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  1. Agree with you we'll done to the police feel a little concern as the teenager that was arrested went to my daughters high school! Just makes you realise that you're not safe anywhere!!!
  2. whatsitallabout

    Is this a selfish thing to do?

    What a tough decision you have! This is my option you never get over the guilt about taking your kids away from family, this really didn't help me settle for a while & I hated oz for a good 2 / 3 years . If you sell the business & the new owner didn't keep your family on your time in oz will not be an enjoyable one!! You would feel so guilty about what you did. Moving here is the biggest & hardest things you will ever do. If I could turn the clock back I wouldn't have come my kids really miss their grandparents & the guilt gets harder even after early 6 years don't get me wrong I enjoy living Here for now but I know it's not forever so I don't envy your decision xxxx
  3. whatsitallabout

    It all went wrong!!!

    Good luck I really wish you all the best x
  4. whatsitallabout

    Had a wonderful holiday in the UK

    The hol to the uk defiantly made me realise that I want to go back & retire to the uk like I have side before I truly love both counties I enjoy our life style here very much & have no desire to go back yet. But can I see myself here in my 60's probably not.
  5. whatsitallabout

    It all went wrong!!!

    Totally agree with some one how brave toy were to post this. The journey to oz is the hardest journey ever!!! The guilt about family never goes. I could have easily done what you did. We made a pact that we had to do 3 years& if one of us was still unhappy we would return. My dad made comments like you have left us taken my grandchildren away from me I felt awful. We went back after 5 years away & I know oz is right for us might not be forever but it is at the moment. I just wanted to wish you all the best & thank your for sharing your story
  6. whatsitallabout

    How much did it cost you to move to Australia

    Every one is different & some people have spent a fortune & some less! Having just got back from Sydney I found it much more expensive than Melbourne 100 dollars a day in won't go far!!! The first year we spent at least £20 grand. But we are a family that includes car school fees & we paid 6 months rent to secure rental as we found that a nightmare !!! I would advise to bring as much as you can as you don't know how long it will take to find work. I stuck to a budget when shopping but we still spent a lot in the first year Good luck
  7. whatsitallabout

    Had a wonderful holiday in the UK

    Just came back from our recent holiday in the UK was the 1st time we had been back in 4 years, OMG was so good to catch up with friends & family, its certainly made us think about our life here! I had a love hate relationship with OZ for about 3 years really didn't see what all the fuss was about. But after going back I realize we have a good life here, there are a lot of things I dislike about OZ but there are a lot of things I dislike about the UK each country has a lot to offer, I was expecting doom & glum when we arrived after reading how bad it is in the UK how wrong was I. We truly had a fantastic time showing our family some history, going down the pub, sightseeing the public transport in London is 1st class. How bloody ripped off we are in Oz, everything seemed so cheap. Going into Asda & Tesco was overwhelming so much choice!!!! Felt like a contestant on Super Market Sweep my trolley was to the brim in a matter of minutes!!!! Just wish I could bring my family & life long friends here then everything would be perfect. Can I see me staying here forever then the answer is no, but I am going to enjoy & enjoy the space as bloody hell everything back in the UK seemed so small & so many people. I just feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to experience two bloody great countries.:biggrin:
  8. whatsitallabout

    Had a frigging nuff of Facebook!

    The best thing I ever did was delete FB a few years ago. I can honestly say was the best decision, had enough of all the bulls***.
  9. Cant believe that they are given him another identity, they don't deserve to live in hiding, the best punishment for them would be everyone to know who they are & where they are. It makes my blood boil the money wasted on these scumbags. what they did to that poor little boy & his family breaks my heart.
  10. whatsitallabout

    Are you healthier over there?!

    I really thought that when we moved here everyone will have washed boards stomach & been really fit, How wrong was I!!! Couldn't believe how overweight & unfit people are here. I encourage my kids to walk to school everyday as we don't live that far, so many of my neighbours never let there children walk. The number of fast food places here shocked me, this wasn't the image I had of OZ, the bbqs drinking here is a big part of the culture. The first 2 yeas put on so much weight. I decided that my excess baggage had to go so now coming off slowly have got back into the exercise that I used to do in the UK
  11. Have to agree with Moving to Melbourne, its not that straightforward ,you need to have a huge deposit to put down, our friend had a hefty deposit to put down but was turned down twice as only 1 earner & had 4 kids to support he had over 150k gbp as a deposit he was on a 457 visa.
  12. Each to their own way, we didn't have one as don't like being center of attention. We just went around everyone's took forever & slipped away.Homesickness was a big struggle for all of us took 3 years to fully settle. So didn't want a big bash as saying goodbyes was very hard & was also worried if we had a big bash & it didn't work out we would been returning. So we slipped away 4 years later we do regret not having a big bash. We will be returning this year for a visit & know that some friends & family are planning a big bash. So enjoy your party & treasure the last moments you have with your family & friends enjoy!
  13. whatsitallabout

    Very disappointed in people

    I really have to agree with what others have said, that good & bad in every country, don't think there is a thing called a perfect world!! Am sorry for your loss but sad that you would judge this as a bad thing! If I had left that in a taxi, I would have thought my fault I don't think I will see that again. but I would like to restore your faith that Australia has some very decent people here I left my purse on a bus & I got it back WITH EVERYTHING IN IT a few weeks later, very happy & very grateful that a kind person handed it in! I also left my purse in a phone box in the UK & I also got it back. I NOW HAVE A PURSE WITH A WHISTLE ON! AS HAVE A HABIT OF LOSING IT ON A REGULARLY BASIS LOL please don't let this incident put you off this great country.
  14. whatsitallabout

    uk housing revival

    who cares! We might have sold at a loss but gained in many many ways. I am glad we took the gamble as it has certainly paid off now 4 years later!
  15. whatsitallabout

    I am Home. !!!!!!!

    So Glad that you're OK & happy!! It must be a relive to you to be back where you belong. Australia is not for everyone but people don't seem to understand that. Wish you all the best Kerry enjoy