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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    Re Pluming Licences

    Hi Everyone I was just wondering if anyone can help me.I applied for a Provisional plumbing licence with me having my NVQ Level 2 and having 3 and half years experience,I got refused it.I was just wondering if anyone could perhaps tell me why?Also I was just wondering what other options I have regarding trying to work in the industry out there.Like can I work as a labour to a plumber to gain experience,and genral other alteratives I can do!! Hope someone can help me out. Thanks Alistair
  2. wanda&wayne

    Driving licence

    Hi, my son recently got a speeding ticket and can either pay the £60 fine and get 3 points or pay £70 and do a course and get no points however there may not be time to do the course as we leave in a little over a week. Does having the 3 points effect his licence over in Australia or not? If not he'll just pay the £60 fine and get the points. Can you help? Thanks!
  3. johnosmad

    Transferring driving licences!!

    I'm not sure this is a Migration issue but its not really a job advert either but anyway.... I noticed that on the SA website for transport we can transfer our UK driving licences, simple!! However it also says that if you hold HGV then you will have to take a test, Has anyone else transferred their Cat C + E licences and if so is it an actual driving test or more of a formality where someone will take you for a spin to ensure your competent, safe etc. I would be a bit gutted if I had to sacrifice them as it will not be a priority and wont have time initially to go through prep for a full on test!!
  4. Guest

    electrical licences

    hi to all im jus want to ask anyone im wondering can i get sponsered by an elecrical company if u dont hav a a grade electriacl licence and did some one get it :biggrin: after you get sponsered i want to get the licence then because my working visa were up and im on holiday visa so could not get artc to approve it cause iv no working rites in oz im in Ireland now im just inquiring can it be done
  5. I am considering getting a lil moped to get to and from the train station when i arrive but i dont have a bike licence in the UK so will be starting from scratch! I have looked at the NSW RTA website but am totally confused! Nothing in Australia seems to be straightforward! From what i have read i think I need to do the following?? Does this sound right? 1. Pass a Motorcycle Riding Scheme ($78) to get the pre-learner licence (valid for 12-mths). 2. After 3-mths pass the pre-provisional course ($117) to get the provisional licence (P1) 3. After 12-mths I can apply for a full licence (as I am over 25 and will have a full Australian driving licence) Now I cant find a separate bike licence on the fees section so would it just go on my Australian Driving Licence like it is in the UK? If so would i need to apply for an updated licence each time I pass a different stage?
  6. Oh I am soooooo confused as to what licences and insurances I need to work as a Carpenter! Looked at a number of vacancies and they all ask for different things! What I can establish on the government websites is that I need the following to work as a contractor and / or an employee.... Australia Business Number (ABN) Tax File Number (TFN) Contractor Licence But some vacancies ask for these as well? Are they the same thing or different? I have googled them and there seems to be so many training organisations that offer courses for you to get these cards but are they all official? Any recommended training organisations in Sydney would be much appreciated. How much should I look to pay for these cards? Green card / white card / OHS card Also is the following essential if you work as a contractor? Public Liability Insurance? Your help would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi all, Being new at this forum I will introduce myself later on at the introduction forum. But for now I have an urgent question of which I hope anyone here might know the answer. My husband is an Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, we have been applying to jobs in Oz for the purpose of obtaining an employer nominated regional visa. Finally we've found someone that could be interested but the bottleneck is how soon my husband can start working after arrival. In other words what should be done to convert his European licences into Australian licences and how much time that will take. His licences and qualifications are all assesed by TRA. Is there any Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic on this forum who knows the way to go from here. We will be gratefull for you answer! :smile: Marika the Netherlands
  8. dave and ange

    Construction licences

    We will soon be coming to Australia and want to organise what we can from this end in order for things to happen quicker when we get there. I was wandering if anyone could advise what my OH needs to do in order to work as joiner i.e. licences, safety cards etc and how to go about getting them. Ange
  9. Hi has anybody applied for an import licence for a motorbike, ans if so how long did it take to come? When I ring Oz up its like talking to a robot that repeats the same answer but time is of the essence at the moment............:arghh:
  10. Hi All, Been on and off here over the past 2yrs or so but am now please to confirm that we are going out early next year! Even though my partner is the carpenter it was me that managed to get the visa. I got offered a job my a large international firm in Sydney yesterday morning and they have agreed to sponsor me! I am just doing a budget on how much we need to take out and wondered if there were any licences / registrations that carpenters needed in order to work? And if so if anyone had any idea of cost? I look forward to hearing from someone! Danielle!
  11. Hi other half is a Gas Fitter/Plumber and i realise that you have to have the necessary licences over in Oz to enable you to work. My question is are you able to take these licences over here in the UK before you go to Oz? I have heard on the grapevine that there is somewhere in London where you can do them but apart from that i have no more info. If you have to take them in Oz where do you have to go, how long does it take and how much does it cost? Sorry about all the questions but obviously without these my OH is unable to work??? Debbie :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Air Conditioning Licences!!!!

