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Found 239 results

  1. Clair

    Taking my Cat to England

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with any information regarding where to start with the planning of flying my cat home with me to England? I am not sure what immunisations are needed either. It's the one item on my list that is stressing me senseless. I truly cannot leave my furkid behind and I am worried about putting him through any unessacary stress. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Clair
  2. Mickeyjones

    Brachycesphalic Syndrome

    I found an article about Brachycephalic Syndrome Dog and cats Visit This Link to know. Click here
  3. LoggyAnn

    Bringing Cat into Brisbane Area

    Hi All I'm new to this site and this is my first post, I've scrolled through some of the previous posts about cats, and gained some information, but I've still got some questions if anyone knows the answers or could advise that would be greatly appreciated. I have a male neutered Persian cat, who is almost 6 years old, he is indoors approximately 70% of the time and outdoors the rest but he doesn't go very far and always checks back every half hour to an hour. He's a giant softie and isn't confrontational towards other cats, or animals (he likes to relax with my rabbits). He is on a special diet (Royal Canin) for urinary problems, which is managed fine with diet. I was wondering if people have taken their cats to the Brisbane area, I'll be looking at the suburban area's not city. and how their cats have adapted, do you let them out? I've heard various things and I'm not sure what to believe, one side of people say "oh no you cannot let them out, because of snakes, spiders, ticks etc", and the others say " yes its fine mine lived to ripe old age etc." Also wondering if anyone else's cat has a special diet? as I've read you cannot bring food due to the laws etc. So was worrying about sourcing suitable food. Which transport companies would you recommend? And do you pick your pets up at Melbourne and then fly with them to Brisbane or just meet them at Brisbane after the quarantine period? Many Thanks
  4. PossumMama

    What's kindest for my cat?

    Has anyone out there got experience of bringing their long-haired cat out to Australia from the UK? I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons of putting our half-persian cat through the flight and quarantine process, and then exposing her to the heat of Perth, versus finding her a new owner back in London. Can anyone tell me about their experience? Thanks!
  5. mogsandrovers

    Emigrating pets - D.I.Y

    Hi - Im currently looking into shipping our German shepherd Dog and DSH cat to Melbourne in 2015. I decided I was going to do it all myself though - its really not all that difficult. You have to make sure you have all the relevant import / export permits and vet checks etc and an air kennel which can be purchased from the airline. There are guidelines from IATA as to the standards of the kennels, however IATA dont approve or recommend any specific make. I had a long chat with a very helpful lady at Emirates SkyCargo.com at Heathrow - they deal with Pets as manifest cargo. They have a great service for travelling animals with a stopover station for pets in Dubai where they are let out and exercised and fed etc before sent onto the forwarding flight. Skycargo gave me a rough quote for booking our animals....it was nearly £1500 cheaper than the quotes I have had from reputable pet shipping agents. The advisor also told me that there is no need for animals to be boarded in local kennels overnight beforehand and they can be brought straight to the airline handler day of flight. Now for the vet bit - I have emailled my vet asking for a quote for all the relevant vaccs and blood checks and form filling etc Next would be to apply for import permits and book quarantine when we know our flights. Flights themselves will be through Emirates and must have a min of 6 hours stop over for a comfort stop. They will also have to be on a weekday and between business hours at the Heathrow end. However, Emirates have said that many people send their animals on the flight before to avoid the 6 hours stopover for themselves. Then they rejoin on the connecting flight. Its not hard - just time consuming and has to be done properly.. But if your organised then you could save ££££ If anyone would like me to keep you updated with progress I am happy to. Just a thought x useful links: DEFRA UK: As a first step, ring DEFRA/AHVLA - Carlisle 01228 403600 Skycargo http://www.skycargo.com/english/products-and-services/live-animals-pets/pet-care/index.aspx DAFF Australia (permits) http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs AUS Quarantine http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs/quarantine-facilities-and-fees Very helpful PetExports site http://www.petexports.co.uk/defranumbers.html
  6. tjg4th

