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    7 weeks back....

    Thats where i will be moving back to, i cant wait to take my dogs walking in the Lake District, and the Pennines, I used to take it for granted when i lived there.
  2. I am in the same situation as you, I feel just the same as you. I have 2 girls in Oz and 1 in the UK, my hubby likes Oz. I am going back to the UK but my husband is not sure, i Have told him i understand if he couldnt live back in the UK, and he also understands that Australia isnt the life for me, we are used to spending long periods apart with his job but Im not sure how things will go, I have been here nearly 3 years and I just know i wont change my mind, and like you I struggle to motivate myself. I have always been the sort of mother thats happy so long as my family are happy, but now ive realised that i need to be happy as well. Good luck in whatever you do.
  3. Thanks kiwiinaus, I havent been on PIO for a long time, but was feeling a bit bad about deciding to go home, but after reading your post, i thought "she's right", made me feel alot better. The very best of luck to you, take care :smile:xx
  4. Yeah, i felt sorry for her, and felt a few comments were a bit harsh, she sounds like a loving mother and wife, and some comments from less understanding people probably made her feel worse than she already does
  5. Totally agree with you, and that is why I am moving back home, I will be leaving my 2 eldest daughters, who love it here, I will be back for visits every year, but I know i cant stay here and be unhappy, luckily my girls are older and understand.
  6. You said that everything you do is based around his jobs, which he loves and hobbies, and it has a big impact on your family life, but what about you? He is obviously loving his life in every single way, he is lucky that he has not had to compromise anything, Has he tried to put himself in your shoes? I really understand where your coming from and wish you and your family all the best
  7. This is exactly what I am doing, been here nearly three years, I dont feel any different, I dont want to waste anymore time thinking that mayby if this or if that and things could get better, I know it wont, I will have 2 older kids staying, and a husband flitting back and forth from perth to uk, i myself have decided to go back to the UK, and come back a couple of times a year to visit the my daughters. Having my family spit up at opposite sides of the world was not how i expected it, but Im not happy here, and i have tried and have met some lovely people, but its not for me, I actually loved my life in England, lived near the Lake District, miss places like that, miss family and friends, came here for my girls, they have settled and love it, so its all been worth it for them. They are ok with me going home, life is too short to keep pleasing others. I think I need to keep busy till then cos i feel like a kid waiting for christmas day, i want it now. Good luck Kiwinaus:smile:
  8. kasisalo

    Can my daughter stay ?

    did try to after posted but it only came up to edit the what i wanted to say and would not seem to let me change the title
  9. kasisalo

    Can my daughter stay ?

    we emigrated nearly twelve months ago, and are thinking about returning home, my eldest has a great job and loves it here, is there any way that she could stay if we go home, I was thinking could her works sponsor her?, as she wont get her citizenship till another 3 years and I dont know if I could stay, but the same time I dont want to spoil her chances of living in Australia, as she has such a good life here. thanks for any replies
  10. thanks for all replies they were very helpful and have got a better understanding of it all now cheers
  11. We have just emigrated to Freo and have three teenagers. Does anybody know any means (such as sim cards off internet) of cheap local texting just so we can keep tabs or be contacted for the usual teenagers taxi service??? The big companies seem to be rather expensive considering your PRE-PAID expires after 28 days. Thanks C&K
  12. hi could you let us know who you chose to move with and how did it all go thanks
  13. kasisalo

    shipping grandfather clocks

    hi could you let me know how you got on with your grandfather clock and also which company you used thanks
  14. we will be shipping our stuff from cumbria can anyone recommend any companies in the north west to use thanks
  15. kasisalo

    shipping grandfather clocks

    thanks for replies they were helpful