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  1. 10 weeks in Perth

    Hello This is a long and rambling post.....sorry!!!! When I was back in the U.K I used to love reading these posts, and now it's my turn to give something back!! Here is an overview of our situation: Me, nurse, newly qualified job offer and 457 visa at Hollywood (AHPRA experience: another story) my other half, Dave wants to get into property management/development. Has a degree in this area. We have very nicely been put up at our friend’s house in singleton for free (he works away) We sent a shipment of pretty much everything over. At the time we were packing, I was of the opinion 'we'll just buy stuff over there'. Luckily, Dave is sensible and insisted on bringing EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this enough.....bring everything, from mops, hoovers, printer cartridges, salt and pepper shakers, knives and forks, bedding, towels, toiletries, washing powder, pots, pans, books, DVDs, beds, bikes, camping stuff, photo frames, rugs, ornaments furniture. Even if you buy new in the U.K (esp. camping stuff and cleaning stuff) and bring out here, it’s worth it. Anything that might be dirty, wash with jays fluid before it’s packed. We shipped with A&D removals they ship via Anglo pacific. It took about a day to pack everything up, and it took 8 weeks to arrive. The guys that unloaded everything took only a couple of hours, and put back together any furniture that had been dismantled. We filled drawers up with light stuff, like clothes, shoes, medicines, toiletries, books, ect to be economical. We flew with Singapore on 15/11/2011. They were cheap, and good....kept us well fed and entertained. They gave us an extra 5K each We had already set up bank accounts with ANZ through an expo thingy, so upon arriving we went into branch and ordered our cards, which took a few days to arrive. We also went to the local Medicare office and sorted out the cards for that; it’s pretty straightforward just take your passport and visa in and they fix everything for you. Used car: Although there is a good public transport system in place, it is quite time consuming to use and in my experience, relies a lot on the bus network. A car really comes in handy in Perth. Second hand cars are expensive compared to the U.K. You can’t really pick one up for less than $1K, and that would get you an absolute banger that would possibly break down. Instantly. We spent $4 on a 2001 commodore, with dodgy aircon and not very economical (4 litre engine and automatic), but otherwise a bargain and reliable. You do not want to be breaking down on the highway in the intense heat and no shade!!! Petrol is cheaper too...it costs us $80 to fill up the car GP visits: I had to go to the docs to get MRSA swabs done (you need these if you want to work in healthcare). They charged me $60 and refunded $30 back to me upon presentation of the Medicare card. from what I can gather, there is not the same relationship that you have with your GP in the uk, i.e. stay with the same one from conception to grave. However, you don’t feel anywhere near as guilty making an appointment because you know you are paying for a service. All important shopping: before we came out, I was well researched in horror stories about the price of food here. The first visit to Coles, woolies or IGA will always be an eye opener, when you convert all the prices back into pounds; you just can’t help it. things do cost more than home especially fruit &veg, cleaning stuff (washing powder, OMG) and cheese. The meat however is cheap, and really really really tasty. However, shopping options extend beyond these supermarkets. We go shopping and at a place called spud shed, which consists of a few outlets, and they say that much of the produce comes from the field to the shop. It really is much cheaper and you can get most things from here. I would compare it to shopping at Lidl....you can get most stuff quite cheap, the odd other things you would have to get from the supermarket. In most cases it is cheaper to buy in bulk and be sure to look out for offers in the local paper that gets thrown on your lawn every few days. Aussie wages are quite good, minimum is $16 an hour I think; I know that for a cleaning or bar job you are looking at $20 an hour....so one you’re earning over here, the prices aren’t too bad; it’s when you are spending your hard earned £’s that it stings!!! Life: when we first arrived, we had a big boring list of things to sort out (car, Medicare ect). The last 2 weeks before coming out were pretty hard, moving out of our house, leaving work, the feeling of being pulled in 20 different directions, guilt about leaving, guilt about not being able to spend time with loved ones, worries about leaving, the dreaded, emotional goodbyes and I suppose when we arrived we were trying to carry on going a billion miles an hour. Once we accepted that we couldn’t get a car, Medicare, bank, library, explore all in one day we felt much better. If possible, I would recommend to anyone to take a minimum of a week or two (finances permitting) to adjust. Don’t underestimate the stress of upheaval and take some time to make your new surroundings feel like familiar, like home. I would recommend joining a library; before I came out I thought 'when I am in Australia I am going to have an outdoor lifestyle and I’m going to quit watching TV and spend all my time outside reading'. This has not been entirely the case for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the outdoors much much more now, however, it goes dark at 1930, there are mozzies, and our air con doesn’t work outside!!! Also, TV is very poor. Our local library (mandurah) lends us up to 4 DVDs for 2 weeks for free...this includes films. documentaries and TV series. Blockbuster is quite expensive ($7 per night) and we have made good use of the library. I would suggest bringing over films and series if you enjoy them at home; if you're bothered about space just chuck the boxes and put them in a cd wallet I have found the aussies to be lovely, and most are proud and respectful of their country. They seem to enjoy making the most out of it, and amongst the western Australians, BBQs, camping, beach, sports, water sports and anything to do with boats is popular. A lot of people have boats, and some of the best days we have had here have been spent on the river in a rusty tin boat with a pack of coronas and some crab nets. They say the best things in life are free, and although some things are expensive, this saying is definitely true of Perth. Dave and I have had a really good start over here, we have come over to jobs, with friends and a free house to stay in while we get started; I know that for many people, their first few months are not like ours, and this post may not be relevant to people in other situations....I hope there are some useful bits in it though, and to everyone who is like I was and reading PomsinOz hoping to get out here soon, stay positive and keep pushing, it is definitely worth it!!!!!
  2. AHPRA Diploma mess

