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Found 12 results

  1. My Nephew is in Australia, and studying at Uni in Sydney. He was caught speeding on a motorbike (45k over the limit in a National Park) He is on a Student Visa, and apparently might be kicked out of the University and country. He will have to sell his bike to pay the fine, which is a pretty good lesson for him. But eviction from the course and country sounds a bit harsh! I wonder if anyone has any ideas?
  2. wanda&wayne

    Driving licence

    Hi, my son recently got a speeding ticket and can either pay the £60 fine and get 3 points or pay £70 and do a course and get no points however there may not be time to do the course as we leave in a little over a week. Does having the 3 points effect his licence over in Australia or not? If not he'll just pay the £60 fine and get the points. Can you help? Thanks!
  3. barnabus72

    Speeding Fines

    Hi we came over for a reccie in August and managed to pick up 3 speeding fines during 6 days in Melbourne on a road which we NOW know is notorious for them ?!?! The fines are huge ! What are our options ? We are intending to come back to live just as soon as my partner can get a job, this could happen in the next 6 months but may not happen at all! Can we argue them ? Ask for proof etc ? Thanks
  4. zoeburrell

    Parking fines - chase to UK?

    Hi everyone I just have a little question we recently had some people from UK and whilst they were here they got a parking fine on my car. I filled in a stat dec and gave their name and myparents address in UK. Does anyone know if they will chase them for this $80? I feel bad and maybe i should pay it as it is my car. Dont want them to have a black mark next to their name if it just stays in the system?? Any advice gratefull received... Thanks
  5. Now, I am not one who likes people swearing all the time but I think the Vic government are taking it a step too far. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/big-fines-for-those-who-cry-foul-20110530-1fctb.html
  6. Cots

    Unpaid Speeding Fines

    My Dad got a speeding fine sent home after a trip to Oz in 2003. Rightly or wrongly, thinking he would never go back he didn't pay it. 8 years on we are emigrating and he will be visiting us, can anyone tell me what the repercussions of this unpaid fine might be? Will he have a problem getting a tourist visa or be pulled up on entering Oz? thanks for any info!
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar or can shed any light on this for me. I'm pretty peeved right now. I rented a red spot car from brisbane airport on my reccie for 7 days. On collection I was told all cars were fitted with an automatic e tag for deduction tolls, I could pay a daily toll fee for a 7 days of hire (I think it was about $60). OR I could not pay the fee, the e tag would still beep and deduct and I would incurr a charge of $15 for each toll use from redspot. As I knew I'd only be using the gateway highway twice, to and from the airport, I opted for the $15 option as at $30 it was cheaper. Today I've received 2 letters from redspot, one for each toll use. They received toll warning letters from the government and are deducting a total of $44 from my credit card for administration of sending me the letter and have passed my details onto the authorities. So presumably in a few days time I'll get some toll fines from QLD government too. I'm really not happy, I've sent them an email to try and clarify. I can only assume their e-tag wasn't working or else I was told a load of rubbish by their airport collection desk rep. Help? :frown:
  8. Proview220

    Speeding fines in oz

    can some one give advise on this: when on holiday in australia in 2003 i was caught speeding twice, both times was stopped, i was told i would be repoerted for this. i was told to pay both fines before we left oz, this never happened i have since told my agent about these fines, he has put them on the application for my visa to let immigration know we are not trying to pull the wool over there eyes. will this affect my visa in any way and will i have to pay them when i return to oz if and when we get our visa regards Proview
  9. Guest

    Unpaid speeding & parking fines

    Hi, we will be applying for student visas in Oz in 2010. Now we have started reading all the info on the websites etc my other half has confessed to the fact that he has an unpaid speeding ticket and an unpaid parking fine from a previous trip to Oz in 2007! Obviously he is happy to pay the outstanding fines and I have the original documents he was served. Before he contacts the relevant organisations to confess and pay the fines I just wondered whether anyone had any idea whether this would adversely affect us when making our visa applications? Many thanks for any help you can give.
  10. Just had a great day out at the beach (Shark Bay, Vaucluse) with the kids spoiled by earning my first Australian parking ticket for $81 for 'failing to park with the rear of the car to the kerb'. This is a new one to me - it does say this on the sign (in small print) so I can't argue about it. But what the hell difference does it make whether the front or rear of the car is facing the kerb in 90 degree parking? Is there some rationale for forcing us to reverse park? Sounds like a council revenue raising exercise to me.
  11. Guest

    Speeding Fines

    When working in Oz in 1999 I was pulled over for speeding, but the copper let me off with a warning when I produced my UK dvg lic; guess it was just too much trouble for him. I am curious as to whether this ploy would still work once I'm a permanent resident?
  12. Guest

    unpaid fines

    hi my name is angie i have just joined this site,i have a question, if anybody could answer me i would be very greatful.my husband is australian born and has been living here in the uk for 10 months now with the rite of abode through his father being born here,we want to move to aussie BUT my husband left unpaid police fines back in aussie will this go against me getting a spouse visa?thanks from angie