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  1. I was on a 457 for 12 months then I got pr which expires in june 2015
  2. hi how do I go about getting my superannuation back from Oz please ?
  3. Juliep

    proving a relationship

    hi my daughter as applied for her husband a partner visa [309/100] the CO as asked for evidence they have been together for 2 years they started there relationship 2 years ago and have since got married and have a baby but don't have anything from 2 years ago ......... whats needed ?
  4. Juliep

    horse wagon

    hi we where thinking of taking our 5.5 ton horse wagon over to oz can anyone tell me if we would be allowed ? or how much it will cost approx. thanks juliep
  5. can diploma nurses who are already registered with AHPRA remain on the register ?
  6. Juliep

    best pet shipping company advice

    hi please can anyone tell me which company is best to use to ship two small dogs over to Australia ? jack Russell and a pug ? can they go in the same cage ? and what is the average cost etc thanks julie p
  7. Juliep

    statutory declarations

    my daughter need 2 statutory declarations for her partner visa application for her new husband who is able to write these ? thanks
  8. Juliep

    partner visa plus child

    No sponsor as pr
  9. Juliep

    partner visa plus child

    passport on its way and they will return full birth cert with it thanks
  10. Juliep

    partner visa plus child

    when filling the partner visa application for out and adding a 3 week old baby does the 47A form need to be filled in too or is that for over 18 years dependants ? thanks
  11. Juliep

    medical prices

    hi how much are medicals and xrays nowadays please plus will a 4 week old baby need a medical and xrays ? julie p
  12. Juliep

    partner visa confused

    I didn't know it was a temp child visa she is a dependent child on my visa when I applied
  13. Juliep

    partner visa confused

    she as a pr visa as she was a dependant child when I was awarded PR
  14. Juliep

    partner visa confused

    yes it him that's applying
  15. Juliep

    partner visa confused

    hiya my daughter want to apply for her husband a partner visa, she was classed as a dependant child when I got my PR I have just read on the visa site this statement : 17a People who apply for a Partner visa and who hold a Dependent Child visa (subclass 445) are eligible for a nil visa application charge. does this mean it will be free ? thanks