    Bringing Cats to Australia

    Hey everybody! First time poster here. I hope you can help me out. My girlfriend is an Aussie, and I'm an American. After 3 years of doing the long distance thing, we're working on getting me over to Australia. Now, the complication seems to be my two cats. Leaving them is not an option for me, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm looking at in the way of expenses. Has anyone moved a cat (or cat-sized dog) from the US to Australia? What was your experience? What were your costs per cat? My cats would be traveling from Orlando (MCO) to Melbourne (MEL). Alternatively, I could get them to Dallas, and they could travel from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Melbourne (MEL), if that would be easier or cheaper. My vet told me to expect to spend around $8,000 per cat, which seems terribly high. At this point, I have government Lodgement and Assessment fess figured at $730 for both cats combined, and quarantine fees (now only 10 days of quarantine required) figured at $3,434. That brings my total government/quarantine costs to $4,164 for both cats combined. Does that sound about right? Am I missing anything? Any idea how much plane tickets should cost? I know they are required to travel as cargo. Do you have any recommended carriers? Is there a good reason to use a Pet Agent? I'd like to avoid the expense, unless a Pet Agent is absolutely necessary. I know it might sound a bit crazy to spend this kind of money on cats, and that it would be cheaper to "replace" them. But they're simply irreplaceable, and I'd run into a burning building for either of these little guys. Thank you so much for your help! Any input is greatly appreciated! Tom
  7. Hi there, Just looking for a bit of general advice really! We're looking to travel to the Gold Coast in November of this year, and will be taking our lovely, 4 year old male persian. To be honest, we've not done anything toward getting him there, but will be looking to get him his rabies vaccination this week at some point. Does anyone know how much it would cost? Is there a special vets we would have to go to? He hasn't been micro-chipped either. I'd also really appreciate any information on how to progress from here. I understand that he probably won't be fully ready to go in November, so we might have to go on ahead without him, and have him shipped on a bit after. Does anyone have any experience in this at all? Any advice would be very much appreciated :cute: Helen
  8. missmouse

    Pet Services from Perth to London?

    Hi everyone. I'm current;y getting quotes to take my cat from Perth to London in Feb next year. I've received prices from JetPets and also the Pet Travel Specialists - I've heard of JetPets and can find out info and reviews for them, but I can't seem to find anything for the Pet Travel Specialists, who are based in Willeton in Perth. Their quote has come in a little cheaper than JetPets, and they also come out to your home to do the rabies vaccination, which I quite like. Apparently both recommended Thai Airways as their preferred choice for my cat's route, but as of next year, Thai Air will only be doing one flight out of Perth, so they are a no go. And Emirates / Qantas charge and extra $300 on top of the $2500 already quotes to hold my cat in Dubai for six hours transit, as that is their policy there. Singapore Air and Malaysian Air don't charge, but I'm not sure how good they are for transporting pets... So may worries and questions!
  9. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    Hey. Has anyone flown their cat or pet back to the UK from Australia, specifically Perth, and if so, did you use a pet service or organise it yourself? I feel awful for my cat (she's three), but the alternative is to re-home her to a stranger, and Perth is overrun with cats needing homes. I hope she will just curl up and sleep... the good thing is there is no quarantine needed in the UK. I'd love to hear some positive stories of people flying with their pets and everything being fine.
  10. Hi all, I have been living in Melbourne for a year and a half and have made the decision to ship out some of our smaller furniture, lamps rugs etc and more importantly our cat! Anyone provide any advice on who to use for both, anything particular to the West Midlands would be fantastic. Also any pommiesl lving in Port Melbourne give me a shout if you fancy a drink C
  11. grada

    475 QLD Cat 5 New Applicants

    Hi, We have been trying to get a visa since 2005. We have had deal with to the constantly shifting skills lists and eligibility criteria which has affected our progress. To cut a long story short we now have State Sponsorship with QLD for the 475 Regional Visa that arrived the other day, for occupation not on the CSL (Pre-Primary Teacher) which puts us in Cat 5. It took us so long to get the sponsorship (applied in May), and very pleased we now have it, but after reading all the recent news about processing those on the CSL, then looking on DIAC's timeline that for new non CSL applicants, we could be waiting until after 2012 (3 yrs) for applications received after Sept 09 changes (the visa itself only lasts 3 yrs!). I have also heard that they are scrapping the CSL list, but does this mean that they will not be using it as a priority processing tool after Jan 2010? If so where does that leave new category 5 applicants, and does that same timeline apply? The visa charge is $2,525 which we need to pay, and we have got this far, so we are keen to progress as it has been our goal for such a long time. I am just confused as to whether to submit the application, pay up and see, or are we just in for another long wait, as if we will not get looked at until 2012, that will be 7 yrs of dealing with migration, having already had to adjust to the changing goal posts just to get halfway! Is anybody else in a similar conundrum?:wacko:
  12. Hi all, Hope all the mooving and paperwork is going well for you all. Me i am just starting the cycle. Does or has anybody here worked for Hastings Deering Cat dealer in Mackay. I got a job offer from them to move back to Australia. I would like to hear about any info anyone can give me. E.G. The working conditions, The people that work there, is it a friendly and hard working company or is everyone bitching about every little thing,\ What is the secondry conditions like, Has anyone gotten ther removals and visa paid by them etc etc I am keen to go and work for them but these are little things that a Human Resources do not tell you about in first interview, and if i comes to negotiation i can try to get the best package out of them. Thanks
  13. Dear All, I just noticed that my occupation have showed up on the recent SMP of SA as "off-list" occupation. Does it mean that SA finally treated all applicants who were granted state sponosrhip back in 2009 and we will get normal priority? Pls confirm me if you are sure, that we are now moved from new Cat 5 to new Cat 3. If so, this is SO BRILLIANT NEWS, isn't it??!! :wub:I was feeling so sick having the state sponsorship of SA and be in the lowest priority all the time! This is the quote from DIAC web site: Applications from people who are applying under the RSMS are processed as priority group 1. Those applying under the ENS are processed as priority group 2. Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency with a nominated occupation that is specified on the state or territory's state migration plan receive the third highest level of priority processing..... As a transitional arrangement, applicants who were nominated by a state or territory government for an 'off-list' occupation prior to the implementation of state migration plans will also receive processing under priority group 3. http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sh...ty_skilled.htm Please let me know.. Thank you in advance Nata :hug:
  14. Are there any 475 cat 04 family sponsor applicants?. If so, please share your time lines and other queries..... :idea: Thanks Samk6
  15. NowPerth

