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    Hi, Australian High Commission,New Delhi,conducts two citizenship ceremonies in the year.If you are going to be in India for a long period and do not mind travelling to New Delhi,you can contact them and see when the next date is. There email ID is citizenship.newdelhi************** Hope it all works out for you! Cheers.
  2. Hello, Does anyone on here know of a thread or the wait times for Whittlesea council in VIC?
  3. Alex997

    What do the new RRV conditions mean for us?

    ..Previously even if you stayed for less than 2 years,you could get a 5 years RRV if you showed compelling reasons to be away and substantial ties to Oz. Now,irrespective of these,if the period of stay is less than 2 years,you can only get a 1 year RRV.
  4. Alex997

    HELP with choosing a migration agent!!!!

    George Lombard Consultancy Pty Ltd!....very good!
  5. Alex997

    can you jump states?

    Yes,you can.
  6. Alex997

    dependents to be included in my application for GSM

    Could anyone please guide, from their own experience or any of their friends' whether,the spouse application MUST be made BEFORE the visitor visa application?
  7. Alex997

    Spouse visa

    Could anyone please guide, from their own experience or any of their friends' whether,the spouse application MUST be made BEFORE the visitor visa application?
  8. Alex997

    Australian PR Vs Citizenship visa?

    Also,if you travel regularly out of India,the Indian passport makes you apply for a visa to majority of the countries,where as with an Australian passport that is not the case. Frankly,do not see ANY advantage in retaining the Indian passport.If you have the OCI,you can visit and leave India as many times,or stay indefinitely!
  9. Alex997

    Australian PR Vs Citizenship visa?

    "..And India does not allow dual citizenship"... In order to get around this constitutional limit,the govt came up with the OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India)...you have all the rights of an Indian citizenship except you cannot contest elections for the Loksabha or any other public office and acquire any new agricultural land.However,you can inherit any agricultural land.There is no restriction on acquiring Non-agri.land/plot.Starting from the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas,(Jan 9) you can even vote for a LS election process!..so you are not missing out on anything in India,by acquiring citizenship of any other country by naturalization.
  10. Alex997

    Leaving because of racism experience

    What about us,who are not Muslims and ergo,have nothing to do with Sharia law or whatever the latest ire in the media is. Isn't that why the OP started the thread...that at school and other public places,the locals make fun of,and bully,'cause of looks?.... Dean Jones,the cricketer and commentator got sacked from a channel commentary team coz he addressed Hashim Amla a South African cricketer as a terrorist because he kept a beard!...serves him right,if you ask me..although I like him as an ex cricketer...Then,there was this media uproar,when on the show "Hey Hey" on channel 9,colour was made the centre of a joke!...all good and innocent humour according to the channel..but why not err on the side of precaution when there are sensitivities related to chroma?....then again,people would defend this with Freedom of Speech argument!..there are a plethora of subjects about which you can have a laugh and a joke!....there has to be a fair give and take on both the sides,I suppose...especially when the land was built by migrants..Just 'cause some have been here for a couple of generations,does it imply that they should behave in an uptight fashion,with any coloured family, arriving from overseas and slip it through under the pretext of "rough Aussie humour".. In addition to citizenship test,they should then administer a test,for holding your own in a local bar in a regional city!..where all the wild remarks come out,after a couple of drinks!.. and a test for being accepted in the community,which would be run by the Local council!..these would be teh acid tests to see how well,the migrant has integrated in Australia!..'cause no matter what laws,the commonwealth comes up with,the Racial Vilification Law,for instance,it is going to be very tough to enforce these,without social acceptance or alleviation of ignorance....Should have suggested that when I sat the test! Btw,No one thanked me for helping the Chinese lady and neither did I help the lady,expecting a thank you in return,but that's besides the point. Ok..guess,have not made any friends..in here..with the past few comments...but just felt strongly about it and thought was making a point..but judging by the past few comments..it is sure to end up with folks who are going to deny everything and lead the discussion to Muslims,Sharia law..and what not!..so,yup,will suck it up.... Australia is a great country...and if the people and the community is a tard sensitive to the hard working coloured folks who contribute to the community,it would truly end up being Utopic!.. End of my rant,after this on, this thread. Good luck!...to us! Cheerio!
  11. Alex997

    Leaving because of racism experience

    There has to be a system to make the aussies aware about the migrant lot. All brown folks need not be clubbed together and sweared at as "Pakis!"..."Pakis" include,Hindus,Muslims,Christians and Buddhists!..it is not our fault that Islamist radicalist bombed white countries!...and I can understand the ire against Muslims, but what did the rest of us who are not Muslims do?...our fault is our color? The barbaric and medieval acts mentioned;is the community sure that it is being practised here in Australia as well? A Chinese old lady who was helped with her luggage on tram kept on saying "Che Che"..which in mandarin means Thank you Thank you!...and all these 'white aussies' on board could do,was laugh at it!....whats funny exactly? DIAC runs the immigration system efficiently like a factory..but does little to educate the local community or the migrant about local customs and sensitivities.It is understood,that when in Rome,do as the Romans do but all that the govt does is take the couple of thousand off foreign nationals and then throw them in!... Organizations like the RSPCA are run very well but unsure if there are any to create community awareness and awareness amongst the migrants for their new home! All this mud slinging could be addressed by accepting there is a problem and addressing it,rather than staying perennially in denial.
  12. Alex997

    Leaving because of racism experience

    Yes,Aussies have greater tolerance to behaviour of cats and dogs,who do not have the same genetic code as themselves;in fact,they find it rather cute! In comparison have lesser tolerance to cultures of other human beings,who have 100% same genetic code!..and would rather dismiss them with adjectives such as barbaric and 'medaeval' (medieval)
  13. Alex997

    Frustrated with IELTS.

    Local aussies who are not that initiated would fail miserably in the IELTS too!..terrible spellings,some of them!..just keep the faith and persevere!
  14. Alex997

    Leaving because of racism experience

    http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-/latest/10424491/undiagnosed-toddler-died-in-terrible-pain-coroner/ And this guy is a specialist!?!? ...The general belief amongst us 'colored' professionals is that the outcome would have been very different,if the fellow had been 'overseas trained' and the parent response much more vociferous as was the case with whoever that chap Patel,who was trained in the US but despite which,all Indian docs received a flack in Qld..'cause color is easiest to distinguish!...