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  1. wanda&wayne

    Plumber advice needed

    Hi my sons a qualified heating engineer back in the UK his certificates are NVQ level 2 and 3 in heating an ventilation would he be able to transfer this over as a plumber to obtain a plumbing license in WA and also how can he go about getting his license? Anybody been in the same situation? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi just wondering if anyoner knows any english soccer football teams in sor perth, we are in coogee, any near..??thanks
  3. well a bit... although we havent watched tv nowhere near as much as back in the uk, even though we have foxtel, which for the record is all crap........Im a celeb was just one of those programs we all used to like to watch, maybe it was the bushtucker trials we liked...haha ..
  4. thanks will look out for it, and hopefully catch it...
  5. i know im sad but wondered if anyone knows how i can watch "im a celeb get me out of here", it started in the uk last night and wish i could watch it, one of them programmes that we all used to sit down and watch together, yeah boys of 14, 19 & 22....sad arent we.....
  6. hI THERE Wonder if anyone can advice on which is the best university in Perth for my son. He has done his A levels in Uk in Maths, Accountancy & Law, and now wanting to go to uni in Oz, so wondering if anyone can advice which are the better ones for the relevant courses. many thanks
  7. wanda&wayne

    High Schools near Coogee.......any advice welcome....

    Thanks bob1, my son does excell in maths, but he really would prefer to go to a mixed school, and he isn't that sporty, so maybe seton would be his best bet. It's so hard , not sure I like the sound of all boys school neither, or maybe it's just cos there's not many single sex schools in uk, so not used to them.. How far is seton from Coogee do you know....
  8. wanda&wayne

    High Schools near Coogee.......any advice welcome....

    Ok here is what I've been told......CBC, seton catholic , Emmanuel & Melville senior high........any comments on any of them please....... Didn't think choosing a school would be so hard......advice welcome......
  9. Hi we have just secured our rental in Coogee, and now wondering about high schools within the area......Our son is 14 and needs to get back started in school. We are staying with friends at the moment whose daughter goes to Leeming SHS, and wondering should i register and start him here before we leave, with school placements being down to the catchment areas, or is there good schools near to coogee.???? And advice would be welcome thanks
  10. Hi, we have just arrived over in Perth and my 22 year old son is asking for any advice in gaining employment. He qualified as a heating & ventilation engineer after a 4 year apprenticeship, and wondering what type of companies should he be approaching for work, as sometimes they are named differently than in the Uk.....any advice would be welcome...thanks
  11. Hi, arrived this week in Perth, and was wondering where to go to get my TFN number and also to register for an ABN number (will be setting up a business)...Also where to go to join medicare, and any companies for private health, etc....lots of questions, totally in a flap....
  12. wanda&wayne

    Driving licence

    Thanks Steve, so should he pay the £60 fine before he goes, .
  13. wanda&wayne

    Driving licence

    Hi, my son recently got a speeding ticket and can either pay the £60 fine and get 3 points or pay £70 and do a course and get no points however there may not be time to do the course as we leave in a little over a week. Does having the 3 points effect his licence over in Australia or not? If not he'll just pay the £60 fine and get the points. Can you help? Thanks!
  14. wanda&wayne

    IPAD 2 3G Bought in UK will it work ok in Oz?

    My son bought an iPad 2 thats on orange pay monthly, will it work fine in oz or does it need unlocking first?
  15. wanda&wayne

    Finally picked a movers - John Mason!

    after months and months of deciding whether to ship or not, we have also decided to use John Mason. Rick the guy was a lovely man and price wise they werent cheapest but not much in it so decided for them...