    Pet microchip registration in Oz

    Just for info. Anyone bringing a pet into Oz will have had it microchipped. The uk personal details won't show up on the Aussie database if your pet is found and handed to a vet, ranger or RSPCA etc over here. You will need to reregister your microchip no and personal details over here in order for them to contact you if your pet is found. (You don't need a new microchip). We just did this through our vet and it cost $25 per pet.
  16. Chris N Lora

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    Due to the recent movement of some applications, I thought I would start a thread to help those who are moving from cat 5 to cat 3. This may help as a guidline to those awaiting CO's. Name: Date of Visa application: Nationality: High/Low Risk: Trade/profession: Visa type: Date SS granted: Sponsoring State: Date Skill back on SMP: Onshore/offshore: Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date visa granted: Thank you Taniaholmes for the idea :biggrin: Here is our timeline Red without a CO orange with a CO Green for Visa Grant
  17. I know it has been started and left after people have got there PR, but it could it could be a good idea to do another one.
  18. vixxy666

    Cat costs in oz

    Hi we're moving to rockhampton qld in June and are bringing our two indoor cats. Just trying to put together living costs and need some help. Rough cost of pet insurance for both, how much is dry cat food we normally get 10kg so just a rough idea would be great and what cat foods available. Litter costs? we pay annually for all our boosters worming and fleaing here do vets do that in oz? or any costs for boosters etc. All help greatly appreciated
  19. Malkitek

    shipping cat, need oz phone number?

    Sorry if this has been asked before! We have decided (finally!) to take our cat to Adelaide with us. Have started getting quotes, but quite a few have said we need an address and phone number in OZ to apply for permit? This is a bit difficult, seeing as we don't have one! I have short term rental booked which I believe has a phone and I can probably get the number, but if they phone before I get there then whoever answers will have no idea what they are talking about? I have a friend in Brisbane that I email about twice a year, and could probably get her phone number, but seems a bit cheeky? Does anyone have any ideas, and do you always need a phone number? It even says not mobile? Thanks Gill and Spooky x
  20. TheGlovers

    Shipping cat to Melbourne

    Hi, Can anyone tell us roughly how much to it would cost to take our cat with us to Melbourne. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, We are hoping to move over next year so I wanted to get the rabies vaccinations out the way incase other half gets a job offer. But how do I go about starting? I have been on the daff website and found the information package 4 and understand the process that needs to be done...but are there forms somewhere I need to fill out before I take kitty to get jabbed and the blood tested? I don't want to take her to the vets and get it started if i'm doing it wrong? Are there no documents to take with me to the vets to get it recorded that its been completed? The only form I have been sent is the export permit.
  22. We have 30 positions available for heavy earthmoving plant operators in Western Australia. Must have formal City and Guilds and CAT experience. CAT trained and assessed preferred but not essential. If you are interested please send me a private message. Cheers, Ben Creen
  23. brideycollette

    Responsible cat ownership laws passed in WA

    Not sure if this has been posted if it has i apoligise :wubclub: Responsible cat ownership laws passed 3 November 2011 - General News Local Government Minister John Castrilli has welcomed the passing of legislation which will help reduce the thousands of unwanted cats euthanised each year in Western Australia. The legislation means all cats: • must be sterilised unless being used for breeding • microchipped so they can be returned if lost, stolen or stray from properties • registered so local government can readily deal with cats without owners To ensure this Bill does not cause hardship, cat owners and local governments have two years - until November 1, 2013 - to prepare themselves and their cats. This is the first time there has been legislation in WA to deal with domestic cats. Dogs have been regulated since 1976. View the full statement by the Minister here. Brides x
  24. Guest

    oh what to do...

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been reading the posts on 457 visas and LAFHA and its been very useful. I have a 457 visa available for my job so my bf and I are planning on going to Melbourne next year for about 1-2 years. I just don't know whether to bring my cat, I can't bare to leave him (but family could look after him) but on the other hand I don't want to put him on a plane and in quarrantine and then have to do it again when we come home. Also once I include 'pet friendly' in the rental property search everything disappears! Except a few way-over budget ones, which is a real issue. Anyone in/been in any similar situation, or just able to give any advice? Thanks Em