    Hi there, just to give you an update.... AHPRA have agreed to register me, provided I give them quarterly progress reports....I found that out on monday, and spent the rest of the week nagging them to get me on the register in time for monday....and Im now on!!! They did it yesterday afternoon. YIPEE. It was a very close call however; Hollywood were not aware of any restrictions on diploma nurses; its only the fact that I have less than 12 months experience that caused the problem.. I have been extremely lucky, they would have been in acting within their rights to refuse to register me, as their documentation does state that nurses should be degree trained, and where this is not the case, proof of professional development must be shown. I naively trusted Hollywoods assurances that there would not be a problem; a condition of my employment is AHPRA registration and if I could not obtain this I would not have had a leg to stand on. Furthermore, I think if I had been back in Manchester, and not actually in Australia at the time all this was going on, I am not so sure that AHPRA would have agreed to register me. Although I am glad of the outcome, I have found AHPRA a nightmare to deal with, I have been given different answers everytime I have made contact with them; they did not pick up on this issue until I kicked up a fuss about not having my registration in time to start work and advised me 6 weeks ago that they had everything they needed to process my application. I actually applied in person, met my case officer, and have visited the office several times since; I stupidly thought that I would have a smoother AHPRA experience than other stories I had heard about because of this, and the fact I was newly qualified!!! I hope my experiences of this past week can be of help to other nurses out there!!!!! I am soooo happy to have this all sorted now, thanks sooo much to everyone who replied to this thread and PM'd me xxxxxxx
  3. where to send the Aphra application??

    hi, Send your application to where you intend to live....I know some people sent their applications to perth because they heard the waiting time was shorter than other offices....but i dont think this is the case anymore!! I got my documents signed off by a magistrate at home. You should be able to make an appointment at your local court, and it should be free of charge. The staff at AHPRA offices are able to certify documents for you, however you have to be there in person, and provide the original documents..I only know this because I applied in person, and was bemused to find that they keep this information to themselves!!!!!!
  4. AHPRA Diploma mess