    Hi, Can anyone please help!!!! Im going to :arghh:scream!!! Am currently attempting to go down the ENS(121) route(its a nightmare) We have now been told by job agencies that my OHs air con licences need to be transfered from european licences to oz licences but can this be done offshore. I dont think job agencies want to deal with you if you havent got them but i have a feeling you cant get them if your not in the counntry!! Sorry about the waffling! Jodie
  13. Hi We're right at the very beginning of the process to move to Perth and are looking for some detailed information on this. We're applying for the working migrant visa (175) as my other half is an electrician with seemingly relevant qualifications and experience. I've seen various threads but all with differing information so I'm hoping there's someone who can shed some light!! I've PM'd someone too so hopefully we'll get to the bottom of all this confusing info! By the way, I'm writing on behalf of my partner Gary, as I work in an office and am doing all the research on this. Gary has been an electrician for 18 years and got all the up to date qualifications e.g. 17th edition and testing and inspection although I know this doesn't mean anything to the Australians. We're about to start the Vetassess process and we desperately need some info on this as we don't want to do it wrong or make mistakes. Here's some questions we've got (sorry, they're rather in depth!): 1. Vetassess - for the competence assessment, what is the best way to go about it? Will he need a work diary, if so what is this? He's got the certificates for his qualifications and I have downloaded the form for this assessment which I take it we fill out and provide evidence on the work he has done. What's the best way to get this evidence? Does he need photos and his manager to sign something? 2. I've seen an old thread on another forum saying it's really hard to get the Class A licence once you get there. Is this true? Is there anything we can do to help with this process before we get there? 3. This thread also said that you can only apply for this course if you are working as an electrician at the time. I'm not sure if this has all changed now as the thread was from 2006 and also based in Victoria. 4. Is there anything we can send off before we get to Perth to apply for the class A licence? 5. I've heard of TAFE as well, is it possible to apply for the course from the UK once you've got your Visa back? 6. I've also heard of something called the class B licence which allows you to work supervised until you get your class A licence, does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance to anyone who'll share their experiences with us on this. Thanks, Carla
  14. Hi all, I'm moving out to Oz for a year on a 1 year working holiday on 5th Sept. Just could do with some information on driving over there (assuming i can afford too!:twitcy:)!! I will of had my UK licence for 1 year 6months when I arrive in Sept! Although I'm flying to Sydney, i won't really need to drive til i get to and settle in Perth. Will i need to take any tests or will my current licence be ok for the 12 months?? Also if anyone knows how to get hold of info on taking a motorbike tests (costs/elgibility/etc.) that would e much appreciated too! Hopefully planning a bike trip with my mate in April for a months travel from Cairns to Melbourne! Fingers crossed! He will have his licence but it will under a year old....any issues?? Many thanks Gav
  15. What licences are required for WA for Carpenters please and where do you go to apply do tests etc many thanks for your help :wub:
  16. Waitingawhile

    Fork lift truck licences

    Hi OH is a warehouse supervisor could anyone shed any light on whether his forklift truck licences wil count for anything or as we suspect diddly squat-if this is the case does anyone know of how you go about getting the relevant liceces quickly -we will be based in or near to Mandurah cheers:err:
  17. My husband is a bricklayer, has been all his working life. When we arrived here we discovered his qualifications, experience and skills assessment meant nothing. He had to start as an apprentice again, not easy when your 43 years old. In order to have his skills recognised and be "qualified" here he would be required to do a course that would cost upwards of $5,000. Please can someone offer any advice. The above information was included in a post. Is this right I thought it was just the Blue card that was required. (We are hoping to be in Brisbane in July of this year). Just getting really confused......... JO :wacko:
  18. Guest

    Driving Licences in Melbourne

    Hi we are due to arrive in Melbourne on Friday the 13th Feb :twitcy: and will be staying in a motel for the 1st week until we get a chance to get a rental or house share. We need to register for Medicare pretty quick as I will be 19 weeks pregnant and as we need ID to do thought we could change licences in the 1st couple of days and use this with bank cards. We wondered do you need an address for the driver's licence change and also other half has full motorbike licence, will he need to resit his test or is it just transferred with car licence. One last question where do we do this closest to St Kilda? Thanks a million Caroline
  19. Hi Guys, Just got to thinking should i just be a tradie (carpenter) for a few months or go straight into site/project management. Had a look at Licences required and not sure which would be suitable for someone in my position. Has anybody had experience in obtaining the licence for Supervisor/Contractor/Company . Have my own small company here but I realise i wont be able to start up a company in Oz straight away.Thats if its worth it! Can anyone in a similar position give me some ADVICE (just had to spell that correctly). Regards Kev
  20. Guest

    trade licences

    could someone please give me some info on these trade licences, as in ,can we get one whilst still in UK or only in Oz? how long does it take to get one? is the Blue card the same???? sorry but cant find anything about this and do all trades need them? thanking you sas
  21. Guest

    Electrical Licences

    I am sorry to bore you all with all this artc and licence stuff but does anyone know what the difference is between and Electrical Licence and a Restricted Electrical Licence? We sent a resume off and they have come back asking this question. Now here in the Uk the oh is a refrigeration/air-con engineer, the post applied for is also working on washing machines, not a problem as do that here too. So what shall I tell this guy in regards to electrical licences as anything we have here doesnt count out there anyway and thats what I have been trying to tell the chap:wacko: Any help ??? Thanks
  22. koxxwasp


    We are moving to Mackay very soon and I would like to know if our UK licences will be enough to drive in Australia or do we need a new one. We have both been driving over 15 years and have full UK licences. Please advise. thanks. John
  23. Hi All, Just had a thought today.... if we get our 176 pr visa can we drive over there with our UK licence? When we were last there we had international licences so should we apply to get some more of them or do we have to apply for an Ozzie licence?
  24. Guest

    Licences to work help please

    I have been reading that brickies need licences to work in Queensland does anybody know if the same applies to chippies and if so can you let me have some info please many thanks
  25. Guest

    Electrical Licences

    Hi all i was wondering if you can get an electrical licence for WA before arriving in Australia?, and is a licence transferable between Australian states or do you need to re-apply for each state you want to work in? Also i would like to know who easy it is to get a job on/in the mines as an electrician, i already know thats where the money is but as a British qualified electrician with 7 years experience in england and none in the mining industry am i being un-realistic in this approach? Please help!