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  1. cass73

    England World Cup Games in Hobart

    I will be heading to village cinemas to watch it with hubby and a couple of friends. I feel nervous all ready, c'mon England
  2. As soon as we buy I will be in touch I miss my uk central heating
  3. cass73

    Sunderland Fan at Eastlands

    Hi pacticenurse I am originally from Newton Aycliffe but was living in Leatherhead in Surrey before we moved to Tas.
  4. cass73

    Driving instructor

    When I lived in the uk I never needed to drive however being in Tas I think I'm really going to have to take the plunge and get on with it, does anyone know of any good instructors I'm in Howrah and will need to have a lesson with my 3 yr old in the back (poor child will probably scar him for life). thanks Cass
  5. cass73

    Anyone fancy meeting up for a drink in the Hobart area?

    Hi Wendy i would love to meet up we are in howrah, Me and hubby are in our 30's (hubby only just!) we have two little boys aged 2 and 5 why don't you send me a msg and we can sort something out. cass
  6. cass73

    Made it to Tassie!

    Can't be anymore expensive than in Iceland £13 for a pint and a small vodka needless to say it was avery sober honeymoon
  7. I worked in Parliament in the uk, I had a day job there and i worked behind one of the bars on an evening he was a stone mason fixing the building with all his stonemason friends they would all come in to the bar that was nearly 10 yrs ago, we moved in together after 2 months and have now been married 6 yrs
  8. cass73

    7 months in Tas

    I hate to scare you even more but our rental had no insulation at all and poxy electric heaters we froze over winter I just wore lots if jumpers, luckily we have a really nice landlord who paid to get the roof insulated and we got all the trees cut down so at least we will get the winter sun in. where about in Tas are you coming? Is it just you or o you have a family coming along too?
  9. cass73

    We're coming !

    Hi there congratulations on the job. i can't really help much as we are in hobart, but before I came I spent a lot of time on the web looking at schools I narrowed it down to two that really stood out then looked at that area regarding housing, how close to shops work etc. we contacted both schools from the uk and told them our situation they were really helpful thy sent us their prospectives by email. You can not enrol until you have a perm address so this gave us time to look around them once we arrived. We had somewhere to live and my oldest boy started school after 3 weeks of arriving. just do as much as you can from the uk arrange appointments etc and it will be fine and relatively straight forward. cass
  10. cass73

    7 months in Tas

    Please do :-)
  11. cass73

    7 months in Tas

    Hard to believe we have been here for seven months and and on the whole they have been a really happy 7 months. With in 3 weeks on landing we had found a rented house in the area we wanted it is really large compared to our place in the uk can't get used to how cold it is indoors in the winter though, have you guys never heard of double glazing. my oldest boy started kindie where he was bullied but I must say how brilliant his teacher was and how she sorted it out really well he is now really excited about starting prep in a couple of weeks. my husband is settled at work and on average see's the kids an extra 3 hours a day than he did working in London,which is fab for all of them. i have been a photography course it would have been impossible in the uk. we have made some lovely friends which is not difficult given how friendly everyone is and the boys have surrogate grandparents. my two yr old has developed so much and never wants to be inside. as for the homesickness it still here every now and then, a certain song can set it off I really miss my friends and the hustle of London, but it never stays long. My mam is visiting next month and my brother in April.. one of the big downfalls is its 3am and am still awake listening to the footie on the plus side its half time and we are 3-1 up. anyone who is about to make the journey to Tas or has just arrived my advice is to throw yourself into it full hearted and see where the journey takes you.
  12. cass73

    Sunderland Fan at Eastlands

    Hi I really don't know about championship I hate the fact that the bbc radio on my dab blocks all sport, my saving grace in talksport.com you can listens to all premier games live so at least I can listen to the match all though some days I wish I hadn't. cass
  13. cass73

    Sunderland Fan at Eastlands

    Hi guys glad you made it here, I'm originally from newton aycliffe we are now based in Howrah so not far from each other
  14. cass73

    The Football Thread

    Don't know if this has been mentioned but if you register to talksport.com you can listen to every premiership game live as long as you are outside Europe. Listened to Sunderland game last night well every week but you can choose which ever gem you want.
  15. cass73

    Sunderland Fan at Eastlands

    Sounds like a good idea don't think the hubby appreciated being woke up with several expletives