours to submit the 176 (and I hesitiate as my partner has an ielts to sit and a french birth cert to translate)
  18. Down to the last two with my shipping quotes - PSS (who I can find lots of info on) and 1st Move International (http://www.shipit.co.uk/) who I can't find mentioned anywhere on this forum! Normally this might make me a bit suspicious, but I have quizzed them very thoroughly, and they seem to have their act together and have been really helpful and full of info. Anyone had any personal experience of them? (I don't trust general internet reviews - know of too many 'trolls' from other companies who try to discredit each other ;-)) Please PM me with details only! Thanks StS
  19. Guest

    HELP!!! July 1st changes

    I had to send in my completed application for 176 SS after the 1st July as I didn't have a credit card to pay the fee, I have now realised that due to the changes on 1st July I am 5 points short does anyone know, what I can do to save the situation!! I am sponsored by Queensland as a nurse.:arghh:
  20. Guest

    1st July 2011 changes...

    Under the proposed changes to the points system due to be introduced on the 1st July 2011, if someone can reach the 65 points required but have done so without awarding any points for the qualifications categories, will that be allowed or will you have to be able to award yourself points in the qualification categories to be eligible to apply?
  21. Danandclaire

    Should we get the health check 1st?

    Hi, my husband is going to apply for a partner visa, we've had conflicting advise on wether to get his health check done before lodging the application, any advice? Also he has a son who wnt be coming with us and staying with his mother, has anyone experienced this, we are wondering if he will need a healthcheck even if he's not coming? Thank you in advance
  22. On the new points list the points for Educational qualifications are below, have any diploma nurses applied since 1st July? If so have you been able to claim any points for your diploma, we're getting different opinions as to whether points can be claimed. Not sure whether points can be claimed because of a positive skills assesment? You have met the requirements for award of a: • bachelor degree, by an Australian educational institution; or • bachelor degree, awarded by an overseas educational institution or a recognised standard; or • post secondary qualification or award of a recognised standard as specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing. 15 points You have met the requirements for the award of a diploma by an Australian educational institution, or a diploma awarded by an overseas educational institution of a recognised standard. 10 points You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining the applicant’s skills for their nominated occupation. 10 points Thank you
  23. Hi, since finding out about the changes on July 1st i have been frantically trying to find out about what to expect, I will be back on the SOL so I move up to Cat 3 I think what I am asking is, Who is going to change Category on 1st of July what processing times have agents sort of said, my agent didnot seem to interested to talking to me, he said he had not looked to much in to the changes just interested in getting people lodged before the new set of rules come in to force. Hope this it not another rotten carrot and is a light at the end of a tunnel, I want to move now now in another 2,3,4 years. I am a fitter visa type 175
  24. I've just come across this - http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1119.pdf 51 pages long, but will probablly answer a lot of questions you may have on changes to GSM with the new points system Hope it helps