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  1. Perth Trotters

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We got ours on Monday! Am still walking on air!! We are over the moon!!! ENS 186 Visa, Direct Entry - decision ready, front-loaded with medicals & police checks, via migration agent in Perth Nomination: 27/11/12 Ack 03/12/12 Application :10/01/13 Ack 10/01/13 Case Officer assigned 26/03 Visa Approved 08/04/2013 Keep having to pinch myself! just so happy! To all those still waiting - the best of luck - it will happen - but the waiting is def the hardest part of all and I am very grateful we had such a quick turnaround as my nerves were already shattered! Reading everyones experiences on here really helped keep me going so thank you and good luck to all!!
  2. Perth Trotters

    anyone on visa 186- direct Entry stream and got approved?

    There are 2 threads on the ENS 186 visa timelines - may be worth having a read - start and the last pages and work backwards. Visas are being issued but the length of the wait is very varied! Here is one: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/158703-skillselect-ens-186-timeline-35.html
  3. Perth Trotters

    Holiday let for the first month?

    Hi Guys - its a good point - I had to ditch 2 expensive ones here as they werent legal. Aus doesnt have isofix as yet but work on a tether system - have a look at lara24's link above - its been debated at length but unf the reality is we had to buy 2 new seats and ditch 2 perfectly good ones! Have a look at the following link as well - pretty informative: http://www.livethelifeinperth.com/
  4. Perth Trotters

    Holiday let for the first month?

    HI! We did that 2 years ago - we took a holiday let and used it for 2 weeks and then moved into the rental we had managed to secure and 'camped' in it until our container arrived! We hired a car (Bayswater Car Rental were cheapest then - not at airport but a close taxi ride away) and then bought our cars. There are relocation specialists that advertise accomm and I have seen people on forums and facebook pages advertise Granny flats etc. Gumtree is very popular over here for advertising accomm. Best of luck with your move!
  5. Perth Trotters

    Bunbury vs Perth

    Jules is spot on - depends what you are looking for. Personally I prefer the smaller country town feel and the lifestyle down south would suit us better - that said we have 2 small children and are not out partying on a regular basis! Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River and all they have to offer would be in easy reach too. Perth offers the obvious benefits of being close to a city and as far as cities go Perth is lovely however a commute might need to be considered depending on which suburb you choose to live in! Good Luck!
  6. Perth Trotters

    ENS 186 Visa Timeframes in Perth

    Skillselect ENS186 Visa Time line - is one of the threads with a few recent updates! Good Luck all!
  7. Perth Trotters

    ENS 186 Visa Timeframes in Perth

    There are 2 other threads related to this topic on the Forum. A few lucky ones seem to be coming through fairly quickly but these are def an exception. The wait seems to be 5-7 months or longer..... Its def a waiting game - which is by far the hardest part of the process!! (for me anyway!)
  8. Perth Trotters

    Do I need to take my doctors notes to oz???

    Yep - I agree - Our Doctors also played the £50 card so decided against it as we are all pretty healthy. Brought the kids red books over and have had no problems. Doctor and clinics were very helpful in getting kids immunisations onto the Medicare system and I didnt require anything for Uni apart from what everyone else on the course was required to have and that was available here. Good Luck!
  9. We arrived 2 years ago having also owned our own home in the UK. We supplied a reference from our Estate Agent in the UK, our old neighbours in the UK and some friends here in Australia. We offered to pay 3 months in advance and showed all our bank statements showing that we had sufficient funds and had no problem securing a rental. Good Luck with the search!
  10. Perth Trotters

    Bridging from 457 to 186

    As I understand it from my MA a bridging visa grant is automatically generated when a PR application is made however your 457 visas remain valid. The bridging visa must only be maintained if your existing visa had been close to expiry. There are no travel restrictions during application processing as your 457 visas remain valid. Hope that helps!
  11. Perth Trotters

    student visa which one ???

    Hi, Try Study Options in London (can all be done over the phone) they were excellent. They cant do the actual visa app but can certainly point you in the right direction. Best of luck!
  12. Bob1 only just seen this post! Love it, Love Perth, well done for sticking up for it!
  13. Perth Trotters

    The positives about Perth

    Firstly thanks Bell123321 for looking at the positives! I must say I do wonder why so many people are still here with all the negativity that seems to have been posted lately! Leave Perth to those of us that LOVE it!! In our experience we have found Perth to be clean, friendly, very inexpensive to entertain my kids who love the outdoors, there are plenty of beautiful places nearby to explore and you dont have to go far to escape the crowds! The weather is fab, even in winter, its easy to find a spot on the beach and get parking!, the houses are generally bigger and detached, no M25! apart from rush hour the roads are less congested, camping is fun, the wines and seafood are great! I could go on and on, suffice to say we think its a great place and I am so grateful we have had the opportunity to experience life here!
  14. Perth Trotters

    pickfords removal

    PS we organised our own insurance though - as per recommendations on here! Much cheaper and thankfully not required!
  15. Perth Trotters

    pickfords removal

    Hi, We used them from Surrey to Perth and they were fantastic both ends! I couldnt fault them and would use them again! My brother in law also used them and had no problems either. They were also the most competitvely priced out of the 4 quotes we had. Best of luck with your move!