    Thanks for your replies!
  5. AHPRA Diploma mess

    Hi there, once again i turn to pomsinoz at a time of great panic and stress..... Im currently in perth, due to start grad program at Hollywood hospital on the 30th.... my first problem is that I am still waiting for my reg....if i dont have by the 30th, I cant start work until the next intake which is in August.....and my case worker is off until tues...... my second, most humongus problem is that I sent an email to a manager there, asking them to sort this out....I get a phone call back saying that as a newly qualified diploma nurse, Im meant to have 12 months post grad experience......and may not be able to register at all. I know the guidelines say bachelor degree, however I thought that a diploma was considered to be equal to the australians. I am having a huge panic, and wonder why hollywood hospital didnt say anything, nor AHPRA, when I have had countless contacts with them over the past year. Can anyone offer any information/advice/past experiences about this??? Im going bonkers.....that storm last night didnt help either love beth xx
  6. AHPRA Advice

    thanks for your replies!!!! I cant believe it is really happening....uni charged me £60 to send a copy of my transcript with a breakdown of hours ect, and a letter confirming course was in english directly to AHPRA, so it better be right.... My high school gave me a letter saying I was taught in english.....does not mention assessment......will this be alright??? Suzanne......have you got a date for going yet??? thanks again xxxx
  7. AHPRA Advice

    Hi!! I would like some educated opinions on my current predicament. Im a newly qualified nurse flying to Perth on 14th November. Will be on a working holiday visa to start, and hoping to have 457 in place by the end of January when my job starts. I finished my training on the 25th of September and had hoped to be on the UK register by the middle of October, but alas, I have only just recieved my statement of entry. So, I still have to apply to AHPRA. I can only get my documents certified on monday, so will be able to post them 6 days before we fly.....should I just go to the APHRA office in person when I land??? Has anyone else done this?? Im hoping that being newly qualified, the AHPRA process shouldn't be too complicated......please dont dash my hopes......its all im holding onto right now!!!!!!! Thanks so much Beth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. 2 Weeks In Scarbourgh, WA

    Thanks, really helpful post!
  9. Nurse Graduate Program 2012

    I havent started yet, the program begins in late January 2012! I was actually interviewed over here, as part of the Joondalup overseas recruitment drive but my job is at the Hollywood hospital. They just gave me some scenarios and asked what my actions would be (care of post op patient and DKA). I am presently on my last placement too, I finish at the end of August and then it's a mad rush to get AHPRA registration and apply for the 457. Do you definately want to go to NSW? I dont know if it will work but you could always try looking at the little independant clinics/hospitals and see if they will provide you with some sort of preceptorship?
  10. Nurse Graduate Program 2012

    Hey Laney, I would just apply for any Grad Jobs ASAP, I have been told very high demand in NSW so the sooner they get your application form and CV the better! I was interviewed over here in February for a place on a Feb 2012 Grad Program in Perth....They just wanted to see my passport and National Insurance card I think.....they are also pretty big on references, so if you can get a Senior Nurse or two to say they will provide a verbal and/or written one it will stand you in good stead. They have offered a 457 visa (only option really as I dont have enough experience to qualify for PR). If I can help you with anything, just ask xxxx
  11. HIYA! have you tried emailing hospitals seeking employment directly with them? They will (or should) help you with the visa process if they are sponsoring you to go over, meaning you may not need to pay for an agent, or seek employment though an agency? Also, which visa do you intend to go for? Im not too sure about Permanent Residency, or any other visas for that matter, but I have been offered a 457 and my partner can come with me and do whatever he wants when we get there, provided the hospital continue to employ me. With regard to proving your relationship, I have read about people producing photographs, and old plane tickets to show how long they have been together. Might be worth contacting the immigration office in London (the link is somewhere on www.immi.gov.au) about this?
  12. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/#g are these the ones you mean, under 'forms to use for a health examination'? You just fill them out and take them with you to your appointment. I dont know about the referral letter, we are going for 457 visa and have just made an appointment with a panel doctor.....pricey.......they should know which tests you need depending on the visa you are going for and where you intend to work.
  13. Hellooooooo Perth!

    What a lovely post! Thanks! We will be living in Singleton come November, another wave of excitement has just hit!!!
  14. Chr1s07 - I'm really not too sure....I'm in a pickle with medicals too.....have you tried contacting the London immigration office (http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/u/united-kingdom/)they are usually pretty helpful, and will get back to you in 2 days.................... Good luck
  15. Does anyone know if it is necessary to be registered with the NMC before applying to AHPRA? I only qualify in September and have a place on a Grad Program...seems silly to pay to get my pin ect if I am coming out to Oz in November and have no intention to work as an RGN in this country.....I have emailed AHPRA, and got a standard reply and a link to the 'assessment of international nurses' document thing......helpful.......NOT!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX