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Found 14 results

  1. We have had a few threads on here with regard to racism and integration of the immigrant has come up time and again. What do people consider to be integration? Is it dressing like those in the host country ? Speaking the language of the host nation? Eating like the natives? - eg changing their cuisine, mode of eating- ditching chopsticks or fingers for knives and forks? Not speaking their mother tongue? What do you think is integration and what is perceived as lack of integration?
  2. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Australia’s “white” political, media and middle class are an intolerant group of bigoted losers who are incapable of looking forward….. great advertisement for Australia’s diverse society in the Asian century…. so while the marketing managers for the coalition, i.e. News Ltd, whose own Andrew Bolt got caught out not only pandering to racists but getting his facts wrong about a group of Aboriginal Australians, conservative leader Abbott now has to carry the can and promise a change in law to help….. What does this mean for the Liberal Party in Australia? It will become irrelevant like the Republicans in the USA as they become a fringe party being receptacles for kooky white Christian conservatives who scare their own future constituencies i.e. err…. non white people…. well done. Plus a very good antidote: Now, if you want to see an example of what both free speech is about and who the conservatives are trying to appeal to see American libertarian comedian Doug Stanhope on short video clip on Immigration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW20EMJr6o4
  3. christopher

    Casual Racism?

    You will notice the question mark at the end of the thread title as I'm not sure if this is the correct term for what I'm experiencing or not. Anyway, I come from the North of England and I have quite a strong Yorkshire accent, now what I'm finding interesting (I say interesting, I mean down right rude!) is that I will be having a conversation with people (Australians that is) and they will often repeat words I have just said in an 'amusing' copy of my my accent and then laugh, now I can take a joke and can laugh at myself and my accent but, this is happening quite often and with all sorts of people, work colleagues(even the boss), clients,shop assistants, bank tellers. Is this casual racism? whatever it's getting a little tiresome to be honest, and it's something that I wouldn't dream of doing to someone else just because they had a 'funny' accent. Has anyone else come across this kind of behavior?
  4. As a mixed race family our experience of Perth is not what we expected. Hubby is white British and I am black (professional with great career from UK and a masters degree...you'll see why I say that later!) Daughter 8 and son 6. Here goes and excuse typos: Perth is a nice place and the kids love the outdoor life but it is not really for us as a family and we are actually going back to UK at the end of the year after 2 years here. The kids get bullied at school coz of their colour (and they are in private school have a friend with similar issues and hers is in a public school) We've found out that a lot of people here are ignorant when it comes to interacial marriage. (we live North of the River) I am quite shock how some people are stuck in a "time machine". My daughter has been told she has colour like poo. She's been called frizzy (hair texture), freak (apparently some people call the mixed aboriginal freaks so my daughter was called a freak at a public swimming pool). My son has been shoved at the swimming pool and being called "you black boy" and have his trousers pulled down at school! Disgusting! ...called "you poor black Indian" (oh he doesn't look Asian at all...lol) I am not a racist person and was not brought up to hate any race and I simply hate it the way they treat some people here. It really hurt us when our children are affected. I just cannot understand why mention colour of skin when it comes to people! My sister and I went to visit a Show Home, because she is is building a new house she wanted to get some ideas about interior design etc...A man heard us speaking creole (our native language as I am from Seychelles) and asked us where we were from. My sister said Seychelles and his respond was "I did not know that people from Seychelles were as black as you...I thought you were from Sudan or somewhere like that"...My jaw dropped and I was speechless...I just walked straight out. One day My husband took the kids to the Underwater Aquarium and a guy came up to him and said "are these two coloured kids with you...there is some black woman outside who's looking for her kids" Hubby turned bright red and didn't even answer (He said he wanted to punch him!) but my son asked why did the man called me coloured? I am not coloured...what does he mean by coloured daddy?. This man could have just Said "are these kids with you because there is a woman outside who is looking for her two kids" . And there is this woman who was talking to my husband and asked him if he has kids. Hubby said yes and showed her a photo of the kids in his wallet...her respond " Oh..they are quite dark...what colour is their mum"....Or a 16 year old boy in his class(Hubby is a teacher) who met him at the doctor's with our son and asked "Is he your son? and H said yes and his next question was why is he black? the list of incidents is endless! H and I laughed about it when the kids are not around because we find it hilarious that some people can be so so backward!. Each time H goes somewhere with the kids he gets asked lots of silly questions and as a family we get stare at a lot (it is very uncomfortable...now I don't like going out with hubby and kids). we have had enough and the kids cry a lot and want to go back to England because they hate school and don't have friends. In 1.5 years my son has been invited to one birthday party and almost every weekend he cries because invitation for a birthday party has been handed out and he never gets one. I have taken them out of school. They are being home schooled until we leave. I said I am professional because when I was looking for a job, Hubby asked around, mostly people who have seen me with him and met briefly. The answers he got was Oh...there are are lot of cleaning jobs going. No disrespect to cleaners but they did not even asked for my background...just because I am black they assume I am only good for cleaning jobs...I have a first class degree, A masters degree and extensive work experience in Media, broadcasting and PR. We came on a student visa because Hubby did a GTP in UK and it is not recognised as a teaching qualification here so he had to do the Grad dip in Education although he he taught for 7 years in UK and 2 years at an international school in Seychelles.When we left Uk I was the only one who did a medical test because I have a seychellois passport...(according to Oz immigartion I am a health risk...Oh by the way I lived in UK for 10 years!) In March we renewed the visa to graduate one and to see how things go before apply for the PR...I had to do to a medical test again because I come from a "high risk country". I do not know what that means because Seychelles do not have any high risk disease and babies are vaccinated there! when Hubby called them and told them that I have been in UK for 10 years, I did a medical before I left UK and have not left Australia in the last year and surely I don't need to do another one. And if I had something contagious the whole family would have contracted it by now...Their answer was " All we know is that she has a Seychellois passport not a British one" When I was in UK Hubby nagged me to get a British passport but I did not see why I should because my Seychellois passport in UK did not not hindered me in any way. Until I get an Australian passport or a Bristish one I will always be treated differently in OZ. We were much happier as a family in UK and I hate the small/narrow minded attitude of people here. Sorry it's a long post but I just wanted to share our experience. Like I've said the list of incidents is a long one. We're leaving Australia because we feel that we do not belong. In UK my kids were never picked on because of being mixed race and I was certainly not discriminated against because of my passport. I have permanent residency in UK and was treated fairly when I went for job interviews etc...I married my husband for love not for a British passport. We thought we were bringing our kids here for a better life but at the moment we do not feel that way. We are aware there are racist pockets everywhere but feel that here in Oz you are either black or white ...mixed is a problem they don't know where to place you. We might have just been unlucky to be treated that way...but I know people who feel the same way too here. Its been an experience and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.
  5. Cruz

    Racism in Sydney??

    I really hate to start threads off on a negative, but this is something Ive been meaning to ask for a while, so thought I could air my concerns here, and get honest responses. I'm hoping to head over to Sydney (Bondi) pretty soon for a few months on a holiday working visa. I'm an outgoing 25 year old black dude from the Uk, and my GF is white (from the UK also). She has been out in Sydney for a few weeks, and simply loves the place. Her older bro and sis are also living at there and love the place too. As much as I want to head over and join her, I can't overlook some of the horror stories I have read about black people encountering racism over in Australia. I very good friend of mine who lived over in Sydney for 30 years said I'll love it out there, and I'll get on like a house on fire with the ozzies because of the honest, genuine person I am. She said that australias are very upfront about their views, and where as people over here in the uk would whisper things about you behind you're back, an Australian person is most likely to tell you their thoughts in person. So my question is, should I expect to encounter any racism being black in Sydney or other nearby cities I may travel to? (especially being in a mixed race relationship over there?) I'm also concerned about finding work due to racism? Apologies if I have offended anyone here, its just that so many people have tried to put me off going, but I'd really like to come over and experience Australia for a few months. As I said, I'm an easy going guy who has friends of all races, origins and genders, and pretty much get along with everyone:) Thanks a lot for any input on this.
  6. After an evening spent in a North Queensland pub I am feeling shocked and depressed at the amount of racism amid the locals. I am so tired of comments along the lines of, 'oh, you arrived in Oz on a boat, we are happy to have you, we just don't want the curry munchers', 'all muslims should be nuked' and so on .... It is everywhere...! I enjoy meeting new people and it seems, just as we start to connect and get on, the conversation regresses to the same remarks and I just have to walk away as I cannot bring myself to compromise my anti racist views. I find it so depressing that I have seriously considered this being a reason to not stay in Northern Queensland... (although as a keen diver the reef does a lot to offset this). Does any one experience similar comments to this extent? They leave my husband and I feeling disillusioned and very alone here sometimes.....
  7. connaust

    Imimigration Debate Cartoon

    Cartoon by Nicholson in The Australian 23 July 2010 re. Immigration debate and politicians "dog whistling" or playing the "race card". In recent weeks many, especially business and human rights groups, have complained about too much negativity and misinformation about immigration, population, refugees etc. Politicians have to be careful that while endeavouring to capture short term votes, they are not alienating their future constituencies.....
  8. Hi I have a partner visa which is temporary at the moment. It should be converted to permanent in the next few months but I have had no luck getting a permanent job despite my visa saying I have full work rights. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm a librarian with many years experience and whilst you do need certain skills which many people do not have, its not rocket science!! I have applied for many jobs which I have plenty of experience and qualifications only to be told after interview that I dont have enough experience or too much. I was told recently, despite having over 10 years experience and proof of it and excellent references. I am finding this extremely frustrating as some of them have been dream jobs and excellent pay which would set us up for a life here. I have not had much trouble getting interviews and been interviewd for most jobs I have applied for but I get the impression that this is just an excuse to racially discriminate. My current contract is finishing at the end of May and so far I have been lucky in only being unemployed for a week but until my permanent residency is approved I fear that I am not going to get any job now and I have no idea how long that is going to take. Trying to get a job in government related fields has been impossible and the APS rules state that only Australian citizens can apply (although they do have discretion to waive them). The irony of this is that my case officer for approving my visa in the UK was neither Australian or British but from somewhere else in the EU, so this policy gets changed when it suits the Australian authorities. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Cheers Mark
  9. connaust

    Immigration Opponent Speaks

    TRADITIONS based on heritage, sporting culture and common language are threatened by mass immigration, a leading demographer has warned. Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell has said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and most major cities were feeling the population strain, the Herald Sun reported. Never mind poor white trash riots in Carnegie, Melbourne, at weekend? At best for those who want a return to monochrome inward looking Australia of white bread, Aussie Rules and Rugby league, meat and three veg, beer and only English.... Personally I find these views absolutely offensive and insulting to most if not all Australians, especially of NESB background. Similar to those propagated in 1930s Europe, and assumes that old Australia smelt of roses never mind high rates of assault, depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, aboriginal issues etc. You would think that Australians were racist?
  10. Hardline attitude aids migration: Abbott. Tony Abbott has moved to portray his tough border protection stance as pro-immigration, arguing that it helps to maintain public support if people think immigration is controlled by the government rather than by people smugglers. More mealy mouthedness, like Rudd, both are terrified of offending racists and legacy of the 90s demonising refugees as political football or wedge issue. Like Cosgrove's speech last week, if they used their authority and led on such issues they may find the perceived audience would listen and obey, rather than follow bigots misinformed by media and related think tanks. Right time for zero tolerance. Authorities need to cut through the waffle talked about incidents of race-related violence.... The kind of leadership we need on this issue came this week from Peter Cosgrove, who is the very antithesis of a black-armband handwringer on this or any other issue. But with straight talk and plain language Cosgrove said it is undeniable that there is a small and ugly section of the Australian population that is demonstrably racist, and that in some instances, it's been Indians who have been victims of this racism. ..... In NSW, the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has been forced to increase officer numbers for Australia Day after the sickening spectacle last year, where alcohol-fuelled yahoos draped in our national ensign were monstering passers-by for refusing to kiss the flag or join the Aussie Aussie Aussie chorus, a song so lyrically bereft that it's amazing anyone is prepared to sing it publicly. Aussie I love it, but leave me out of the flag waving. Mark Seymour asks why some Australians are so keen to show off how much they love the place. ...... "Australia. Love it or leave it" ........ I think Australia is pretty good, but not that good. Warwick Thornton says he's deeply concerned that the Southern Cross is becoming a symbol of racism for some Australians. The filmmaker, who has been chosen as the Northern Territory's nomination for Australian of the Year, wants people to spend Australia Day reflecting on the symbolic significance of the national icon. "Aboriginal people have used the Southern Cross for the last 40,000 years as a beacon guiding them to travel through country for survival, and I'm starting to see that star system symbol being used as a very racist nationalistic emblem - and that is seriously worrying me," Thornton said. "We don't want to turn the Southern Cross into a swastika - that's bloody important. Nationalists everywhere, including media, advertising industry and governments, have hijacked Australian icons. Past 15 - 20 years this has included flag, Gallipoli, ANZACS, bush myths, or inverting them e.g. scare stories about Republic, refugees, immigrants, stress upon English versus NESBs and multiculturalism etc.
  11. connaust

    Migration: the true story

    I begin this column as someone who has been accused of being a ''shameful'' person, ''a nasty piece of work'', an ''ungrateful, unkind maggot'', because I recently wrote about refugee policy in a column that was described as ''bollocks'', ''biased'', ''poorly researched'', ''sensationalist drivel'', ''crap'', ''rubbish'', ''unworthy tabloid rubbish'' and ''playing the race card''. Article in Age and SMH, lots of comments, very interesting Personally these issues are just feeding a frenzy in Australian media and apparently society...... prefer they were not even in the news.....
  12. VictoriaP

    Racism in Melbourne?

    First off, apologies if this has been talked about before, I am new to the site and have had a quick search on this topic, but with little luck. As a family we are looking into the possibility of moving to Melbourne with my husbands work. I know that there is ignorance everywhere in the world, but as a multi-cultural family, unfortunately it is something we have to think about. I am white (Dutch/Irish someway back I think) and my husbands parents came over to the UK from Trinidad in the sixties, we have two lovely daughters. I have heard that Melbourne is very accepting of different races and cultures and was wondering if any mixed race families have made the move and whether they could share their experiences, good or bad. Thanks for any feedback. Victoria
  13. Guest


    :notworthy:Hi folks Just wondering how you think the Aussies will react to us: We are VERY westernised brown skinned of Indian heritage from our parents but speak with typical english accents as you would expect being born and bred in west london, but have spent the last 5 years in NZ and are now moving to Sydney. My kids are darker skinned than me so I worry about how they will handle school in OZ. NZ is a ver friendly place so no hassel here and very laid back. My older son is a top football player here in NZ so he's a bit worried if the racism he's heard of will make it hard to get to the same level here. As he's 16 this is about his career so we are not sure what we should do to help him compete with the Aussies, apart from just telling him to play the way he does here. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Are there any South African Indians in the process of moving or have already moved down under? I am an Indian formally from Durban South Africa and was wondering about racism in schools etc.My oldest son is 14 and a dark skinned Indian(from a previous relationship)My 14 yr old and I always get mistaken for a Stri Lankan and my 3 other sons are mixed indian and portuguese.My second son has blueish green eyes and the other 2 are brown eyed and have a tanned look which I think is gorgeous.A lot of people spend hours baking in the sun trying to get the perfect tan and my boys get picked on for having it,They are all beautiful boys and I want to know how bad is the racism in school.My oldest boy was bullied quite a lot in a previous school and that shattered his confidence.I am not a racist and always try to find the positive in any negative situation.I know racism exists in every country but has anyone had any experiences that could be shared to enlighten me on what I can expect. Hubby does vetassess practical in February so we still have along road ahead of us. Any thoughts Kind Regard